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  1. Looking 4 Duo Rank Quo Buddy

    I'm a Support Main looking for some to duo bot with me in rank games.   I already know what a lot of people are going to say on here after i post this. But I've asked in other gaming communicates so sorry if this post is annoying.
  2. The new jungle is by far the biggest change in the preseason so far. With the addition of a camp and the health stats greatly changed it is no longer all about Baron. The value they have placed on dragon has been greatly increased and the camps do a lot more damage. This post is to reveal all of the changes that have been implemented in the new jungle. This is just preseason so expect more things to change (like Warwick getting nerfed).   Jungle Camps Rift Scuttler ·         Grants vision and speed boost in front of either/and Dragon or Baron Pit for 75 seconds upon death ·         Respawn is 3 minutes ·         Runs away when attacked   Smite Buffs ·         Krugs: Grants Gift of Heavy Hands – meaning you stun minions and monsters every 1st and 5th hit. Your first attack against a turret deals 50 (+15 per level) true damage but consumes this buff. Lasts 90 seconds.   ·         Raptors: Grants Razor Sharp – gives you a warning and temporary vision for 10 seconds when an enemy ward spots you. Lasts 90 seconds, with 1 charge.   ·         Murkwolves: Creates a Rift Spirit – summons a rift spirit that watches over an area of the jungle. Lasts 90 seconds, but the timer goes down when/if the spirit chases enemies.   ·         Gromp: Grants Gift of the Toadstool – Attackers are poisoned for 6(+6 per level) magic damage over 3 seconds. Lasts 90 seconds.   ·         Red Brambleback: Restores 20% of max health   ·         Blue Sentinel: Restores 25% of max mana   Stat and Reward Changes ·         Small jungle camps now respawn every 100 seconds (old was 50 seconds) ·         Base health, attack damage, gold, and exp of small jungle camps have been increased by 20% ·         Greatly increased attack damage scaling of small jungle camps throughout the game (raptors will kick your ass if you try to do them too early, I’ve tried) ·         Increased health scaling of small camps up to level 12   NOTE: RED/BLUE BUFFS NO LONGER FALL OFF WHEN A CHAMPION IS EXECUTED BY A JUNGLE CAMP
  3. SMITING RED GIVES HP BACK, SMITING BLUE GIVES MANA BACK : Sustain Junglers (Fiddle/Warwick/Pantheon/Elise): Start first buff(leash) to second buff(smite it) camp afterwards Non-sustain/low sustain junglers(Rengar,Kha'zix,Wukong,Udyr): First camp(strong leash) to first buff(smite it) to second camp, back and buy jungle item, then second buff Try to smite red buff at the perfect hp or when it's lower than your smite damage to get maximum hp out of smiting it (it heals for your % current missing hp) TESTING Jungle Clear Speed/Routes with Jarvan: blue side | red start | no smite leash | to blue buff | camp afterwards ::: | you have to back afterwards Level 2: 2:18 Level 3: 3:14 Ganking Time: 3:14 with 3/4hp blue side | golem start | no smite leash -> to red buff -> wraiths afterwards -> go back and straight to blue Level 2: 2:28 Level 3: 2:54 Ganking Time: 3:45 blue side | gromp start | no smite leash -> to blue buff -> wolves -> go back and straight to red Level 2: 2:08 Level 3: 2:54 Ganking Time: 3:48 Alternative options (still needs testing): smite your blue after leash , do gromp wolves after ::::: smite gromp after leash do blue wolves after purple side | blue start | no smite leash -> to red buff -> camp afterwards Level 2: Level 3: Ganking Time: purple side | gromp start | no smite leash -> to blue buff -> wolves -> go back and straight to red Level 2: Level 3: Ganking Time: purple side | golem start | no smite leash -> to red buff -> wraiths -> go back and straight to blue Level 2: Level 3: Ganking Time: XP Table (Will work on later):   First camp gives 300 xp, buff gives 200 xp. second gromp gives 160? Champion Notes(Jungle Items): Aatrox(*Skirmishers or Rangers->Devourer) AD Malzahar(Rangers->Warrior) AP Amumu(Rangers->Magus) Cho'Gath(Rangers->Juggernaut) Diana(Rangers->Magus) Elise(Rangers->Juggernaut) Eve(Stalkers or *Rangers-> *Warrior or Magus (still needs testing, try warrior then trinity force)) *Save chilling smite for ganks* Fiddlesticks(Stalkers ->Magus) Gragas(Rangers->Magus) Hecarim 21-9(Rangers->Warrior) Jarvan(Rangers->Warrior) Kha'Zix(Rangers->Warrior, Max W Evolve W every game? ) ** be very careful pre level-3 ** Lee(*Rangers or Poacher->Warrior) Maokai(Rangers->Juggernaut) Master Yi(*Skirmisher's or Rangers-> Devourer) Mundo cloth