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Found 11 results

  1. Hey there

    Hello everyone! I am a small time league of legends player looking to be apart of a fun active community as I grow. I enjoy meeting new people and building friendships as I play while promoting positive vibes and encouragement to those around me. I hope to be a good fit here and I hope I can make everyone's day just a little bit brighter.
  2. Hey there!

    Hello everyone! I am a small time league of legends player looking to be apart of a fun active community as I grow. I enjoy meeting new people and building friendships as I play while promoting positive vibes and encouragement to those around me. I hope to be a good fit here and I hope I can make everyone's day just a little bit brighter.
  3. Hi!New here!

    Hey guys, as the tittle says im new here and would like to join ADK. Im from the US and right now im studying at CU Boulder. I play both on PC and on my PS4.
  4. Hey there, ADK! It's time to choose the game mode of the next ADK Overwatch Section in-house! Give us your feedback by voting for your preferred game mode for us to play next week. Below will be a description of each mode. We rotate out the game modes on the poll every week. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them here . We're always open to new ways to play! If you are new or have never heard of our weekly in-house, please refer to THIS thread. Just as a reminder, the in-house starts at 9 PM EST every Friday night! The Available Gamemodes are (random drumroll): MOIRA DODGEBALL (Capture Points, TDM, and FFA) Moira only, Team Death Match, no Chateau, 100 team kills to win Abilities: Orb 30% (3 sec); Fade 67% (4 sec); Orb Max Damage/Healing 10% (20 dmg); Ult Charge 200% Health: 10% (20 HP). Movement Speed 150%, Jump Height 150% Biotic Energy cap 20%, disable Secondary Fire This is a fast-paced game mode, with a pretty high skill cap. Once the ball connects, the target dies in 0.2 seconds, so you have to anticipate the attacks to dodge them. The extra speed allows for a lot of ninja-ing around with Fade. Chateau is disabled because it's too cramped and just doesn't work well with this mode. Gamemode by Hellraiser ANA PAINTBALL! (Capture Points, Team Elim, and FFA) 1 injection = One l fatality! Ana's darts are an instakill in this fast-paced game type! Hp set to practically nothing, Damage is at an all-time high! Ana Nades are disabled! Sleep darts have an instant cooldown! SUPERFIGHT! Mecha-Queen (D.Va) vs Hammer Knight (not the dwarf)! (Assault, Escort, Team Elim) With the omnics on the side of their queen and the humans fighting for HONOR, JUSTICE and Reinhardt x3 there is no telling who will come out on top! This theme battle features tweaked heroes to give the players the feeling of fighting in a battle between heroes! The two leaders being D.VA and Rein! Absurdity! (Capture point, Escort, and Assault) Everything is at 300%! Respawns are at half! Abilities are practically instant! Zarya, Mei, Soldier and Mei abilities are partially tweaked to avoid cheese! Gamemode by Arveaus CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS THIS COMING FRIDAY! - Grimm
  5. I'm new c:

    Hello everyone that may be reading, I'm from Northern Ireland and I've been playing random games for a long ass time. I've recently been feeling pretty damn bad xD I would love to get to know a few people (at least) and hopefully get gaming with you guys. (I kinda suck with this type of stuff). But i'm up for almost anything.
  6. Friendly Omnic Incoming!!

    Greetings. I'm an Omnic. I'm also nice. I'm also sad that I am unable to call myself TheFriendlyOmnic on Overwatch because of a GODDAMN 12-CHARACTER LIMI- ...*ahem* So as you've guessed, I'm an Overwatch player. I specialize in Tank Heroes mainly (Winston is my favorite), though I'm pretty good (at least "I" think so) at certain DPS heroes (Soldier: 76 and Bastion being my favorites), though that varies depending on the day. I can play some Support Heroes as well (Not Ana, abysmal aim). At the time of me typing this I'm currently mid Gold in rankings. So that's me! Plz treat me kindly. PS: #StopOrisaAbuse
  7.         Hey my In game name is Riahnt but my friends/family call me Gabe , I've been into games since i was 3 , i started playing a lot of different consoles then ive moved to xbox and stayed on xbox for many years , Im 15 now boutta be 16 and ive have bought myself a gaming pc and wanted to get into gaming on pc , Im trying to become a gamer on pc but dont have many games but working on buying more games , Im into those open world games / fps , for example H1Z1 n Arma but im not good at them because i just started playing like 1 months ago , I have gotten bored playing alone on pc so ive started not to play anymore but ever since i got H1Z1 like 1/2 weeks ago i meet people that were in adk in h1z1 and they were vary helpful and fun so now im starting to play alot of h1z1 because the fact im getting to know more people in adk that play h1z1 , Im a cool person im not annoying , once i get comfortable with you guys i would talk more n play/talk alot to you guys.. So im hoping i can become a member in adk so i would have friends on pc :D    To mostly sum everything up im jus a 15 almost 16 trying to find friends on PC to play games with  :lol:
  8. League of Anime!!

    Getting back into anime so starting to watch some anime that i never did finish like bleach, naruto, and others who's names escape my mind.
  9. Application~ IGN: ParaniaOrigins (NA), Paranoia0rigins(EU WEST) Current League/ELO: Silver 5 (NA), Silver 3(EU WEST) Main role/Second Role: Support 1st Main, AD Carry 2nd Main Champion pool: Sona, Leona, Nami, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Blitzcrank, Karthus, Nasus, Azir, Karma, Kindred, Jinx, Teemo, Miss Fortune, Tristana, Soraka, Ahri, Lucian, Katarina, Caitlyn, Thresh, Yauso, Udyr, Sivir, Zilean, Master Yi, Ashe, Nautilus, Annie, Zed, Alistar, Amumu, Cho'Gath, Darius, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Fiora, Garen, Gnar, Janna, Kayle, Malphite, Numu, Rammus, Ryze, Shyvaina, Skamer, Syndra, Talon, Trydamere, Veigar, Vi, Vladimir, Warwock, Wukong! ^- all the champs i currently own on (NA) Have mic and teamspeak: Yes & Yes Time zone AND availability (Be specific - Day & time available): CST (Central Standard Time) - (Open all week) Willing to shot call? Not good ehough to makes calls but willing to learn how to. Contact information: mosby.dga@gmail.com, on team-speak often Best word to describe you: LIkes working with the team, willing to listen to commands during game, can get alot of criticism, good listener, willing to learn more skills, helpful, teamplayer. Biggest Weakness in game: Lets see if i had to say to be being yalled at during game which makes me make bad choices, always getting blamed for no reason which throws me off. Biggest Weakness out of game: No one to play league rank with, i've asked and made posts on here and team-speak and hardly get anything back, or be told no they dont want to play.
  10. Hey, names Paranoia Origins, i'm been with this olympusgamerz for a while cause of league of legends but for the past few months i've have not been able to find a rank team to be apart of or form one. People there care more about themselves to wana play ranked with me when ever i asked so here i am.   I play quite a few games here and there from steam and non steam games. But pretty much just a laided back type of gamers who just wants to enjoy the game and have fun.
  11. I've been surfing Reddit and stumbled upon a couple of clan names. I never though that these were real things to have clans then again im 15.. ADK looked the most friendly, fun, competitive clan on that list so i thought "Hey, This looks like it can be fun and i can make some new friends" so here I am.    Hope I'm accepted :D

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