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  1. Season 6 Supports :P

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFmiCyzu0H0   been helpful so far for me XD
  2. Live and die, by the blade

    Hello fellow summoners, today we will be going over a guide for my favorite AD assassin...Talon [attachment=6314:talon.jpg]   Summary of champ: -Talon is an ad assassin that thrives off diving the enemy apc or adc all while using his mass aoe to tip team-fights in his favor. His kit is all in kill or be killed. Pros: Can 100%-0% an enemy adc at 2 items and will continue to do so till endgame. Can split push extremely well due to w and him being ad. Your item build will heavily increase your split potential and will allow you to flank in teamfights if one erupts while splitpushing You have so much kill pressure when fed that you can zone the team away from objectives. Your r gives you a surprise factor that will get you an advantage every time due to reaction times of opponents. You snowball......hard. [attachment=6315:1220333.jpg]   Cons.......... Super mana dependent, but thats only if you waste w casts in lane. Squishy......very squishy. Most of the time in teamfights you do massive damage via aoe and you kill the enemy adc, then you die. It sucks, so just buy a zhonyas. Do it.  Can be easily countered by pink wards or true vision. Be smart when diving in teamfights or going after solo kills. Abilities: Passive: Mercy- You do 10% increased damage to any enemy that is slowed, stunned, rooted, or suppressed. Basically if they are cc'd you do more damage to them. Decent passive, not to strong not too weak. Q: Noxian Diplomacy- This abilty is an auto-attack reset that scales massivly with your ad and leaves a dot on them that also will reveal during the duration of the dot. You can abuse this ability in melee lanes by attacking your opponent with an auto then instantly autoing them again by using q.  W: Rake- This is your bread and butter ability in lane that keeps you viable. This is your ability that you need to use to poke and to waveclear. The ability goes out then back to you, damaging during each phase of its movement. It has 600 range so its longer than any currents mids auto range. This means you can cast w right when they are in their auto frame to guarantee get both procs of the spell. You can use this spell to bully your opponents off missing creeps, or punish them when they commit for one. E: Cutthroat- This ability is a damage amplifier and gap closer that works on any enemy. You jump behind them and auto them. This ability allows you to reach the enemy adc and kill him. You can combo this spell by using e to the enemy adc, auto attack them, then instantly q them for massive burst damage. Your e will allow you to juke spells in lane or punish your opponents positioning in teamfights. Use this wisely as it can also be your only means of escape. R: Shadow Assualt- This ability is only as good as the summoner using it. Its a very binary aoe and invis spell, but the plays you can make with it are endless. I generally save this spell as a finisher or an escape in teamfights and a chasing spell if I need to get to the backline without interruption. Basically, how you use this spell will measure how good of a talon player you are. NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER  use this spell as a gap closer if you can already reach the backline, you waste half of your damage and your biggest execute/escape ability. If you can hold this in a 1v1, you have a get out of a gank free card when the enemy rotates you.  Ability level sequence- W-E-W-Q-W-R-W-Q-W-Q-R-Q-Q-E-E-R-E-E I differ from most talons mid because I massivly prefer two point in w lvl 3 than a point in q. I do this in all ranged matchups as there is rarely an opportunity to use q at level three. Most ranged opponents will just harass you if you use q to farm level 3 and since w has low damage level one, they will for sure get an advantage. If you have 2 points in w at level three, you can shove wave and harass better than most ap mages level 3. Any small advantage you can get early on in a talon lane, goes a loooooooooooooong way to making your level 6 all in a kill.   Items, Glorious Items   Starting items- You have two choices here ​You can start off with crystalline flask and be a bitch. You literally are admitting you cant win lane with this buy. Or you can be a man and start longsword-2 red pots- 1 blue pot. Core items ​You very first buy should always always always be tiamat. This allows you to shove wave or trade better. When you shove wave you get the chance to roam. Talons love roaming. Next item should be brutalizer. You need this for the cdr and raw damage increase.  