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Found 18 results

  1. Count to 1,000

    What better to do in the spam section except stupid stuff?  Alright, counting to one thousand. You may only post once per day, and another user has to post before your latest post. So, here we go: 1  (Note to applicants: Posting in this thread will NOT help your post count.) @[member=Vladimir Zsadist] is prohibited from posting in this thread, because he ruins everything ... 
  2. Rate The Song Above You

    Just what the title says. Rate the song above you. Be fair to those who post and listen to the whole thing (If you can bear it).
  3. [HOW TO] Free Steam Games

    In this thread I will show you an easy, free, and legal way to add extra free games to your Steam Library.  (Note: This requires the use of another persons login information. Only do this with people you trust) Steps: Step 1: Open up the Steam Client application on your computer Step 2: With the application open, click on "Steam" located in the very upper left hand corner of the screen. Step 3: Navigate down to "Settings" Step 4: Click on "Family"  At this point you should see something like this: You will see that you can share game library with up to five other users. Now here's the tricky part. In order for this to work, you MUST have the other persons login information that you wish to share your library with/get games from. Meaning from the picture above. I had to sign into IT3ABAGUFOFOOD's Steam account with his username and password. (When you do this, Steam will not recognize the computer that is trying to login to the account. So, Steam will send an email verification code to the users current email address, to make sure that the user is actually supposed to be using the other persons account.) Step 5: After logging in successfully to your friend/family members steam account. click on the "Steam" icon once again, in the top left hand corner. Step 6: Navigate to Settings Step 7: Navigate to Family Step 8: (You should then see yourself in the box where IT3ABAGUFOFOOD is. If not, simply click on "Authorize this computer" and mark sure the box has a "Check Mark" in it. Step 9: Log out of friend/family members account and back into your own Step 10: Scroll down through your "My Games" list. If you did it correctly, it should look like this: For some reason not every game the user has will be transferred, but most will. Thank you for reading. Enjoy. Please give this a LIKE if I helped you at all. @[member='Pepsi'] 
  4. Hello

    What's up people, I'm Marky and I'm a 21 year old unemployed loser from the rough streets of Portsmouth in England. I've wasted over 150+ hours on H1Z1 in the last 2 weeks and I'm anticipating to hit 1000 within 2 months, all I need is my mountain of coke cans, crisps and the aroma of shame.  I've got experience with raiding and screaming "China Number One" down the mic whilst doing so. I've gradually turned into Bear Grylls, mastering the arts of killing dsyncing wolves and drinking from dirty wells only to bandage the wounds it didn't leave for my health back. Hopefully I can pass down my knowledge of gorilla warfare to you all. Have a great day, toodlepip.
  5. Since people have been asking in the servers and on the forums lately on if they could become an admin, or how to become one I will explain this briefly here. We do not just give out admin to anyone. They need to earn our trust first and foremost. We used to have "admin assistants" but that has been terminated since the beginning of the 2014 year. The only way to progress in the process to becoming an admin is to do the following: 1. Apply to become a member of ADK HERE.  2. After becoming accepted you will have access to a Member Only section of the forums. Within that section you will find an application for BF3 Admin.  This is the ONLY way to become an admin for Battlefield 3 (or any of our games for that matter). So, if you feel like you would like to help out, feel free to apply.    Check out Member Ranks and Roles HERE
  6. So, I still frequently visit this page, whether I comment on threads or not. I see a lot of threads created talking about either, A) Let's revive BF3, or B) Who still plays on our servers? The last time I personally was involved in BF3 in ADK was when I was an admin, which has been awhile.  However, for those of you who really feel like you would like to continue to see the BF3 community in particular continue to grow and our servers continue to populate,  #1: Apply to become a member of ADK. (APPLY HERE) I see a lot of registered users posting in this section. Which is fine, but if you already come on the website, the APPLY button is just one click away. And why not join this awesome community? #2: Recruit!  I see a little of this being done in this section already, but look for like-minded people who love to play this game and squad up with them on our servers and hop on teamspeak. #3: Apply to become an admin! (APPLY HERE) Just like the fact that servers do not stay populated without dedicated members, servers do not stay player friendly without admins who are there to not only enforce the rules, but to more importantly make people feel welcome and want to stay loyal to the server because of the awesome job you do as an admin.    I look forward to seeing some new applications soon. Whether they be member or admin applications. 
  7. Bots in BF4

