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Found 18 results

  1. Minecraft Dungeons

    Hey, who is excited here for Minecraft Dungeons? Heard it differs from original Minecraft series, there will be much less crafting and far more exploring (RPG elements dominate), so been wondering what do you guys think of the changes? Changes good cause a breath of fresh air or not?
  2. Best Building Mods

    I've made a list of the 15 best building mods to make your builds run smoothly. Check it out
  3. What Are Your Favorite Mods

    I was wondering what everyone's favorite mods are. I have this crazy idea that is actually from a long time ago and wasn't actually my idea to begin with, but I am thinking of finally creating a modpack for ADK. I already know that Brassy's favorite is Decocraft and mine is Applied Energistics 2. I want to get a good collection together and see if it all works.
  4. Sky Laboratory-Remade

    The past few months I been working on a project and sorta disappeared from adk for the past few months working on this project for Minecraft 1.12.2 I will be updating it to 1.13.X once forge is updated and the mods used to make this modpack. Sky Laboratory-Remade Based off of FTB Presents Sky Factory 3 from minecraft 1.10.2 It's skyblock like then you will Love this. With High Tech mods with full automation as well as Magic which will make your enemies bones melt! Sky Laboratory Remade starts the player in the void with nothing but a tree and a single piece of dirt between you and certain death! . If your ready to get started just come and pick up your achievement book today and start your journey into Sky Laboratory-Remade! you can download this modpack off the Twitch App, FTB Launcher, or MMC the project page is found over at Curseforge https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/sky-laboratory-remade @Oz111 has helped me get a few bugs fixed and I finally Feel confident with this pack to post it here to share with the minecraft community that is apart of this great community
  5. Hi folks! Good News! Minecraft recently got a morale boost, in the way of a new modded server. We have Revelations! We as a group decided that we needed to add Decocraft. To do so we had to modify the files just a bit by adding Decocraft mod folder and the required lib file. So to make it easier We created a video to walk you through it.
  6. The ADK Continuum

    Delve into the ADK Continuum After an excruciating wait, FTB has finally released Continuum. FTB Continuum is a "hard mode" mod pack that allows you to progress through the mods either by figuring it out on your own or with the help of a questing guide. Continuum was preceded by a scrapped 1.10 hard mode pack that never made it off the production line. It was originally anticipated to be completed before Christmas 2017, but was pushed back while the team waited for mods to update and checked and double checked (and triple checked and quadr...) that things would run smoothly (fingers crossed that they are). The last "hard mode" FTB pack to be released was all the way back on 1.7.10 as an option in FTB Infinity Evolved. With the popularity of its predecessor, Continuum has a lot to live up to. Join us as we reap the benefits the Continuum has to offer. ADK server IP: Direct Download Links: Twitch Launcher Legacy FTB Launcher (Windows) JadenDevon Minecraft Manager/Developer

