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  2. Introduction of Parozion

    Hello everyone, My name is Rick (Parozion ign) and i am a 14 years old dutch gamer. The games i play are: GTA V, Dayz, Arma III, CS:GO, League of Legends, COD and more. I train twice a week (1x muay thai and 1x MMA). My hobbies are gaming, sporting and having fun in what I do. Greets, Rick           (Note: My english is not the best and could be ALOT better)
  3. Sup, guys and gals.

    Hello, I am 21 My name is Liam Aka =UK= Liam  I Play Alot of Dayz and used to play a ton of Battlefield 4 been Playing Adk Server For a while now and its all great fun :dry:
  4. Hello Everyone

    Hello, My name is John aka Crawlfrozen.  I am a 15 year old teen who likes to play video games.  This is my first group and i'm new to forums.  I don't get mad easily but I can when i'm very stressed other than that I am good.
  5. Hey guys! I'm [USMC]MEDIC (formerly PJ Medic) or Medic for short. I'm interested in joining the =ADK= community to be able to start after this server wipe the right way.  I have spent all of my time with =ADK= on their Arma II DayZ mod, mainly on the Chernarus map. Overall I have roughly 750 hours total on Dayz mod. I like to think of myself as a skilled and knowledgeable player. I would like to add ideas and new topics to the the =ADK= community. I highly promote teamwork, and playing with a team over just being a "lone-wolf". I have highly enjoyed my time on Dayz and would love to see the community grow bigger than it already is.  When I'm not at school, I spend most of my time at the local firehouse as a volunteer. I am currently in class to become an EMT, and am training to become a firefighter. I am also interested in any military information, gear, or history. I am highly interested in WWII , and also modern day military. I enjoy recreating kits of past and present military, and am currently working on a WWII Paratrooper kit. I will someday be a flight Medic and ride helicopters and save lives everyday. Thats enough about me, reply to this post and talk about anything, ill try and reply with something semi-intelligent.   Greater love hath no one than this, that one lay down his life for his brothers.    All the best,  Kyle (Medic)  
  6. Woot! whats up ever1. I'm DeadFistNInja! I am currently loving your A2 DayZ Cherno server and also the ADK community!. I'm on there as RickGrimes, 1801, and mynameisjeff (and maybe 2 other names :P)   I am most impressed with the active administration on the server. Tip Top!   Anyway, I'm introducing myself to all the other adk players and look forward to playing with u guys in DayZ and other ADK games. I also enjoy LoL.    
  7. Fall0ut :D

    Hello fellow ADK fans/people, I am Fall0ut(Referring to the Fallout game series) I run my self out of my very own Vault 0 (Fall0ut) < that is a zero, Also my real name Zach, Possibly looking to be apart of the ADK community more, However I mainly play on their ADK Overpoch ARMA2:OA servers, but I play a lot of league so I would like to get acquainted with those fellow people who enjoy League of Legends. I currently like in California and attending College there but I always enjoy my nightly gaming sessions :D.   Well thats all from my I will be locking up Vault 0 for the night, so good luck in the wasteland fellow survivors!   Fall0ut Zach F. (Vault 0)
  8. YO its Daniel

    Hey im Daniel, I love this server and I will Rek U M8! I have owned and been admin on multiple servers before so I have lots of experience dealing with problems. If anyone ever has a question you can ask me in game (RepRah) and i would be happy to help!   Thanks and have a great game!
  9. Hey guy's, i'm fairly new to the community so I just thought I would introduce myself. Well to start off, I play almost Dayz only, but I also play League of Legends, Minecraft, Battle Field 4 and some others. If you're looking for me i'm on the Dayz epoch server very often, it's kinda sad almost. I play about 100 hours of Dayz every two weeks but only on ADK. Im also I member of the Sentinels on the epoch server so many of you dont like me. That's about it, nice to meet you all. <3
  10. This is Phantom. Accept it.

    Hello ADK'ers.  STOP KILLING ME IN MY OWN BASE </3 c: I usually play with Assistingcash and we have a little base set up somewhere. My goal is to one day become an Admin on the server. I have Admin'd on other servers before that have now been shut down. So I thought I could one day work my way up to this. It will be hard work, but anything is possible with effort, endurance, and enthusiasm. Some of you that know me know that I'm a bit of an ass but that's only because I love you. 
  11. Hi, my name is Jperp, im 25, male and full of awesomeness! I love dayz mod and cant get enough of it!  I currently have a youtube channel that i post weekly on, i wont link it b/c im not sure of the rules yet but maybe a admin can let me know?  I have been playing on the ADK server for about 2 weeks now, and its pretty legit.  Good ping and awesome community!     If any one wants to team up and make a YouTube video.. Im game! lets do it![attachment=4351:Dayz Logo.png]
  12. What up bros and gals, my name is Leo and I'm 19, currently in College but gaming like crazy. I play all sorts of games manly FPS, and Survival games, IE Day Z, Rust, CS GO. Always looking to make new friends but I am a goof ball. I get my kills no worries. I'm taken so sorry bros come at me. Well see you all in game!
  13. New computer idea?

