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  1. Halo Wars: New Threat

                          Timeline: Earth military calendar 2525, Oct 7 A UNSC battle group, consisting of the destroyer Heracles, under Captain Veredi, and the two frigates Arabia and Vostok, enters the Harvest system and discovers that everything on the planet has been completely incinerated and the surface melted down to glass. In orbit around the remains of the colony world is a single alien ship, which proceeded to attack the battle group, destroying both Arabia and Vostok and badly damaging the Heracles. Intercepted communications identify the enemy as The Covenant. The message "Your destruction is the will of the Gods... and we are their instrument" is broadcast in UNSC language.   2525,Nov 1 Vice Admiral Preston Cole mobilizes the largest fleet in human history to retake Harvest.   2525,Nov 27 Project MJOLNIR, a comprehensive package of scientifically enhanced armor, custom-tailored to the biologically augmented SPARTANs, is introduced to John and his squad at the UNSC Damascus Materials Testing Facility, on the planet Chi Ceti-4. The SPARTANs (now decked out in Mjolnir armor) destroy a Covenant ship by carrying a nuke onboard, inside the energy shield.   2530 The outer colony of Eridanus II is destroyed by the Covenant.   2531 Cole's war fleet engages the alien warship responsible for the decimation of the colony, scoring a victory (though the battle cost Cole two-thirds of his battle group). Only a last minute tactical inspiration turned the tide of battle.    After returning to Earth, Cole—promoted to Admiral—learns that a number of outlying colonies have been destroyed, leaving behind no survivors. Cole begins to move his fleet around, trying to intercept the invaders. Ground and ship-to-ship battles begin in earnest, raging throughout the Outer Colonies. During one ground engagement, Human forces capture one of the aliens. Before succumbing to his wounds, interrogators learn that the aliens refer to themselves as "the Covenant" (roughly translated).   2535 In the course of four short years, Cole's forces are hammered, despite his excellent leadership and tactical brilliance. It is simply a matter of being outgunned; Covenant kill ratios tend to top four to one in ship-to-ship combat. By 2535, virtually all of the Outer Colony worlds have been destroyed by the Covenant. The "Cole Protocol" is established by military order: all human vessels must ensure that Covenant forces do not find Earth. Human ships must-when forced to withdraw-not move on to an Earth bound vector, even if that means jumping without proper navigational calculations. If blind jumps are not possible, the ship's captain must order self-destruction if capture is imminent. In addition, it is also imperative that the powerful ship A.I. data cores not fall into Covenant hands, so part of this protocol involves either the removal or destruction of the ship's A.I. in extreme situations.   2552,Jul 17 A Covenant fleet is discovered by Ensign William Lovell on UNSC Remote Scanning Outpost Archimedes, entering the Sigma Octanus system. Commander Keyes, on board the UNSC Destroyer Iroquois, takes on 4 medium-tonnage Covenant craft (two frigates, one destroyer, one carrier), and destroys 3 of them in what becomes known as the 'Keyes Loop'. The Carrier heads to Sigma Octanus IV and drops Covenant troops, invading the city of Cote D'Azur. Keyes is promoted to Captain by Admiral Stanforth.   2552,Jul 18 The SPARTANs and the Marines engage Covenant forces on the ground, eventually nuking Cote D'Azur and most of the Covenant invasion force (but very few humans), while 4 dozen UNSC ships engage 20 Covenant craft. Seven human craft survive. The Iroquois destroys a stealth ship receiving an encrypted transmission from the surface. Once this ship is destroyed, the 7 surviving Covenant ships break off and flee. The Iroquois heads back to Reach for debriefing. A Covenant tracker attaches itself, unseen, to the Iroquois' hull.   2552, Aug 25 The Pillar of Autumn is chosen by Dr. Halsey and Cortana (with Keyes as Captain) to handle a secret mission that Dr. Halsey is planning.   2552, Aug 27 John rejoins the remaining SPARTANS (except for three that are otherwise engaged - Gray team) in the FLEETCOM Military Complex on Reach, where they learn of their next mission: To acquire a Covenant vessel, navigate to the Covenant home world, and return with captured Covenant leadership. 