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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

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  1. IngeniousIon's Introduction! :D

    Hey guys! I just joined and I'm happy to say this is one great community. There's so much awesome competition but also some real good fun. I am an avid gamer but for now can only play for half the week due to split up parents. I'm hoping to get another PC so I can play with you awesome guys all the time. I'd really love to contribute to this cool place so yeah! Basically Hi!
  2. IngeniousIon's Introduction! :D

    Hey guys! I just joined and I'm happy to say this is one great community. There's so much awesome competition but also some real good fun. I am an avid gamer but for now can only play for half the week due to split up parents. I'm hoping to get another PC so I can play with you awesome guys all the time. I'd really love to contribute to this cool place so yeah! Basically Hi!
  3. IngeniousIon's Introduction! :D

    Hey guys! I just joined and I'm happy to say this is one great community. There's so much awesome competition but also some real good fun. I am an avid gamer but for now can only play for half the week due to split up parents. I'm hoping to get another PC so I can play with you awesome guys all the time. I'd really love to contribute to this cool place so yeah! Basically Hi!
  4. Hi, I'm Gustavo!

    Hello! I'm Gustavo (Weird name, eh?), i'm 15 , Brazilian and I play a lot of DayZ (Mod and SA, That's my only hobbie :P) but I also like FPS like BF3. I'm still learning english so you might not see me talk too much on Teamspeak, but i'm always there trying to make some friends. Anyway, see you in the game/teamspeak!
  5. Grig Intro

    My name is Tony and I am 40+ years old.  I go by the name Grig (mostly) on game servers.  I have been into gaming since I was a kid playing pong.  Every weekend I use to go to the arcade at the mall to spend $1 while my Mom shopped.   I had an Intellivision and regular Nintendo.  Then graduated to an Amiga 500 and played that till I was 19.  Got my first PC which was a 486 DX 33 so I could play Altima Underworld, WIng Commander, Mechwarrior.   I have played most MMO's and was heavy into Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Eve Online, World of Warcraft.   Currently I love sandbox games like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dayz, Rust. etc.  I really love the Dayz style games because its a litte more realistic.   I do enjoy action fps multiplier games like Battlefield.  Have owned every version of those.  That is where I first found ADK.  Played on a No Explosion Metro BF3 server and played it a lot.   Now I play a lot of Dayz Epoch on the ADK server.  I started on another server and then found I wanted a place with active admins, a lot of players, and a stable environment.   I am going to apply to ADK
  6. Intro for Slimjpope

    My name is John and I'm from seattle, WA.  I'm old enough to remember the original grey brick gameboy as the future of gaming *sigh* and grew up playing on a NES.    I used to play Age of Conan alot, even got my ginger girlfriend into enough that she joined the guild! I moved to xbox 360 and played a few call of duty and Halo titles over the span of a few years until I built my own PC for gaming.  Since then I have been playing random solo titles mostly (fallout NV, Bioshock inf, farcry 3 ect ) and have really missed out on having a communitty to care about and participate in.  Looking through steams free MMO's I found Planetside 2 and came across the great ADK group that plays over there.   When Im not working at my two jobs I spend my time shooting, fishing, or cooking but being from Seattle Im forced inside for weeks at a time with bad weather and thus log alot of gaming hours.  Thats about everything of value that I can think of at the moment but am always happy to answer anyones questions.   See you in the Outfit! John
  7. introduction story

