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  1. Hey Everyone, I've been gone for a while but finally have more time to play some games! I'm looking for more people that have a VR headset that uses SteamVR. I'm thinking about getting more games and am trying to see if there is anyone out there playing any VR games. I mainly play Payday 2(Finally has VR support), PAVLOV, Pulsar, BAM VR(bullets and more).... Open to more ideas. Look Forward to hearing from you! P.S. I have the HTC Vive
  2. Hello guys! I am Dan or Nox as an alias I allways use, 22 year old student living in Norway from Croatia. Love playing games mostly on PC and are looking for nice people to play with:)! Up for any game! (EU) - MMOs, MOBAS, FPS. At the moment playing; Black desert online, Tera online, Overwatch, Paragon, Smite, Warframe.
  3. Dear Battlefield 4 player, An important change is coming to your Battlefield 4 experience for PC. The new Battlefield user interface - already available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 players - will be introduced for PC players in early Spring, 2017. This UI provides a more intuitive and centralized experience for all your Battlefield games. Changes include: • Functionality for squad creation before you enter a match. • A recommendation engine to suggest relevant maps, modes, and more. • A unified user interface allowing you to launch Battlefield 1 from your Battlefield 4 client (if you own both games.) Note that Battlelog will still be available on battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4 after this new UI is rolled out. MANDATORY CONTENT UPDATES REQUIRED TO PLAY BATTLEFIELD 4 GAMES. CONTENT UPDATES AND DOWNLOADS MAY INCUR BANDWIDTH USAGE CHARGES.
  4. Disclaimer: For the Grammar Nazis that will undoubtedly have something to say about my grammar, I am terrible at sentence structure and Grammar and i don't care enough to fix it LOL. With all the drama, BS, OMG's, and POOR ME's going on lately I believe it's about that time to get back to the basic reason we are all here....... TO GAME!!!!!!!! If you choose to be apart of the drama or stay in the drama than it is you're fault and you're fault alone as to why ADK is drama filled for you. ADK is what you make of it like any other community out there. Anyone who would like to play CSGO either casual games or MM/FACEIT games please feel free to add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mik3y508/ <<< there is my steam profile link. I also have Overwatch and WoW BT: ADKxMIKEY#1474 WoW Server/Faction: Emerald Dream:HORDE!!!!!!! I have Battlefield 4 BF4 profile link to add me: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/MIK3Y774/ I also have XBOX ONE where i play CoD Black Ops 1 CoD Blacks Ops 3 CoD Advanced Warfare And soon CoD Infinate Warfare/ CoD 4 remastered Destiny Gears Of War Ultimate ( Gears Of War 4 very soon) My GamerTag is MIK3Y774SILDI3R. Please feel free to add any/all of the accounts listed above to play with me in any of the games i have. Right now i am Mainly playing CS:GO but will also be playing BF1 on PC as well as GoW 4 and CoD IW/CoD 4 remastered when they come out on CONSOLE ONLY. Simple rules of Gaming with me without getting kicked or removed from my groups. 1. NO DRAMA!!!!!! 2. NO DISCUSSIONS OF POLITICS OR RELIGION 3. NO TOXICITY 4. NO THROWING GAMES 5. NO DERANKING 6. NO RAGING 7. NO NEGATIVITY 8. NO TROLLING 9. HAVE FUN 10. LAUGH A LOT 11. SHIT TALK EACH OTHER ALL YOU WANT 12. BE COMPETITIVE AS FUCK!!!!!! If and ONLY IF you can follow the above than add me and lets game on!!!!!!
  5. To upgrade or not

    I have been looking around and thinking of upgrading my Video Card Here is the stats on my current setup I am thinking of upgrading my EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB ACX 2.0+ to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB I Am also thinking of getting the 2 more 16G ram upgrading from 32G to 64G. I am also thinking of getting the Corsair H1500 USB 7.1 Headset I would like to have any comments of what parts i should upgrade to from looking at my current setup.
  6. Hi, read my Intro!

