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  1. Hello im maxwell

    Hello my name is maxwell. I built my pc a little to a year ago and have been gaming small time and would like to expand on my games and would like a community to enjoy them with. If youll have me.
  2. Introduction

    Hi, my name is Shia Lebeouf. I will be playing Arma 3 exile Bornholm.
  3. Whats up

    Whats up guys. Im shane. Im 33 and I live in the USA. Im curently in the army for the last 10 years. I have been playing Elite Dangerous with ADK for about a week now. I also play Heors of the storm. Feel free if you see me to add me on either game!
  4. I am chuglydude

    Hi I am chuglydude, I love to play game my steam library has 103 games and I would love to play adk gaming. I want to have fun and I want to play lots of lots of games. I would love to fix computers for this gaming community. What I do in my daily life is fix computers. If one of you or anyone has problem with their computer I could help you. My teamspeak is harryman55.   From, Chuglydude    
  5. Introduction!!

    Hello,   I'm Sparkychu, or Ryan, your choice.   I've been looking for a gaming community to join. And hopefully, I can join this one.   I normally play League of Legends on EUW servers, but I have a NA account, but like, it's level 1 and has nothing on it. xD   I got a few hobbies, mainly playing bass guitar, talking to people, and all around, hoping to have a good time.
  6. Hi ADK

    Hi all,   My name is Necro (real name pending) and Im the IT Manager for a e-Commerce company here in Indiana.   Besides playing BF4, I also play Diablo, Killing Floor, Tera, and a few other games with my friends and coworkers.   I hold a degree in Computer Scienes with a focus on Network Admin. I hold both the Net+ and Secure+ certs.   Im also a Navy Vet and thats as far as that goes. (for the Navy peeps, I was a Crypto and for my Jar Head buddies, thats a 2651 in USMC speak).   Other then the above , I'm a fairly boaring guy.   Thanks for your awesomeness,   Necro.
  7. Intro of myself

    Sup i don't really like introducing myself becuase the last time i did this some guy said he was going to hunt me down and kill me or somthing, ill keep it really simple, Im Ajax i know my name says DragonSurge but if i could change it i would. Ok im a good person im nice to others i like to do jokes but i need to stop with the jokes. Im a safe person so every word or promise i make to a person i try to keep. Im not that type of person who likes to break the rules. If i see a rule breaker i can report him to the admins and let them take it from there and just go on with my day and talking to some friends and i have two good friends who are truly great. I might not be as prefect on introducing myself becuase i live a simple life and idk what to talk about the games i play is bf3 or console and ik here is a pc world but i don't have any pc games relating to anyone else. This has been my introduction yes ik it sucks but this is best on how i can explain myself sorry for a sucky intro. Hope you like it :(
  8. Introduction - Opsyren

    Hello, my name is Colin.   Age: 17   I have many IGN's but my preferred is either Opsyren (O-Siren), or FluffyBiskit.   I play many games such as:   - League of Legends - Diablo III - Borderlands: 2 - Minecraft - etc.   I'm a pretty chill guy so if you ever need help or just have a question, feel free to talk to me on ts or message me on steam (superfluffybiskit). Seeing as I'm currently 17, I'm in my Senior year of high school. This prevents me from being online as much usual during the week. I also currently work as an apprentice IT so that takes some of my time. Other than that I am quite active when it comes to community events or helping other members.   Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, I look forward to seeing most, if not all of you during my endeavors in this community.
  9. Hey dudes i'm Forest (aka Takoe)    I play CS: GO, LoL and ED I have only recently got into them and am still learning the rigs  :D   I am new here and hoping to get into a competitive team/group in either of the games listed above   I'm your average teenager 15, game, watch anime.    Hope to chat and see you all in game soon  |B)   Happy Gaming  :ph34r:    
  10. Hi im commander