    The Minecraft Staff is hosting an event night!! Yep thats right a whole night of events! The 1st event will be held at the pyramid with 2 different maze challenges The 2nd event will be a Pig race held at the Pig race course located behind the Zoo near spawn. The 3rd event will be a PVP Blowout held at the PVP arena by the lighthouse near spawn. Prizes for all events will be determined the night of the event per event! Each event will have a Grand prize only. However all participants will recieve $1000 IGMoney!! This event will be on Saturday May 13th at 7:30 pm CST Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend! All are welcome! I would personally like to thank each of you for your continued support with The ADK Minecraft Section! I look forward to seeing you all there!
  8. Basics Oh wow where do I begin! The name is Kyle AKA Sinnersaved AKA Squirrel I'm currently 24 and I work as a commissioning technician. Really the best way to describe my job is well after all the guy building stuff are done I go in and make sure they did it right; then after I'm done another guy comes in and does the same damn thing. I travel ALOT and well get to see ALOT as well mostly though throughout the United states. That being said I find myself lured in by the mystic embrace of video gaming. I'm kind of a random nut and always happen to find other random nuts as well...but as I get older it becomes increasingly more difficult to find people of like mind like myself. So I mashed and pounded the very idea of a gaming community. Joined a few, dropped a few. None seem to ever keep the party alive and people seem more interested in everything else but gaming together. So here I stand in- errr sit. Looking to be accepted into your family of misfits and bandits. As most gaming communities go, they are always looking for talent in the new recruits. Something even more worth then the sack-y flesh of a body they carry with them. So I would like to add that I'm an artist. I did in fact go to college for graphic design for t-shirts and such. 3D modeling...short on the modeling because well it wasn't a huge college but not to toot my horn I was good at it. I've ran a build group on Minecraft as an organic sculptor with voxel and map editor, I've done some scripting and well I'm pretty much border line tech freak. You have a problem I can probably fix it! Now I don't know everything and no I can not help you helpless nerds find a girlfriend but I can warm our long nights hunched over a screen flipping off the other guy who can't see you because he got a super cheap kill and knows it, UGH. Anyway I also draw and I'm into photography as well. To be completely honest I'm just looking for a family of gamers I can connect with and have some good laughs with. I can remember way back when Minecraft set bonds in the servers and players got on and just to have fun. I currently am playing a crap ton of over watch and black desert and would be thrilled to find people with my similar skill to play with. Thanks again ADK -Sinner Also just because her is some of my work! Enjoy oh and as a bonus a poem I wrote... yes yes corny but hey its me. This is one of my 3D models. Minecraft Stuff Drawings Graphic Desgin Fallout 4 and Black Desert Screen Shot art work Penny below the sea As I lay my head down, I cross the seas, Eye closed yet, mind still sees. A land full floating, bubbling at the knees, walk steps toward giving... Giving into such ease.... Deep..so deep, Only these dreams. Go find myself drowning, For a wish of a penny, Below the sea. Shining bright, below such darkness crawled, Without breath I admit failure soon falls. Yes see this penny, This penny you see. No! Without breath or eyes it falls short from me. Expectations! Shots, To the chest.. Sink going up, To yet try this test. Open the eye and see what others don't. Fear your mind has meaning, wants, but won't. Dreams break our hearts in bent pairs of two. Find yourself first and the penny will find you. -Sinner
  9. Introducing MissAttitude

    Hello, my name is Jessie. I am 15 years old who loves to play videos games and loves sports. I play CS:GO, MineCraft , Gmod and Call of Duty. I also play sports such as Volleyball, Softball, Bowling, and Track. I've been gaming since I was about 8-9 years old. I originally started out when I was 5 or so but that was a little kids game so I won't count that lol. But I've been playing games for some time now, and I really like this community you all have going on. I would honestly LOVE to be apart of it.. Everyone seems so cool and collective. Everyone is nice to one another. I game quite a bit because I do online schooling now. I've been through quite a bit throughout my childhood. If you want to know more just ask me on TeamSpeak. Thanks so much <333! ~ MissAttitude
  10. Hey guys!   Nightcast here. Been playing PC/Console games since I was but a bean sprout.   Went from NES, SEGA, Dreamcast, Gamecube, N64, PC (Still PC today), Xbox 360, Xbox One.   On MMO/FPS Games you'll mostly see me as either: Nighcast  (or) SirSkullfire   Games I currently play?    PC: Blade & Soul Minecraft League of Legends And just about anything I end up purchasing on Steam (Since I own 100+ legit bought games).   Edit: For curious minds, my IGN on LoL is: Nightcast   Xbox One: None. Have not touched the console for over a year now. And i'll soon end up going back anyways since I mainly play FPS games on it and CoD/BF series are my favorites. But i'm afraid my heart still stays with PC at the moment. Nevertheless ill return to Xbox One and enjoy gaming on both worlds.   'Cause ask any Gamer, any True Gamer... No matter what you play on... Gaming is gaming.     How did I find ADK? Through Bing search: League of Legends gaming community Appearing on the list on the first page of the search.   Hope to get along well with members of ADK! See you all around! Oh and yeah i'll use TS3.
  11. Cheap Server Project

    This is a side project while my parts come in for my new PC. Check that post out here.   So my parents had this old computer that they don't need and they said I can use it unless the one just like it stops working for whatever reason. It's kinda old and it still has a floppy disk drive which is so dope so I decided to finally make that home server I always wanted.   Here's a list of things I want it to do: Backups Apple AirPrint and whatever for Android - I already have my printers wireless for PCs with my router and "D-Link Shareport" on my router but I want to extend it to my parent's phones and tablets(iOS) and my phone(Android-Galaxy S6 Edge) Minecraft server(at some point) Media Streaming(Plex maybe) More Backups Other Stuff I'll remember later My first problem is that I can't decide between FreeNAS and Windows Server 2012 R2. I get WS for free as a student.   Also would I be able to dual boot it without reinstalling Windows 7 or erasing ANY of the files and software on it? My parent's need this computer if the one at their work fails and it needs to be as is. I'm thinking maybe create a recovery disk, partition it, and then reinstall Windows 7 on a reduced partition through the recovery disk.     Floppy Disks are dope!  
  12. zenlike