    Hi, My name is Jon, and I'm excited to see what this community has to offer! I first came to ADK looking for a wildstar guild but I'm sure further along the line I'll end up joining many more. I can be really social, and super great at being a team player! I do draw and do fan art from time to time, my about me section has a few peices I did and if you guys want some suggestions I'd be more than happy to know that someone like my art! I play mostly pc games even though my pc isnt as ideal for gaming as you others may have it set up to be, but im working on uprgrading it so that it's be able to run awesome games. Overall I just really want to find new friends online that I can create a real bond with over something we all love!
  7. GTX 680 FTW GPU

    Hey dudes, I recently came across 2 GPU's.. They're Nvidia GTX 680's in an SLI setup. I heard these were the GPU's that tested the GTX 980 content, and is basically a clone. I would love to get these if they are as hyped up as much as they seem. 4g of VRAM!? Chyeah!!!!!!
  8. Any one wanna play BF4 on Pc?

    So I have a YouTube channel and i would really love to record battlefield 4 for it. But i dont have anyone to play on PC with. Would anyone like to join me? I make very not serious content so if you are trying to be tactical, probably not the best place to look as of now... Thank You so Much!
  9. Workstation/Gaming Build

    This is my first build. I actually spent months making and revising this build. Tell me what you think. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/W2N8pg   So far I bought the cpu cooler at Micro Center last week and just order the graphics card yesterday with the "Bullets or Blades" bundle  :lol: from NewEgg.   I know it shows $0 for Windows 10 Pro, that's because I'm getting the full Student edition(comparable to Enterprise edition) for free with my student id.  :lol:  :lol:
  10. Gaben hates me....