    Here ya go :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGYjggjUNK0  
  8. As I was in my car on the way home, an announcer came on the radio and said that France was under attack. I could not believe what I was hearing. Once I got home I spent the next 3 hours listening and watching in shock and horror as I saw the events and tragedy unfold. I know that this is a large gaming community and there are bound to be some people here who live in France. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to all those affected by this terrible terrible tragedy. This truly is an attack on humanity. I stand behind the people of France, and I have confidence to say that the United States as a nation and ally of France stands by your and mourns with you at this time. Be safe.    With love,   FeatherSton3
  9. Who plays Rust? LGTGG

    Alright everyone, as Rust is now making a turn-around for the better, I decided to make a thread to see who is still interested in playing this game and/or who already has been playing it for the past little while. I know this used to be a former game that was sponsored in ADK, but currently it is not. Just wondering who would like it to get some more attention from the community and the like. So, what's your take? (btw, on gameservers.com, a 50 player-slot server would be $12.45 per month.)  
  10. In this thread I am going to try my best to be as accurate and precise as possible to answer any questions that can possibly be answered as of this point. So, here we go..... If you have not seen the Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer do so before reading any further.  Now that you have watched the trailer, there are some things to note: The video was not actual gameplay. Not to say that the trailer did not look amazing, because it did, but it was more of a "Hey, this is a trailer for a 3d movie" rather than a "hey, this is a trailer for a video game".  In-game footage and gameplay are two TOTALLY different things. However, despite it being a staged video, it was still pretty amazing.  A little disappointed that we did not get gameplay, but there is speculation that gameplay will be revealed at this years E3 conference.    BREAKDOWN OF TRAILER (From my POV): - Trailer starts off on the planet of Endor. In-game engine makes everything seem awesome - At 0:16 I get my "Oh god, battlefield re-skin" thought as this is the same voice of the BF4 soldier.  - At 0:38 we see that the rebel alliance will not just be humans - Starting at 0:46 we see a rebel deploy a shield, followed by another rebel using a jetpack+rocket launcher combo to take out the AT-ST. - At 1:00 "PEW!PEW!" AT-AT comes along. Which to me is actually really stupid. How in the heck does a mammoth AT-AT navigate the dense woods of Endor? I don't know, I did not like that one bit. On top of that, the AT-AT looked almost to real, which made it look cheesy, in my opinion.  - At 1:08 rebel uses radio to call in a bombing run by Y-wings.  - At 1:37 we see our first confirmation that heroes and villains will be in the game as Darth Vader shows up.  - At 1:40 we see the iconic Hoth battle. - At 1:42 we see a X-wing chasing a TIE fighter. - At 1:46 we see our second villain, Boba Fett on the planet of Tatooine.  - And then at 1:52 and onwards we see a battle on the planet of Sullust, including the famous Millenium Falcon.  All in all, a cool "cinematic/movie-ish trailer, would have still liked to see actual gameplay. Now onto some burning questions that some of you might have: 1) How many players can the game support? According to EA/DICE the max will be a 40 man battle 2) When is the release? The release is November 17th 3) What gaming platforms will be supported? PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 4) Will this game have DLC? Yes, it will. In fact, the first DLC will be FREE to all who buy the Battlefront game, pre-ordered or not. If you pre-order you get the DLC December first, all others will get the DLC one week later. The DLC is the Battle of Jakku which happens to be the setting of the opening scene of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer and consists of two maps. 5) What are the benefits of pre-ordering? See for yourself, HERE 6) Will the game support both first and third person mode? Yes, yes, and yes. Thankfully.  7) Is this game going to be online only? No. Online multiplayer is an option. However, you can also solo or with a friend in co-op missions. 8) Will there be a campaign? No. Not exactly. There will be missions but not a campaign. 9) What game modes will be in the game? Not a lot is being revealed about the game modes as of this point. But based on what DICE dev's have been saying this is what will be included: - Walker Assault.  - In atmosphere aerial combat 10) If I am on console, is there a splitscreen mode? Yes   So, in conclusion I personally am having some doubts now about this. Only four maps to start off with when buying the game, DLC (which is always a pain), no space combat, no clone era, no gameplay still. After watching a video by JackFrags, a well known gamer on YouTube, he went into a little more detail about the game when he went to Sweden and watched some multiplayer gameplay. From his video, in short: - Player movement wasn't particularly fast. Average speed. - Ewok villages accessible for sniping positions, but no Ewoks, apparently. - Potentially no ammo in the game, just heat and cool down for the weapons. - Rocket Launcher is a pickup item. (Sounds like Hardline.....) - More pickups scattered around map. - UI clean and simple. Basic circular mini-map. If you shot or sprinted you appeared on mini-map. Four slot options for weapons and pickups. Most likely 3 primary, 1 for in-game pickups. - No 3D spotting. - Game running 60 FPS (Game Cover)   Comment your thoughts below.
  11. This is the Cutest cat ever! <3