    Hey, I'm Ben.    [attachment=5575:10463970_607024238037_569126048694805893_n.jpg] (Me in Vietnam two months ago, I love pho)   I've been playing games online since the late 90s which was about the time that AOL and compuserve made that possible. The first real game I played online was DragonRealms, which was a MUD (kind of a text-based MMO). I think it made me autistic, but I can read really fast now. I played that for a few years before it became subscription based and it just wasn't worth it--not with the money I was making washing dishes in highschool.    So I moved on to playing text-based Battletech games (Mechwarrior) because I couldn't afford a good machine to play things like MW2. [attachment=5574:screenshot.gif] I could read really fast after that.   Eventually, I went to engineering school and upgraded my job to waiter, so I could afford a sweeter rig. I played a lot of WoW beta but was so burnt out on that I never really stuck with it. I also fought in the first sanctioned MMA competition in my home state. I didn't win. I did some judo/jiu-jitsu and some muay thai, too. All of that probably slowed my reading speed, now that I think about it.   Anyhow, I graduated an moved to Denver where I worked as a software engineer for a few years. I got really into rugby, ultimate frisby, and spending way too much at clubs that I thought were cooler than they were. So I didn't do a lot of gaming. I got really bored of working at a desk so I spent every minute of my free time studying to get into medical school.    In med school, I pretty much stopped playing sports, so I picked up MechWarrior Online--which is where I was first introduced to the idea of a gaming community. It was pretty sweet. I played competitive MWO for a year or two with a clan called Blackstone Knights. Eventually, I got tired of the lack of progress of the game and shitty balance, so I stopped playing.    I moved to Houston to do my first year of residency, which is basically getting paid minimum wage to stick your finger up people's butts. I'm moving into my third year of residency now, which is way less butt fingering but the money hasn't changed much. I do have a little more free time, though, so I picked up CSGO to get my FPS skills up while I'm waiting for Star Citizen to come out.    I'm pretty much down to play any genre apart from MOBA or RTS. I play a little Minecraft, GTA, BF:HL as well. In my free time I dive and drink beer.        
  13.  Heya! My name is Asa, online I go mostly by Ace, AceGalactica, but on Planetside 2 due to some circumstances outside of my control I am forced to go by another alias I have been growing accustomed to, GGincDeath, or GeeDubl0Dee. Primarily I am AceGalactica, but sometimes I will be GG.   I am in the process of creating a new Minecraft server, practically alone but that's how I like it. Minecraft is my favorite game of all time and I have been playing it solid for nearly 3 years now. Because my love and skill for building the game does not go stail for me, even after 3 years. Though I can almost guarantee that none may recognize this name, ace351, CHOMPS? If you can tell me what game I play that I go by either of those name, I will love you. I enjoy most all of the C&C games and still play RA2 YR with my uncle.  I like gaming with a direction, not just hop on, bust a few blocks, pop a few caps, steal a couple of cars, I enjoy a direction, that is why I am so attracted to Planetside 2, Minecraft servers, and GTA V. I am a team player and a leader, I pursue leadership roles as much as possible no matter the significance or the task.  I have  a job, at subway, it kicks ass. 9.05 an hour, at 16! I plan on working at my dads Bakery, Savory sweets until he retires, then taking the business over myself someday.   Views you may ask? Religion, I don't care, As long as you don' cram your beliefs down my throat I wont cram my boot down yours. Gay Marriage? People like who they like. Political? I don't know, but I do have one belief politically that would need speech to explain. Chuck Norris? Yes.   Outside of gaming, I enjoy just aimlessly wondering. Downtown streets of Wichita are amazing and beutiful, I just like to walk, and walk. Nothing to outgoing or philosophically enhancing.    Thats about it, before I sound like a try hard, too late. Das meh!
  14. War Eagle!

