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Found 46 results

  1. CutlerTheCourageous

    Hey guys I’m CutlerTheCourageous a YouTube streamer and I’m loving H1Z1 right now also play BF4,BF1 and other mainly shooters 👍
  2. Introducing Zatch

    Hello! My name is Zach, also know at Zatch (inside joke)! I have been playing h1z1 for some time now, with nearly 900 hours although that seems low compared to some people. I found ADK through friends and the group that i play with. We were/are looking for a hacker free server because of the fact that hackers ran us off 2 servers this wipe. We are dedicated to the game and want to have as much fun as possible. I am nearly 16 years old which may bother some people, but i am very mature for my age. I am not the stereotypical raging kid behind a computer screen. I am hoping to join ADK and be on it for the long term. There are about 5-6 of us that are looking to play (some are already accepted). With that being said, first impressions are the most important and i hope i made a good one. I hope to see some of you guys out survivin'. State- PA Mic- Yes Teamspeak- Yes Discord- Yes (a little unfamiliar but i can learn)
  3. Hello To All

    Hello All, I am Raging_Lunatic AKA Raging. I am a Twitch streamer and enjoy playing all types survival games and micro management games and looking for a home with a bunch of friends that are already here and playing with you all. I am wanting to get into the H1Z1 Whitelist server to play with friends. Am very tired of the cheating and Exploiting going on in the H1Z1 world. It's a great game but broke on open servers on Just Servive side PVE or PVP. About me Gamer Twitch Streamer Bit of a cut up Likes long walks on the beach LOL never know what to say on these things Have a good one and hope to see you in the game.
  4. Hey All

    Hey guys, new here. Lets play some h1z1! My name is Rob. My gamer tag is "Busta" and has been for many years. I chose that tag after one of the characters in the Movie Friday and as a tribute to an old school fav of mine Busta rhymes. I am in my mid 40's and have been building and playing on computers since they invented them. I love in the SE USA, 5 blocks from the Beach. I am Separated Military and Ex Police. I am married to a woman way too hot for me (she is younger) and i have 2 awesome Mutts. I enjoy Coop games and FPS games. I am always available to help and do not mind pitching in for the greater cause. "There are plenty of spices in the world, no need to be salty" ~Busta
  5. about my self

    im a gamer i play lots of games on pc and ps4 my real name is Amer im 17 i also make lots of players laugh who i play with and im likeable
  6. Hi

    Hello my name is Samuel and I am from Brazil , and I like playing H1Z1 Just Survival and H1Z1 King of the kill
  7. Hellow

    Hi my name is john and I like to play survival games style H1Z1 dazy
  8. hello

    Hello guys! My name is Igor and i'm from Brazil. I Have 18 years and i play H1Z1 Just Survive and King of the kill
  9. LipiT Gaming

    hello, i am tavares, i like h1z1, i am frend all
  10. Hello

    Hello my name: Lucas Veronese. Years old: 22 I like to play survival mode games like H1Z1. And would like to join the ADK .
  11. Hello

    Hello, my name is Lucas Petean, I live in Brazil , I have 18 years and game H1Z1 Just Survive
  12. Hello friends

    my name and jose luiz I'm from Brazil much like the game and I'm used to playing alone has space for me to play on the server ADK I'll be very grateful.
  13. Hi, I'm Docs

    Hello peaple, my name is Felipe but call me for Docs... So, I'm from Brazil and I like to play H1Z1 so here I'm. I'm fiveteen years old and I play H1Z1 for about 1 year! LETS PLAY!
  14. I arrived

    Hello everybody, I'm Marcos Mattiazzi of Brazil and found the trough ADK community youtuber canaldojoni, I hope to have a good time playing H1Z1, big hug to all
  15. Intorducing myself

    Hello im Alex and i am 26 years old, i come from Sweden and i realy like h1z1, and my friends play on adk so i want to join them and i got ower 1k houers on h1z1.
  16. Introducing myself

    Hello everybody , my name is Marina (yes, I am a girl ), I am from Serbia, 30 years old. Lately I have been playing a lot of H1Z1, meeting some great people, and through them I have found about this awesome community. Besides playing video games I have a lot of other hobbies, biking, reading books, making handcrafts, taking care of my plants :). That's it for now :).
  17. Hello I am Jaggykins

