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  1. The End

    Things never stays as what it is , things change with life , go up or getting down, In the last 4 years i have been here in ADK my only hope is not to see this day that i will be making this topic ,But here it comes , 4 years of success , 4 years of happiness , 4 years of entertainments in one of the best if not the best sections in ADK , THE BATTLEFIELD . It was truly A DIFFERENT KIND . In the last 4 years we have met , played , hangout with amazing people , considered them all as a family and a part of our lives , Some has left , some will never left , And some will always be in our hearts for life . In this section we had amazing times that any other section wont be able to provide to there lovers . And now it's the time to say Goodbye to it . We have been fighting for the last 2 years to stay up , fighting all DICE and EA bad decisions in what related to the RSP ( Renting Service Program ) , They broke what they have build in BF3 and BF4 down , They toke out what any other gaming community needs to keep their BF sections up , and sadly them have made it . We tried and tried and tried , But nothing was working , we were wasting out times and our energy that if we used it in other thing it could done a lot of things , but we no , we put all our hard work as a staff for the section to make it raise up like what it was before , but we were fighting Something bigger as i mentioned , EA/DICE . As a Staff in the BF section , i have seen and had the pleasure to be on of this amazing Team , people that put everything they have for this section, hours and hours of working for ADK, not getting paid , not getting anything , the only thing that they were getting from all what they were doing is the RESPECT that was enough for them , hearing "Thank you for your hard work" was enough for them to know that they did something in their free times . It was enough for me to keep doing what i was doing , in great manner , great effort to keep the BF section always in the top , And we made it , We reached to the top . But like any other thing that reached the top , you have to fight to keep it there , and we lost that fight , and Now the time has come to take a rest and thinks of the future that maybe it hold something that can help us bring This section back to life . To all the STAFF : I want to thank each on of you for your guys hard work , for each min you guys put here , without you guys we wont be a life since this place started 9 years ago , without you we wont see ADK in the top from thousands of gaming communities around the world , we have reached that cause of your guys work and loyalty to ADK . Populating the servers with you guys for hours and hours makes me know you well , makes me feel like we are not thousands of miles away , no , it was like we are a room a way from each other , being with you truly make us one family , a family that will never dies . So i want to say thank you so much , thank you so much for your hard work , for being with us till the end , thank you for anything you have done , whither you still here or not , you were a part of US , you were a part of this great section . Thank you for being A DIFFERENT KIND . Our VA word to us : To all the people who played and helped us in the section : You guys and girls part of this great family , without you guys we wont have a section , playing in the servers with you for 4 years made us a strong family , built a strong relationship between us , You also should take the credit for your great work helping us keeping this section life , You guys truly A DIFFERENT KIND . These are moments i wont forget for my life in ADK as a BF staff and a BF player , moments that never going to die with this section . In the end , i want to say that we might come back in the future , so Please don't forget us . Laith SJ

    It's Back...... Without taking a lot of your time we introduce to you our NEW BF4 SERVER Server name : =ADK= 24/7 Metro/Lockers No Explosives | ADKGamers.com Link to the server : http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/f51222e2-21f4-4f7b-b309-674bd500298d/ADK-24-7-Metro-Lockers-No-Explosives-ADKGamers-com/ Maps : METRO | OPERATION LOCKERS Players Slots : 64 We will have a link here in the near future talking about the rules , but most of them are like the old METRO No explosives server rules , most of who played here will remember them . We may add the MAP VOTE option soon . We hope to see you guys there in the server . In the end, I want to say thank you so much for everyone who donated to us to bring this server back ,It means a lot for us as a Community and as a Section .We hope that everyone help us keeping the server up and running . Best Regards
  3. Dear Battlefield 4 player, An important change is coming to your Battlefield 4 experience for PC. The new Battlefield user interface - already available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 players - will be introduced for PC players in early Spring, 2017. This UI provides a more intuitive and centralized experience for all your Battlefield games. Changes include: • Functionality for squad creation before you enter a match. • A recommendation engine to suggest relevant maps, modes, and more. • A unified user interface allowing you to launch Battlefield 1 from your Battlefield 4 client (if you own both games.) Note that Battlelog will still be available on battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4 after this new UI is rolled out. MANDATORY CONTENT UPDATES REQUIRED TO PLAY BATTLEFIELD 4 GAMES. CONTENT UPDATES AND DOWNLOADS MAY INCUR BANDWIDTH USAGE CHARGES.
  4. Support Class Tips

    I'm new to the support class, but have had immediate success with it. Any tips for more successful gameplay? I transitioned from sniper, and want to work up to an LMG with high accuracy and range (probably heavy barrel).
  5. Okey guys, i'm going to start the preparation of the Battlefield 4 WW1 Style Event, but i need your help to make decisions, so please answer the poll, if you have suggestions or concerns post them in here and i will try to answer them as soon as possible
  6. What do you guys think? This would allow us to expose our brand, and get together as a community. We would all play in a server with randoms in large numbers. This would build excitement and draw people into our community as we get closer to Battlefield 1 launch. The new players will be looking for friends to come play with and servers to spend countless hours on. There wouldn`t be any funds involved. Just a very large number of player playing on night and telling people about ADK! THOUGHT!?
  7. New To Battlefield 4!