2552, Aug 29 The Master Chief gets a neural interface upgrade and new armor with built-in Covenant shield technology. He is also introduced to Cortana, an A.I. created from Dr. Halsey's own neural patterns.   2552, Aug 30 Cortana gets revenge on Colonel Ackerson, part of ONI's Special Warfare branch, for attempting to eliminate Cortana and Master Chief - she gets him transferred to the front. Bypassing several other colonies, the Covenant arrive at Reach and begin what has become all too familiar to the embattled Human forces: the destruction of the planet.   2552, Aug 30 The remaining SPARTANS are divided into two teams: Red and Blue. John and the rest of Blue team (Linda and James), while on an orbital mission to ensure that a NAV database stays out of Covenant hands, end up onboard the Pillar of Autumn when she jumps away from the Reach system to evade Covenant forces. James is lost and Linda is mortally wounded, and the subsequent mission on Halo is left to the Master Chief to complete.    The Covenant take the surface of Reach, and Red team splits, one group to retrieve Admiral Whitcomb, while the rest hole up in ONI's Castle Base underground facility with Dr. Halsey. The Spartans receive parts of a MJOLNIR Mark V upgrade and new weapons, while Dr. Halsey learns of Colonel Ackerson's mysterious plans, plans that seem to involve "her" Spartans.   2552, Sep 19 The Pillar Of Autumn arrives at Halo. A company of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (UNSC Naval Special Forces) led by Major Antonio Silva and his second in command, Lieutenant Mellisa McKay land on Halo via 'Human Entry Vehicles' and establish an operational firebase situated near a mesa a few kilometers away from the Pillar of Autmun's crash site. Alpha Base, as it was designated, had been supplied and heavily fortified with what remained of the Pillar of Autmun's arsenal.   Believing that the Master Chief was hiding out at Alpha Base, Covenant ground and aerial forces commanded by Zuka 'Zamamee and Noga 'Putumee attack the base in an effort to capture the Chief. The attack fails and the base is held by Major Silva.   2552, Sept 22 The Master Chief and Cortana, onboard a Longsword in the debris field of the destroyed Halo, find one remaining Pelican containing Sgt. Johnson, Lieutenant Haverson, Warrant Officer Polaski, Corporal Locklear, and a set of cryotubes containing Spartan 058, Linda.   Planning to fly the Truth and Reconciliation to Earth, Major Silva and the ODSTs abandon Alpha Base. The captured Covenant ship, however, had been sabotaged by Lieutenant McKay, leading to Major Silva's, the ODSTs and her death.   2552,Oct 20   The Master Chief and Captain Keyes (post-humously) are decorated for their actions on Reach and Halo 04.    Concurrently, the Elite Commander of the Covenant fleet "Particular Justice" is punished for Heresy before being transformed into the Arbiter.    The Prophet of Regret and his relatively minor fleet arrive at Earth presumably looking for Forerunner installations, unaware of its status as the Human homeworld. After a brief conflict and some exploration in Africa, Regret retreats to Delta Halo 05 followed by Miranda and the In Amber Clad.   Four other UNSC vessels, the corvette Coral Sea, the two frigates Redoubtable and Paris, and the prowler Dusk are both close enough to the Slipspace rift and have charged Slipspace capacitors, and attempt to follow the In Amber Clad into the eleven nondimensions of Slipspace.   New Mombasa is destroyed in the Slipspace wake of Regret's ship.   2552 - 2553 Nov - Mar After crashing in East Africa, the Master Chief is recovered by a squad of UNSC Marines led by Sergeant Avery Johnson and the Arbiter. The group splits, and attempts to reach the extraction zone. Johnson and his men manage to board a Pelican, but find themselves captured by Brutes shortly afterwards. The Master Chief and the Arbiter find Johnson and his men and rescue them.    The Master Chief, Johnson, and the Arbiter arrive at a five hundred year-old underground UNSC military base near the town of Voi named the "Crow's Nest". Commander Miranda Keyes and Lord Hood plan an attack on the High Prophet of Truth in order to avoid the activation of the Portal, but are interrupted by a detachment of Covenant Loyalists which take over the base.    As Lord Hood orders his remaining ships to attack Truth's fleet, a slipspace entrance is created by the Portal. A Flood-infested vessel carrying a construct identified as Cortana crashes near Voi, and the city is quickly overwhelmed by the parasite. This is in fact a part of Cortana, containing a recorded message.    