You then need to either pick up boots if you havent already and then finish off youmos ghostblade. You need this for the massive early powerspike and the much needed mobility that comes with its active. Now you need to finish off your boots going either boots of lucidity or boots of swiftness. DO NOT GO BOOTS OF MOBILITY, the reason why you dont want these is very simple. You are not akali or zed when it comes to living after you dive. You generally have to run out of fights or burn summoners to get out. You need to stay as fast as you can at all points and either of these choices have more movement speed than mobis when you are hit, and you will be hit. Last whisper as your 4th item. This is so so so core on you or really any ad assassin. You need this to stay a viable threat throughout the game. Situational items/other options for last two items Tri-force: This item will give you more mobility, and split push threat. Grab if you are doing more split-pushing and your team is relying on you to grab towers. Black Cleaver: Build this if at least 3 people are building heavy armor on the enemy team and your adc isnt a mixed damage threat. The cdr is fantastic as well. Infinity edge: This combined with youmous is like 40% crit and your Q can crit. If the rng gods love you then this is the highest increase in dps you can grab of all the 5th-6th slot items. Zhonyas hourglass: You read that right....zhonyas. You really really really have to practice this before it ever becomes a viable pick up for you. However, once you realize just how much this increases your survivability it will be practically core on you from then on. You can use this in so many different ways that will confuse your opponent and buy team for your team. Its such a solid pickup since talon really has no viable defense options outside of ga. Guardian angel: Super binary, you die, you come back. The resistances are nice and this is always a fantastic choice mid game if you are massively fed and you need your team to get kills. Matchups   Easy matchups: ​Ahri: You can waveclear just as much as she can and you have a higher burst. She can never use her e in lane because if she does you kill her everytime. Be patient and harass her in lane and you can win this so easily. If she dives you simply ult, position yourself to fight in minions or with backup and then blow your load allll over her face. [attachment=6316:jrpVJ3zQBSibs057mPcqXOYuKwe2M4UyfTInvLa1.png] Lux: This is really an easy matchup once you learn how to dodge her skillshots. Lux is predictable, she will try to e poke you everytime you go in to last hit. Be ready and just e to her when she does that. Half her dps is down and she will most likely panic Q when she reacts. You can then simply aa-q-aa-w and you push her out of lane. Also you can just e to her when you see her ulting as it puts you behind her. Very skill dependent but once you learn it the lane is a breeze. Kassadin: Once he lost his silence, he is literally the easiest mid laner to fight with an ad assassin. He cant waveclear at all once you get tiamat because you dont have to cast spells. He needs you too, and if he burns any spell at all once you both are six, then jump on his ass and kill him. People are afraid of kass in solo que and i have no clue why, you can pick talon into him and acquire freelo. [attachment=6317:0dd146c10d517f0bd7abd73c14ca2941.png] Hell matchups: ​Mordekaiser: This guy you will learn to fucking hate. He will shove you all day long and his shield just makes impossible to trade with. He will bully you till you get gank presence but lord have mercy if he gets once. Basically, if you want to win this matchup then you need to roam roam roam. Diana: Everything about this champ counters you. Oh you want to harass? Sure let me q you for more damage and less mana. Oh you dove me? Let me w-q- then auto you to death. Oh you're running now? Let me e you back into my minions and continue to pound you. Oh you used your ulty to go invis? Let me just through a q since it reveals you and then double r you. She outdamages you so hard its not even funny, and if she goes zhonyas you've lost. Plain and simple. Viktor: He's just op right now vs any melee champ. His laser burn and q poke can shove you out of lane at literally level 2. Its stupid how stong he is. You can never dive him as he will just instant ulty which gives him enough time to cast w on himself and then blow you up with his q-e combo. He cant really outdamage you but he outpokes you so hard that he either forces you to fight him or run.  Review:   All in all, Talon is a very fun champ that you should definitely add to your champ list. He is a fantastic counter pick that you can always have in your pocket for inhouse nights or solo que. But be warned, if you show just how op he is then you rarely will get a chance to play him. [attachment=6318:1141889.jpg]  If you ever want to watch some fantastic challenger talon play I would watch this guy: http://www.twitch.tv/killercruiser He is a talon only main and he also does jungle talon.