    Hello! I have never been the kind of guy who spends a lot of time playing First Person Shooters, because I find most of them very repetitive and quite boring. Some of my friends told me to buy Battlefield 4 and I was not sure about it because I don't usually get attached to those kind of games. I read some reviews online and watched some videos on YouTube and I felt the game would be a great addition to my library. I decided to purchase it and give it a shot. Well, I am now addicted to it. The game is just so beautiful and well done; it really blew me away. I am just a beginner, so if anyone is in the same position as me and want to play, send me a message!
  8. Breathe in.... Breathe out... Breathe in... Breathe out... We're all waiting, eager to start. Some of us jumping in the air, others crouching and stretching their knees. I'm just looking around at all the action happening next to me. So many questions fill my mind... "Will the medics fully revive, or will they fuck up and do 20 revives? Will i be able to get enough ammo? And will my squad leader be a tool and do jack shit, or provide me with a clear, meaningful order?" I look around at the desolated, abandoned metro tunnels around me. Scouting the area for a good killing spot, a voice yells in my headset. "Let's move, let's move!"
  9. Hello ADK community!   My name is Shawn and I play as either Defiar or Defiar_Legend in most games these days with Defiar_Legend being my name in Battlefield 4.  I'm here because I learned about ADK playing on your awesome Battlefield 4 servers, especially Operation Locker No Explosives.   Let me get the boring normal stuff about me out of the way about who I am.  I am 36 as of this post, very happily married to a younger beautiful but incredibly intelligent and successful wife and I have 3 dogs.  I currently work in Business Development for chemicals primarily in the biopharmacueticals industry.  Education-wise, I have a BS in Genetics, an MS in Organic Chemistry, and an MBA in Marketing.   Now for the more fun stuff.  Why do I call myself the Unbroken One?  Well, just over 2 years ago I underwent my third and final major surgery to alleviate my sleep apnea that was the result of my jaw structure.  It basically involved cutting my upper and lower jaw from my skull and moving them.  Long story short, the surgeon messed up.....bad.  He severed the nerve to my tongue, the nerves to my face, my nose was collapsing, my jaw and a titanium plate broke, an infection almost killed me....twice....and that is only part of it.  I spent the last 2 years undergoing 10 surgeries to fix the damage he did.  How did I make it through?  I am unstoppable because I came to terms with the idea that if I couldn't fix myself, I would end my life to not be a burden on my loved ones.  Needless to say, I am okay now.     I made a short video about it and how weightlifting helped me through it all (1 song long).  You can watch it here if you like.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BcInxxx7o4   As you can imagine, my life and career can be stressful so I like to game to relieve that stress in addition to weightlifting.  Some colleagues got me into BF4 and I REALLY love it.  So here I am....checking out ADK and letting ADK check me out.  It is a pleasure to meet you.   Best Regards,   Defiar_Legend    
  10. What are your thoughts on the Spring Patch, and the new weapons? Have you ran into any issues since the Spring Patch?     
  11. First off, let's please not turn this into some pointless big fight.   I just want to say that I think it's a bit unfair and needlessly frustrating to be autokilled just for having a grenade equipped.   And I think it's absolutely ridiculous that the only thing allowed to have equipped in the grenade slot, is the most explosive thing there is, and on a server that explicitly states "NO EXPLOSIVES".   Why am I only allowed to have the M67 equipped?   Wouldn't it make tons more sense to have that allowed for any of the other non-explosives that aren't as likely to kill players instead?   It just doesn't make any sense to me.
  12. So I feel like after years of beating a dead horse the truth finally comes out and what myself and many other leaders here have been saying all along is indeed part of the biggest issue with this game. Many people disagreed and say it's the server lagging, that Blaze isn't the issue - it's just a small problem, etc, etc. . but the reality is when it only happens to a handful of people on the server, we check the server and there's nothing showing that it's having performance issues then that obviously points towards something else. But many players don't feel like believing us in what we say and continue to complain about things that are clearly out of our control.      Proof below as a DICE developer posted a few days ago that the "top issue" is something related to their stats backend.            It has been the stats backend for some time now, because you need to be in constant communication with the Blaze server for Battlefield and it's what causes a lot of problems.    There are multiple ways to fix this sort of thing, but I guess releasing a new beta for a game that's already been released only helps you realize what a big part of the problem is.    I will again try to provide feedback to EA/DICE regarding some things much as I have done before, and hopefully others will be able to see that these "small" issues indeed are bigger than they thought many months ago. 
  13. Final Stand? Hardly