start(Rangers->Juggernaut) Nasus(*Rangers or Stalkers -> Juggernaut) *try juggernaut into trinity force (maybe finish trinity before juggernaut)* Nautilus(Rangers->Juggernaut) Nocturne(Rangers or Stalkers or *Skirmishers (still needs testing)-> Devourer Nunu(Rangers->Juggernaut) 9-21 Pantheon(Rangers->Warrior) Rammus (Ranger's -> Juggernaut) Rengar(*Rangers or Skirmishers->Devourer) ** be very careful pre level-3 ** Sejuani(Rangers->Juggernaut) Shaco(Rangers->Warrior) ** Will do more testing for tank shaco (full tank after Warrior) & DPS shaco (shiv/tiamat) ** *test ap quint shaco* Shyvana(Rangers->Devourer) Sion(Rangers->Juggernaut) Skarner(Rangers->Warrior or Juggernaut(Still needs testing) Tank Amumu (Rangers->Juggernaut) * if you are going to play amumu go AP quints or clear will be hard * Trundle(Rangers->Juggernaut) Udyr(Rangers->Devourer) ** need to test Rangers->Juggernaut ** Skill order: R,Q,E,W Max Order: R>W>E>Q make 2 rune pages: 1 attack speed runes/masteries | 1 cdr runes/masteries Vi(*Rangers or Skirmishers(if they have invis champ)->Warrior) ** be very careful pre level-3 ** Volibear(*Rangers or Skirmisher's, still needs testing -> Juggernaut) Warwick(Skirmishers->Devourer) Wukong(Rangers->Warrior) ** be very careful pre level-3 ** Xin Zhao(*Rangers or Skirmishers -> *Warrior or Devourer) Zac *ap quints* (Rangers->Juggernaut) COLOR KEY: This color means the champion did really well (high tier jungler) This color = unsure, needs more testing * = More likely to get this item Timers: Raptors, Gromp, Wolves, Golems 100 second spawn Crab 180 second spawn Razor Sharp(Oracles) lasts for 90 seconds DOs & DONTs: DOs: Counterjungle (leave one little monster) ** Clear buffs completely if you have time so you can get the timer and xp ** Smite Wraiths Smite enemy Wolves Try to save smite for wraiths if you don't need it to kill buffs Start bot side (on the golem camp/gromp) with carry junglers (rengar,kha'zix) Ask for strong leash (to 10-20% HP on first camp) Buy Skirmisher if they have invis lane champ (akali,talon,rengar,shaco,vayne) if you can afford to (not talking about gold, talking about jungler needs) Juggle (run back and forth to reaggro dragon while it's charging up it's auto attack) dragon (very easy to do now) DONTs: Smite Crab (unless contested) Buy Stalkers on carry junglers who farm (Rengar, Kha'Zix, Jarvan) Try to do risky barons Early dragons with non sustain junglers ** You can smite any camp if you are going to back afterwards, or wraiths are not up ** NOTES: Harder to maintain vision control & start dragons in this patch Tank Junglers are a lot better in this season due to itemization, scaling, and carry junglers having a tougher time early. (Does not mean tank junglers are better than carry junglers) If you are playing a feral flare (devourer) jungler, buy it ASAP to start stacking Hybrid (AD/AP) champions highly benefit from first dragon, securing it becomes priority Hard to make poacher's effective because of the long respawn timers of camps If you are playing a carry jungler and don't get a good leash on your first camp (golems/gromp) just do your first buff after and go back (level 2) straight to your second buff General Statement:Efficiency of jungle items (best to worst): Rangers>Skirmishers>Stalkers>Poachers
  4. This is dedicated to my favorite champion, Shaco. This champion is my main and I have a lot of prior experience with this champion. Enjoy the build!   Runes: Marks: Flat Attack Damage x9 Seals: Flat Attack Speed x9 Glyphs: Flat Attack Speed x9 Quintessences: Movement Speed x3 Masteries:   21/9/0 (Link is below)  http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/140103000103030013012200130010000000000000000000000000000       Skill Order Level 1: W Level 2: Q Level 3: E Level 4: E Level 5: E Level 6: R Level 7: E Level 8: W Level 9: E Level 10: W Level 11: R Level 12: W Level 13: W Level 14: Q Level 15: Q Level 16: R Level 17: Q Level 18: Q   Starting Items: Doran's Blade Health Pot x1 Any trinket (Sweeping Lens is preferred) Early Game Items:   (Standard) Berserker Greaves Avarice Blade Doran's Blade Vampiric Scepter   (If AP heavy) Hexdrinker Boots of Speed Doran's Blade   Mid-Game Items:   Berserker Greaves Blade of the Ruined King Stattik Skiv Doran's Blade (If you're ahead, work towards:) Infinity Edge Late-Game Items: Berserker Greaves Blade of the Ruined King Stattik Skiv Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer (For extra damage) Last Whisper (For survivability) Guardian Angel   If I have time, i can give a rundown of playstyle if people are interested.    

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