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  1. The new jungle is by far the biggest change in the preseason so far. With the addition of a camp and the health stats greatly changed it is no longer all about Baron. The value they have placed on dragon has been greatly increased and the camps do a lot more damage. This post is to reveal all of the changes that have been implemented in the new jungle. This is just preseason so expect more things to change (like Warwick getting nerfed).   Jungle Camps Rift Scuttler ·         Grants vision and speed boost in front of either/and Dragon or Baron Pit for 75 seconds upon death ·         Respawn is 3 minutes ·         Runs away when attacked   Smite Buffs ·         Krugs: Grants Gift of Heavy Hands – meaning you stun minions and monsters every 1st and 5th hit. Your first attack against a turret deals 50 (+15 per level) true damage but consumes this buff. Lasts 90 seconds.   ·         Raptors: Grants Razor Sharp – gives you a warning and temporary vision for 10 seconds when an enemy ward spots you. Lasts 90 seconds, with 1 charge.   ·         Murkwolves: Creates a Rift Spirit – summons a rift spirit that watches over an area of the jungle. Lasts 90 seconds, but the timer goes down when/if the spirit chases enemies.   ·         Gromp: Grants Gift of the Toadstool – Attackers are poisoned for 6(+6 per level) magic damage over 3 seconds. Lasts 90 seconds.   ·         Red Brambleback: Restores 20% of max health   ·         Blue Sentinel: Restores 25% of max mana   Stat and Reward Changes ·         Small jungle camps now respawn every 100 seconds (old was 50 seconds) ·         Base health, attack damage, gold, and exp of small jungle camps have been increased by 20% ·         Greatly increased attack damage scaling of small jungle camps throughout the game (raptors will kick your ass if you try to do them too early, I’ve tried) ·         Increased health scaling of small camps up to level 12   NOTE: RED/BLUE BUFFS NO LONGER FALL OFF WHEN A CHAMPION IS EXECUTED BY A JUNGLE CAMP
  2. This guide is incomplete. It's the best one out there that I've been able to find and I've only played Kalista once and did okay with her (it was more lack of skill and understanding than items or runes). This guide is created by a Diamond II player (Twitchhy) and just reading seemed to make sense with Kalista's kit. It's subject to changes just as preseason will be. This will no doubt change with it.       Runes 3x +4.5% attack speed Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed 5x +1.00 armor Greater Seal of Armor 4x +8.00 health Greater Seal of Health 9x +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist 9x +0.95 attack damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage     Masteries   Offense - 21    Fury - 4/4 Butcher - 1/1 Brute Force - 3/3 Feast - 1/1 Spell Weaving - 1/1 Martial Mastery - 1/1 Executioner - 3/3 Warlord - 3/3 Dangerous Game - 1/1 Frenzy - 1/1 Devastating Strikes - 1/3 Havoc - 1/1   Defense - 9   Block - 2/2 Recovery - 2/2 Unyielding - 1/1 Veteran's Scars - 3/3 Juggernaut - 1/1   Offense - 0     Ability Order   Q, E, W, E, E, R, E, Q, E, Q, R, Q, Q, W, W, R, W, W   Basically, you want to max your E first, then your Q then W and R as you can.     Item Build   Basic ADC start - Doran's Blade, health pot, trinket   First Back - Bilgewater Cutlass (builds into BotRK)   Core Items - IE, Greaves, GA, LW, Statik Shiv, BotRK   Situational   If you need MR, build a Banshee's Veil.   For more mobility/kiting, build a Youmuu's Ghostblade   If team is targeting you in most fights, build BT   If the next team fight is the deciding factor in the game, definitely get a GA.   If you are maxed out on items, sell your greaves and buy a zephyr.   Possibilities   You could build a Runaan's Hurricane on her. The attack speed boost is a plus.   Quicksilver Sash is good against a team with hard cc and debuffs.       This guide is an extremely rough draft of how to build Kalista. Until I can figure out how to transfer a guide template to the posts in this section, this is what I could provide. I hope it can help out and if more clarification is needed, please let me know. 

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