    For those of you who are great Battlefield series fanatics, you have seen the ups and downs of the series, primarily in the Single Player Campaign area, as well as the latest mutliplayer in Battlefield 4, preceding the latest "SOS" multiplayer patches, which was primarily fixed due to the launch of the CTE (Community Test Environment). But it seems like DICE and EA are trying to make it up with their last two DLC's, Final Stand, and, well one we do not have a name for yet. But it is confirmed that Battlefield 4 DLC does not end with Final Stand. As a statement released by EA News seen HERE, they have decided to create yet another DLC for Battlefield 4. This time, they are looking for nothing but player and community feedback on which classic maps you would like to see in the next Battlefield 4 DLC (You can actually participate in the poll HERE). What is even better? The DLC will be completely free. Yes, free, confirmed by a developer over twitter. Recently the DICE development team has been going back to Battlefield 3, most likely to consider new maps for the DLC, and the fluid gameplay. I would not be surprised if many people vote for classic maps from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as this game seemed to have a lot of positive feedback from the community. There is still more information to be released as EA and DICE seem to be trying to have this information secretive for now, as expected.  As a tribute to this article, you can now buy Battlefield 4 for $5 HERE. Also, expect another beta for Hardline before it releases!  @[member=Virtue]
  14. Just letting everyone know that the servers will be going down shortly for the R46 update. The servers will be down for most likely 1 hour as there will be maintenance completed as well.      We don't have any of the updates yet but will update this post once we get more details.    As always, please keep all discussions regarding this update in this topic.      Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you join us after the servers come back online!
  15. sharpeyes

    Hello I am Joe aka sharpeyes(BF4) aka Master2111(A3). I play a variety of games, I started playing games online back in red alert(Command and Conquer series). I started playing the battlefield series when BF:1942 came out loved every minute of it. I would like to join ADK or as I see it ADK<Alternative Demonological Killers> because I really enjoy the setup of Teamspeak and of you BF4 servers.   A little about myself: I love having fun even if I am not in a good mood. I am a veteran in the USMC, Once a Marine always a Marine - SemperFi. I am a Local area Truck driver and I have a 50/50 love/ hate relationship with the career.   Hope I can kill all of you soon .... ingame preferably :p   - sharpeyes
  16. I have a glitch in my battlelog

    I everytime i try to play or update the client it wont play and i get annoyed.
  17. ACE 23 best attachments?

    Hey guys, what do you think are the best attachments for the ACE 23? It's my favourite gun, but I'm never certain on what attachments to use. Right now I'm using a muzzle break with an angled grip.
  18. Hi, I'm Crash.

    Hi, I'm Crash. I live in London and I play a lot of PC games. I'm also interested in programming. I enjoy FPSs, and I also like strategy games, for example Civilisation 5. I have a pet Chinchilla http://i.imgur.com/Cw5hV9r.jpg who chews all my books. Speaking of books, I'm an avid reader. I'm currently working my way through the ASOIF series, and planning on reading Dune next. In school one of my favourite subjects (second to Computer Science) is German. I can speak a little, so I might be able to make basic communication with some of the German =ADK= members! I found =ADK= because I found myself playing on one of your Battlefield 4 servers. After playing on it for a few hours, I decided to check out the Teamspeak, where I received a warm welcome (thanks guys!). I'm just about to go to sleep. I'm looking forward to playing with some of you tomorrow! Thanks for reading.
  19. Battlefield 4 Discount

