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  1. Forum signature size

    This forum signature is the max resolution yet it appears so small. I know for a fact my previous signature was much larger than this and I see other people with much larger signatures. I just want to know if something was changed recently or am I just retarded. Thanks, iQue
  2. Support Class Tips

    I'm new to the support class, but have had immediate success with it. Any tips for more successful gameplay? I transitioned from sniper, and want to work up to an LMG with high accuracy and range (probably heavy barrel).
  3. So far in season 6 pre-season my go to support has been the man with the largest shield on the rift Braum. Engage, disengage, peel, and self escape. Braum can do it all if you understand his kit.   First off summoner spells. Flash is a must no matter what, now for the second your choices are ignite or exhaust. Most of the time I would take ignite for the kill pressure in lane. Now if the enemy ADC is an auto attack based champ (Vayne for example) or if the enemy mid laner is Diana, Zed, or Talon I take exhaust.   Now for rune pages. Personally I like to run: 9 Armor Marks 5 Armor Seals 4 Scaling Health Seals (Flat health would be fine as well) 9 MR Glyphs 3 Armor Quints I find this rune setup makes Braum as close to unkillable from ADC damage pre-9 as possible.   Totals should be: 26 Armor 12 MR 96 Health @ 18   For masteries I run 0-12-18 using Bond of Stone, focusing on bonuses to health and armor/MR to maximize tankiness, movement speed for early roaming, and I like Merciless over Meditation again to help with kill pressure. Alternatively you can use Grasp of the Undying but I found Bond of Stone to overall be the better choice.   Item build path on Braum is about as easy as it gets. Starting off with Relic Shield and 3 pots. Try to wait for 800-1200 gold (roughly around the time your ADC should be close to BF Sword) upgrade the relic and buy boots, get a few more pots if you are in a heavy poke lane and you are soaking skill shots for your ADC. Next upgrade your boots to Boots of Mobility as quickly as possible, I rush this over sightstone for two reasons: First the amount of CC Braum has is great for 2-3 man ganks in mid and you can get 2 trinket charges for wards atm.   The core items I use on Braum are, Face of the Mountain, Sightstone, and Boots of Mobility. Build these every game always. Now if the enemy has more AD then AP Build Frozen Heart, if it is an even split I prefer Dead Mans Plate again better roaming. Locket of the Iron Solari is always a solid choice sometimes I will get Mikael's Crucible instead if the enemy team has a lot of hard diving stuns. Sixth item on Braum is really up to you. Thorn Mail is great if the enemy has a lot of AA based champs, Banshee's Veil if the enemy is constantly stunning you to get to your carries, Warmog's if the enemy team has true damage sources, my go to is Rightous Glory for better engages.   That covers the easy part of Braum. Now for the more difficult side, knowing when to use your abilities and how to use them. Concussive Blows (Passive) - After applied if the target it hit 3 more times they will be stunned for I believe 1.4 seconds. After the target has been stunned they are immune to Concussive Blows for 10 seconds. Winter's Bite (Q) - This is Braum's primary form of poke scaling off Braum's max health +2.5%. This ability chunks squishies, slows them, and applies Braum's passive. This ability is one that makes Braum great for pretty much any comp that needs a front line, use to slow an enemy and engage, or to slow a chaser and peel for your ADC. Stand Behind Me (W) - This ability causes Braum to leap to his target, this can be a champion or friendly minion and gives the target a percent of Braum's bonus armor and MR. This is a great way to engage, gap close, and in bad situation get yourself to safety. This is really the most difficult ability Braum has to master, knowing when to use it aggressively or defensive is something I am still working on myself. Unbreakable (E) - The ability that makes ADC's cry in rage when the land a perfect 5 man MF ult. Braum raises his shield and blocks all projectiles from passing through, negating damage from the first shot that hits. Try to use this to block initial hard poke (Jayce empowered Q, Varus Q, MF Q, etc.) or enemy executes (Jinx rocket, Caitlyn Ult, MF Ult, etc.) Glacial Fissure (R) - Braum slams his shield into the ground creating a zone that will slow and knock enemies up into the air dealing a little damage but stopping most forms of engage. This I tend to hold until either the team needs to disengage or the enemy team is in a bad choke point, for example jungle paths. Now the difference between the good and okay Braum's is know how to combo your abilities together, W to your minion and fire a Q to start the CC chain on the enemy ADC (assuming your ADC follows you in). Or you can W in a defensive manner and intercept things such as Thresh hooks, Blitz grabs, Naught hook, or Morg binding, pop up your E and soak damage while spamming laugh. The best thing to do with this champion is to experiment with comboing abilities, W in ult the enemy and watch the carnage.   I hope this helps any and all who might want to take up the manliest support on the rift.
  4. Looking 4 Duo Rank Quo Buddy

    I'm a Support Main looking for some to duo bot with me in rank games.   I already know what a lot of people are going to say on here after i post this. But I've asked in other gaming communicates so sorry if this post is annoying.
  5. if Anyone can help me or point me somewhere that'll be great.
  6. Upgrades this Summer

