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  1. Hero Guide: Junkrat

    Strategy Junkrat is a hero that excels at defending an area through the use of traps and indirect fire; he is valued for his damage output and area denial capabilities. He has strong mobility thanks to Concussion Mine and deals high (if inaccurate) damage with his Frag Launcher. He also can push objectives as well, and he can still change the battle thanks to Total Mayhem. The explosive and hard-to-aim nature of his weapon, however, makes it challenging for him to fight at close range with most heroes. Weapons & Abilities Total Mayhem (Passive): Upon death, Junkrat will drop a number of grenades that explode after a short delay. While each individual grenade deals little damage, an enemy can easily be killed if they take damage from all of the grenades. Junkrat is immune to his explosion damage with this passive. As well as this, Junkrat will not take self damage from his own grenades. If you're about to die and confronting an enemy at close range, do your best to stay near to them, as Total Mayhem can net you a kill even after death. If you see a friendly Zarya use Graviton Surge, run into the Surge only as a last resort. you might just get a few people. The grenades will be dropped at wherever Junkrat was killed, and do not inherit his momentum. Being killed while flying through the air will drop the grenades straight down to the ground. Do not worry about getting too close to your own bombs, as they cannot hurt you. When Junkrat dies, his bombs can still be deflected by Genji and or destroyed by D.Va's Defense Matrix. Frag Launcher: Junkrat's primary weapon. The Frag Launcher fires arcing grenades that bounce off of solid surfaces and explode when they hit an enemy, or after bouncing for 3-times. While these grenades deal high damage, they are hard to aim properly, especially at small targets or targets that are above Junkrat. They are best used to provide indirect fire, flooding an area with grenades in order to make traveling through it as dangerous as possible for Junkrat's opponents. The explosion from these grenades won't damage Junkrat due to Total Mayhem's passive. The fact that the grenades arc make it difficult to attack characters such as Pharah, as she can easily dispatch him before he gets a chance to kill her. Concussion Mine: When activated, Junkrat will toss a mine a short distance that sticks to the first surface (vertical or horizontal) it hits. Junkrat can then use his secondary fire button to explode the mine, dealing damage in a small area and knocking back both Junkrat and any enemies caught in the explosion. Junkrat is not damaged by this explosion. Since Junkrat takes no damage from his own Concussion Mine, he can use its explosion to blow himself into the air to travel faster or reach higher ground. Try to lead the mine and predict the enemy movement as the mine has damage-falloff when the target isn't near the center of the explosion. The knockback effect can also be used to knock enemies into pits, or to knock them away from Junkrat in order to give him some distance. The mine can be destroyed by enemy players, causing no explosion. Steel Trap: When activated, Junkrat throws a large bear trap onto the ground. If an enemy steps on the trap, they are immobilized for a few seconds, preventing them from turning or moving. If an enemy steps on the trap or destroys it, Junkrat will be alerted. Try to plant this trap in shadowed areas or around corners where enemies will be less likely to spot them before stepping on them. In a pinch, you can toss this trap on the ground at close range in the hopes of an enemy accidentally stepping on it. The trap is extremely noticeable thanks to the red lights on it. As of this writing, two heroes can escape/move over the Steel Trap: Orisa when using Fortify, and Mei if she ice walls directly beneath whoever is trapped. This will instantly break the trap and free the hero (be it herself, a teammate, or an enemy caught in a friendly trap. RIP-Tire: (Ultimate): Junkrat's Ultimate ability. When activated, Junkrat temporarily gains control of a fast-moving, explosive tire. His view switches to the RIP-Tire, which can be steered with your normal movement controls, and can climb walls by holding the jump button while next to them (much like Genji or Hanzo's passives). Pressing either your primary or secondary fire will cause the tire to detonate, dealing heavy damage in a decent area, or exploding automatically once the tire's duration runs out. The RIP-Tire has a Health pool that, if depleted, will cause the tire to disappear with no explosion. If Junkrat is killed while steering the RIP-Tire, he will still retain control of it until the tire either explodes or is destroyed. The tire can be "swallowed" by D.Va's Defense Matrix, and is susceptible to Zarya's Graviton Surge. General Strategies While Junkrat can deal tremendous damage with his Frag Launcher, it takes a considerable amount of skill and practice to accurately land grenades. In general, it's best to launch your grenades at an area, rather than at a specific target, as Junkrat's biggest strength comes from his ability to make any area hazardous to travel through. If you're forced to fight an opponent head on, try to lead your Frag Launcher shots so that your enemy will run into them. If you are confronted by an enemy up close, you should use either your Concussion Mine or Steel Trap to let you gain some distance, even though you won't take any damage while firing grenades up close, but the grenade is pretty slow to affect close-range enemy. Placing your Steel Trap and Concussion Mine well are key when playing Junkrat. Your Steel Trap should be placed in spots without much room to maneuver in order to force enemies to either destroy the trap or step on it. This can be used to protect your flank by telling you when an enemy is coming through the area where you dropped your trap. Place your Concussion Mine above a doorway or next to a wall that you know your opponents will be traveling by. The explosion can be used to both damage and separate the enemy team, allowing your team to pick off whoever gets blown towards you. RIP-Tire can be tricky to use. Its loud engines can be heard clearly by your opponents, giving them a general idea of where the tire is. Avoid driving it straight at your enemies, as they'll most likely be able to destroy it before it gets to them, wasting your ultimate. Instead, use side routes to get the tire behind your enemies, either by driving the tire through these routes, or taking the routes yourself and then unleashing the tire once you're behind them. Keep in mind that Junkrat is completely helpless while controlling the tire and easily killed, so try to activate RIP-Tire from a safe position. Junkrat's Concussion Mine can be placed on walls, ceilings, and even basketballs. This can be used as a tricky way to get an unexpected kill. A combination of the Steel Trap and Concussion Mine can instantly kill 200 HP characters. Additionally, this strategy works best when placing it over a health pack or at a well-used choke. Junkrat excels at destroying heroes that stay in one spot, such as Torbjorn's Turret, Bastion in sentry mode, and snipers. The surprising range means that Junkrat can take out these targets from a safe distance. Professionals use RIP-Tire to take out Supports, this is a very undermined tactic, as a team without any healing will be greatly disadvantaged. One strategy for Junkrat is called the "Sexy Junkrat". This strategy, coined by Overwatch/TF2 YouTuber Muselk, involves Junkrat's sit emote. Junkrat's sit emote can be used to hide in a bush or cart, staying hidden while contesting the payload. (info from overwatch.gamepedia.com)

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