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3 products

  1. You may choose 1 type of kibble below for each 5 dollar kibble purchase.


    25 Extraordinary Kibble

    50 Exceptional Kibble

    100 Superior Kibble

    150 Regular Kibble

    200 Simple Kibble

    250 Basic Kibble

  2. This Pack includes 20x Enduro Stew, 20x Focal chili, 20x Lazarus Chowder, 20x Calien Soup, 20x Fria Curry, 20x Medical Brew, 20x Energy Brew, 20x Shadow Steak Saute, 20x Battle Tartar, 10x Mindwipe Tonic, 5x Broth of enlightenment, 10x Flight Speed Soup(Mod)

  3. This pack includes 30 Sweet Veggie Cakes.


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