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    Let me get right to it. If you haven't been playing Planetside 2 for the six months, or longer, and if you have any thoughts of coming back to the game once the new continent of Oshur is released, then NOW is the time to come back. Why? Let me give you three reasons. 1. Mentor Squads - Much of the game play has changed, so you will have a bit of a learning curve. However, with the new 'mentor squads' I hope to be in game as much as possible to give some guidance to the changes, and I'm sure that other ADK members who currently play the game will help you as well. 2. Air Vehicle Costs - The new continent of Oshur will have no warpgate system and fewer bases. Players will be reliant on air vehicles to traverse the playing field. Recently Daybreak Games has initiated the Air Anomaly alerts. When these occur all aircraft 'purchases' are free, which means that learning to fly during an Anomaly Alert is currently easier to do. In addition, both the Reaver and Valkyrie have been added to virtual training field of Koltyr. 3. Construction Costs - Since Oshur will have few bases, players will draw on the contraction system for holding territories and engaging in battles. Construction items must be unlocked with Certifications Points (Certs), just like all new equipment and upgrades in the Auraxis world. Certs are awarded on game experience, so it may take several hours of game play just to unlock a handful of construction items. I would think that Daybreak games would release Oshur as early as Thanksgiving, but no later than the Christmas holiday season, so that currently gives you about two to three full months to get in game and level up and get the needed experience points needed for the coming continent. So, I hope to see you in game soon.
  2. Instant Action

    If you're like me, you are still working and/or have all the day to day IRL (in real life) issues to deal with and don't have a lot of time for the pleasures of reading or keeping up with your favorite games and/or subjects. One answer to this dilemma is audio books and podcasts, and, fortunately, when it comes to Planetside 2 there is the Instant Action Podcast by Mark 'The Deringer'. If are looking to keep abreast of the latest Planetside 2 news and information, like the upcoming release of Oshur, than this is the place to be. The newest feature is the Veteran's Voice which I am really getting a kick out of. So be sure to give it a try and check it out.
  3. On August 31st of this year (2018), Daybreak Games announced a 'new continent to explore', Oshur. The web article describes Oshur as a series of islands that will be more easily traversed by the use of aircraft, which will place a heavy emphasis on air combat, which is something they have most recently attempted to encourage with the Anomaly Alerts; will contain few traditional bases, so that Construction will be encourage to control areas and help players win battles; AND, more surprisingly, WILL NOT have a Warpgate Ssystem, but instead, players will be deployed via Bastion Fleet Carriers. I was so very excited by the announcement that I was considering a paid Planetside 2 membership again, that is until last weekend, when I ran into yet another enemy faction player of the Terran Republic using the exploit of placing his modules and spawn tube under one of his construction structures, thus making it impossible to attack the base without the use of an orbital strike. See attached video link. I have been assured by another player, who is a very reliable source of Planetside 2 information, that the Devs at Daybreak Games are of aware of the issue, but unless they resolve this issue before the release of the Oshur continent, then any gameplay on this new continent will be nothing but a nightmare. I guess we will have to wait and see what they, the Devs at Daybreak Games, come up with. Your thoughts and comments below, please.
  4. Planetside 2 Homecoming Weekend

    PLANETSIDE 2 HOMECOMING WEEKEND JULY 4 - 8 July 4th kicks off a five day DOUBLE XP WEEKEND for all players on Planetside 2. ADK is hosting a homecoming and is inviting all it's members to come back and play during these five days, to reconnect with each other and this game. Please join me, Th3eRaz3r, and others for a fun-filled, casual gameplay of this game that you once loved, but is not the game that you remember. We will be fighting as NC on Connery, of course.
  5. Planetside 2 Comeback!

    Evening everyone so i was talking to one of the recruitment members on discord and i asked if ADK is playing on planetside 2 or not and he told me that the community used to play but don't anymore so since i am recently getting in planetside 2 and i think its a great game how about we hop ingame for an hour or two? i was told that some members in the community still play it but not the community as a whole if you are interested in playing Planetside 2 again reply to this post and i will talk to one of the admins about setting a meet up in game if enough people reply to my thread and who knows, we may bring love to the game back!
  6. Hey!