    Hey all you =ADK= gamers,   I'm Josh Sutcliff, from Las Cruces, NM. I just moved here with my newlywed wife, Autry. I'm a recent graduate of Auburn University with a bachelors in Information Systems Management, with a minor in trumpet performance/music. I marched with two different corps on the Drum Corps International (DCI) circuit: Carolina Crown in 2008; Spirit of Atlanta in 2009, all across the country. I marched for the Auburn University Marching Band for 3 seasons, two of which had me going to the NCAA National Championship bowl game, in 2010-2011 and 2013-2014. I marched lead trumpet my last two years, and met some pretty amazing people and went to a lot of a really cool places. I later traveled with the Auburn Choral department for a music tour across Italy, performing the Verdi Requiem in the summer of 2011. I again traveled to Europe in the summer of 2013 with the AU Singers show choir (in the band) performing shows in Belgium, France, Austria, and Germany. Basically all that to say, music does bring you places. Thankfully I was given the opportunities to do a lot of things in college that most students don't get, and for that I'm grateful. This means that I have a lot I can talk about with other ADK gamers if they're interested in traveling, music, or just getting out and seeing new places.  My wife and I got married on August 15th, 2014 and then we moved to Las Cruces, NM so I could find IT work at the White Sands Missile test range. I'll attach pictures for visuals. I'm the guy with red hair lol   All of my college money went to bills and tuition, so that meant my gaming wasn't as great as I wanted it to be. I did all my gaming off my HP laptop with AMD Radeon 3400HD graphics, so not much could be done well. I just recently came into possession of a desktop and parts, which I put together myself, specs listed as follows (for help/assistance referencing later):   GPU: GTX 560 Ti (1GB dedicated video ram) CPU: Intel i5 2500k 3.30 GHz (stock speed) quad-core with aftermarket liquid cooling RAM: 4x2GB  Motherboard: Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 HDD: two 1TB HDDs from Seagate 7200. OS: Windows 8.1/Linux Mint 17 w/Cinnamon Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Mouse: E-Blue Cobra (dedicated DPI) Sound: External - logitech headphones/simple speakers Monitor: Asus 23" 1920x1080 LED/DVI   Basically the games I like to play are open world games, but I do play the occasional COD/BLOPS2 type stuff. I routinely play vanilla and modded minecraft, with my own small server I run, along with servers like ironcoal.net, chromahills.net, etc. I have played dayz almost since its creation, starting in the spring of 2010. I (like most dayz players) bought the alpha release for DayZ SA back in December, but quickly lost interest when the general alpha problems kicked in full swing, so I play the mod/epoch mostly now. I play Titanfall and Crysis 3 more than I used to now that I'm running off my new desktop instead of the laptop. I also enjoy Skyrim, Sid Meier's CIV 4 and 5, L4D1&2, TF2, Arma 3, Battlefield 3, and Sniper Elite V2.   Thanks for you consideration,   Joshua Sutcliff   [attachment=3966:223074_1951867232691_6664341_n.jpg] [attachment=3967:466643_10152804072275232_1827892070_o.jpg] [attachment=3968:977095_10200166538025879_273823092_o.jpg] [attachment=3969:1496321_10201414741506811_252059326_o.jpg] [attachment=3970:10333312_10203843005507730_5094785980516536302_o.jpg] [attachment=3971:10505176_10154538212245232_9155818911332430344_o.jpg]
  15. No Man's Sky

    Is anybody bloody excited for No Man's Sky? Game has an amazing art style with randomly and community built worlds, ships, weapons, flora, etc Seems like if they pull it off it will be groundbreaking and I hope to see ADK play a role in this new adventure awaiting us http://youtu.be/vs1cCg47rJc
  16. So whats up guys   Just thought id introduce myself as I work towards before a Dayz Teamspeak helper, what better way to start than introducing myself to you guys!?    So, As what probably has bought you here, Yes! I am also a youtuber currently sitting on 600 subs with 140k video views. I literally love it so much and hope ADK can be a part of my channel especially on the dayZ side of things   Thanks for reading my intro and if you guys wanna check out my youtube channel you sure can by clicking the link below   http://www.youtube.com/Smiffyke   Many thanks guys!
  17. Hello all! I was just wondering about one of the recruitment requirements that says recruits need 10 hours on game servers. My question is that if i play more than one game ADK is on, like Minecraft, BF4, and PS2 how do i know of/ how can you keep track of the hours i spend on PS2 since i believe there is no ADK server on that game? if anyone could answer this to help clear things up, that would be great! Thank You!
  18. Hello All,   My IGN name is Jaredman92 and I am a pirate. In real life, I am a 20 year old college student who loves to game and enjoy life. My specialties include business management, media content, and crowd control. I happened upon ADK through a minecraftian friend and I wish to envelop myself in this community. I hope to be of great service to ya'll!           Jaredman92 Pirate King Blackmoon Pirates

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