    I'm thinking of upgrading some things for my PC this summer. I'm wanting to get a new motherboard and 8 more GBs of RAM. I have some general questions of what RAM I have to buy...Do I have to purchase the exact same 2x8GB of RAM that I have now for it to be compatible or can It be a different brand but same speed and such? Also thinking of getting a motherboard with SLI compatibility maybe for later on in the future. Lastly I'm looking to get a new GPU which I was thinking of getting the GeForce GTX 970 since its best performance for the price but the thing is about that is the 3.5GB cashe and the 0.5GB cashe. Once a game goes over the 3.5GB VRAM the performance will drop because the 0.5GB cashe is slower than the rest of the VRAM and seperated so theres that. I found that the battlefield games are the ones that pushed above the 3.5GB limit - Tested on BF4.   ---New Upgrades---   Motherboard : Less than $150   GPU: NVIDIA ONLY - Less than $400   Current RAM: 8GB G.Skill Ripjaw X 1600Mhz   Questions: Do I need the exact same type of RAM to be compatible when getting a new motherboard?
  7. This guide is from Vander whom has a 62% winrate with Thresh right now.  I would have used Bloodwater's guide since he's got a 63% winrate on Thresh but his runes and masteries are situational and I think Vander builds him the best.      Runes   x1 +2.25 Attack Damage Quints   x2 +52.00 Health Quints   x9  +8.55 Attack Damage reds   x9 +9.00 Armor yellows   x9 +12.06  Flat Magic Resist blues   Masteries   Offensive - 9 Fury - 4/4 Butcher - 1/1 Brute Force - 3/3 Martial Mastery - 1/1   Defensive - 21 Block - 2/2 Recovery - 2/2 Unyielding - 1/1 Veteran's Scars - 3/3 Oppression - 1/1 Juggernaut - 1/1 Hardiness - 3/3 Resistance - 3/3 Legendary Guardian - 4/4 Tenacious - 1/1   Utility - 0   Ability Order  E, Q, W, E, E, R, E, W, E, W, R, W, W, Q, E (I know this isn't complete but you want to continue to max R when it becomes available and the rest of your abilities. If you want to max your damage output first max E. If you want to decrease the cooldown on your hook, max Q first. It's very important early game to put a point in each ability since they are all amazing abilities to have.)     INCOMPLETE  - MORE TO COME AFTER DINNER.
  8. Hi ADK community!   I'm trying to figure out what level i have on my Field Upgrades.. Without any success.   How can you tell it's level?   I apologize if this is wrong section, to post question like this.
  9. Many posts here at ADK and across the net about Battlefield 4 Beta and issues related to performance. I have put together all the known fixes that I know of into one post for those with issues to try. With the majority of PC’s that are similar and have completely different issues, if any these fixes may not work for you in particular please feel free to continue to post here and a few of the ADK members have been posting quickly to answer or at least direct you to a possible solution. First and foremost Battlefield 3 is not only very graphic intense on your systems GPU, but CPU as well. BF 4 is proving to also continue on that path with the beta to truly test your system to the limits. Both Nvidia and AMD have released beta drivers for BF 4 Beta to hopefully help with some issues. This is one of the first things to check. Links for drivers: Nvidia AMD Be sure to uninstall any drivers first, restart your machine. Install the Beta drivers and restart again. Before starting the game you need to insure Punk Buster is up to date. Download the updater (Obviously the Windows version). Be sure to unzip the file before trying to run the PB.exe. Add Game tab select BF 4. Click the Check for Updates tab. Allow it a few minutes to update. *NOTE: this also has been proven to significantly speed up loading times to enter a game* Now try getting into a game. I suggest a Domination first as it is a smaller map with no vehicles and 32 slots. Before deploying you need to set your video options (esc key, Video) too low for starters. Deploy and see how it plays. In order to check your FPS (Frames per minute) you can type "perfoverlay.drawfps 1" in the console (by hitting the ~ key) or you would need a need a third party app like Fraps. If your monitor is 60HZ anything above 50FPS should be acceptable, if your running 120HZ anything above 90 is acceptable (not great but acceptable). *Remember: After setting your Video settings you should quit the game and re-connect to a server to ensure your video settings are fully loaded* If your still having issues you can find out what is causing the bottleneck by running the Task Manager and click Performance tab to see your CPU usage along with an app like MSI’s Afterburner or Evga’s Precision X to monitor your GPU usage. If you have a single monitor, run the game for a few minutes and alt-tab out to check. 90% or higher CPU usage is way too much for your CPU and will cause issues such as lag and low FPS. Your GPU can run 90% but consistently above 90% and low FPS and/or lag with a lower CPU (60%) and your GPU is causing a bottle neck. You can try to OC either or both. On a side note: The CPU's that have hyper threading in BF3 that are stuck at 50% might really be at 100% due to the hyper threading not being utilized. I stated below also, but if your CPU will not go past or stays at 50% try what I suggest below. *NOTE: Overclocking a CPU or GPU will not give you MHz to MHz performance. Example if you have a 3.0MHz quad core CPU OC’ed to 4.0MHz it will not run as fast as a stock 4.0MHz quad core CPU from the same family* Battlefield 3 and 4 are highly CPU intensive and the more “real” cores you have the better it will run. If all else seems to fail there are a couple more things to try to increase the performance to at least playable. 1) Roll back your GPU drivers to the lasted release versions. This seems to work better for older GPU’s 2) For those who have hyper-threading and turbo on their CPU’s disable what you can of both in your BIOS. This have been proven to work in BF 3. BF 4 has been noted to use those features, but I suggest trying it anyways. Hyper-threading is a way that a CPU tells the OS it has more cores than it really does. The OS will continually give the CPU data to compute even if the CPU is actually running at 100% as the OS doesn't know that. If software isn't optimized for the Hyper threading instructions it doesn't know why the data isn't getting through the CPU causing huge issues (Very Barney style, but hopefully you get the point)   *Note: Disable turbo mode, hyper threading and cores, or a combination or individually, has been proven to increase your game performance. This is a step that needs to be tried and experimented with. *  3) Running Windows 7? BF 4 has been proven to run better with greater performance in Windows 8 which makes no sense as the Alpha had no W8 support, but it has been tested and proven to run better in Windows 8. This has been confirmed by Dice that the Alpha came out for W7 only because of issues. W8 is the most "efficient" way to get into the Beta. I’ll add more as things keep coming up!

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