    Hi i will start intro of who i am then my story   My name in most games are biotoxik1 or biolethal1 <---(in origin) but most people call me bio cause its shorter and easier. My real name is Riley i have no problem if you want to use that.    I live in Danville, Indiana as a sophmore in highschool. I am 16 years old. I enjoy computer building, playing games (bf3, eve, war thunder, mincraft, & bf4), riding my longboard around indy, music, and family.   I didnt really find you guys i happen to join my dads match when he was playing and it was adk metro no explosives so i liked it alot and i started playing that ever since. I plan on staying on the adk servers cause they are fun.     I look foward to being a member i hope you take in great consideration about me. ~bio
  8. Hello I'm Middle Siggy..    Age 40, Live in the US, Ohio..   My first PC was an 8086 with a CGA graphics card (History lesson here kids), and I never looked back.   I play just about anything, Flight Sims, FPS, RPG, Zork.. :)   In the day time I work in IT Security, as a Senior Manager for an International Company, and uber geeks, are those I enjoy mentoring.   Games I am Enjoying more Recently:  BF4 AAO Minecraft (Play with my Kids, and I have to admit, I like it) Probably Titan - (Price needs to drop first) and Many others..   I just enjoy killing bits, and taking it easy.
  9. Hello, My toon name is Raythion, Real name is Aaron. I am Virtue1776's brother. Virtue has introduced me to your servers and I really enjoy playing them. I just Started Playing BF4 couple weeks ago so I am still in the grinding stage. I played BF3 since the beginning and have always been a good respectable gamer. I enjoy jumping on and relaxing with good people. I like being in the front lines of things. I am not one to sit in the back, or hide in the corner. I like doing what is necessary to win the game. Give me an objective and i wont give up on it! Thanks all, and ill see you in game. Any questions feel free to ask.  Raythion Game-On  
  10. Hello my name is John or you can call me Panzer I've been on the Dayz sever's and been around on TS So if you wanna know more you can usually find me around in the Dayz Channel. I've been a gamer for most of my life and i'm the person that will drop anything to help people. If you wanna know more send me a message I'll reply.
  11. Hey guys!   My name is Patrick, I´m 22 years old and i wanna introduce me! Ingame i got called Mettvurst in Bf4. Normally im on the BF4 no explosive server online. And yeah, my english is a bit rusty :(  
  12. Hey guys,   My name is g19max1 and I've been playing a lot of Arma recently. I met bladeiown on a wasteland server and ever since, have been actively meeting and playing with other players on the ADK TS.    I mostly play Arma 3 but also enjoy the Battlefield series, planetside, and sometimes counter strike.    In the real world I'm a software developer. I have my own business that I use to pay the bills, but I love every bit of it.   Anyway, thats a bit about me, if you're ever playing Arma, hit me up on the TS. I'd love to get to know more of you guys.     See you in game!   g19
  13. I feel that a greetings is the appropriate way to begin an introduction about myself. Let's make it heartfelt as well.          Hello and good day to all you people of a Dissimilar Nature! I recently caved in and created an account on the website after well over a year of playing on ADK servers across multiple games. I first found ADK via Battlefield 3 and recognized it as a great server. I played my remaining days in Battlefield 3 (Remaining, for I was fated to forsake that game for greener pastures thereafter.) almost exclusively on ADK servers. I proceeded to join the Teamspeak server and played on the Minecraft server, DayZ, Battlefield 4, and played some games with other members in League of Legends. Now I am coming back after a long vacation and decided when I logged into one of my favorite games, Planetside 2, that I needed to find myself an outfit. Lo and behold I play New conglomerate since release, and I chose Connery because my friends who got me into the game pestered me into the west coast server because I had lower ping than them, even though I live on the east coast.          And thus the intro to our intro is complete. I caved in and am now doing an introduction because I want to hang out with the cool people that I already know are in =ADK= while playing one of my favorite games (Planetside 2).         I normally wouldn't touch any sort of forum with a 10 ft. pole. Truthfully forum posting just is not nearly as fun or personal as VoIP or even in-game chat for me and I have posted a total of 3 or 4 forum posts in my lifespan. I still peruse them on occasion though, mainly because I like being well-informed.   (As a side note would there be any way for me to forsake the 20 forum post requirement for recruitment into ADK's  Planetside 2 outfit? I would be willing to do extra of the other two requirements to make up for it. Heck I'd be willing to do a head stand wearing nothing but a pink tutu and rub my belly while smothered in marmalade singing a shanty in hideous falsetto to a group of sailors to not have to meet the 20 post requirement.) :wacko:   ((Though I do understand if it is still required.))                       TL;DR: Hi
  14. 你好 Zajian here!

