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  1. CTE has updated to Initiative #2 today.  Check out the details here.  Happy Hunting.
  2. 6/15 UPDATED, added glass health info and other new info, look for YELLOW   Weapon: Ballistic Shield Class: Support Slot: Gadget Melee: Left Click, 2 hit kill Weakness: Back, Side, Lower legs, Glass Camo: Currently your secondary weapons camo is reflected on the shield itself Emblem: 2 locations, a large area on the lower half of the front and a small area above the glass on the back Glass Health: Weapons with a base damage of 50 or more will break the glass   How to use the shield?   Well this is a tricky topic, on one hand you can argue that you need speed to make full use of the shield, while others will say that full protection is better than leaving any weak spots. I am only going to cover the method that I use currently and will always use.    The full turtle method as I like to call it, is pretty simple and very very annoying to those who encounter it. With the shield while standing your legs are exposed and you will need to fix that, a simple crouch is more than enough to fix that. Next we have the sway. This can cause our sides to become exposed and a hard to hit but nonetheless, a target for people to shoot. Holding the right click will fix this and even zoom in a bit. It will allow you to back into a corner and become a bullet magnet all the while stopping ALL handheld weapons. Take note that sniper rifles and shotgun slugs will break the glass allowing ANYONE to shoot your face and give your dentist a nice down payment on their next car. Moving forwards or back or side to side will cause you to pick up the shield and expose some of your feet. There is a work around here, and that is to just time the movement to the time that it takes for you to pick up the shield. This method of moving is VERY slow and honestly not worth the effort unless you're in an one on one fight and you need to kill that player with the shield.    The turtle method is best used in a narrow hallway with a player behind you taking advantage of the bullet sponge. I highly suggest that you get a friend and test this method out and learn the best way to take cover behind the shield. An effective pair of players can not only push a crowded hallway alone, but they can wipe out large crowds of players while taking low to even no damage. A wall of 3 or even just 2 players with the shield using the turtle method can block off an entire hallway and create a new mobile cover point allowing entire teams to take cover behind the shield and pick off players.    Weaknesses   The shield has several weaknesses that can make or break the use of a shield push. Feet while standing Feet while moving while crouched Small patch on the right side (while looking at the player)  Glass Explosives Direct Impact Road Kill From above From the side From Behind Side view Walking not crouched/Standing up Walking crouched 1st Person Sprinting   FUN FACT! EOD BOT will NOT damage the shield nor the user     These weaknesses are the ways you take down a shield, not every option will work depending on your placement and the placement of the shield. Best tactic is to make a 2 person trap, one player sits on the right side of the hallway/tunnel while the other sits on the left side. The shield user will have 3 options, engage left target, engage right target, retreat. If the shield user advances and attempts to take out of the 2 people in the trap, they will expose their backside or even just their side to at least 1 of the 2 people which will cost them their life.    Shooting a player while running will cause them to flinch and move the shield to the side allowing for an open body shot   The Glass   The glass is the downfall of any shield user, with it they can see what is in front of them, but they risk having the glass shot out which will more than likely cost them a life. Breaking the glass can be a quick and easy way to take down a shield while keeping the shield at a distance. After a good round of testing the weapons that can break the glass is small, but not uncommon in a CQB fight. Items that can be used on a Non Explosive server will be colored GREEN, BANNED items will be colored RED. Sniper Rifles (NOT DMR) Shotgun with Slugs M26 Slug Shotgun with Frag Rounds Battle pick-up .50cal Sniper Mounted Guns Vehicle Mounted Guns .44mag Handgun (Even at 20m away) M412 Rex SW40 UNICA 6 Desert Eagle Grenades (M67, V40, RGO, FlashBang...NOTE They tend to kill the shield user more often then they break the glass) XM25 (Tends to kill the user after 2 hits) M320 (Tends to kill the user after 2 hits, will even break the glass and headshot the user) Moderate Distance Explosives (C4, Grenades, Rockets, etc.) Glass Non Busted Glass Busted Shooting at the glass Taking aim at the users head   Any explosives used will shatter the glass as well as inflict full damage. This includes claymores.   Killing the shield   A few weapons will kill the shield user or at least damage them to a great extent. On a No Explosive server, this list would contain almost, if not, all banned weapons but do remember that the shield has other weaknesses that were covered already in this post. Items that can be used on a Non Explosive server will be colored GREEN, BANNED items will be colored RED. XM25 Airburst XM25 Smoke (if shot at the glass, it will headshot the user) M320 HE M320 LVG M320 Smoke (If shot at the glass, it will headshot the user) M320 FB (if shot at the glass, it will headshot the user) M26 Frag M18 Claymore UCAV C4 SUAV (Road Kill) RPG MBT LAW MK153 SMAW FGM-172 SRAW M15 AT MINE (If shot) M2 SLAM (If shot) 12G Frag Rockets at a great distance (still working out correct distance) will not kill the shield, it will be blocked, splash damage can still kill A shield can bash through another shield Final Words   So what does all this info mean for the game, let alone ADK? How will this affect the game and our servers? Well honestly, it could mean one of two things, if the game does not die flat out from the shield then it will mean that we now have a tool on our hands to turn base rapes around and push down the hallways that end up becoming standstill firefights. OR the game could just die out and everyone boycot the game for being stupid and now useless because there is a shield and its becoming CoD...HA.   Honestly the first week maybe 2, we all will have to be on our A game and catch all the players that will be using explosives to kill shield users while at the same time tossing the ones that only QQ in chat into the freezer to chill out for a while. This will cause a great uproar in all servers, and will take time for the game to get use to the idea of a shield. I don't think this is something we need to ban, its no more than a sniper rifle, you just need to know how to get around them and use their weaknesses against them. The players that get mad and rage and bitch at ADK for letting players use the shield, well they can be mad at us, just as long as they are not breaking the rules. A few players will always jump onto the bandwagon and try to get any new changes to the game nerfed to hell and back, and thats because they either do not understand the changes or they are scared of the changes. Let's all embrace the shield and use it as the tool that it was made for, with Lockers and Metro always a camp fest, we now have the power to overturn games without having to swap players around. Use it will be used as a troll tool, yes it will be annoying, but for a moment, remember, I have not only given you the weaknesses, but I have given you ideas on how to use the weaknesses against the shield users. As long as you keep a level head while engaging them, you can always come out on top.     IMAGES!!!!!!!! <-------CLICK IT, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!! VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!! <-------CLICK IT, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!   Thanks to Fail, Hardly, and Efer for helping me out with the images and footage.
  3. Battlefield Wishes

    With Dragons Teeth near for premium players we are expecting a MAJOR patch, and is said to be the one that fixes all wrongs in Battlefield. My question for you all is: What do you expect from said fix, what would you like to be done? What is your Battlefield wish? Keep it clean as always boys and girls...this discussion ought to be fun. [attachment=3314:bf4patchbttlefieldbr.jpg]

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