    Hello everyone!   I'm Qaztar, also known as StarfireQaz or 1qazwsx44. In game, on Planetside 2, I'm xXQazXx. I've always admired ADK in Planetside 2. One great memory I have of ADK is when I had my own self-made squad of around 10 people, and we were struggling to hold a base against a 3 squad platoon. We were about to lose the base, and we had fought tooth and nail for the past hour for it.   And then, like a godsend, these 4 galaxies flanked by reavers and liberators flew down from the skies, and dropped in like XCOM squads. It was an iron rain, and we wrecked the Terran bastards.   I wish to be a part of that. I wish to one day be in one of those galaxies, and to drop down from the skies like a madman and slam into the enemies forces. That sounds like something I want to do.   Hopefully, I'll be able to do that one day. Thanks! Qaztar
  7. Hello, my name is Palsolaris, I have played very many games in the past 18 years. Most of which have been RPG/FPS. My current Day Job is *Classified* and I'd rather not share it, a hint is that I stare at a computer screen responding to tickets submitted by players of a community.   I currently am enrolled with 4 Communities, hopefully this does not affect my standing in ADK, I'm looking forward to becoming a Platoon Leader, Commander or Future Recruiter for ADK's Planetside 2 Division. My current affiliations are DVS Gaming, The Enclave, Angels Of Death, Team Kasual Gaming.   I have a long childhood history in the Militant Arts, I was trained in school through ROTC and Drilling. I prefer to answer of Leading or Following, so being a commander, or leader suits my style best.
  8. Hello, My name is Wyatt and I have been playing Planet Side 2 for about a week now and I meet one of the ADK outfits on there. I have been very interested in the amount of work and effort the website has built into it. I also heavily enjoyed my time while playing in the ADK outfit on Planet Side 2. I am here to introduce myself since I strongly believe that I will be in this community for a long period of time. See you on the front lines Warms / tubayit *Salutes* o7
  9. Eternal Crusade

    A game called Eternal crusade is coming out soon for closed beta tests and it seems likely to be VERY similar to Planetside 2. Its going to be an open world Massively Multiplayer Online game. I'm going to buy a founders package because I'm a 40k Fanatic and totally excited about it. But... Will ADK gaming get involved with it too? It'd be awesome if it did. I'll even be willing to act as ADK's leader for the game when they open up the formations for guilds.   He's the link to the FAQ for the game: https://www.eternalcrusade.com/faq   Yes it is in dev. still but it looks promising. 
  10. So, i think that it's important for the PS2 community, especially leaders, to learn about the difference between strategy and tactics, and yes, they are different. more often than not in game when i'm in a platoon i see pubs chiming in about what they think we should do in the middle of a battle, and this is ok on a tactical level, but not strategic. The strategic level of thinking is for platoon leaders, outfit leaders, and inter-outfit coordinators. This is the continent, and even planet wide management of forces of a faction. this determines where people fight on different continents. this is the level where it is decided that a region or outpost requires reinforcements, or that an outpost doesn't need all that much to either hold, or capture. it's important to leave the strategic planning to the platoon level leaders and above, allowing them to sort out what needs to go where so you can keep the chat clear of continent wide news that doesn't affect the platoon. simply put, strategic level is the whole picture. The tactical level is from the platoon leader down, here is where any experienced player can make suggestions. this is the management of forces across a region or base, determining where to use forces and where to allow the enemy to go. the easiest descriptor of tactical is 'can it effect the battle i'm in?' if that answer is yes, it's tactical. tactics are involved in capturing, defending, or destroying objectivs. the overall tactical say in planetside is the platoon leader, but if it's a good 'toon leader, he'll listen to his squad leaders if they have advice about the battle, and may even give them total freedom with how they utilize their squad on the tactical field. so there it is, short and simple enough, the difference between strategy and tactics.
  11. Hi Everyone

    I also a planetside 2 player ...hit me up anytime in TS for some death and destruction
  12. Hi from Planetside 2

    WretchedWasteOfSkin here from Planetside 2, formerly Noobiepants (remade my character to reflect my real gender- tired of fighting off teenage boys, and to update that I'm not really as much of a noobie anymore.).   I'm also involved in Landmark Beta, the precursor to Everquest Next- but have taken to Plantside 2 to alleviate boredom while waiting for them to finish the game.   I work.  A lot.  I don't always have time to log in and play- you may find that I suddenly disappear for a week or two, but I usually come back.   Anyway, I just want to let you know that I'm here.   :D   -Wretched
  13. Greetings Comrades!

