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Found 6 results

  1. Chaotic Youtuber

    Chaotic Videos Hello, my name is Chaotic Videos, I am a recent streamer from Twitch turned professional youtuber (Or at least getting there). I make many type's of videos on Youtube such as Gameplay, Reviews, First Looks, & many more. I do this for the fun of it and I want to help others as much as possible I am currently partnered with TGN (The Gaming Network) and I plan to make the most of my videos by helping anyone who needs it. I hope you enjoy my videos.
  2. In this thread I am going to try my best to be as accurate and precise as possible to answer any questions that can possibly be answered as of this point. So, here we go..... If you have not seen the Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer do so before reading any further.  Now that you have watched the trailer, there are some things to note: The video was not actual gameplay. Not to say that the trailer did not look amazing, because it did, but it was more of a "Hey, this is a trailer for a 3d movie" rather than a "hey, this is a trailer for a video game".  In-game footage and gameplay are two TOTALLY different things. However, despite it being a staged video, it was still pretty amazing.  A little disappointed that we did not get gameplay, but there is speculation that gameplay will be revealed at this years E3 conference.    BREAKDOWN OF TRAILER (From my POV): - Trailer starts off on the planet of Endor. In-game engine makes everything seem awesome - At 0:16 I get my "Oh god, battlefield re-skin" thought as this is the same voice of the BF4 soldier.  - At 0:38 we see that the rebel alliance will not just be humans - Starting at 0:46 we see a rebel deploy a shield, followed by another rebel using a jetpack+rocket launcher combo to take out the AT-ST. - At 1:00 "PEW!PEW!" AT-AT comes along. Which to me is actually really stupid. How in the heck does a mammoth AT-AT navigate the dense woods of Endor? I don't know, I did not like that one bit. On top of that, the AT-AT looked almost to real, which made it look cheesy, in my opinion.  - At 1:08 rebel uses radio to call in a bombing run by Y-wings.  - At 1:37 we see our first confirmation that heroes and villains will be in the game as Darth Vader shows up.  - At 1:40 we see the iconic Hoth battle. - At 1:42 we see a X-wing chasing a TIE fighter. - At 1:46 we see our second villain, Boba Fett on the planet of Tatooine.  - And then at 1:52 and onwards we see a battle on the planet of Sullust, including the famous Millenium Falcon.  All in all, a cool "cinematic/movie-ish trailer, would have still liked to see actual gameplay. Now onto some burning questions that some of you might have: 1) How many players can the game support? According to EA/DICE the max will be a 40 man battle 2) When is the release? The release is November 17th 3) What gaming platforms will be supported? PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 4) Will this game have DLC? Yes, it will. In fact, the first DLC will be FREE to all who buy the Battlefront game, pre-ordered or not. If you pre-order you get the DLC December first, all others will get the DLC one week later. The DLC is the Battle of Jakku which happens to be the setting of the opening scene of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer and consists of two maps. 5) What are the benefits of pre-ordering? See for yourself, HERE 6) Will the game support both first and third person mode? Yes, yes, and yes. Thankfully.  7) Is this game going to be online only? No. Online multiplayer is an option. However, you can also solo or with a friend in co-op missions. 8) Will there be a campaign? No. Not exactly. There will be missions but not a campaign. 9) What game modes will be in the game? Not a lot is being revealed about the game modes as of this point. But based on what DICE dev's have been saying this is what will be included: - Walker Assault.  - In atmosphere aerial combat 10) If I am on console, is there a splitscreen mode? Yes   So, in conclusion I personally am having some doubts now about this. Only four maps to start off with when buying the game, DLC (which is always a pain), no space combat, no clone era, no gameplay still. After watching a video by JackFrags, a well known gamer on YouTube, he went into a little more detail about the game when he went to Sweden and watched some multiplayer gameplay. From his video, in short: - Player movement wasn't particularly fast. Average speed. - Ewok villages accessible for sniping positions, but no Ewoks, apparently. - Potentially no ammo in the game, just heat and cool down for the weapons. - Rocket Launcher is a pickup item. (Sounds like Hardline.....) - More pickups scattered around map. - UI clean and simple. Basic circular mini-map. If you shot or sprinted you appeared on mini-map. Four slot options for weapons and pickups. Most likely 3 primary, 1 for in-game pickups. - No 3D spotting. - Game running 60 FPS (Game Cover)   Comment your thoughts below.
  3. A perfect team with perfect gear