    I was once close to my rank up game on Counter Strike Global Offensive, I joined a game of match making to just get retards for teammates. I then took my hard drive and threw it into the Ohio River. I have the Gaben Curse.... 
  11. Hey everyone! The name is CMDR Kenpachi.    I am a late 20s gamer, Sys Admin, And part time Infantryman. I hail from the great state of Texas, and have lived all over the US. I took a hiatus from gaming between last spring and the release of Dragon Age, then again until I bought an Oculus Rift and learned about Elite Dangerous. Now I am enamored with the thing, and the insane experience of dog fighting in space, with the Rift.    I spend a lot of my time outdoors, kayaking, rock climbing, and shooting various weapon systems. I would love to spend my weekends gaming, but tend to end up spending them with the GF and her malamute instead.    I am a bodybuilder, as well as a Jeeper, and have a huge variety of life experiences.          Gaming history: I played Wow for the first 4 years it was out. Played competitively, and ran with the number 1 US guild at the time. Spend FAAAR too much time playing that game.   My next big game was Halo 2, which I played competitively for spending money.    After that, I got into competitive MW2 play, until it died out.    I dabbled in MMOs like; Secret World, Rift, ESO, ArcheAge.    I was also a closed beta founder for Warframe, as well as founded and ran a clan of nearly 1000 members. Holding the title of largest, most active clan in the game for over 6 months, with various cash prize giveaways hosted, etc.   I then got into competitive play in BF4 before getting burned out after 9 months.    Now, I am full steam ahead with Elite Dangerous, and excitedely waiting for The Witcher 3!          If you want to know more, feel free to ask! 
  12. There are lots of repeated questions about upgrading and building computers. While many answers can be helpful I see a lot of what I would consider fundamental questions not being asked and answered. To get started I always suggest to my friends and clients a few things to start seeing what your basic requirements are.   Make a list of your required software and main games to want to run. This list really doesn’t need to be long as a lot of software have low requirements such as Office and other basic software. The list should include software such as Adobe, Sony’s Vegas, Blender and the like that is above normal resource intensive. Next you want to research the suggested or recommended requirements by the developer for using the software and game. This will quickly give you a base line of minimum specifications that you want to incorporate into your next step. I generally circle or highlight the highest requirements for each items and incorporate that into a new list. The new list is your baseline or minimum you want to strive for.   Notice I haven't mentioned budget or component brand yet but will start to take shape now. Research prices for your minimum components such as GPU, CPU and Memory after which add a few hundred dollars for the rest of your components such as a motherboard, power supply and case. Will this fit in your budget? If not you may want to look at prebuilt systems as they are around the same price, many times for budget systems they are cheaper than building your own. You can’t beat a budget system that comes with a free monitor, keyboard and mouse.   Now the highly opinionated suggestions! If you're considering an Intel I5 series and are more into gaming as your resource hog you do need to take a long look at AMD. Generally the AMD’s CPUs beat the I5 in performance and cost is reduced overall. If your main game supports AMD’s Mantle a complete AMD system which includes CPU, chipset and AMD GPU has been proven to run well and even beat Intel systems but for far less money. Keep in mind for CPU intensive software like 3d rendering, movie making, encoding etc Intel will outperform AMD in every aspect. Motherboard is the heart and soul of your machine and every item in your PC and accessories is connected to it. It dictates communication between all your components, tells your OS what components you have and basically configures your system (through EFI or BIOS). Picking the right motherboard is probably the hardest decision, or it should be, you will make. Every other component you chose must work with and is supported by your motherboard. Just because you pick up some DDR3 memory doesn’t mean it will work with a DDR3 supported motherboard, same goes for CPU sockets. Instead of reviews by review sites I generally stick with my preferred brand and check out user reviews. Keep in mind you will have many novice builders who post a bad review because they really have no idea how to properly build a complete system. Dead on Arrival (DOA) will happen no matter what brand so I disregard those reviews too.   Utilizing USB 3.0, ensuring enough PCI slots that support 2.0 and full x16 bandwidth is essential. Looking for EFI support for Windows based OS is also huge, but EFI doesn't play well with Linux. It works, but my experience has shown issues from time to time. Stay away from micro boards and open box sales if possible. Micro have the same amount of communication paths but on a very smaller board causing them to run very close together and will contaminate from time to time, your systems communication stream causing random errors and lock ups. Do you need all the features a board has to offer? If not look for a lesser version of the board. This reduces your chance of messing up a setting and paying for features you will never use. I personally stay away from “Gaming Boards” as the price is generally a lot higher and I will never use half the features. ASUS will have three to four versions of the same board ranging from the boards name to pro version. By looking at the specs and reviews most time I purchase the deluxe model (middle tier). But even though they are mainly the same board performance specs and reviews will show huge differences between them.   Graphic Cards is another area of confusion for some reason. Hopefully we can clear some of the fog on this real quick. Generally most games especially AAA titles get support from one of the two players (AMD or Nvidia) and of course that game will usually have better performance utilizing their hardware and drivers. SLI/Crossfire is another major issue I feel many don’t fully understand. Just throwing a couple of budget GPU’s into your system WILL NOT OUT PREFORM A SINGLE HIGHER END GPU. Just as I have stated all over the forums about overclocking a budget CPU, multiple GPUs are the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I run two 670 FTW’s right now, but the game or application must be supported by the driver to utilize the two GPU’s effectively otherwise your system defaults to only using one anyways. Plus add in lower space, less heat, lower power requirements and a lot less issues planning for a single GPU right away and not for two in the near future is best all around.   Memory and the amount you need should be evident from the list created. Generally 6GB is plenty still but the key is to run the memory as per the motherboard and CPU suggestion. Mostly they utilize dual channel so limiting your memory to just two sticks will increase performance and decreases random memory errors. Yes running all the memory slots full your OS or application can “lose” where it stored data on your RAM and cause that memory error. Always check with your motherboard’s supported memory before purchase. I always buy top quality memory sticks and from the supported list and have never had an issue with memory compatibility, timings and settings. Once I didn’t and ended up having to buy memory again that did support the motherboard a backwards two for one deal.   SSD or not? SSDs are amazing little hard drives that generally far exceed standard hard drives but at what cost? Many cloud based hosting such as Amazon and Azure don’t utilize SSDs yet do to size constraints but go through thousands of hard drives a year. The thing many don’t understand is most programs load what data and code they need quick access to is loaded into RAM when you start the program, thus the access to a hard drive is minimal after the program is loaded. Of course it depends on the program and how it is coded etc but this is true in gaming. So yes, you will load faster and be ready to play faster but you will still wait for other players. I have an SSD but install my games on a regular hard drive and I generally am in the top 5 in Battlefield ready to play in between rounds. Bottom line a SSD doesn't really give you an edge. They do give you reliability and virtually no slow down over time where you will get those issues with a standard hard drive which makes them ideal for your OS install and possibility programs that do utilize hard drive cache.
  13. I've noticed there isnt a section for starcraft 2 on the ADK website. While this doesnt bother me i just want to post this to see if anyone here plays Starcraft 2 and would like to play it sometime. I most likely wont ask to add it as a game cause there may not be a large amount of people that play it.
  14. Console killers