The construct is retrieved from the ship, and repaired by 343 Guilty Spark. Onboard the Sangheili vessel Shadow of Intent - commanded by Rtas 'Vadumee - the recorded message held within the construct informs Lord Hood and the Master Chief that the Portal holds the secret to the defeat of the Flood.    Passing through the slipspace Portal, Commander Keyes and her fleet arrive at the Ark. After a brief engagement between the UNSC fleet and the Covenant Loyalist fleet, the Master Chief and the Arbiter learn that the Ark is situated beyond the galactic rim, thus safe from the Halos range of fire. Apart from its advantageous location to escape the Flood, it also serves as a construction facility to built replacement Halos in case one is severely damaged or destroyed.    Making her way into the Control Room of the Ark where Johnson is held captive, Commander Keyes is killed by the Prophet of Truth. He uses Johnson to activate the seven Halo rings.    Joining forces with the Flood, the Master Chief and the Arbiter eliminate Truth's defenses, Truth himself being killed. An unexpected turn of events follows, and Gravemind betrays the Master Chief and the Arbiter as Johnson flees onboard a Pelican.    Cortana conceives a plan to destroy the Flood without affecting the Milky Way. Safely distanced from the galaxy, the replacement Installation 04 can eliminate the Flood for good once fired. The Master Chief infiltrates the Flood-infested High Charity, retrieves Cortana and uses the Index from the former Installation 04 to fire the Halo and destroy the Flood and its leader. While attempting to activate the replacement Installation 04, Johnson is killed by 343 Guilty Spark, claiming that a "premature firing" will destroy both the Installation and the Ark.    Guilty Spark is destroyed by the Master Chief, who then activates the Halo and heads towards the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. The Arbiter and the Master Chief make it onboard the ship, however, the slipspace Portal is deactivated as the Halo stirs. Half of the Frigate containing the Arbiter passes through the Portal, and the other half containing the Master Chief and Cortana barely makes it through crash landing on Earth.   2553 Mar 3 The Human-Covenant War ends. A memorial dedicated to the victims of the war is built in Kenya on Earth.     2556 Apr 8   O.N.I has been removed after their actions were released to the public showing their true nature   2560 Mar 1-4   A Large fleet of covenant ships re-arrive at Earth. Panic is widespread and military is mobilized until learned before any bloodshed can ensure that it is just the arbiter. The arbiter invites humanity to a collective of races organization called the I.S.A or Inter-Galactic Species Alliance. Humanity does not decline or accept but request time to come to a decision. The Arbiter happily allows more time for humanity to come to a decision.     2560 Mar 11   The president of the U.E.G(United Earth Government) Paige Silverman, agrees to the arbiter’s offer and humanity now joins the I.S.A collective now having humanity, sangheili, huragok, and Mgalekgolo. Humanity is drifted apart by this decision seeing they were just fighting for their lives against the very beings they now seek to have as allies. With the insurrection leaders and bases crushed by the covenant during the war there is very little chance they will return. Humanity still believes there are other reasons behind this alliance.///////////REDACTED//////////      2560 Mar 14   Paige Silverman voices her reasons behind the signing of the I.S.A treaty with the Arbiter at her side. “I signed the treaty not for the weapons, or the technology, or even the weaknesses of our friends as some of you put it. I signed it because I want for us and our future generations to look past the spilled blood and look at the Arbiter and his people as allies and friends not some animal that should be butchered. They did what they did upon lies they did not know of and for that I forgive them.*Screams of Rage can be heard* I forgive them for the planets that have been burned. I forgive them for the billions that have been killed upon a false prophets lies. I forgive them for the mistakes they have made. Lastly I forgive them for just being as we call it human. I want in the years to come that they shall be looked upon as brothers and sisters and not enemies and animals. But if this is how we act to “people” who knew not what they did. Then we are no better than the prophets.