    Just wanted to shout out to the BF4 forum and let everyone know that you can get BF4 limited edition from Tiger Direct for $10 USD +shipping. Turns out to be around 14-15 USD so if you know anyone who might want to buy it, let them know!   Also, I was debating getting it. Convince me!   Forgot the link...
  20. Hi! I go by Puffalot, or Princess Puffalot, or Princess, or Princess P, or whatever.  :excl: LONG POST INC   So I grew up in Harlem, NYC, a very scrawny then very chubby tall girl with coke-bottle glasses addicted to my parents novels and my computer. I've always been painfully shy, and painful is not a hyperbole.   It hurts to not have friends. It hurts to be teased for having no common interests with the people around you. It hurts being too shy to defend yourself. Speaking has always felt difficult for me, (I was placed in ESL in kindergarten because my teachers were unsure I knew English lol)....but then came video games. And I don't mean Genesis/SNES days, those were great, but I was young, naiive to the crueltys of bullys then. I'm talking about PC Gaming. Oh my PC, my pride and joy, my father taught me where each piece went from the motherboard to the floppy drive when I was far too young to understand, and when I was old enough we gathered the pieces (found a great moniter on bulk trash day), and he helped me put together my first desktop. My HD held 4GB and I loved it for years. I spent hours inside my mind playing all the old Tycoon games, and Maxis simulators (Sim Ants!), and hours modding for Sims 1.   The almost forced introspection of those days helped me know the person I was, and the person I wasn't. (which was very important in a neighborhood like mine.) School was hell, home was ghetto heaven.    Fast forward to college and I decide to play my first "real" online multiplayer game: WoW. lol And WOW was I teased about WoW in college, and it's funny because I wasn't even a little close to good. I had so much fun just noob questing it out, I didn't realize everything was at "endgame" because I had no friends to game with, just phony IRL friends that liked/disliked me for shallow reasons.    Now at 24 years old, I've discovered many games I love like Hearthstone, Battlefield 4, GTA, Starcraft. I discovered I LOVE being competitive, I love the bonding that results from landing in a perfect squad, and I don't mind training hard to be good, it's the only cure to my shyness. Being good. Want to avoid trolls? Then get good. lol   I also discovered I don't NEED people to like me or play these games with me. That brings me to why I'm here today guys, I WANT people to play with me, I WANT others to find me useful ingame and out, and now I'm not afraid to ask!   :blush2:  :lol:   Now enough mushiness, who wants to play some BF4, Operation Locker? ADD ME SQUAD UP LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO!!   Oh yea, also I work remotely as a Rails programmer...  
  21. Just letting everyone know that if you experience the Battlefield 4 servers going down, it's expected.      There is an update that is being pushed to all servers right now.  Once we find out what is in this update from EA/DICE we will let you all know! 
  22. Ground Armor Needs Re-Working

    This is MY OPINION of how tanks should be re-worked in the next more vehicle based battlefield game.   TANKS: Tanks should be feared. They shouldn't be a minor problem that can be fixed with an rpg-7v2.    TANK GUNS: Here we go. The main gun on a tank should be able to be changed out for a few different variants. For instance, for the M1A2 Abrams should have 2 guns to choose from. The 105mm rifled gun should have lower shell velocity and damage, but better accuracy and a higher Rate of Fire. Or you could choose the 120mm smoothbore, which would have higher shell velocity and higher damage, but lesser accuracy and a slower rate of fire.   TANK GUN AMMO: In battlefield 4, AP ammo has the highest blast radius of all the ammo. Are. You. F*cking. Kidding. Me. Standard AP (which nearly no-one uses anymore) munitions in modern days are a solid hunk of metal. They have no explosive power. At all. Dice, If you want to add different Ammo types, add these:   HESH: Explodes on the outside of the vehicle, sending a superheated shock wave through the armor, melting and fragmenting the inside armor, usually injuring or killing the crew   HEAT: Creates a jet of air that literally pushes the armor apart, making a hole in the tank and sending fragments of superheated metal through the tank.   APFSDS: Uses a sabot to propel a depleted uranium-core dart much faster than a full shell. Known for going through tanks, shattering explosively in the tank, and causing birth defects and cancer.   There you go, REAL munitions for a tank.   TANK ARMOR: Modern day tanks have very advanced armor. A puny RPG-7V2 would not hurt a modern MBT unless it hit in the rear, near the engine. Also, even shells dont always get through the armor. It would be amazing if they added a feature where the game actually calculated whether of not the shell would penetrate. If you angle tanks, it will be a bouncefest of shells. With this feature, you actually have to aim.   
  23. Hullo all,     So if you played the Hardline Beta, you now have access to the "4th Floor Dog Tag" in the Right section of your Dog Tag selection under the tab of Exclusive.  There is a QR code and I can't seem to get any Android Reader to read it.  If anyone gets it to work or finds out what it's for, please post and let us all know.   Happy Hunting!
  24. Help Me Design a Emblem

    I need help designing a emblem for myself in battlelog. I'm not a good graphic designer. Was looking to see if anyone can help me out. Thanks
  25. Before you start saying that you didnt forget. Im just trying to say is that, since the whole Battlefield Hardline beta was announced two weeks ago. In my opinion, people just seemed like they forgot about that, DICE still has two. Yet to be released dlc. And It seems like nobidy is hyped. So this is just my opinions, dont hate if you disagree. But it would be nice if you post your opinions down below. Thanks!!

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