    This topic is devoted to computers that cost near the same as a console and Perform better and or the same Xbox One Specs 8 Core AMD custom CPU Frequency: 1.75 GHz   8GB DDR3 Clock: 2133MHz Bandwidth: 68.26 GB/s /PS4 RAM  8GB GDDR5 (speed unknown)   GPU:Clock Speed: 853 MHz(originally 800 MHz) Shader Cores: 768 Peak Throughput: 1.31 TFLOPS   500 GB Hard Drive non-replaceable, External Hard Drive support available   REMINDER PS4 AND XBOX ONE SHARE THE SAME CPU WITH MINOR CHANGES ALL HARDWARE ABOVE IS SOMEWHAT THE SAME ALL OTHER SPECS (that i could find) ARE HERE http://au.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/PS4_vs._Xbox_One_vs._Wii_U_Comparison_Chart   My console killer AMD A10-5800K 4 core Clocked at 4.0GHz A-Data Technology DDR3 2133X 8GB Clocked at 1067 with all the timeing set as low as possable Sapphire Radeon HD 6750   700 MHz Core Clock 40 nm Chip 720 x Stream Processors Video Memory 1024 MB Size 128 -bit GDDR5 4000 MHz Effective   1TB Harddrive WDC WD10EZRX-00A8LB0 And a 2TB external harddrive Motherboard Model:ASUS F2A55-M LK PLUS (Love ASUS) 500W PSU 80+ Silver you can pick this up cheap in the usa(900-700$ depending on sites you buy the parts from) but here in New Zealand its about 1200$ due to   shipping costs and other stuff i had a SSD was a 60GB one but it died and i desided due to the cost of shipping and geting a new one and takeing it apart that ill just stick my   OS on the 1TB harddrive boot time went from 5 sec to around 35sec i can live with that lol     Now im not saying "CONSOLES SUCK" Couse they dont, They have there pros and cons and they are usefull to some pepole Post your console killer below remember you dont have to own said computer you may use sites like part picker atc but be within 750$ (900$ Was consoles release date price)
  15. Upgrading Dell XPS 9100

    Greetings;   I am not sure if anyone can help me in this situation;   I have a Dell XPS 9100 and planning to upgrade.   Current specs are:   Processor: Intel Core i7 920 2.67 GHz RAM: 6 GB VGA: Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 Planning to upgrade it to: Processor: Intel Dual Core processor i5 or i7 4k series RAM: 16-24 GB VGA: Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 TI 2GB or greater   Planning to add more:   Power Supply to 660W SSD 120-250GB Possibly a creative sound card (this is still in the maybe section.)   So; Budget is not a factor over time, I always thought that Dell computers are vendor locked in but I thought it would be wise to ask then to keep on living with the same idea.   I am planning to upgrade this for video editing, 2d arts and 3d arts and animation, coding (which shouldn't really matter because I am using Raspberry PI and routing it through putty to this PC and vice versa for coding,) and possibly sound recording.   If this is possible, and if anyone can talk this with me and confirm it? I would really appreciate it.   Thanks.
  16. TheRocker57 Here