    Good Evening comrades! my fondest greetings to you all! My name is Spytim, you can call me Spy or Tim or whatever you want really. i dont really care. XD  Anywho, i am a Planetside 2 player, of course for the New Conglomerate. I specialize as a medic in game, something i think im at least somewhat good as. XD  Im just saying hi, anyway i must return to the battlefield! It will be an honor to hopefully meet and fight beside all of you! (Those who play planetside anyway) And talk to the rest of you.  Cya around!     Spytim
  14. Greetings

    I have been running with ADK in Planetside 2 for long enough now (since the past winter/spring) that I'd like to check out the full thing.   In Planetside 2, I played the heck out of the beta on a US-East server and as things went downhill due to more organized players leaving and people switching factions during alerts or just switching factions/server in general, it made playing on that server and making any progress pointless.   After some server research, I chose the Connery server because I heard that it had a lot more organization (that the factions would fight tooth and nail) and I decided to try out the NC. The first gameplay session on this new server I stumbed into an ADK platoon in which Homeboy invited me into the ADK Planetside 2 outfit and where I've been playing Planetside 2 since.   While coming here is originally becuase of Planetside 2, outside of that I enjoy a wide variety of games (console and PC), but I do seem to get sucked back into old PC games I used to play a long time ago from time to time. Thanks to services like Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam sales I can enjoy some old favorites again like Theme Hospital, Caesar 3, Freespace 1 and 2, etc.   Outside of gaming, I do graphic design, video production and photography for a living.
  15. Hello Im Ryuichi

    Hello, My name is Ryuichi and I am new to the ADK community. I'm 24 and I live in Nebraska, lol ikr. I found this site through Planetside 2 from a big recruitment Platoon. I usually don't accept these on PS2 because the outfits tend to either be non-existent or completely and utterly overbearing and rude. I played a few minutes and had no real objections to how they ran things so I am glad to be an ADK outfit member. I am mostly a single player gamer and stick to Sandboxes and shooters for my Multiplayer experiences. Generally I enjoy Neat Indie games like Space Engineers and The Fall. Planetside 2 and Minecraft are my big multiplayer time-Sinks. I'll play almost anything if the community is right and there is something to do within the engine and plotline. I absolutely adore building Computers and fiddling with Technology. If your product has screws I can remove, I will probably try and find out how it ticks. This is also my Favorite thing to discuss, I try not to be rude with my opinions on hardware so if I'm arguing its not to say someone is wrong just to say what I think myself. Other than that I like long walks on the beach and warm British Tea.  
  16. TheRocker57 Here

    Hello all who have ventured into my topic. I'm Walker (Weird name, I know) I've been playing PC games for about 6 years now. I'm only 14 years old at the time of writing this but I'm not some kid from the eighth grade. I'm a proud Patriot at PHHS (Patrick Henry High School) at the Sophmore level. I've been called smart and good at school which I can see in my 4.0 of Freshman year (Not trying to brag here just wait) I have to owe my grades to my eidetic memory which gives me quite the edge in gaming. For those that don't know, and eidetic memory is just a fancy way of say photograpic. I first heard gaming on the PC six years ago and never went back love the feeling of being able to have so much control with the mouse and keyword over a joystick. I love computers are my passion and their sum of the most interesting things in the world to me the way you can take metal and plastic to make something that runs so smoothly is amazing to me. I'm quite tech savvy but nowhere near the level of someone that went through and took a degree on it but I have my fair share of computer knowledge. The PC I have is a bit over kill and still not enough to run Planetside 2 maxed out. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. Yet I can run any other game max sitting 60 FPS. I've been a part of the ADK gaming community for about a month now and I'm loving it. It's been one of my favorite experiences in gaming I've ever had, the platoon is wonderful and makes the experience in Planetside so much better. I only play PC and I don't plan to be getting console any time soon but no I don't hate them I just don't use them. Good luck to all you gamers have a great day.
  17. IWarMachineI's Intro

    So I typed out a big long intro and then accidentally back paged and lost it all.... So this is what you get. I'm 26 and have been playing games since I was 6. My first console was an NES and I loved it. I play all types of genres and am a master of none but pretty decent at most. I am not a platoon leading person by choice. I crack under pressure but when I'm not leading I can be a tactical genius. So I like to put in my two cents but I'll follow my lead no matter what their decision is. I'm a loyal soldier and will fight to the end with you. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Oh yeah and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My name here is OMaly069, in game I am IWarMachineI and irl you can call me Johnny. PM me or message me in game or just on this thread, I'll try and respond to you asap.   
  18. My name is Xavier , and i am a 16 year old high school student who games in my free time and weekends.   I like Video Games obviously, and when i found ADK i was pretty excited to join a large community with people who play a lot of similar games as me. I Stream many games on Twitch.tv (Xgamingproduction) and record video for my youtube channel. (Xgamingpro)   I am also into game development. I program, design, and test my own created games. none have been released to the public, but i am working on some medium sized game hoping to release to the PC platform for little to no cost at all. I like technology, my entire setup was designed by myself, and i am constantly looking at better parts for future reference.   In school i take AP history and AP math and have a standard GPA of 3.8 I take programming, design, and computer science classes in my school which help me get further into my game design interest. I am planning to Major in Game design, programming, or computer engineering, whichever way i choose to go at the end of high school.   I Play some sports for school including football, hockey, and baseball, but i like to nerd around with technology to get the upper edge on the future, because technology cant do anything but get better.   While other can stress over video games or even rage, i tend to find video games a stress reliever, a hobby to pass time and have fun with friends. And joining this community will open new opportunities to meet new people and have fun.   Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and have a great gaming xp.
  19. Chatterbox signing on