    Hello there, I'm Zajian, and I like long walks on the beach... not really, actually terribly afraid of water. Anyways, I play Planetside 2, LoL, War Thunder, Minecraft, FFXIV: ARR, and I'm pretty much up for any other game if anyone has any suggestions. I work a lot, so don't expect to see me on too much or around mid-day at all. I'll be on when I can.   I play a few instruments, and would like to think that I can sing, but the jury's still out on that one.   I really don't know what else to put in here, so I'll leave it up to you guys to ask me questions! bwahahahahaha.   Cheers, Zajian
  15. Hello peeps, I'm BlitZ,aged 19 from India. I'm in University right now learning Information Technology. I know ADK right from when BF3 came out. I liked the servers since they don't lag and there are admins most of the time. Also, there are several servers from ADK with different mods and maps so we can choose where we wish to play. I joined forum long back but havent participated since most of the time I went to battlelog for complaints and technical issues.   Now coming to my actual purpose, It's about the community's intrest in CoD4. It's a well known fact that BF gamers won't like CoD but CoD4 is different from the latest versions of CoD franchise. Excluding graphics/realism, It's a masterpiece that defined FPS back in 2007. Few things about CoD4 are:   *Can be hosted on our own dedicated server instead of renting from GSP's , thereby reducing costs. *Each 50 slot server(Max.Slots) takes about 500-700mb of RAM(Not very CPU Intensive) *Over 5.5k servers registered on GT and another ~3k servers not registered *Many servers still run with brim capacity. *Competetive scene still exists. (Scrims happen between clans as well as Leagues/Tournaments are conducted) *Many modes as well as mods exist. Few of them are:   - TDM,Domination,FFA,S&D,Hardcore (Modes,Standard)   - Promod,Deathrun,Sniper Only,Zombies,CoDJumper,Hide&Seek etc(Mods)   Now the question you might ask is, "How can we be top or compete with other servers when we enter so late?"   *Well, The answer is, I have a special plugin which connects "Gameranger" lobby/room to the dedicated server thereby people from both gameranger and ingame server browser join our gameserver populating it faster. It worked for my past server as well as few more servers using it. The plugin isn't available to the public by the developer so only few servers(handful) use it. Gameranger contributes to several cod4 gamers, enhancing it's playerbase. The server can be cracked or original but since CoD4 is an old game, people tend to use cracked version. There are specially coded Anti-Cheat for this purpose known as B3 Bot which can be used. Also, B3 Bot has various other uses like Player stats tracker and Live Server Query topped with WebAdmin facility.    I have messaged AOBLXIX about this proposal who in turn stated that the intrest must arise from the members before going ahead, So, I wanted to hear your opinions,suggestions and feedback/intrest.   Greetings, BlitZ   My Xfire: vipmillionaire Steam: 13square2 Battlelog: walt_breakingbad (I'm not active anymore)  
  16. SpartanHell here

    I have played Planteside 2 with a few platoons thought i would help out more and become a member sorta and be part of the platoons for sure not just looking to find any squad/platton cause i want to play with teammates that know what to do.
  17. What's going on

    My name is Chris. I am 18 years old. My birthday is Feb. 23. I am Red/Green colorblind. I suffer from back pain stemming from a serious fall that fractured 10 vertibrae. I play League of legends and Battlefield 4. When it comes to BF4 I am a christmas noob so be patient with me :). I am much more experienced with League (leveled 2 accounts to 30). In BF4 i mostly play play recon class. In league I am a support main in ranked but will fill any role in normals. My favorite champion? Leona. I have Teamspeak and a headset. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield whether its Operation locker or summoners rift. peace -Chris
  18. Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone,       I noticed this gaming group's outfit on Planetside 2 so i decided to head on over to this site and check it out. So far the people I have met in Planetside 2 have been quite respectful so I hope to be a good addition to the community. I have been playing PC games for most of my life, I prefer FPS type games that also include vehicles such as the Battlefield series of games and Planetside 2. I also love to play strategy games but its quite rare to find people who also share the same feelings for the genre. I am currently working in the Information Technology industry so I have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to computers and technology in general. I have custom built my computer with parts I bought except the GPU which i received as a prize from a gaming tournament I attended a few years back. I will be joining the teamspeak server sometime later today, so I hope to see you there.   Warcorer
  19. a big hello

    hello boys and girls my name is ted (Breakformula/D3rps) im a old school gamer i rule the battlefield in most common fps games (you name it i have prob played it) im a leader i will follow but do not mix well with a young leader (kid) im 29 i was kicking ass and taking names on fps shooters before most were even holding a controller i do not see cod as a skilled shooter anymore so if you tell me you own at it i will laugh at you i am kind but firm and will express myself how i see fit i do like to enjoy my gaming from time to time if you couldnt tell do not let my fooling around in game trick you its how i vent b4 i start raging but trust me when the bullets are flying you will be glad im on your side i do not care for my k/d ratio i will lead the wave into battle and be the first to fall if thats what it takes to get the hurd moving ...    im brutal unfair dirty mean killing machine do not stand in front of my bullet hose !
  20. The Cactus is at your service.