*silence throughout the crowd* So today I do not ask of you I beg you forgive them. Thank you.” The arbiter was more grateful then ever at the presidents words and was met with “I meant every bit of it hun"       2560 Mar 15   Humanity was reborn the day after the speech. Many saw their anger was ill-aimed and seeked retribution. This day forward humanity looked at the alien species as friends and allies and though past grudges wont dissipate immediately humanity burned a path to peace not by themselves but with other species by their side.     2560 Sept 15   Humanity has assessed what has been lost and is well on its way to recovery from the human-covenant war and is estimated to beyond full strength by 2580. With I.S.A.’s help however the process has been shortened by 6 years entirely.     2560 Nov 30   President Paige and the Arbiter still happily discuss matters on the treaty and decide where future meetings should be held besides earth and onboard a cruiser in orbit.      2563 Feb 3-5   High charity and a small fleet of covenant cruisers of varying class are recovered by a human-sangheili fleet and returned to Earth's orbit. With the flood being cleansed off the vote was put to repair high charity and once again use it as a meeting for the I.S.A council and its respective species as it did before for the covenant. On the 5th the vote was accepted and was put in to effect       2563 July 4   The UNSC has finally recovered and assessed what has been lost during the war. They have finally gotten back on their feet since the signing of the I.S.A treaty and have such renamed themselves the U.S.C (United Species Core). With the new name also came new policies such as allowing the many species into the core and have become the I.S.A.’s military backbone. They will soon begin launching their first expedition in the next month or so hopefully.       2563 Sept 13     The U.S.C. launches its first science expedition since the signing of the treaty. With Sangheili, humans, and huragok to explore these forerunner ruins the I.S.A has high hopes of the forerunner tech( if any is there) to be unlocked and used to protect the respective races     2563 Oct 5   The Forerunner expedition team returns with much more forerunner knowledge and technology for weapons systems and medical technology     2563  December 1-31     Knows as the Month of Progression I.S.A. species received much fortune during this time. The human U.S.C generals announce the Kilimanjaro class cruiser. The sangheili generals announce the Arbiter class cruiser. The sangheili finally decide to colonize more planets than just their home leading to 6 sangheili colonies being finalized with 2 of them being joint-species colonies. I.S.A colonies experience a economic boom due to new mining planets and asteroid fields being located. A long forgotten Halcyon cruiser, Marathon frigate, and covenant class assault carrier are found above Eridanus 2 and are left alone as monuments to the war. Orbital Defense platforms see a complete rework in the near future after their flaws shown during the great war. Paige Silverman celebrates her birthday with her good friend the arbiter.     2564 June-Aug       I.S.A. war capabilities drastically increase. The production of all current human weapons have been outfitted with plasma. The New main human battle tank dubbed the “Hydra” sees production replacing its M808B scorpion predecessor. The Type-26 Assault Gun carriage is moved from main battle tank to mortar Tank. The Type-27 Assault vehicle dubbed the “Spectral” replaces it as main sangheili battle tank. The Type-52 troop carrier Phantom is used as the main drop ship for I.S.A operations. The  UH-144 Falcon becomes the Main gunship For I.S.A operations. The D77-TC Pelican has not been rendered obsolete but has to much competition and has moved to still be used by law enforcement and not surprisingly Spartan operatives. The I.S.A. Council has moved to High Charity renamed High Faith. as it hovers over Harvest as a few million of the respective species move in.     2564 Nov 5-28   A Unggoy ship is encountered with a kig-yar ship as well. both were greeted peacefully and asked if wanting to join the I.S.A. council. The unngoy burst at the seems of a alliance and the kig-yar are thoughtful of it as well. On the 28th of the month they both accept but with restrictions