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    • Dowin

      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

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    Let me get right to it. If you haven't been playing Planetside 2 for the six months, or longer, and if you have any thoughts of coming back to the game once the new continent of Oshur is released, then NOW is the time to come back. Why? Let me give you three reasons. 1. Mentor Squads - Much of the game play has changed, so you will have a bit of a learning curve. However, with the new 'mentor squads' I hope to be in game as much as possible to give some guidance to the changes, and I'm sure that other ADK members who currently play the game will help you as well. 2. Air Vehicle Costs - The new continent of Oshur will have no warpgate system and fewer bases. Players will be reliant on air vehicles to traverse the playing field. Recently Daybreak Games has initiated the Air Anomaly alerts. When these occur all aircraft 'purchases' are free, which means that learning to fly during an Anomaly Alert is currently easier to do. In addition, both the Reaver and Valkyrie have been added to virtual training field of Koltyr. 3. Construction Costs - Since Oshur will have few bases, players will draw on the contraction system for holding territories and engaging in battles. Construction items must be unlocked with Certifications Points (Certs), just like all new equipment and upgrades in the Auraxis world. Certs are awarded on game experience, so it may take several hours of game play just to unlock a handful of construction items. I would think that Daybreak games would release Oshur as early as Thanksgiving, but no later than the Christmas holiday season, so that currently gives you about two to three full months to get in game and level up and get the needed experience points needed for the coming continent. So, I hope to see you in game soon.
  2. Hey Im Tyler

    Hey guys I'm Tyler. I am 16 Years old. I am from Memphis Tennessee. I used to head admin of 2 DayZ mod servers and left when the servers shut down. I found this clan when I was playing on ADK server #1. In Battlefield 4 I love to fly scout choppers and I can somewhat fly the attack chopper. I like playing as a squad and doing tasks that help the team win. I play BF4 almost every day when I have time. Anyways It's nice to meet everyone and I hope to see all of y'all on the battlefield.
  3. Transplant/New Guy