    Hello forum members!  Was wondering if I could get help on a computer thats great on fps with dayz and is within a good cost, I'm trying to improve my frame-rates. At this point, Its hard to record with 12 frames, its bad quality and sketchy graphics. Tired of playing on low, any suggestions?   Here are my system specs:   Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2020T @ 2.50GHz 2.50GHz RAM: 8Gs System Type: 64-Bit System Type: Windows 8.1 Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics Monitor: HP W2072a LED Backlit Monitor   Any suggestions help, and any comment is helpful. Thanks in advance :D      
  14. Knatos Official Intro

    Hello all who are interested in knowing who I am, and welcome. I am a known hero sniper in the =ADK= Overpoch Chernarus server, I help those who are in need and NEVER shoot survivors, even if provoked. I commonly only make trips of short distance re supply and never long too far out of my comfort zone. I usually carry a low and light load out for maximum room for supplies and carry a sniper. I never take vehicles, only Mountain Bikes and walking. I always take the stealthy route and will rarely see me, but if you do see me, ask me if you need help and I'll guide you in the right direction. But most of the time, you may only see me in the list of players but never in game. If you're a hero but wearing a skin that hides your true skin (bandit/hero) I will shoot out of instinct. If you have ever seen a known you tuber by the name of "ShoSho", I follow his tactics and methods. A little about me personally: I'm 19, I am enlisted in the Michigan National Guard as a Human Intelligence Analyst. I'm working on my majors in both Network Security and Computer Engineering, I specialize in programming languages and very wary on my actions in-game, strategy is my main tool of survival. I've been playing in the server for about 3 weeks now and it is easily the best server for my video production that I've ever found. This is me and I am, The Hero Sniper, Knatos.
  15. War Eagle!

    Hey all you =ADK= gamers,   I'm Josh Sutcliff, from Las Cruces, NM. I just moved here with my newlywed wife, Autry. I'm a recent graduate of Auburn University with a bachelors in Information Systems Management, with a minor in trumpet performance/music. I marched with two different corps on the Drum Corps International (DCI) circuit: Carolina Crown in 2008; Spirit of Atlanta in 2009, all across the country. I marched for the Auburn University Marching Band for 3 seasons, two of which had me going to the NCAA National Championship bowl game, in 2010-2011 and 2013-2014. I marched lead trumpet my last two years, and met some pretty amazing people and went to a lot of a really cool places. I later traveled with the Auburn Choral department for a music tour across Italy, performing the Verdi Requiem in the summer of 2011. I again traveled to Europe in the summer of 2013 with the AU Singers show choir (in the band) performing shows in Belgium, France, Austria, and Germany. Basically all that to say, music does bring you places. Thankfully I was given the opportunities to do a lot of things in college that most students don't get, and for that I'm grateful. This means that I have a lot I can talk about with other ADK gamers if they're interested in traveling, music, or just getting out and seeing new places.  My wife and I got married on August 15th, 2014 and then we moved to Las Cruces, NM so I could find IT work at the White Sands Missile test range. I'll attach pictures for visuals. I'm the guy with red hair lol   All of my college money went to bills and tuition, so that meant my gaming wasn't as great as I wanted it to be. I did all my gaming off my HP laptop with AMD Radeon 3400HD graphics, so not much could be done well. I just recently came into possession of a desktop and parts, which I put together myself, specs listed as follows (for help/assistance referencing later):   GPU: GTX 560 Ti (1GB dedicated video ram) CPU: Intel i5 2500k 3.30 GHz (stock speed) quad-core with aftermarket liquid cooling RAM: 4x2GB  Motherboard: Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 HDD: two 1TB HDDs from Seagate 7200. OS: Windows 8.1/Linux Mint 17 w/Cinnamon Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Mouse: E-Blue Cobra (dedicated DPI) Sound: External - logitech headphones/simple speakers Monitor: Asus 23" 1920x1080 LED/DVI   Basically the games I like to play are open world games, but I do play the occasional COD/BLOPS2 type stuff. I routinely play vanilla and modded minecraft, with my own small server I run, along with servers like ironcoal.net, chromahills.net, etc. I have played dayz almost since its creation, starting in the spring of 2010. I (like most dayz players) bought the alpha release for DayZ SA back in December, but quickly lost interest when the general alpha problems kicked in full swing, so I play the mod/epoch mostly now. I play Titanfall and Crysis 3 more than I used to now that I'm running off my new desktop instead of the laptop. I also enjoy Skyrim, Sid Meier's CIV 4 and 5, L4D1&2, TF2, Arma 3, Battlefield 3, and Sniper Elite V2.   Thanks for you consideration,   Joshua Sutcliff   [attachment=3966:223074_1951867232691_6664341_n.jpg] [attachment=3967:466643_10152804072275232_1827892070_o.jpg] [attachment=3968:977095_10200166538025879_273823092_o.jpg] [attachment=3969:1496321_10201414741506811_252059326_o.jpg] [attachment=3970:10333312_10203843005507730_5094785980516536302_o.jpg] [attachment=3971:10505176_10154538212245232_9155818911332430344_o.jpg]
  16. Hello =ADK= Gamers, I am a fellow gamer like yourself trying to join the community.  I have gamed my entire life like I'd like to say many of us have,  I started with Doom and Quake back in the day.  From there I went on to CoD and became a trickshotter like we all hate today and I'm sure you could still scrap up some of the videos on youtube to this day.  After CoD I thought I wanted a more community based game so I moved on to World of Warcraft which I have been playing on  and off since Burning Crusade.  I had dabbled into Counter Strike but never gotten to deep into it because I had a Mac and was never interested in Buying a PC until I got a little older and got the Cash for it.     Today I have a Kick-Ass computer and Enjoying Playing CS-GO as well as DayZ,  In CS I have 2 Master Guardians, one of which was a double AK, but thats a story for another time.  DayZ is a game I like to take a in a very serious manner and I perfer squadplay of about 3-5.   Thanks for listening to my ever so boring Introduction! 
  17. Greetings from Death-By-Texas