  3. So I went looking for a decent thread or article about what the current Joystick options are, and I couldn't find anything I agreed with 100%, so I guess I'll make my own! I'm going to make a lot of assumptions based on what I understand is popular opinion, so feel free to add your thoughts or experiences below! I'm only pricing out amazon.com to try to keep an even baseline. you may be able to find items cheaper elsewhere so look around!   This whole post is based entirely on my limited personal knowledge, so if you use a different stick than any of these that you love and it's still available for purchase, post it and I'll add it to the post!   spoiler tags to prevent Image-wall.   Budget / Starter Joysticks [spoiler] Bottom of the pile: There are plenty of basic joysticks around for $20 or less. Would not recommend for Star Citizen because you're going to need a lot of buttons to control everything and limiting your one hand to the 4-5 buttons (at most) you'll find on these guys won't do you any favors. If you've never used a joystick before and you want to just try it a bit before dropping a hundred bucks on something, sure, maybe try one of these for a while.   Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick $35 on amazon.com Logitech used to be a huge name in these kind of products but now they only really offer the entry level stuff. This stick is the most popular of the cheap options. Even has twist function and a throttle... flap.   Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X ~$50 on amazon.com (out of stock right now a lot of places) This is the de-facto, popular, entry level HOTAS. The two halves can be locked together for stability, or decoupled for a more standard setup. The stick doesn't have many buttons but the throttle has enough to make it a decent option. It doesn't stack up all that well against the next group of sticks, but for $50, it's not a bad deal. [/spoiler]     Affordable / Mid-level [spoiler] SAITEK Saitek is a very popular mid-level option for most people. They have had some issues in the past with poor quality control, and sometimes their stuff looks cooler than it is good for, but they're generally pretty decent.   Saitek X52 $149 on amazon.com / X52 Pro $177 on amazon.com The X52 and the X52 Pro are basically the same joystick, with the Pro having a few minor upgrades (more sensors on the stick and stronger construction), and a less EXTREEEEME style. Positive notes include a twist on the stick, double trigger, pinkie button for alternate functions, customizable LED colours, and adjustable hand rest and throttle tension settings. There is also a knob on the stick that lets you flip between three button configuration sets on the fly. All this combined give you an obscene amount of available key options, more than even Star Citizen will be able to throw at you. A few downsides on the design are a stupid mouse-nipple on the throttle that isn't very sensitive and (like mine) can get stuck sending bad inputs, and a largely useless display panel on the throttle base.   All things considered, the X52 Pro is generally considered the best bang for your buck and is currently the #1 seller on Amazon in the "PC Game Flight Controller" category. I own an X52 Pro, and think it is great (though with a flaw or two).     Saitek X55 $199 on amazon.com The more recent descendant of the X52, I've heard it had a lot of quality control issues early in it's lifetime but the newer batches seem to be better at not being broken. Main upgrades over the 52 are better throttle base buttons, and a split throttle.   Saitek Pedals $143 on amazon.com Adjustable pedal size and tension.     CH Products CH is a big name in professional flight sim hardware. Their quality is better than anyone and their stuff should last forever. That being said, most of it is ugly and looks cheap because of its basic styling and durable construction.   CH Flighstick $89 on amazon.com The basic thing. A hat, three buttons and a trigger. pew pew.   CH Combatstick $103 on amazon.com A more robust version of the flightstick.   CH Pro Throttle $149 on amazon.com Lots of nice hats on this one, it's worth noting that the throttle travels in a flat, linear track, and not an arc like most throttles.   