    Hey everyone chatterbox here! Just a little about my gaming history I play primarily planetside 2 with a healthy dose of 7 days to die and insurgency, I am a fan of strategy and FPS games and have been playing them for years. I joined an ADK platoon in planetside and I was so excited by the nice players and clear rankings that I just had to join. I'm excited to see everyone and to make myself a part of the ADK community. If you guys have any tips or advice I'm all ears. -chatterbox out
  20. Deadboltgun Here

    Hello everyone,    I figured I would start making my way to becoming a part of this group as I have now lead a few squads in ADK and two platoons for multiple hours. It would probably be a good thing for me to document these. Anyways, hope to see you guys around and keep an eye out for me. 
  21. After the outfit fallout on PS2 I took a long break, checking in every so often. If you guys don't remember me I was a top-notch squad leader who led the platoon/outfit on cycles back in late 2012/early 2013 on TS. We've had epic moments from hordes of sunderers piled in craters on Esamir, swarms of reavers on Indar, and many many galaxy's on Amerish. I believe they are in the video archives on youtube or on our webiste with Protossmaster and other concurrent leaders.   I currently play a lot of Dota 2, sorry you LoL people, move on ;). I also have "heroes" on Guild Wars 2, Team Fortress 2,  and Rift.   Give me a holler if you want to play, add me on steam (Arpium). I have a mic so prepare to be criticized! err I mean laid judgement upon!  :D   I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I am damn good at gaming and I enjoy it on my spare time.   I have a fairly good rig for a PC freshly built back in November, 2013.               Little bit of life details: I am a computer science and administrative business major. Currently in college.
  22. Introducing...

    Hello! For those of you who I've played with on the ADK Planetside 2 platoon, you might know me as Gelran. I'm not a particularly vocal gamer so I have yet to access the Teamspeak server (but I will!). My RL name is Ben, and I've been an avid gamer for many years. I have had a lot of experience in MMOs. I've played World of Warcraft quite extensively, Guild Wars 2, and SW:TOR to name a few. The Elder Scrolls series, Fallout series, and Civ series are among my favorites. As for Planetside 2, I don't have a whole lot of interest in leading squads in the future, or platoons for that matter. I'm not much of a leader or strategist, and prefer to be the one following orders on the front lines. I look forward to playing more with you all across many of the games this awesome community is a part of!
  23. Introducing myself

    Well, one of the main reasons I came is that I like playing with others and happened to be in the Planetside 2 outfit. I checked this site out and am interested to apply so I made this since it is one of the requirements. I didn't expect much at all until I looked through this site and I have to say, I feel like I'm going to like it here.
  24. Greetings ADK!

    So the past couple weekends I jumped into the good ol' ADK platoons and I have to say those hours spent where the best I've ever had in Planetside 2, the only logical plan of action after that was to join of course... Props to all you platoon and squad leads!   NC FOR LIFE!
  25. Right well best get to writing although if this is like any other fourms I have been on, no one will ever read this and it is a waste of my time. Who am I? I am Stephen James Alexander, Brit and Londoner. Im currently 18 and a student looking for a job (Aren't we all) and I make YouTube videos over at my channel TheBlackRoseVenom. How did I find this site? well I was playing planetside 2 and one of those alert objectives to take a continent pop'ed up and though command chat I asked if my squad could join a platoon and I was added into the platoon which was being commanded by ADK members who where all very nice chaps. ​When it all ended I inquired about joining the outfit and in the outfit description was this site so I thought best sign up there if I want to be a productive member, and maybe I could meet more gamers and have a good couple of laughs. As for me as a person?  I skateboard, write poetry, use tumblr alot, like to go to the pub with mates and entertain people. ​Oh and like I said I have a YouTube channel. Uhh so yeah That is all I have to say about myself if you read this than I hope you enjoyed hit me up for a Plannetside 2 friend request, maybe we can play sometime :)

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