    Howdy! Names Death-By-Texas, or Tex for short. I am currently enjoying the Texas humid summer, something only Texans will understand. When its not 100 degrees outside you can catch me biking, kayaking, fishing, or running. But since that hardly ever happens I like to stay inside, hide from the sun, and play DayZ along with other post apocalyptic games. You can catch me on DayZ OverPoch Napf playing with my buds. I hope to see you guys around and thanks for spending the time to read my life summary :P   IGN: Death-By-Texas TS: Death-By-Texas
  18. Howdy from John McDeere

    Howdy! Name's John Mcdeere. Born and raised Texan, "Gig Em!" Don't mess with Texas! See me in a server, don't hesitate to say howdy! See y'all around! 
  19. DayZ= LIFE

    Hey I'm Sam Fraungruber and I've been playing DayZ since it first came out. Ever since my first 5 hour session of DayZ with my friend I instantly fell in love with this mod. I have been playing DayZ actively since then. I normally play alone and I am also kind of a shy person, but once I am comfortable I am exactly the opposite :D. The reason I now want to get involved in ADK is because I was looking for an Overpoch server with actual active admins (unlike CCG). When I came across ADK I had a good time with the admins and also enjoyed killing some of them in their cinder super campy base XD. So ya ADK sounds like a great community and I would love to join! Frausam
  20. So whats up guys   Just thought id introduce myself as I work towards before a Dayz Teamspeak helper, what better way to start than introducing myself to you guys!?    So, As what probably has bought you here, Yes! I am also a youtuber currently sitting on 600 subs with 140k video views. I literally love it so much and hope ADK can be a part of my channel especially on the dayZ side of things   Thanks for reading my intro and if you guys wanna check out my youtube channel you sure can by clicking the link below   http://www.youtube.com/Smiffyke   Many thanks guys!
  21. Ali - Introduce Yourself

    If most of you don't already know me by now, my name is Ali. I am easy going and always wanting to kick some ass in DayZ :D I play on Chenarus #2 almost everyday and have made plenty of enemy's and friends. It's really fun and interesting considering I still learn a new thing everyday no matter how much i've learned.    =ADK= is clearly such a big family and community and I'd love to be apart of it. It's full of awesome people and some times some not so nice people (TenBear) ;D , but that is all part of life I guess.   I love playing DayZ (Arma 2 MOD) and making friends.  I play basketball and work at a computer store near my house which gives me discounts on the latest computer gear on the market which is pretty awesome consider Arma 2 OA such shit on optimization... We all know what i'm talking about lol...   I guess that is pretty much it beside im not that interesting anyways :D   Im 16, single and ready to mingle... jk.   Im looking forward to meeting new people and will be glad to play with the community! Im always on TS so hop on and give me a shout! I play on Chenarus #2 (DayZ Epoch) i'd be glad to help out new comers!   [attachment=3205:arma2OA_2011-02-05_18-19-19-77.jpg]   :mellow:  :angry: :blink:  :angry:  :wub:  <_<  :rolleyes:  |B)  :lol:  :D
  22. The Life Of Matt Shadows

    Hello Survivors,              My name is Matt Shadows, if you do not know me from being killed by me multiple times on DayZ Epoch, you will get to know me soon. I am the Sevenfold Bandit. You will not get away with killing me or my team because we will avenge you seven times over! Anyways, I play too much DayZ and I need to get a life, I'm always on the servers and I'm always killing both players and zombies, so you probably should not trust me ;) Finally, I'm in love with Avenged Sevenfold and if you like them too I might just spare your life one day. Stay a bandit! Shadows Out!
  23. The Life Of Matt Shadows

    Hello Survivors,  
  24. The Life Of Matt Shadows

    Hello Survivors,  
  25. So this is my first post! I to introduce myself I would like to start by saying I play DayZ Primarily but also play Battlefield 4. Since I'm in college finding times to consistently play through the day isn't going to happen. That Petroleum Engineering Degree isn't going to earn itself. I have been a computer builder since about 8 years ago and have grown to appreciate the community despite the few oddities here and there. I also have other hobbies but I'm not going to go into great detail here on the first post! So this was to say HOWDY! and see if I can spark a conversation, but for now hopefully i just run into you gameside! 

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