    Hello all who have ventured into my topic. I'm Walker (Weird name, I know) I've been playing PC games for about 6 years now. I'm only 14 years old at the time of writing this but I'm not some kid from the eighth grade. I'm a proud Patriot at PHHS (Patrick Henry High School) at the Sophmore level. I've been called smart and good at school which I can see in my 4.0 of Freshman year (Not trying to brag here just wait) I have to owe my grades to my eidetic memory which gives me quite the edge in gaming. For those that don't know, and eidetic memory is just a fancy way of say photograpic. I first heard gaming on the PC six years ago and never went back love the feeling of being able to have so much control with the mouse and keyword over a joystick. I love computers are my passion and their sum of the most interesting things in the world to me the way you can take metal and plastic to make something that runs so smoothly is amazing to me. I'm quite tech savvy but nowhere near the level of someone that went through and took a degree on it but I have my fair share of computer knowledge. The PC I have is a bit over kill and still not enough to run Planetside 2 maxed out. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. Yet I can run any other game max sitting 60 FPS. I've been a part of the ADK gaming community for about a month now and I'm loving it. It's been one of my favorite experiences in gaming I've ever had, the platoon is wonderful and makes the experience in Planetside so much better. I only play PC and I don't plan to be getting console any time soon but no I don't hate them I just don't use them. Good luck to all you gamers have a great day.
  17. Hey guyz, PCGamer.com is giving away 100,000 Steam keys for PID.  All you have to do, is click HERE, press the Like button for Bundle Stars, and enter an email.  Key is displayed right away, so if you want to use a spam/fake email, it's all good.  Happy Hunting.
  18. Hey guyz. Newegg has their Tech Diagnostics for FREE by using Promo Code FREETECH14.  Basically they can diagnose whatever your problem is on any device that can connect to the internet and tell you what's wrong.  Then they'll offer you a plan (which costs money) to fix it.  Once they tell you whats wrong, go ahead and fix it yourself!!  Happy Hunting.

    I was wondering what the pros and cons of each processor are and which is better for gaming overall. Many people have suggested an i5 for gaming since I won't be video rendering and won't need the hyperthreading of the i7 but my friend keeps on nagging on about how much better AMDs are due to 'more maths cores' and such (I have no idea what he's on about :P) he also says they're better value for money so what do you guys think?   Cheers - Ingenious Ion
  20. New PC?

    Yo, I'm looking for a new powerful PC for between £800 and £1100. I'm tempted with an AMD processor with a nvidea GTX 770 (4GB) so yeah... Any thing around that power would be badass!
  21. These videos explain why Wildstar is not a wow clone and what makes it so great. Check them out!   here's the link to the sight! http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/     http://youtu.be/p6oVX4jPkSY     http://youtu.be/Uxfc8tSNT8k     http://youtu.be/w36385GeQOU     these videos below show customization and housing side of Wildstar.     http://youtu.be/W6jTTeE7MLQ     http://youtu.be/nwmRTegcB68     Here are the trailers to wildstar which show the different factions, classes and paths.     http://youtu.be/x-NXdWk9sm8     http://youtu.be/9pgK0I3FqvU     http://youtu.be/2FhB3iYv4Ng     http://youtu.be/fn8648VGMKM     http://youtu.be/lmCyPXv5APY     http://youtu.be/6t0mgu0_i3c     http://youtu.be/hCaIxmffFWY
  22. Here's the patch notes for the Client Patch that is being rolled out to all PC Users.         If the game update doesn't start automatically for you, you can trigger it by going into the Origin Client, right clicking Battlefield 4 and selecting "Check for updates". Patch notes below.  Dec 20 PC Game Update Notes  -Fix for terrain flickering when using SLI/CrossFire setup  -Fix for three of the top crash issues on the PC platform  -Fix for case when soldier can die with 1 HP instead of 0  -Fix for the issue where the revive UI could be permanently shown after accepting a revive
  23. http://youtu.be/n8Wlvtq1LHg
  24. Pathfinder?

    Have any of you looked into this? Sounds pretty cool. I play Pathfinder tabletop, and it's far better IMO than D&D. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1675907842/pathfinder-online-a-fantasy-sandbox-mmo
  25. Decided to pull the plunge and pick up BF3 after I had a chance to play MW3 free (Thanks STEAM!!). Really glad I bought this game. I've been enjoying it immensely. I'm new at this game [ I've played BFBC 1 and 2, but never multiplayer]. So far, my fav class to play is the support. So yeah, expect questions from me as I learn not only this game, but how to play and improve my k/d ratio. Name is Adrian. Don't be a stranger. Peace.

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