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Found 9 results

  1. Missing Ping

    Hello, I'm battling with the same issue the missing ping, It's actually my isp that's blocking ping ... Admin can u plz whitelist me ...Any help will be very much appreciated Also i get 140 to 150 ping with 0%packet loss. I would be glad if the admin replies. My Battlelog link- battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Il-KikAsS-Il/ My Battlelog ID - Il-KikAsS-Il
  2. Hi,    I've been wanting to say this for a while, but up until now I wasn't really involved with ADK except that I was playing on your servers. I've decided to get involved in this community now, seeing as I play on your servers almost every day.    So, the first thing I wanted to suggest was for resolving the base raping that sometimes happen on Metro and Lockers. I happen to play a lot on these servers, and when the round ends in base rape I find it quite annoying, especially if the @surrender vote happens within the first 10-15 minutes of the round. I know some other servers use the "nuke" command to solve this, and most of the time I find it helps. So are you guys open to the idea of nuking the raping army? For example, if the RU army is raping the US army on metro, after 5 minutes of the RU army controlling all the flags, or at the admins' discretion, the RU army could be nuked, which would give time to the US army to reclaim C flag. This would allow the rounds to last longer and give the raped army a fighting chance, instead of constantly decreasing the Win/Loss ratio on Battlelog. I'd like to hear what you guys think of this.    The other thing I wanted to talk about is players with high ping. This is a more sensitive topic seeing as a lot of ADK members I see on the Lockers and Metro servers are high pingers. As Battle(non)sense has shown in his recent video, high pingers can easily ruin your game experience, and the effect is amplified when two high pingers are shooting at each other. In his video, he recommends limiting the ping of players to a maximum of 75, which would be great. However, I can see how that would drastically limit the number of players on your servers. I would then suggest a maximum ping limit of 100 for your Battlefield servers, especially the infantry-centric ones like Metro and Lockers. This would greatly reduce the taking of damage behind cover and unfair deaths issues. High pingers have an unfair advantage while playing BF4 and I find that limiting the max ping to 300 is incredibly too lenient. A maximum ping of 100 would create a better experience for everyone on the servers. What do you guys think of lowering the ping limit on ADK servers, especially the infantry-centric ones? 
  3. Missing Ping Whitelist

    Hello, I keep getting kicked from your servers due to missing ping. I can't fix it either since I'm at my university. Are you guys able to whitelist me so I don't keep getting kicked? My in game name is the same as my forum username. Thanks.
  4.  Since 2 months ago my ping a appears at the scoreboard like this " - "  . I have searched the internet for solutions but everything i have tried failed and i keep having this problem .It is getting really annoying and i cant play on any adk servers because of this ! If anyone know the sollution please reply to me and let me know what to do .    THANKS
  5. Too high ping limit.

    I usually and mostly play in #7 metro, and felt like donating cause i play there quiet a lot. (last time i checked, my rank was 65)   well, I actually donated by purchasing reserved slot,  however the only reason i hesitated donating was that high ping limit. when I get killed by high pingers, no matter I'm behind cover, around corner, or crouch? meh...   300 ping limit is definitely too much,  (I don't know if other severs of adk have the same ping limit)  and even 200 seems too generous to me. Also, I'm not the only one drawing this issue too. some of my friends would've donated if the server's ping limit were not this  high.   I understand if you guys were trying to populate the server by having higher ping limit, but its too high that the 300 ping limit actually lowers quality of gaming. some might say what's so wrong with high pingers,  but if you ever try to snipe, its gonna be VERY hard to play against high pingers.   It's not only me saying the ping limit is too high, and many people often complain "someone killed me through walls" and that happens because of high pingers.   I propose 200 ping if less than 50 people, and 150 ping if 50 or more people, and i believe it will improve lots of people's gaming experience in the server.   I'll try to record some games to show how bad it is to play against high pingers, just to make myself convincing :)
  6. No Packet Flow?! HELP