CH Pedals $120 on amazon.com You put your feet on them. [/spoiler]     Expensive / Fancy High-end [spoiler] Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick $400 on Amazon.com There's really no other joystick to talk about up here, this is the most expensive mass produced consumer joystick commonly available. Quality is very good, most of the construction is metal, and it is modeled after the real A10. The software isn't any more amazing than others though, and it does lack the twist function (as do real joysticks in real planes), so you kind of need pedals to get the complete and full control you're obviously after (personally I like the twist option). Unfortunately Thrustmaster doesn't sell pedals though, so you'll have to go Saitek/CH for them. You can also buy the stick without the throttle if you only need the one piece, or can't justify the combined price tag (be aware it will probably cost more if you end up buying the throttle later, they can sell at over $250 for either piece). Bottom line is this is the best there is right now and pretty much everyone I've read about who owns one says it's worth it. It will be very interesting to see of anyone else ever steps up to compete with it's level of cost and production. [/spoiler]     Other Common Items [spoiler] TrackIR $149 on Amazon.com This is a fairly popular (among the sim crowd) head-tracking device that translates the movement of your head into the game so you can look around the cockpit naturally (usually amplified so you don't have to turn away from the screen much) without taking your hands off the controls. depending on your settings/game you can use it to control just your view, or you can do things like attach it to your gimballed mounts/turrets and control them independently from the rest of your ship.   Pros: Hardcore Extra immersion Finer control Cons: Expensive for something that essentially only controls one axis You need to wear a thing on your head for it to work (there are hat clips and clips for headphones) not fully supported in SC right now (it will be eventually)   Voice Attack $8 on voiceattack.com (free 21 day trial) This is software that translates custom voice commands into keypresses, so you can use your mouth to control things. Good for commands you want to have available but can't justify assigning to a joystick button. Also invokes Star trek feelings while you're yelling at your computer and it listens. [/spoiler]
  4. Anyone knows a good healing guide for spellsingers? Trying to get an off spec...  
  5. Hello everyone,   Here's my guide to Syndra with izemization and gameplay tricks and tips included. Please keep in mind that this is more like a solo-queue guide, rather than an overall one, as playing with or against a well-coordinated team may require you to play her differently.   So first of all, if you want to play Syndra exceptionally well, then you have to buy this skin.    Once you've done that, the rest is easy.   Let's get started.   Syndra's main role in a team is to provide engage, cc and heavy single-target burst in a teamfight or throughout the entire game. During the laning phase your goal is to completelly shut down the enemy midlaner. Yes, you could say it is a general aim, however some champions such as malphite, warwick, kog'maw or talking about midlaners, ziggs, anivia or orianna are mainly focusing on lane neutralization rather than complete domination as they scale ridiculously well as the game progresses. To achieve this, you need to play very agressive and have to calculate every move you make in the early game. Your mana pool is fairly decent, meaning that you are capable of somewhat spamming your abilities early, however it is just barely enough to pick up first blood at level 2 or 3.    Getting the upper hand early with Syndra is extremelly important and can turn the whole game to your favour. Her AoE abilities enable you to farm while poking your opponent at the same time, therefore it is crucial that you always look for oportunities to do so. Do not forget to autoattack inbetween your spells as if well-combined with your abilities, your trading potential is higher than any other midlaners'.    Using summoner cooldowns to pick a kill up during the laning phase is extremelly worth the effort and should be done without hesitation. Keep in mind that syndra is scaling off damage, not tankyness nor sustain. Therefore picking up an early kill makes the difference of you picking up a Needlessly Large Rod or Haunting Guise instead of a Charlice of Harmony. With the earlier mentioned agressive damage items, another kill at level 6 is granted whether it is 1v1, 2v1 or 1v2. Going up against ad midlaners your first item should definitelly be Haunting Guise over anything else.    Correct itemization throughout the game :   Starting items :  Dorans ring + 2 cookies (yes, that means that going 21 0 9 in your masteries is your best option, but I'll discuss that later)   The cookies are vital when it comes to very close trades as it instantly restores 20 hp and 10 mana. While  the benefits might not seem to be that great, spamming both of them does give you 40 hp and 20 mana, which can make the difference of you getting first blood or your opponent. Even when ignited and your healing is halved, 20 extra hp at early levels can prevent you from dying to the very last stack of ignite or Damage Over Time effect such as Fizz's 'w', Tristana's 'e' or red buff.   