    Im shannon a 13 year old boy who loves to game i enoy working hard to earn skins and level up parents divorced that sucks so yea just average
  11. I saw that you guys were getting generic responses on your intro page so i figured i'd kick it off with an interesting title instead of "HI GUYS"   Me? I am a bored gamer who has to much time and skill and not enough people to play with. I am not a l337 kid, I don't think I am better than any one else I just happen to damn near go pro on everything I pick up so lets call it luck to soften the ego.. im a super lucky gamer lol.. I actually do not have a main game as of the moment i am "testing" new games trying to find a good community to jam with and stuff to do.   Currently my test is on BF4 and I semi frequent LoL in between rounds of the new witcher.. I just want people to laugh and kill shit with I don't care if they are bad or good at the game ill carry when i feel the need to win hardcore I just miss the camaraderie.   I am 25 and work in security which gives me strange hours to play at so that's a bit of a bump in the system since i work contracts that range the full 24 hours on the plus side I get paid to stand around with a gun and look pretty (*Cough* intimidating) for the most part.   I have no fing clue what im doing on bf4 as of the time of this writing sometimes i get good scores sometimes I laugh and die to some crazy sht all game any advice would be welcome on the topic to nudge my learning curve along =P   I am also open to try new games if i get ppl to join into the game with since gaming is about having fun and sht idc much what game it is so long as its not broken or some how boring even with good company.   Side note.. I love karaoke and can actually sing if i get the urge.. so far i try not to in combat but hey load screens are any mans game =P 
  12. Introduction of Parozion

    Hello everyone, My name is Rick (Parozion ign) and i am a 14 years old dutch gamer. The games i play are: GTA V, Dayz, Arma III, CS:GO, League of Legends, COD and more. I train twice a week (1x muay thai and 1x MMA). My hobbies are gaming, sporting and having fun in what I do. Greets, Rick           (Note: My english is not the best and could be ALOT better)
  13. JonnyBravo

    Hey whats up guys my name is jhon but you guys can call me jonny I am currently 21 year old part time video game designer  I used to play call of duty in the competitive scene but I got bored of the game after playing it for 6 years xD I moved on to play csgo recently only gold nova 1 right now, I also play league of legends, path of exile, warframe, name it  Ill play anything just to try it out   Excited to get into a new community and meet new people 
  14. Sup, guys and gals.

    Hello, I am 21 My name is Liam Aka =UK= Liam  I Play Alot of Dayz and used to play a ton of Battlefield 4 been Playing Adk Server For a while now and its all great fun :dry:
  15. zenlike