    Sup guys! I am more than happy to be here! First off: My name is Matthew, better known in game as Jaggykins, Jaggy, SharkFlank, or whatever you feel like calling me once you're dead. I am a full time electrician, and a part time gamer! Maybe one day I can reverse those roles and take gaming as a career! I love all games, but I do have some favorites. I enjoy MOBA's.. so not one specific type: League, DOTA, Smite, Heroes of the Storm! Love them all. I think team fighting and strategic games are great. Right now I'm hooked on sandbox games like H1Z1, Rust, Elder Scrolls, and Ark! I've been playing H1Z1: JS a lot! and if you're looking for skins to trade around or buy then please check out my steam! thejagg2. I love to chat about games, and argue about who might win the next LCS. In the end it doesn't come down to the specific game that I'm playing.. It comes down to me enjoying my time and talking with my friends. I'm joining because I'm jealous of how a friend of mine is always talking about how great of a time he's having with the ADK community. I want the same enjoyment that he's having, so I decided to apply.
  18. Im Fucboi

    Hi guys, just thought id post an intro as i'm hoping to be joining the community and playing a lot on the H1Z1 white list server. Real name is Jack and I like to PVP on H1Z1. Peace.
  19. Hi.. I'm DRUMMer :)

    Hello my nickname is DRUMMER, I'm from Argentina, I have 25 years and I like to spend my free time playing. The last games I've played are "ARK, H1Z1 King of the kill" now +200 hours and started with Just Survive, approximately 10/15 hours in league Rocket 90 hours. I always like making new friends to chat, exchange ideas, and the main thing, play and have fun. I hope to be accepted. I leave a picture of me playing the instrument of my life, making him a reference and honor my nickname ... The Drums! thank you! DRUMMer
  20. Hello!

    Hey, Im Qrrbrrbirbel, feel free to call me 'Lotus' or by my IGN's Irviahlan, or SoarBay. I'm looking to join the h1z1 private server becasue id like to escape the hackers that are on public servers. My real name is Emanuel, i was born in USA with my parents coming from Mexico, I can speak both English and Spanish. I will mainly be playing H1Z1, but feel free to ask me to join you in any other games such as League ( i was a gold 2 last season), Overwatch, or Battlefield 4.
  21. Hello friends

    Hello, I am Gerson from Barcelona , Spain. I play H1Z1 Survivor. I've been a gamer for over 2 years, my friend referred me to this community. I've been playing H1Z1 for a three months and want access to a server with no hackers. Thank you !
  22. Zurith Is Here

    Hello, my name is Zurith, and I'm applying to join the ADK community as an H1Z1 player. I play League of Legends (Shia LaBIueBuff), H1Z1 (Zurith), and CS:GO (Zurith) as my three primary games. I also have over a combined 10,000 hours on all Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. I am here now because Thunder won't stop harassing me into joining ADK, since I'm basically a member in the H1Z1 community anyway. I also have three tattoos and am hung like a hamster. Here's a picture of my battle uniform in H1Z1.
  23. Introducing myself

    Over 450hrs/ Speed builder, Runner, and a gunner. I have a big passion for h1z1, its my one and only game.
  24. The Just Survive servers will be coming down tomorrow (5/11) at 3:00AM Pacific (10:00 AM GMT). Patch Notes: Increased total number (cap) of zombies and wildlife Increased the maximum density of zombies and wildlife per player online Increased how responsive zombies and wildlife are to noise Fixed issue where skinned weapons could not be smelted in the furnace Fixed issue where players could too easily destroy metal doors with melee weapons Fixed issue where hit markers would sometimes not show up on zombies The Camera will be forced into First Person when Scoped (Hunting Rifle, Crossbow) Hip-fire has been re-tuned to make firing while moving and jumping less accurate ATV has been re-tuned for better handling Improvements to hit registration Kevlar is now called Body Armor Fixed issue where AK-47 would sometimes keep firing during reload Fixed issue where Rifles can poke through objects and shoot players on the other side Fixed issue where first-person camera can shake or lag when riding as a passenger in a vehicle Mute-All functionality should persist through log-ins Source
  25. Whatever bros

    I'm just applying to play with an old group of amigos and banditos I used to roll with on H1Z1. I have over 1000 hours of gameplay on it and I've been dying to play on one of these mythical "whitelist servers". I doubt anybody is going to read this so, alright. Great post good job!

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