    Hey Guys, JDazzle here. Been lurking the forums and playing a bit on the Arma 3 Cherno Juvie Server. I came here from Spearhead after the Exile Server was shut down, looking for a community and really digging it around here. I've played Exile for quite a while now and look forward to running around and wreaking Havoc. That and talking smack as the various characters I can voice over, as evidenced in TS with a few of the admins. See ya'll soon!
  4. =ADK= Wildstar Guild Manual Guild Mission Statements and Goals Mission Statement- “A Different Kind” is a highly respected Gaming Community. This community expects respect from all of its players. This is due to the very high standards by which every member of =ADK= conducts themselves. We pride ourselves on our maturity, on our dedication to our community and the members within, and on our fun-loving nature and effective teamwork. =ADK= Wildstar strives to maintain the philosophy that we have fun, and not make playing wildstar a job. While there will be times when seriousness will be required, we want to limit it so that at the end of the day we are having a good time. We also strive to be a group of friends that care more about each other than a single game. Guild Goals- “A Different Kind” Wildstar guild, as of right now, will be focusing on PvE content with a semi-casual attitude. Have fun First and Foremost. Have all members' main characters reach level 50. Have all members get raid attuned for 20 man raids. Complete 20 man raids. Complete all content that will be added to Wildstar. Guild Rules Basic Guild Rules & Policies Follow all =ADK= house rules first and foremost. Respect all members as if they were your kin. No name calling, no harassing, and no sabotaging of any member in the guild. Don't cause or be the cause of a conflict with other players or guilds in game. This action will not be tolerated. Please elevate the problem up the chain to be handled guild lead to guild lead. Teamspeak will not be mandatory for casual questing, grinding, leveling or anything else a guild member will be doing outside of scheduled events. However, if you are taking part in a scheduled event (Raid), you will be required to be on Teamspeak for more efficient communications. Guild members will not be required to have =ADK= membership. However, you will never move up from the lowest position in the guild Teamwork and Communication are the backbone to this guild. However, that does not mean that it is a must for members to be in parties with each other everyday. But a nice “Hi everyone, how is everyone doing?” in guild chat is appreciated and at expected when entering game. It is a friendly and casual guild, so interaction is welcomed. Real life comes first! Nothing is more important than your family and job. With that being said, if you are an Officer, please give a notice to the guild that you are not going to be on for a while. Your spot will be covered and secure for you when you return. Any full ADK members with ADK tags will never be removed from the guild unless they violate guild rules and policies. Applicants may be declined membership, but that does NOT remove you from the guild. You are free to reapply to ADK when you have the availability to do so. Multiple Character Policy- Guild members are encouraged to have more than character as a member of the guild under the following conditions; If you have multiple characters in guild, in the event that the guild fills up, alts that are not actively used will be asked to leave. Additional Characters can only achieve Raider or officer alt status in the guild Members of the ADK Guild should inform the Officers if they are a part of another guild in Wildstar. This is to prevent any conflicts of interest. Chain of Command (CoC) Guild Master – The Shiniest Lopp Master of the guild Should lead with the guidance of his/her officers Responsible for the guild’s wellbeing Main contact with ADK’s other sections/leadership Officers – Shiny Lopp Leaders of the guild Has the right to enact disciplinary measures Has powers in Teamspeak Can view, deposit, and withdraw from the guild bank Is given a 24 hour repair fund of 1p50g Council - Golden Hoogle Because of their power to act, this is not a position given away lightly. Respected member of the guild. Trusted by the Officers Has powers in Teamspeak Has a vote in guild meetings Has the power to invite to the guild Can view, deposit, and withdraw from guild bank Is given a 24 hour repair fund of 1p50g Has completed the ADK Application process Member + - Silver Dagun Can view, deposit, and withdraw from guild bank Is given a 24 hour repair fund of 1p50g Has completed the ADK Application process Member – Bronze Dawngrazer Can view, deposit and withdraw from the guild bank. Is given a 24 hour repair fund of 75g Recruit – Copper Jabbit New member to the guild Can only view and deposit into the guild bank =ADK= Membership Requirements. We are =ADK= Wildstar, so all requirements for membership must happen with the Gaming Community First. The current requirements to join the ADK Community are: 20 Forum posts 10 hours in Teamspeak 10 hours in Game The =ADK= community is the group of gamers as a whole, this includes Wildstar and all the other games that ADK is apart of. Disciplinary Action Given that this is a game and =ADK= Wildstar is a guild in the Wildstar Gaming Community, it is still an organization that has rules and it's members are expected to adhere to those rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in disciplinary action commensurate to the offense. Minor offenses- This guild observes a "three strikes" policy when it comes to minor breaches in the guild's rules or minor misconduct. First offense will be a warning, second offense may be another warning or demotion in the guild both in and out of game, third offense dismissal. Minor offenses would include things like name calling, insults, excessive profanity, racism, sexism, or anything demeaning. Basically any action or inaction that is harmful to the guild’s moral or personnel. Major offenses- Guild leadership may remove (with or without a warning) any player from the squad for major breaches in the guild rules or misconduct unbecoming a member of =ADK=. Some examples of this would be blatant disrespect to guild mates and =ADK= members in and out of game (including TS, forums, guild chat, etc.), total disregard for guild rules, violation of Wildstar ToS, or any action deemed inappropriate by guild leadership. Major offenders will most likely be placed on the "Banned List" from the guild and could be submitted to the ADK global ban list. Depending on the nature of the offense and the history of the offender, major discipline issues will be decided or voted on in the council. Actions and evidence gathered will be kept on the forums for future reference. In regards to the EPGP system Officers and Raid Leaders reserve the right to deduct EP as a form of punishment.
  5. I'm Lando

    'Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada.'   Hello there! If that charge makes sense to you, then in a nutshell we're going to be a good fit.   My name is Landon (Lando or Landomatic). I'm an avid gamer and have been since I was placed before a Commodore 64 when I was 6 years of age, and discovered 'Mail Order Monsters.'  I've played just about everything from then and since on. Flight sims are some of the most enjoyable game experiences for me, but I have been known to get lost in the occasional FPS and SCI-FI/Fantasy RPG and MMO.    I'm originally a Wisconsin native who translocated to Las Vegas to start and run a consumer and commerical technology business. I sell, service, and support, everything from custom home theatre to smart phones and love building custom gaming rigs and kick ass wireless networks. I do miss Lambeau field, good beer, sausage, and frigid winters; but it's 70 right now and the sky is clear.   I discovered your wondrous organization via the forums over at Elite Dangerous and jumped into your teamspeak and commandeered a group of Commanders to help halt the spread of the Emperor's Dawn. I found the group to be a ton of fun and down to earth. Everyone was very helpful, courteous and well spoken.  Feeling right at home, I decided an introduction and application were in order.   I look forward to flying with you guys with or without your community moniker, but preferably with it; if you're crazy enough to allow me to herald it.   Best,   Lando    
  6. Hey All!   I'm a 24 year old avid gamer who has been playing on your servers for quite some time. I have finally decided to join the community after too long of gaming by myself. My name is Eric, I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been playing BF4 on and off since the Beta and I am still enjoying the game quite a lot!    I came into your Teamspeak channel earlier today when your Metro server went down. I let people know that the server went down, after that I hung out in the channel and was amazed at how mature and friendly everyone was. This is when I decided that being in your community would be better than being a lone wolf!   I've played sports my entire life, mainly hockey. So yes, unfortunately I am a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan as depressing as the last few years have been. When I'm not gaming, working or with the girlfriend, I enjoy watching hockey with my buddies and drinking more beers than I should.   I look forward to getting to know you guys!   Thanks for checking out my post!   VVorDz
  7. Green Recruit reporting in!