    Hey, I'm Ben.    [attachment=5575:10463970_607024238037_569126048694805893_n.jpg] (Me in Vietnam two months ago, I love pho)   I've been playing games online since the late 90s which was about the time that AOL and compuserve made that possible. The first real game I played online was DragonRealms, which was a MUD (kind of a text-based MMO). I think it made me autistic, but I can read really fast now. I played that for a few years before it became subscription based and it just wasn't worth it--not with the money I was making washing dishes in highschool.    So I moved on to playing text-based Battletech games (Mechwarrior) because I couldn't afford a good machine to play things like MW2. [attachment=5574:screenshot.gif] I could read really fast after that.   Eventually, I went to engineering school and upgraded my job to waiter, so I could afford a sweeter rig. I played a lot of WoW beta but was so burnt out on that I never really stuck with it. I also fought in the first sanctioned MMA competition in my home state. I didn't win. I did some judo/jiu-jitsu and some muay thai, too. All of that probably slowed my reading speed, now that I think about it.   Anyhow, I graduated an moved to Denver where I worked as a software engineer for a few years. I got really into rugby, ultimate frisby, and spending way too much at clubs that I thought were cooler than they were. So I didn't do a lot of gaming. I got really bored of working at a desk so I spent every minute of my free time studying to get into medical school.    In med school, I pretty much stopped playing sports, so I picked up MechWarrior Online--which is where I was first introduced to the idea of a gaming community. It was pretty sweet. I played competitive MWO for a year or two with a clan called Blackstone Knights. Eventually, I got tired of the lack of progress of the game and shitty balance, so I stopped playing.    I moved to Houston to do my first year of residency, which is basically getting paid minimum wage to stick your finger up people's butts. I'm moving into my third year of residency now, which is way less butt fingering but the money hasn't changed much. I do have a little more free time, though, so I picked up CSGO to get my FPS skills up while I'm waiting for Star Citizen to come out.    I'm pretty much down to play any genre apart from MOBA or RTS. I play a little Minecraft, GTA, BF:HL as well. In my free time I dive and drink beer.        
  16. This is Nick (Catcracker) -    So I was born in the general hospital in Idaho Falls ID, and It was a nice. Luckily My child birth went fine but my sisters almost killed my mother with blood loss. Fast forward and I went to a local daycare at a nice ladies house. She had a 3 story house and A huge playground with lots of bikes. I made a lot of memories at this place. I remember breaking remote control cars from throwing them off the high slides and causing havoc in the nap room because I was never the "napping type". Then one day I was playing on a scooter in the back and I fell onto a sharp rock. I then remember a sharp pain in my cheek and running into the house crying as my friends watched me bleed (I was 5). I had a 0.75 of an inch roundish hole in the side of my cheek where the rock had gone through. My mom rushed to the daycare from work and then took me to the ER. I had to get stitches and it gave me a scar on the right side of my face that is still easily see-able today. After that, I changed daycares.   I was then put into another daycare that looked fine at the time but looking back probably wasn't the best environment. The main sitter Shelly was very nice and always had good intentions but her family wasn't the best role models. Her son was in a gang and carried a gun. Her 2 youngest were my friends and we hung out all the time til 2nd grade when I moved, but Shelly made me sugar toast every morning when I got there and I helped pick up after the younger kids. It was awesome, my friend Creed and Austin went there too and we all became close. A neighbor girl also came by every once in a while and she was like 13 when I was 8. She was cute and really friendly, she would always play games with me whenever I asked. We also shared a Birthday. I was sad to leave her and all the other friends when I moved to Washington.   I now live in the desert of Washington (southeast) and have been here for around 6 years. When I moved here I made 3 main friends and stuck with them for a while. Some drifted but 1 stayed, Quinten (Stryker). We have been friends since the first day of 3rd grade, he was my first friend in this new place. We were both new to the school so it was a new situation for both of us. We had a teacher named Mrs. Blake and she was an amazing teacher, so friendly and patient.   In middle school, It was weird and awkward as you start to go through puberty, you grow hair and you dick gets larger, you have your first girlfriend and first heartbreak. I dated 2 girls in middle school. Dated one for a year and the other for 4 months and I learned a lot. After the second one broke up with me in 8th grade. She dated my bro Quinten and It kind of killed me. I thought I had failed at life because this girl no longer liked me but worse was that my best friend was now dating her and it made me angry at both of them. I stopped talking to them for a little and became depressed. I sat alone at recess and just starred at the grass. I then became close with her old friends Jake, Holden and Ben. This was towards the end of my 8th grade year and when high school came, we split schools, I went to a completely different high school with only the ex-gf that had cheated on me with Quinten the year before. We became friends and we still are today. But Quinten and all my other new friends left to the other school and only Quinten kept in touch through video games.   Now in High School and I have made many new friends, my best bro Ben (BB girl) is my homie and we are very good friends. We sleepover every Friday and can say anything to each other because we are very similar in body size, strength, interests, height and friends. Plus I have met some very nice girls. I dated a girl named Phoenix early in the year and 3 weeks in we broke up. But we are now good friends. Currently I am dating an amazing girl named Carolyn. She is very cute and has a great personality. She plays minecraft and she supports me in my hobby of CS:GO. I also dabble in games like H1Z1, Arma 2/3 and Minecraft. I have been playing CSGO since around March 2014 and I have been addicted since. My goal is to be on a pro team and compete with the Europeans someday. Until then I want to improve my game and expand my horizons within the game of Counter Strike.
  17. Let me introduce myself...   My name is Dave, better known as OmegaGrim, and i'am an indie game developer and digital artist for my own small company BLUE MONSTER STUDIOS. I currently live in the woods of Pennsylvania but i was born in the dirty jerz. I was a former member of EDGE GAMERS ORGANIZATION , I recently started my own small gaming guild BLUE MONSTER SQUAD which is just my game dev buddys and rl friends, we all will be coming over to join ADK as a squad. Looking forward to meeting some cool people.          
  18. hey adk - im ultimatememe