    I play a lot on =ADK= 24/7 Norshahr Canals it's the best close combat map ever ! But now i've join the ADK community and i feel i can improve my skills, my points also my tactics. By playing with other registered users and members i think we can win at every battle. I've seen the good results when i played with other players in ADK and the game seems to be more intense. I thank everybody for that ! Now, i've played so long with the same rifle and i need to know more about different weapons mostly adapted for the TDM in Norshahr. Not that i don't know wich one take, but if i can have really good suggestion(s) for a perfect loadout i will appreciate it !! I use the P90 and the A-91, but it's time for me to take new challenge(s) and mainly to improve my skills with other weapons i'm not use to. I really need the best of the the best ! Thank you in advance and the most important...have a good gaming session everybody ! Peace !
  4. Hello everyone,   Here's my guide to Syndra with izemization and gameplay tricks and tips included. Please keep in mind that this is more like a solo-queue guide, rather than an overall one, as playing with or against a well-coordinated team may require you to play her differently.   So first of all, if you want to play Syndra exceptionally well, then you have to buy this skin.    Once you've done that, the rest is easy.   Let's get started.   Syndra's main role in a team is to provide engage, cc and heavy single-target burst in a teamfight or throughout the entire game. During the laning phase your goal is to completelly shut down the enemy midlaner. Yes, you could say it is a general aim, however some champions such as malphite, warwick, kog'maw or talking about midlaners, ziggs, anivia or orianna are mainly focusing on lane neutralization rather than complete domination as they scale ridiculously well as the game progresses. To achieve this, you need to play very agressive and have to calculate every move you make in the early game. Your mana pool is fairly decent, meaning that you are capable of somewhat spamming your abilities early, however it is just barely enough to pick up first blood at level 2 or 3.    Getting the upper hand early with Syndra is extremelly important and can turn the whole game to your favour. Her AoE abilities enable you to farm while poking your opponent at the same time, therefore it is crucial that you always look for oportunities to do so. Do not forget to autoattack inbetween your spells as if well-combined with your abilities, your trading potential is higher than any other midlaners'.    Using summoner cooldowns to pick a kill up during the laning phase is extremelly worth the effort and should be done without hesitation. Keep in mind that syndra is scaling off damage, not tankyness nor sustain. Therefore picking up an early kill makes the difference of you picking up a Needlessly Large Rod or Haunting Guise instead of a Charlice of Harmony. With the earlier mentioned agressive damage items, another kill at level 6 is granted whether it is 1v1, 2v1 or 1v2. Going up against ad midlaners your first item should definitelly be Haunting Guise over anything else.    Correct itemization throughout the game :   Starting items :  Dorans ring + 2 cookies (yes, that means that going 21 0 9 in your masteries is your best option, but I'll discuss that later)   The cookies are vital when it comes to very close trades as it instantly restores 20 hp and 10 mana. While  the benefits might not seem to be that great, spamming both of them does give you 40 hp and 20 mana, which can make the difference of you getting first blood or your opponent. Even when ignited and your healing is halved, 20 extra hp at early levels can prevent you from dying to the very last stack of ignite or Damage Over Time effect such as Fizz's 'w', Tristana's 'e' or red buff.   Early game items :  Needlessly Large Rod / Haunting Guise / Charlice of Harmony    As mentioned earlier, your main target should be the Haunting Guise in all scenarios, however if you're overperforming, go for Needlessly Large Rod or if you are underperforming go for Charlice of Harmony. If underperforming against AD opponents, even though its going to make your game a lot harder, but go for the Seeker's Armguard. If you're literally getting shit on, camped or just fucked up big time, then rush the double dorans.   Mid game items : Best case scenario : Deathfire Grasp + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's Shoes Decent itemization (sometimes vital against some matchups, such as going vs zed) : Zhonya's Hourglass + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's Shoes Poor itemization (again, sometimes you're forced to take it) : Charlice of Harmony + Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's shoes)   To make you feel the difference between the 3 options above, the best build will grant you a kill on the adc at lv 9 by using 3 abilities and your DFG. When you go with Zhonya, you won't be able to pick a kill up on the adc by using 4 abilities at lv 9, a fifth 'q' is required in this sequence (q+e, then w, q, q). When going with Charlice, even though Syndra has a freaking huge spike at lv 9, the enemy ad will most likely get away if you don't have your ult. Please keep in mind that this is an approximate comparison, therefore different scenarios are likely to occur, however the trend in damage described is constant.    Late game items :  Deathfire Grasp + Liandry's Torment + Zhonya's Hourglass + Rabadon's Deathcap + Void Staff + Sorcerer's Shoes (with Alacrity enchant)   While this is the standard build, as you can see there is no mana-regeneration included, which makes you very blue-heavy. This can be overcome by sacrificing pure damage for mana-regen. As Syndra's base damage is ridiculously high, I usually drop Rabadon's and pick up Athene's Unholy Grail instead. It might seem to be a bit of a shock to sacrifice your Rabadon's for mana-regen, however with the build I've mentioned above, you'll find yourself overkilling everyone on the map which is sort of a waste, isn't it?   Champion specific tips and tricks :    - Activating your ult and dropping a 'q' at the same time or right after the ult activation results in both your 'q' hiting your opponent, as well as it is utilized in your ultimate. Therefore your biggest burst combo is 'q' - 'e' - DGF - 'r' - 'q' combined with an ignite. If you don't manage to pick the kill up, your 'w' is always there to finish off the kill.   - Hitting a q, then stun right after it gives you vision of your target.   - If your sphere is slightly behind your target but still in line for the stun, it will hit.   - Even though it's fun, trying to stack your ult to 6 hits will usually result in you completelly missing your chance to kill.   If there are anything you want to ask or discuss, please go ahead. Tell me how you liked my guide.  Enjoy !        
  5. Boogly_Oglly from your community had recommended me that I should upload videos of my gameplay on your community's website. I am happy to oblige to his request.     I am trying to embed videos from Google drive on this forum. Uploading them on YouTube is not an option since doing so will lower the the quality of them.   Here are the iframe code for the videos.   Part 1.   <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwTukRFzVEylcnh0OGhRdXdmTXM/preview" width="640" height="385"></iframe>   Part 2.   <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwTukRFzVEylTjdLeUwxR3hLMzg/preview" width="640" height="385"></iframe>     Battle Report : http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/463817860558474816/1033070873/   Besides enjoying the opportunity to play video games with my grandson, it has become an exercise for me. Last year, I was diagonsed with Parkinson's disease. It has not affected me a whole lot yet, but it will soon. I have been playing video games to improve my hand eye coordination. I was also told playing video games will prevent Alzheimer's. Don't let the age fool you, people. I am quite old, but not dead yet.   Anyways, I would like to say thanks in advance for helping me out.   God bless,   GrandpaFPS.

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