    Hello all!        My name is Michael. My handle is Tygersthunder. I am looking into recruitment because I play quite a few titles that ADK is involved in and would like to join up with some good people for some high quality gaming. I am a 30 yo that lives in Texas and have been gamin all my life. I am employed as a Police officer and have been for the past 7 years. Previously I was in the navy, bartender, and server. My off time is spent with my fiance and playing competitive paintball. My primary focus right now is H1Z1 in the gaming world. If anyone wants to link up and drop some zombies or ruthless player killers, I'M IN!   Thanks for the opportunity, -Michael  |B)
  8. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone,   My name (in ts3) is KiloGem (in-game) KiloTheGreat . I have been gaming for over 25 years an actively play many games at this moment so activity will NOT be a prob with me. I recently got H1Z1 and love this game so will be playing pretty often and am looking foward to meeting alot of new people to play with from ADK and hopefully will be able to become a member of your community.    Thanks and see you in game!
  9. Lucas

    I'm a 16 year old gamer I usually game on the xbox one but im on the pc just as much. I love playing Call of Duty, CS:GO, League of Legends, and I like to stream. I'm sponsored by Cinch Gaming, NoScopeGlasses, Gungho Energy, and Gfuel, and ironside computers. I love to play comp and I'm looking for a solid community that wants to have fun and be professional.
  10. Michaelz Introduction

    Hello I'm Michael but my gamer tag is Michaelz... creative genius right?. I am trying to join this wonderful community of hard core gamers to enhance my dayz experience. I am a friendly person who enjoys organized events and would be a very active member, so I hope I meet expectations . I live in Canada and am 18 years old with a interest with the military which is why I have applied to the 56th field artillery reserves.   Thanks   Michaelz
  11. Th3L1on's Introduction

    Hey People of ADK,   I've been playing console of majority of my time, but have made the switch to PC 6 months ago in search of a better Battlefield experience. My purpose for joining ADK is to seek those good times I had with playing with other people, something I been lacking since the switch that I really enjoyed. I've got school to finish so I will not be on all the time Monday through Friday, but I will be on for sure during the weekends. One game that I will be playing for sure with guys is Battlefield 4 as of put many hours into it.  Hope to be on the Battlefield with you guys.
  12. DayZ= LIFE

    Hey I'm Sam Fraungruber and I've been playing DayZ since it first came out. Ever since my first 5 hour session of DayZ with my friend I instantly fell in love with this mod. I have been playing DayZ actively since then. I normally play alone and I am also kind of a shy person, but once I am comfortable I am exactly the opposite :D. The reason I now want to get involved in ADK is because I was looking for an Overpoch server with actual active admins (unlike CCG). When I came across ADK I had a good time with the admins and also enjoyed killing some of them in their cinder super campy base XD. So ya ADK sounds like a great community and I would love to join! Frausam
  13. Below is the now Official Recruitment video.  So please spread the word, share the video, post it on other websites that you might post on for games that =ADK= participates in.   Whatever it is, let's see how many views we can get!    http://youtu.be/SNKi2N2tPVI
  14. Hello all! I was just wondering about one of the recruitment requirements that says recruits need 10 hours on game servers. My question is that if i play more than one game ADK is on, like Minecraft, BF4, and PS2 how do i know of/ how can you keep track of the hours i spend on PS2 since i believe there is no ADK server on that game? if anyone could answer this to help clear things up, that would be great! Thank You!
  15. Hello, intro thread