Early game items :  Needlessly Large Rod / Haunting Guise / Charlice of Harmony    As mentioned earlier, your main target should be the Haunting Guise in all scenarios, however if you're overperforming, go for Needlessly Large Rod or if you are underperforming go for Charlice of Harmony. If underperforming against AD opponents, even though its going to make your game a lot harder, but go for the Seeker's Armguard. If you're literally getting shit on, camped or just fucked up big time, then rush the double dorans.   Mid game items : Best case scenario : Deathfire Grasp + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's Shoes Decent itemization (sometimes vital against some matchups, such as going vs zed) : Zhonya's Hourglass + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's Shoes Poor itemization (again, sometimes you're forced to take it) : Charlice of Harmony + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's shoes)   To make you feel the difference between the 3 options above, the best build will grant you a kill on the adc at lv 9 by using 3 abilities and your DFG. When you go with Zhonya, you won't be able to pick a kill up on the adc by using 4 abilities at lv 9, a fifth 'q' is required in this sequence (q+e, then w, q, q). When going with Charlice, even though Syndra has a freaking huge spike at lv 9, the enemy ad will most likely get away if you don't have your ult. Please keep in mind that this is an approximate comparison, therefore different scenarios are likely to occur, however the trend in damage described is constant.    Late game items :  Deathfire Grasp + Liandry's Torment + Zhonya's Hourglass + Rabadon's Deathcap + Void Staff + Sorcerer's Shoes (with Alacrity enchant)   While this is the standard build, as you can see there is no mana-regeneration included, which makes you very blue-heavy. This can be overcome by sacrificing pure damage for mana-regen. As Syndra's base damage is ridiculously high, I usually drop Rabadon's and pick up Athene's Unholy Grail instead. It might seem to be a bit of a shock to sacrifice your Rabadon's for mana-regen, however with the build I've mentioned above, you'll find yourself overkilling everyone on the map which is sort of a waste, isn't it?   Champion specific tips and tricks :    - Activating your ult and dropping a 'q' at the same time or right after the ult activation results in both your 'q' hiting your opponent, as well as it is utilized in your ultimate. Therefore your biggest burst combo is 'q' - 'e' - DGF - 'r' - 'q' combined with an ignite. If you don't manage to pick the kill up, your 'w' is always there to finish off the kill.   - Hitting a q, then stun right after it gives you vision of your target.   - If your sphere is slightly behind your target but still in line for the stun, it will hit.   - Even though it's fun, trying to stack your ult to 6 hits will usually result in you completelly missing your chance to kill.   If there are anything you want to ask or discuss, please go ahead. Tell me how you liked my guide.  Enjoy !        
  6.   You would need to be living under a rock not to be familiar with Stor-All’s famously garish commercial broadcasts, which feature a cartoon animal of indeterminate origin (popular theories range from Terran badger to deep asteroid fur crab) explaining to a hapless transport captain that Stor-All Big Box series cargo containers can meet his every need. The captain offers example after example of item that surely can’t be transported in deep space, followed by the cartoon’s grating refrain “No worries, it’ll STORE ALL!”   And like their commercials, the products of the Stor-All corporation have become a seamless part of the background noise of everyday life in the modern Empire. Any individual UEE Citizen would be hard-pressed to go a day without somewhere coming into contact with its product, and the prospect of somehow going without goods that were at some point shipped inside a Stor-All container is unthinkable: nearly 50% of all items transported between two atmospheres will make their journey in a Store-All unit, a truly amazing market share given the simplicity of the product’s design.   Stor-All was incorporated in 2745 on Lo as a Corel Limited Liability Corporation. The company was originally known as TransGo and underwent nearly a dozen marketing-oriented name changes (including both “STUFF-IT” and “Shiploads”) before finally finding success when coupled with the utilitarian image that comes with the Stor-All brand. Investors settled on Lo as the headquarters in order to take advantage of the then-burgeoning trade between the UEE and the Banu Protectorate. The company has been notoriously litigious, both on the offense and the defense. Stor-All has filed hundreds and hundreds of patents with the UEE government, running the gamut from deserved (“nano-molecular impact pad weaving mechanism”) to wholly unreasonable (“cube-shaped cargo area for spaceflight purposes”) and is quick to defend them from any potential competitor. One look-and-feel lawsuit against Alliance-Conway Shipping Goods has dragged through the courts at a glacial pace: after eight years, it shows no sign of pending resolution.   