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  1. So what is Heroes 2.0 ? I will get you all, who don't know yet, though it, and I will explain it with my own words ! So Heroes 2.0 it's a Major Update of the Heroes of the Storm game, that comes with plenty of new functionalities & changes ! Let's START ! NEW FUNCTIONALITIES : Loot Chests Ok. Let me tell you about Loot Chests. They have 3 different types of chests they say, but there are actually 4 : Common Chest Rare Chest Epic Chest Hero-Specific Chest You may wonder how you can obtain this chests . Well you can obtain them in various ways : Each time you level up a hero, you level up your account aswell with 1. So you will receive a chest. It can be Common, Rare or Epic. This only depends on your luck. Everytime you've done another 5 Player Levels, you get a Rare Chest. Each time you've done another 25 Levels, you get an Epic Chest & 150 Gems. Everytime you've done 10 levels of a specific hero, you get a Hero-Specific Chest. You can BUY chests with in-game currency ( Diamonds ) and Diamonds are only purchasable from Shop, with Real Money, and sometimes Dropped ( As a reward for reaching high levels ). What can you find inside the chest & rarity : You can find literally ANYTHING inside of chests, EXCEPTING Diamonds. Ex: Shards, Cosmetic Pieces ( Like Skins, Banners, Mounts ), Voiceovers, Announcers, Tatoos, etc. Each LOOT Chest, has 4 items. Of different rarities, or similar, totally random. Every chest it's assuring you 1 item of the chest quality. So if you open an Epic Chest, there is GUARANTEED an Epic Item or higher. It can contain Legendaries aswell, you know, those only things from market that had a price of 15€. After you open them, if you don't like what you get, you can use GOLD to re-roll. But for example, if you got a legendary, but you already have it, and you reroll, there's NO guarantee that you will get another legendary. So I suggest you stick with the shards they give for duplicates. Re-Worked In-Game Currencies & NEW ITEMS : Ok, so before update, we only had Gold. Now, we have 3 different currencies and each has their own role : Main Currency : Diamonds / Gems : This type of currency, DROPS EACH 25 Levels as a Reward, and the ammount you get it's 150. Why I say main currency ? Because in order to get more gems you need to buy them from SHOP with real money. They can be used to purchase the following : Heroes, Some Mounts, Stimpacks, Loot Chests. NO MORE MONEY FOR SKINS ! Secondary Currency : Shards : This is what I place as a secondary because with it, you can ONLY purchase, COSMETIC ITEMS : Mounts, Skins, Voiceovers, Tatoos, Emotes, Banners, etc. It CANNOT be bought, and it only DROPS from LOOT CHESTS. Also, a good way of earning this, it's by opening a lot of Loot Chests, and getting duplicates. Duplicates are auto-converted to shards . Thrid Currency : Gold : I place gold as a last currency because it can still be used in game but JUST FOR TWO THINGS : Re-Rolling Loot Chests & Heroes. About NEW ITEMS & What it's new : Hero Specific Emoticons & Tatoos Tatoos ( Even if not hero specific, they are a lot ) Banners ( When you get a camp, or destory a fort, the banner you picked in Loadout will be dropped in that location ) Sprays ( it's like in CS:GO , you press T, you spray on the ground ) Voiceovers Game Announcers ( Like you want to have Arthas to tell you the game will begin ) Plenty of Portraits New Mounts, New Skins, New Heroes. Another New FEATURE is Hero Loadouts : Hero Loadouts it's allowing the player to have 3 Slots for Each Hero in order to do a Loadout Preset. For example if I have multiple skins on Kael Thas, I don't want to run the same Mount, Banner, Tatoo, Game Announcer, etc, for both. So I make 2 Loadouts, and I save them. So then, I just have to click the dropdown menu, and pick from the ones I've created. Progression System : Well, this is totally changed now. You can level heroes as much as you want ( For example my max is 31 , as a level for individual hero ) and all those levels on all of your hero, represents your Player Level. For example mine is 711 . Everytime you level a hero, also grows the Player Level. By getting higher and higher in Player Level you earn Badges & How your avatar is surrounded. Again, just a cosmetic piece, nothing more. Official Blizzard Patch Notes : HERE
  2. Overwatch turned into a MOBA ???