    Hi there, im weylyn //ign shishigamii and this is my introduction thread for recruitment application. I game planetside 2 USWEST NC and main as heavy assault, but always fufill roles of squads needs. I am interested in the ADK platoon(s) and becomming a valuable asset to the force. I have experience in many FPS shooters as well as tactical games (CSS, CSgo, BF2, BFBC2, HoN, LoL, Dota2 to name a few recent). I would like to apply for the squad leader position as i have experience in game and irl of leading players and people. a bit of personal stuff: -Highschool football captain -Barber / hairdresser as trade -Powerlifting as a hobby (current lifts are 265 bp, 455squat, 475 deadlift) -love chemistry, fashion, vidya, Anime, and snowboarding looking forward to farmin some certs.
  16. Just call me Snow

    Hello ADK Community!   Thank you for being kind and honest with me the last several months. I wish to thank Parker, Pepsi, Caveman, Dynasty, Wacko, Nate, Golden, Noc, Loiter, Cbrunnem, Nessa, ColColon, Mustang, DarkElf, Korashka, Zeppster, Area51, and many others I have had the pleasure of gaming with.  This is a first for me, joining a group of people who enjoy online gaming.  I was slow to join as most of you know.  Thank you for your patients.  I am a competitive person who only started computer gaming 2 years or so ago.  I have built many boxes over the years and the only games I played on them was solitaire and mahjong during the burnin phase. My Bro talked me into a FPS game (after 5 years of you got to try this Delta Force).  But the graphics were not up to what I would like them to be.  When seeing Crysis for the first time I knew this team had what it takes to create a game I would enjoy playing.  Note: never played a game console.  My son loves them.  I hope to be a positive influence in the ADK Community.  
  17. First off, hello =ADK= community and members!  My name is Cameron, and  I just recently switched from PS3 gaming over to PC gaming thanks to my purchase of my brand-new, ultra fast gaming computer.  I mainly play BF3, Crysis 3, and Guild Wars 2 when it comes to online games, and I would like to start broadening my horizons when it comes to people that I game with!  I am also looking for people to play ARMA 3 Alpha, perhaps?  I have three ARMA 3 Alpha Lite copies (NOTICE-THEY ARE THE LITE VERSION) and nobody to give them to :P.  I also have many other games in my Steam library (over 100) including Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, ARMA 2 Day Z Mod, Left 4 Dead 2, etc.  The thing is, I decided to keep the same Steam account that my younger brother is on because I did not want to re-purchase ALL of those games that we had on there back when we lived in the same house.  So he belongs to another clan on steam, and he will not allow me to change it...  I would dedicate myself to this Community of gamers, and not the other one.  I can add this group as a "secondary", but in reality it would be my main one.  I hope that makes sense.  Starting today, I am going to start playing mainly =ADK= servers.   I am currently serving in the US Army (Hooah!), currently attending my 44-week AIT for my MOS as a 68A (Biomedical Equipment Technician).  I get out of school at 1700, I am home around 1745 and I play BF3 usually until 2200-2300 depending on the day.  I mainly play on the weekends, Friday and Saturday days/nights are when I get the most amount of time for gaming in.    I have a 10 month old daughter and I am married, so I will be honest in saying that there will be some days that I may not be able to play.  I hope that as other real people with real lives, that you can all understand.  Gaming is my main hobby, but if my family needs me first, then they come first, you know?   :P   I would LOVE to be a part of this large gaming community, and I am hoping to join your ranks to meet people and get more fun out of my Online Gaming experience with you all!  Thank you, and I hope to talk to some of you soon  :D
  18. trinity3techfire, AT YOUR SERVICE!

    Hi I'm Matthew Chai.   I'm a moderate-light gamer and I'm really into Planetside 2!   When i first started playing, I was a noob NC that had NO idea what was going on. But a friendly ADK member helped me through it and taught me what i needed to know! His name has been forgotten, but he was really nice! I started playing with the ADK people on Indar and I really got into the role of supporting my team as a medic, engineer, you name it! I really enjoyed it!   I've been playing with the ADK ever since, so one day i asked a fellow squadmate about it. I've forgotten his IGN as well but i felt like I could commit to the ADK outfit and help out when i can! So the first question i asked was: Where do i sign up? :D   I'm your friendly neighborhood support, at your service!
  19. Hello ADK

    Hey ADK, My names Josh, but you can call me RoM. Romzilla is usually my tag but somtimes I resort to Romid. I was introduced to ADK by a friend of mine "FoShizzle." Ive played FPS's since Castle Wolf and Doom. I play BF3 but more recently im hooked on Planetside 2. I also enjoy other mmo's and rts games when time is available. I have a naturaly competitve nature and hope to bring it on the battlefield. Thanks for reading, RoM

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