    hey adk im ultimatememe   i am keen to et some wicked gamin on with you guys   i play bf3 bf2 and planetside so im keen to see you guys there!   im also keen for any admin positions on the bf3 servers if there is space
  19. Insanemave, mave133 , mave call me what you wish. Name the game and I probably have played it or playing quite a bit, im a pretty heavy gamer spending most of my time at this here PC of mine.   Main games atm: WarThunder BF3&4 Heros of the storm Darkest Dungeon (RIP A Team :( ) Reign of Kings Dayz H1Z1 Cities Skyline&more!   Taste in music you ask? I enjoy a good amount of different music mostly being punk rock and heavier stuff ADTR (A day to remember) Favorite band! Check out ATC (Against the Current) The Amity Affliction (Great band if you like the heavier stuff)   Im currently 19 years of age born in 1996 jan.20 soon to be off to college 4 hours away from home so i may not be on as much starting early August but dont fear ill still be on as much as i can if you play real. battles on warthunder hmu. But for me thats it im a pretty simple dude get alone well with just about anyone so long people are respectful. Peace

    to start im chad  and im new  im soopavillians RL friend  i enjoy bongs booze and games need i say more ohh and im a funny guy !

    to start in chad  and im new  im soopavillians RL friend  i enjoy bongs booze and games need i say more ohh and im a funny guy !
  22. max2go (E:D, Dota 2)

    Hey all - Max here.   I came across this site when I googled for "elite dangerous ts3". So I went to the site and used to info there to get onto the community's TS3 server. Just now, "armstrongjr" asked me to put down an intro in here and then fill out an application next. So, here we are :)   I'm 30, do website dev for a living and enjoy gourmet cooking and of course gaming (I have a Bachelor Degree in CS with a focus on video game dev) - mainly E:D (I have the lifetime expansion pack) and Dota 2 (just after the beta ended). I have quite a vast knowledge of anything computer (and somewhat smartphone, mainly Android and a little bit of iPhone) related - I have both a Mac and a PC (which I built myself) and experience in OS X, Linux and Windows.   The following is mainly about my interest in E:D and my background in EVE - if you don't know / aren't interested in these games or space MMO games in general, you might want to stop here.   Previously I have been in EVE Online, on-off since 2009, it just never held my interest for a longer time; I quit for real a few months ago after approx 5 months of intensive (average 12h / day actual in-game activity) - I made quite a few friends in EVE and am still in touch with them (via TS3). I'm hoping to be able to replicate this experience - making friends, not leaving after a few months ;) - with E:D in this community.   Regarding E:D, it's now still quite in its infant stage, at least compared to game elements in EVE, such as drones - although they were just announced yesterday, April 1st 2015 (and not as an April Fool's joke). Now that at least a wing system was introduced in E:D, it's starting to be a whole lot more fun - I just hope it will expand in the near future to a full fleet system like in EVE. I'm reading regularly the E:D sub-reddit and perhaps will be posting there and on Frontier's E:D forum sections.   I might expend this further in the future, right now though that's all I can think of to put in here without totally boring you guys ;)   Looking forward to be part of this community and making good friends!
  23. Hello

                    Hello every one just wanted to drop in and say hi. Been playing a ton of bf4 #7 meat grinder server its been fun. My name is josh I'm a vet. I now work for pepsi in ky. Been gaming most my life. I have 3 boys 1,2 and 10 been married for going on 6 years to Brittany my lovely wife who is a pre school techer at yum center in Louisville. I love to shoot guns,have a ton. Ride, mudding, hang out with friends and family. Grill out every day in the summer. Every thing is grilled with beer only way to go there. I also sub to planet side 2 its no bf4 but it feeds my fix. quote of the day. Life is hard, Life is harder if your stupid. I go buy plumloko or Diajja. nice to meet you guys. Hoorah.  
  24. Hello Guys and Gals

    Hello I am Anders Ebner, I am 15/16 years old, I play a multitude of games just ask me and I probably have it, I mainly play planet side 2, Mine craft, and Black Light Retribution. I am looking forward to talking, chatting etc. with you all and I hope we can have fun playing together.  :D
  25. USAknight's intro

    Hello my name is Ryan and i play cs:go, arma 3, planetside 2, day z, and H1z1 :Zombie Horde: . I play 3 sports:baseball, basketball, and football. I am fourteen years old. I was told about ADK by homeboy55. i hope to be a member of the ADK community  :D

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