    I am... an ogre. I have shoulders like an ox, my head makes me look related to Shrek(my ears don't stick out that far), and I only have slightly less fur then a yeti that has trimmed up for the summer. I have a signature intro that I usually voice shortly after logging on. All you have to do be is be on when I log on and you will know when the cactus is at your service.   I play League of Legends, Planetside 2, and some Path of Exile.  I've been a LoL player from the start of LoL, Planetside 2 since March 2013 and PoE only the past month or 2. Feel free to ask me anything, I'm usually reasonable.   Das Cactus  
  21. rush2kill97 intro thread

    Hello my name is Kyle I have been a member of the Planet Side 2 outfit for a month now and decided to finally apply to become a member of of =ADK=.  I have been a console gamer for quite some time now, but just a few months ago I switched to PC when I built my own PC with the help of my neighbor.  My first gaming experience was when I played play station 2 after I got it for Christmas one year. My first fps experience was when I played Halo 3 on my friends Xbox 360 and from that point on I have been a fps player with a few games to mix it up here and there. Recently over the past few days I got Battlefield 4 and that has to be the greatest game I have ever played, and it has quickly become pretty much the only game I play beside Planet side 2.  I have also been in the process of looking for other games that strike my interest, but the only thing I have seen is Titanfall which I can't wait for that to come out.  Thank you for viewing my intro and I hope it helps you in the process of deciding to accept or reject my application.
  22. Sup Gals and Guys

    Hey. I just discovered this community not too long ago and I liked what I found. so I joined. I'm a Heavy Vehicle Operator for a Construction company so I don't game as much as I used to do. I play Planetside 2 mostly in my free time but I on occasion I may play some other games. Usually RTS types. I look forward to gaming with the ADK community and You can find me on steam,XBL and in most cases PS2 by the Usernames of VelCreaux (Vel'Creaux) and Velnius. 
  23. hey guys

    hey Days here,came from CSGO  Age:18  xp (COD and CSGO) - twl season 2nd place  BO2: 5v5 Hardcore SD Launch Tournament - 2nd Place  MW3: 3v3 Hardcore SD Ladder - Rung #1  BO: 5v5 Hardcore SD Season One - 3rd Place  BO: 4v4 Hardcore HQ Ladder - Rung #1  bo2 -End Game/Nightmare echos  ghosts-NO  CSGO:Uncrowned,Team Actavis,Exiled Falcons,Sinister E-sports  Current:DWC  i steam aswell Twitch:www.twitch.tv/daysofourknives  The big dream is to play for big team  That's pretty much all there is to say.  
  24. goodbye

    everyone else kinda says hello so my intro is a hello obviously, names game. not kid not anything else... unless i say otherwise its just game. real name stays hidden... or call me RIG. um i play MC, PS2, EVE, Everquest2, and more. um i like/love gameing.... first conversation i joined into was wanking. lol so wank on wankers. lol thats it.
  25. The intro thread!

    So this is my first thread on here. What is there too know.... I am a planet side 2 player. I enjoy playing as the infiltrator. I am currently (at the time of posting this) am not graduated. I have never used raidcall and use skype mainly.(i hope to change that) The reason i am here is because the plattons in planet side 2 are so well organized. The fun i see happening made me want to join. Having came from counsels, (xbox and wii) i bought a pc and have never gone back. And yes i played competitively for black ops (cod) I really enjoy building computers now. ( i have built 6 too date) I also am trying to start a youtube channel (i suck at this) So between school and gaming i am a honored reff for soccer. I am also training to join the police force. I also do a bit of 3d moddeling in blender. [attachment=2061:handle and stock.png]     And that is me!

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