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  1. So I feel like after years of beating a dead horse the truth finally comes out and what myself and many other leaders here have been saying all along is indeed part of the biggest issue with this game. Many people disagreed and say it's the server lagging, that Blaze isn't the issue - it's just a small problem, etc, etc. . but the reality is when it only happens to a handful of people on the server, we check the server and there's nothing showing that it's having performance issues then that obviously points towards something else. But many players don't feel like believing us in what we say and continue to complain about things that are clearly out of our control.      Proof below as a DICE developer posted a few days ago that the "top issue" is something related to their stats backend.            It has been the stats backend for some time now, because you need to be in constant communication with the Blaze server for Battlefield and it's what causes a lot of problems.    There are multiple ways to fix this sort of thing, but I guess releasing a new beta for a game that's already been released only helps you realize what a big part of the problem is.    I will again try to provide feedback to EA/DICE regarding some things much as I have done before, and hopefully others will be able to see that these "small" issues indeed are bigger than they thought many months ago. 
  2. Another free week cheater

    I wonder when will that free week BF4 end, kinda tired of these cheat enthusiast ... Caught on ADK today and reported. Now EA will probably need a week to find that he is a cheat ! :)   Link to the video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6ifsrs9YMs
  3. Just letting everyone know that if you experience the Battlefield 4 servers going down, it's expected.      There is an update that is being pushed to all servers right now.  Once we find out what is in this update from EA/DICE we will let you all know! 
  4. As the title says there is general feedback needed for BF4 in general.  I was sent a message from someone who is also in communications with some folks in the BF4 World.  They have requested to get general information regarding the game and what could be better, what still isn't fixed, what should have been fixed before, etc, etc. .      If anyone turns this topic into a flamewar or posts things that ARE NOT constructive they will be removed without warning.       Thank you!  
  5. Can you feel ze Schadenfreude?!?!?!

    http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/12/ea-stock-dips-as-company-struggles-to-fix-battlefield-4-issues/   EA stock dips as company struggles to fix Battlefield 4 issues -- Developer places other projects on hold, but EA says releases still on track.   Talk amongst yourselves...
  6. http://mltiplyr.com/game/battlefield/battlefield-4-multiplayer/   you can watch here.     or for some more coverage you can watch the corresponding stage for BF4  here:   http://www.gamespot.com/e3/stage-1-day-1/

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