that were acceptable the Unggoy wished to live non military lives and the kig-yar  and skirmisher wanted full military lives to show they were more than pirates. These terms were accepted fully for the unggoy as long as they cut back on their reproduction rate as they were not fighting a war anymore and the kig-yar’s were accepted as long as those who didn’t want to be in the U.S.C didn’t have to     2565  Mar 1   Sierra 117 and his fellow Spartan 2’s after much pushing from the I.S.A. board and Halsey revive the Spartan 2 program. Though they have gone hiding and haven’t been seen from since. They now have began recreating their Spartan brothers and sisters   2567  Oct 5   The Yanme’ are found and inducted into the I.S.A. the relationship is shaky due to most of the yanme queens not wanting to leave their homeworlds. Only 2 yanme queens were sent to the I.S.A council out of the yanme’s hundreds.   2569 Sept 6   A small U.S.C expedition force finds a small forerunner facility under the name of Requiem is found and swarming with promethean knights and monitor 589 Abundant Joy. More forerunner technology was accessed and more insight to the forerunners was told by the monitor and was learned that the sangheili are humanities protectors known as “Protectors of The Inherited”. Sangheili were greatly pleased and displeased at this information. They were happy to be humanities protectors but were disheartened to know that they were slaughtering their god’s children and the ones they were to protect during the war       2569 Dec 1     Forerunner tech from 589 Abundant Joy has all finally been cataloged and assimilated into their respective technology. Magnetic Accelerator Rounds for cruisers now fires a 1000 ton slug at 60,000 meters per second and can be fired twice and a third time at half the charge before needing to cool down. Super MAC’s on Orbital Defense Platforms and Super-Heavy MAC’s on Kilimanjaro class super-cruisers now fire 4 times before needing to cool down 5 in the cruiser’s case. The slugs for ODP’s are now 5,550 tons and are fired at 24,000 kilometers per second 8% of the speed of light. The Super-Heavy MAC fires an ultra-dense projectile at a fraction the speed of light and is capable of creating terrestrial craters several miles wide. Energy projectors are now armed on some human ship classes such as the killimanjaro, Marathon, halcyon, paris-class and odp’s. They have a much larger yield than during the war and is much more volatile. MAC’s have been equipped on a few covenant cruisers adding to their lethality. The forerunner tech also had many Ai components legthening AI lives and making Rampancy a rare occurrence.     2570 June 1   Lord hood passes away in his sleep. Millions mourn his death, a day of mourning is now set on June 1 his birthday     2571 July 25   Rtas’Vadumee begins training many sangheili officers and a few humans who he deemed worthy of teaching naval combat outside of training facilities     2573 May 8   The jiralhanae have been pushed back to their home planet and stripped their technology sending their race back to the primitive race they were before the prophet’s influence. Though a few cruisers still remain from the Great Schism the jirralhane are mostly not a threat   2573 Oct 17   The HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense SYSTEM is now produced in differet aspects such as a close combat switching its weapons for energy blades. A flamethrower variant. A support variant equipped with mortars and chainguns. And the hunter and elite class with very heavy and light armor with heavy weaponry such as Spartan lasers and fuel rods and plasma reapeaters and plasma launchers     2573 Dec 1   A small contingent of I.S.A ships explores a newly found installation. With prospect of more forerunner tech on the horizon they are sent to look through the installation immediately. What they found was not worth any forerunner tech or living forerunner. The installation was found to be a testing facility for a parasite. Known as the “flood” the parasite hunted and killed all ground teams and the fleet was contaminated and destroyed all but one ship The Dawn of Repentance, With zealot Tova,Navumee keeping the flood at bay. Without his leadership and dedication to the safety of his troops they ships surely would have been lost     2574, Jan 6   Humanity and the I.S.A. is beyond full strength and a economic boom has began.        

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