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  1. It was reported earlier today by Cloudflare that there's been a vulnerability that was discovered last Friday that possibly leaked sensitive data from websites like your passwords for example. As Cloudflare is one of the largest companies in the world to provide a wide range of services to millions of website there's a good chance that some of the websites that you use on a day to day basis were effected. The =ADK= Website and our servers do not use the Cloudflare Service, but as we do use Discord we wanted to make sure all of you were aware of this situation. The CTO From Discord said this: So as you see, while they don't believe that anyone was impacted they do still recommend you reset your password, and that goes for all of your other services as well. Here's some information from Cloudflare: tl;dr - the memory leak allowed content, previously HTTPS or HTTP, to be viewed and was cached by a lot of search engines which in turn is one of the main reasons why this is so important and something that you should be taking seriously. We hope you'll spread this information to all of your friends and family to make sure that they are aware of this situation and look to securely protect their information.
  2. With all of the talk of internet connected cars and driverless cars in the past few months, security professionals have been warning of the fact that your internet connected car may not be safe. There have already been proof of concept research projects that allow potential attackers to remotely take control of your car and drive it against your will (faster, slower, turning, radio controls). This article talks a little more about the vulnerabilities about these cars, and how they can be secured from the manufacturer side.     http://www.infosecisland.com/blogview/23446-Vehicle-VPNs-Part-One-The-Connected-Car.html
  3. Be Aware of Your Internet Profile

    So I get a few cyber security newsletters since I work in the field for State and local governments agencies, and this article was in one of them. It's sorta long but the basis of it is a New York University Professor hired a penetration tester to discover and hack into his personal information/life. It's a good reminder to be aware of what information we post online.   http://pandodaily.com/2013/10/26/i-challenged-hackers-to-investigate-me-and-what-they-found-out-is-chilling/     Let me know any of your thoughts.
  4. I found this on reddit and it was a good read and i thought i would share it here.   Note: i did not write this i found it and am sharing it. The Guy who wrote it was Sparcrypt On Reddit   Microsoft, there is something you need to understand. Always online doesn’t bother me. I’m already always online. Not buying preowned doesn’t bother me – I always buy new and never trade my games in. The Kinect doesn’t bother me because I have the ability to realise I already own half a dozen devices with the ability to listen in/see what I’m doing – including one with a built in GPS that I carry with me everywhere I go. I also realise that if I’m worried about privacy, I should be looking at the government and it’s laws, not you. But you know what does bother me? Your utter contempt for me. Your lack of focus on me as a gamer. Your failure to recognise that your draconic DRM systems are punishing me, the paying customer, and not the pirates who will be playing for free no matter what you do – or playing the same games on PC after pirating them if you do manage to pull it off. Telling me that if I don’t want always online, then I shouldn’t want a next generation system. So despite the fact that not one single thing you are doing would really inconvenience me personally, I feel reluctant to give you my money purely because I honestly feel that you just don’t give a damn about me as a gamer. You aren’t interested. Sony is bending over backwards to give gamers everything they have ever asked for. We don’t know if they’ll deliver – but they’re a lot more likely to deliver on a promise they’ve made than you are on one you haven’t. As a gamer who has never owned a Sony console, nor really considered buying one, I was excited for the Xbox One. I was looking forward to buying it and if you had asked me 6 months ago what console I was getting next I would have told you straight up ‘The new Xbox’. Because I figured that you and Sony would basically release the same thing, matching each other’s promises and method to try and outdo one another and capture the gaming audience. But no. I look at you and I see a company that says “Oh you want to play games? FINE. But you do it how WE SAY!”. I look at Sony and they’re telling me “Hey, it’s OK, cmere.. we’re going to give you everything you want, everything you’ve asked us for.. no really, everything. All of it.” This is a message from a gamer who has actually been supporting you all this time – in fact take a stroll through my post history and you will SEE me defend you. But I’m getting tired of it. I still want to buy the Xbox One.. but the people pushing me away aren’t fanboys or your competition.. it’s you. Because so far, you have yet to give me one single reason as to why I would purchase your console instead of a Playstation. I think that should worry you.   Really Made me think and i really appreciate this.   I too share this guy's feelings and welcome an attitude towards this situation.  I do play on the PC and if i do get a console next gen it will in fact probably be a PS4.    

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