    Overwatch turned into a MOBA ??? Umm.. so recently I did a First Look Game impression and I found this interesting game called "Gigantic" it is a MOBA style game but has a unique aspect. This game has a similar battle style to Overwatch and like for some reason most of the characters have pretty much the exact same play style as the characters off Overwatch such as. HK-206 - Which is a buff looking robot with 2 weapons on him, and he can deploy himself as a turret and a mini gun starts coming out of his body... *Cough* Bastion *Cough* Tyto, & Tripp - both of these characters are very mobile and fast pased with weak but fast attacks so you could say *possibly a Genji* Voden - Is the Archer that has a bow and arrow and that made me think of Hanzo Vadasi - A Divine Judgement/ Divine Healing character that has 3 orbs flying around her... *Zenyata* Rolond - Guns and Gadgets and he carries pistols and a rifle and has a nice little cowboyish hat ... hmm i wonder who in overwatch is like him ... McCree Margrave - A freaking huge beast that has the movement of a monkey and goes around smashing things - Winston liked smashing things.... Imani - A Female Sniper with a bright red Scope - Sorry Widowmaker your ass was not enough... Beckett - A win pistol shooting maniac that has high mobility rockets on his legs... Comn not my girl Tracer. Here is my First Look Video on this game let me know what you think, and I just going crazy or is there a very similar link in between these 2 games. >>> Gigantic Gameplay - First Look HD <<<
  3. Nice to be here

    Hello, Its nice to meet everyone.   I am a 30 year old substitute teacher looking for friends to play games with.  I recently moved to a new area so I don't know a lot of people.  I love to try new games.  I currently play FFXIV14, LoL, Smite, Infinite Crisis, and Marvel Heroes.  I recently downloaded ArcheAge.  Other games I plan to get soon are Planetside 2, DayZ or H1Z1 and Battlefield 4.  My gtag on most games is lostryu.
  4. After our member meeting last night, I wanted to update everyone on where we're at with this section and what we are wanting to do with it.   @[member='Zudamour'] is heading up a ranked team to represent ADK. They plan on playing their matches on Monday nights and on the weekends. If you are interested in joining, please contact him.   I'm going to try and head up normals. If you want to stop by for a pickup game or if you just have time for one and you don't want to go at it completely alone, please let me know. I'm on a lot and I creep the forums. Message me on here or you can come talk to me in TS. If any of you have any suggestions at all for trying to get more people involved please feel free to tell me. I'm going to try to use creative means by not only trying to get more ADK members to play with us but to try and get more people to join ADK. My goal is to try and hold an event, schedule streaming times, and reaching out through various channels. If we stream, may be we could do some fun matches...like crazy champs in roles they don't usually play (blitzcrank jungle, TF adc) or we could do some custom games.   One idea I wanted to share with all of you was possibly having a "tutorial" night. If you are below level 30 and you wanted a friendly environment to learn or wanted someone to answer a few of your questions, you could do so. I could try and pull a couple people in to help out with this but I played a couple of games with @ADK Kieran last night and I had a blast. We all just played and I would just kind of say what I was thinking if it was important. If any of you still wanted to give LoL a shot, we could play some games in a non-stressful environment and address questions as they come up.   Let me know if that sounds like it would help bring some of you back or get you started playing LoL. It can be a very toxic community but ADK is not full of toxicity. Everyone makes mistakes and if you want someone to just play with and hang out in a normal game, let me know.
  5. Any NA and EUW Summoners

    Hey all,   I don't know how many of you get on reddit but if you have the chance check out the subreddit /r/summonerschool. It's a great way to find tips, strats, and champ information as well as ask people who know. There are lots of experienced players on there offering all sorts of help.    They also run a program every Friday. It's called summoner's workshop and it's for Bronze-Silver players wanting to get better. You scrim people around the same skill level as you but they give you a coach. Most of mine have been plat but I know there are a few golds/diamonds who also do it. They have a stream here and they broadcast every Friday.   I know I didn't include many details but I've participated in them a few times. More information is included on the subreddit, just search for summoners workshop. It has all the information you need. The coaches are usually pretty good, I'd just take a few points away from what they say and work on them. Some of them can get a bit nit picky so just do your best and have fun. 
  6. MMO/MOBA Mouse

    Does anybody have a good reference for MMO/MOBA mice. Preferably 50$ or under and with buttons 1-12. thanks for the help, it will help me a lot.
  7. What's happening everybody? You can refer to me as Joseph (real name) or Crezmo (game/TS3).  Just an average guy who like to keep everything simple, play video games and make money for a living.  I currently work offshore so my game time online is limited for 2 weeks or sometimes 2 months. I went to college for about 4 semesters before I quit to start working. Went for programming and networking support. Not much of a shit talker; just straight forward and always positive.  Mostly into RTS, MOBA, FPS, and MMORPGs (when I can get the time) type of games. Lately I have just been playing League Of Legends a lot when I can.   Looking forward into gaming with every League player here. Glad to have been invited as well. Take care everyone.

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