Another ongoing legal issue is the company’s enthusiastic protection of its name. Fearing that the term will become commonly applied to any space transport unit, Stor-All puts hundreds of thousands of credits each year into a parallel advertising campaign aimed at reminding consumers that what they sell are Stor-All® brand containers and not “Stor-Alls.” (This has the added benefit of enforcing the idea that a Stor-All unit is of superior make to anything else on the market.) More often than not, however, Stor-All’s legal department makes the news for their tendency to target unrelated businesses with similar names. In recent years, they have shuttered everything from Sammy’s Sure Haul Diner on MacArthur to Terra’s fashionable ALL STORE clothing importer. (As unsurprised onlookers are quick to point out, ALL STORE just happened to ship goods using exclusively branded Conway containers.) Production & Business Model One of the most common questions asked by those not involved in the intricacies of interstellar trading is: where do Stor-All containers come from? Stor-All containers are the odd product that can appear throughout every hangar, dockyard and factory floor in known space without actually having a clear owner. The perhaps surprising answer is that every Stor-All container is actually a rental unit. Containers are rented for a small fee when goods are approved for off-world shipping; this fee is nearly always taken into account as part of the price of the goods themselves. The economics of this process are practically invisible to the naked eye: the trading system has evolved to the point where container rental is fully institutionalized. The standard Stor-All container is rated for 500 jumps and the company takes quality control extremely serious in this regard. Vast quantities of expired containers are sold at low prices to less reputable shippers for permanent use. Sometimes called “ghosts,” these can typically be identified by blotches of newer paint covering the Stor-All logo. Stor-All has no liability for containers shipped in a “ghost,” and most insurance companies refuse to compensate users who suffer a loss while making use of the retired containers. Big Box Model H, for Hornet turret Product Line While Stor-All’s corporate presence (and associated advertising) thrives on a sense of the ridiculous, their product does not. The standard Stor-All Big Box cargo container is more than an empty crate for transporting goods: it’s a high-tech container solution with thousands of man-years of engineering behind it, a rock-solid piece of equipment that genuinely is built with the goal of storing everything possible.   Stor-All produces thousands of different container SKUs, everything from half-meter rad-shielded valuables containers to twelve-meter climate-controlled shipping crates used on larger MISC Hull ships. While there is a unit for every possible shipping need, the containers most commonly used by private enterprise spacers today are Stor-All Mini Cargo Pods and Stor-All Big Box Cargo models.   Big Box (called Tough-Guy before 2935) is the standard expandable cargo series from Stor-All. Big Box units are tough, with a Titan-grade metal exterior, a ribbed body skeleton and a cushioned super-reinforced ablative rubber interior. The original Big Box Model A is perhaps the most familiar ‘cargo container’ within Human space, used for everything from the standard attach point on the Aurora CL to makeshift enclosures on hostile planets (upon retirement). Variant Big Box units have been designed for individual spacecraft; for example, with the rise in popularity of civilian Hornet models, Stor-All has designed the Big Box Model H using the same protective technology but with a form factor that allows it to slot into a Hornet’s turret system. One step down from the Big Box, the Mini Cargo Pod is a five-rating shipping container useable by small craft, including and most notably by the standard model Roberts Aurora. Capable of shipping a modest quantity of bulk goods on long distance runs, MCPs are extremely common.As they are frequently mounted externally, MCPs have a layer of radioactive shielding not present on internal models and can be equipped with additional hardware such as scan dampeners. MCPs are frequently transferred in flight, and they can safely be left in orbital pickup yards for long durations.
  7. hi guys,i just wanted to ask what would u guys build for renekton ? im trying to be a better renekton player (cuz i wuv him) and i would <3 it if you guys could help me out with recommended masteries,items,runes and etc. :) thnx
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