    I keep getting kicked from servers from either: No Ping, or no packet flow.  No ping hasn't really been an issue since I made sure my BF3 Favorited servers allow it.  But no packet flow is a different story. It seems it's a pitch and catch game for me. Every once and awhile I can play BF3 without it kicking me, but not these past two days it seems.  I have been trying multiple other servers besides ADK, in fact, mostly all of my Favorited servers (about 8).  I've tried looking on Google for answers and it's so frustrating. Some say it will never be fixed, some say update punkbuster (Which I have been updating everyday for the past week), some say reset your router (can't do that, I'm on college wifi), and other say allow pnkbstra.exe and bf3 through firewall. I got rid of the anti-virus VIRUS Norton yesterday since it controlled my firewall and windows defender to see if that would help, now I installed AVG but still no results. Anyone have any other suggestions?  (side note. This problem has only occurred for me over the past month. I was inactive from BF3 for about a month, came back, and now I'm getting this error.) Thanks 
  7. Hello everyone, I like playing on the BF4 No Explosives Metro server a lot, but now I keep getting kicked for missing ping. I recently moved onto university campus, so I guess they must be blocking pings. Perhaps you could stop kicking for missing ping or you could add me onto an exception list? As a last resort I suppose I could buy a VPN capable router and set up a VPN at home where my ping is less than 30.   Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. First part in a series of articles about getting the best performance and settings for your PC.   This article will cover the basics of networks and the second article will get into setup for your home network.   First a quick overview of the OSI model. The OSI model is a standard set for network communication whether on the internet, intranet or local network. Understanding the whole model is beyond the scope of this, but a discussion about the basics is required to further understand the second article where we start setting up your local network behind your modem/router to your PC.  There are seven layers to the OSI model and we will hit on each one with a quick description and what they do.   Application (Layer 7) Supports end user process' Examples: Browser, email and telnet Sets your communication ID The application layer interacts directly with the required application with the required data      Presentation (Layer 6) Encryption Public key infrastructure Converting Data from application layer to network framework Formatting Data Syntax layer to ensure compatibility The Presentation Layer works directly with the application layer to perform the above tasks (if required programmatically) to present the data to the application encryption free and in the proper format the application layer requires.    Session (layer 5) Sets rules for transfer of data Establishes, maintains and closes required connections Keeps data separated from other applications that may be communicating Establishes one of three types of connections Simplex (almost extinct) Half-Duplex Full-Duplex The Session layer for our purpose controls the connection. The connection type generally is a full-duplex by default. Full-duplex means the ability to send and receive data at the same time where half-duplex establishes that data can be sent OR recieved at any given time. Many times programmers require half-duplex connections to ensure proper syncing of data by wait commands while coding which enables a Full-duplex connection while dynamically making half-duplex connections when needed.   Transport (Layer 4)  Transfers the information of the host or system Creates segments from data  Ensures complete data transfer Takes responsibility for error free delivery over TCP/IP connections Assembly and Disassembly of Data Segments UDP connections assumes that applications have the responsibility for error detection. UDP connections send data without waiting for replays or insuring the data was received. If an error is detected by the application requesting the data the data will be resent in its entirety. UDP is faster as it doesn't have to wait for a connection to be established and the data being continually checked for completeness, the downside is the amount of data needs to be limited to be efficient and no way of knowing the data was received unless the receiving application has error handling coded into it. TCP is more secure as it requires an acknowledgement of "ok" from the client before data is sent. Each segment of data is checked at predetermined intervals to ensure all data is received as expected from the establishing connection (When the connection is established part of the data sent tells the client how much data will be sent).     Network (Layer 3) Addressing Physical (MAC Address) Logical (IP and Subnet address establishes network ID) Determines the best way to move data Metric Transmits data from node to node Network layer is where routers are utilized to find the best connection to the client. Metric is the number of stops that are required to establish the connection (think traceroute as an example, but it only counts.). Adds the required information the the data for where it is headed (IP address if the destination is outside your local network, MAC address for local address).   Datalink (Layer 2) Defines how packets are placed (order) Two sublayers Mac Layer Collision detection and avoidance Logical Layer Frame synchronization Flow control Error checking The datalink layer sets the packet order to be transported up the layers in the required order and the avoidance of collisions. Collisions are when data is sent up while data is also being sent down and the two data signals collide (Think traffic jam). To avoid collisions this layer may delay sending data until the path is clear. This is the layer Switches operate on.   Physical (layer 1) Conversions to get data on the physical wire  For most connections this is done by Ethernet protocols. This is where the data is converted to electronic signals aline wire and/or light signals along fiber. And converts the signal back to data when the signal is received.   As you can see from the above theoretical layers that a lot is done to data before it is sent along to the internet. There are ways to help ensure performance is maintained and to reduce errors that may occur with in your network to ensure the fastest connections without issues that may arise from many default settings that you may have on your hardware.   Next article we will go over cable types, crossover cables, switches and routers to ensure the best connections possible. Article three will go over your Ethernet connection on your PC and options to ensure your PC is optimized for the best network performance.
  9. Lucky.

    I wish that was my ping. [img]http://i.imgur.com/m75tP.jpg[/img]

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