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Found 4 results

  1. SO YOU WANT TO TOP- Split Push Fiora

    Hello ladies and gentleman its twisted again wanting to share something i have found great luck in Ranked with.   Fiora top lane   Now i know your saying well of course she is O.P. but she can be way more if you follow this guide. I recommend that you try a split push fiora. I say this due to her great mobilty, 1v1, and her % MAX HEALTH TRUE DAMAGE. The way you do this is by building a very specific build and ignoring your team lol!!!!   THE BUILD   start dorans sword and potion   items from there  1.Titanic Hydra 2. Tank boots based on match up (aka armor or mr) 3.Full sightstone( so you can split push safely because ur support wont) 4.Zz,rot because that stuff is awesome  5.Guardians Angel (because its demoralizing to kill you twice) 6. Tank item based on the match   Basically you farm out your lane until you reach your titanic and once you have that you can begin pushing in the lane. The most important thing about this strat is making sure you ward properly before just pushing. You need to maintain vision of the side of the map your pushing so before hand walk through jungle and ward up. When ever you see more then one person rotating to you just fall back and wait for them to return to the other side and immediately start pushing the lane again. This is very frustrating to deal with as an enemy team and you create a lot of map pressure doing this. If things get sticking just walk away. Never feel like you need to fight. Just be patient and keep pushing a lane.    Try this out and have fun!!!! If you like this build shoot me a like and a reply.  Once again thank you for reading and have a twisted day.

    Hello im TwistedDarkNight and im a gold mid main. Im not perfect mechanically but i have a lot of tips and tricks on how to be a mid master. A lot of these were given to me by my friends in diamond and have helped me climb this season.   Todays Tip  -SURVIVE THE CAMP-   Every mid laner has been camped by the enemy jungler while yours is off sitting in the corner smacking his head against the wall pretending he will be relavant in mid game. While this is a difficult and frustating there are thing that you can do to protect yourself.    1.) Ward one side  With this strat you ward on one side of the lane and then position yourself on that half of the lane. This will make sure u have vision and stay safe without wasting both your ward. This way you stretch out your wards limiting the chance of blind spots. You preferably want to do this on the side of the jungle that ur jungler is farming. This is safe because if the jungler comes from the side you have warded you just walk to tower and if he comes from the opposite side as you have warded you just walk into the river towards ur jungler to either return to lane or set up a nice counter gank.   2.) Ward there jungle red bush This can be done by warding the bush behind there red(like in picture) with a pink. This bush provides good vision from both the jungler and roaming lanes.   3.) THE GAP (my favorite) Warding just over the wall provides so much protection from there jungler as well as good information on where there jungler is due to the fact you can see them clear there raptors.   Attached is pictures showing the ward placements if my descriptions werent good enough lol     Thank you for reading my tip and if you'd like to see more of these comment and come play in game.
  3. GOLD_Benny1 introduction

    Hi, Im Benny; I don't usually start off by raging but in the registration process there was no option to pick ISRAEL as a country only Palestine (Which is NOT a country atm, Don't get me wrong Im all for the idea of 2 countries here, but to replace my country like that is rather insulting, What if USA was to be replaced as Canada or Mexico? would u find it amusing?   Anyway Back to introduction, My name is Benny im 27 from Israel, Married, studying Electronic Engineering and working part time, ex-paratrooper in IDF served for 3 years and discharged as 1st sargent. I play often, I love FPS games started off from Savage then TF2 then BF3 (2500 hours in 2 accounts thanks to mumble bundle, first account i was Assault #9 Global for PC) There are some videos i recorded on my profile from BF3 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/GOLD_Benny1/, I dont record anymore since ppl can spectate my gameplay now if they wish), and now i play BF4 (world #14 high score, #8 Assault #11 squad score #21 revives #3 Carbines #2 ACW-R) like i said i play often ;) I would like to see myself as a friendly guy, I often play with friends on TS since i like organized Team-play and to chat with friends. ● Member of GOLD™ platoon. Platoon info & presentation page: http://goo.gl/pVVxNe    My Rig is ok, nothing flash: i7 2600 GTX 570 Samsung SSD pro 256gb 620w crosair PSU Mouse: Razer DA 2013 Headset: Gamecom 780 Keyboard: Razer Arcosta.   Feel free to send me a friend request, it might take some time for me to approve since my FL is always full and the queue is long (was over 150 in queue at some point, but being friendly and playing with me on Squad\TS will make difference ofc and i will accept as soon as i can)    
  4. Ranked Game with Sona

    Who says GP5 doesn't work? I really wish they would put a ward counter next to the minion kills. I had 3 gp5 items for most of the game. The 2 that you see there, plus a heart of gold that I ended up building into the Omen for slightly more survivability since I'm pretty squishy if they get on top of me. Also had gp5 in my runes. So it definitely pays off! [img]http://www.adkgamers.com/uploads/imgs/adk_1354353175__aob_sonagold.png[/img] And to those of you looking to play ranked games, you HAVE to be prepared for rude and disrespectful aholes. BUT as the tips say, the people that cuss and are negative towards their fellow summoners tend to lose more games. It's true. This game proves it. This game was a little rough early on, we were down 0 - 7 before we got our first kill and we stayed positive and nobody blamed anybody. Most games that I have played in my 22 ranked games so far there would have been people raging. So stay positive! And on a side note, we played a ranked 5's earlier as a team. Jiz, Moonin, Johnny, Wraith and myself. And won that game. Partly because wraith raped as darius, and then we worked as a team and stayed positive. Those are my words of advice, now go have fun and encourage your team to stay positive!

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