    You guys seriously have to watch this. It will bring you to tears. Start at 0:45 https://youtu.be/z0QvbLz-FA8?t=43s    
  12. It's almost here, and I'm so pumped!  This is an official letter from the creators of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game!  Read it HERE!
  13. No one will probably read this or think it's useful, but I have free time and I thought I would lend a hand to the new guys.  (If you're a forum lover like me, then you obviously shouldn't have a problem with this.) So, I have heard from a few applicants/soon-to-be applicants that they are confused about 20 forum posts. For some reason some think it has to be 20 started posts (threads), some don't know how to post without spamming, and others are just confused in general, so I'm going to break this down. Post #1- Introduce Yourself! This is by far the most important first post you can create. It lets the community know who you are. In this post talk about what games you play, that way others who play the same game as you will respond and say, "hey man! I play *insert game here* as well! hop on Teamspeak and join us sometime!" If you're too uncomfortable with sharing some information, i.e.: age, location, etc. That's okay. (A few posts after number one can be responding to those who comment on your introduction thread.) Next Post- Member Application. Yes, I said member application. Unless you're a hacker, or a troll, there's no reason why we wouldn't want you to become apart of this amazing community.  Alright, now you're up to about 5 posts or so. So now what? Well, I'm glad you asked.  At the very top of the screen on the right hand side you will see Site Links. Under that tab you will see View New Content. This is by far the easiest way to help with your post number. Just make sure you don't spam. What I mean is, say something constructive. If it's less then four words, chances are it's probably spam.  "What should I look for under View New Content?" The best thing would be to go to the forum section in which games that you play exist here on the forums. I.E.: Planetside 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, ArcheAge, DayZ.  Last but not least, do not be afraid to start your own thread!  Thanks for reading.
  14. Active Duty and Veterans

    For those who have either served or who currently serve this great country, the United States of America, I want to personally thank you on behalf of =ADK= and this nation. Even though I have always wanted to join the military, I don't think I actually could handle it. Even though I personally don't know what it's like, I know from stories of my grandfather and my uncle. So thank you for serving selflessly.  I would like to recognize anyone in the ADK community who has/is serving. So please comment if you don't mind.  Thank you
  15. Final Stand? Hardly

    For those of you who are great Battlefield series fanatics, you have seen the ups and downs of the series, primarily in the Single Player Campaign area, as well as the latest mutliplayer in Battlefield 4, preceding the latest "SOS" multiplayer patches, which was primarily fixed due to the launch of the CTE (Community Test Environment). But it seems like DICE and EA are trying to make it up with their last two DLC's, Final Stand, and, well one we do not have a name for yet. But it is confirmed that Battlefield 4 DLC does not end with Final Stand. As a statement released by EA News seen HERE, they have decided to create yet another DLC for Battlefield 4. This time, they are looking for nothing but player and community feedback on which classic maps you would like to see in the next Battlefield 4 DLC (You can actually participate in the poll HERE). What is even better? The DLC will be completely free. Yes, free, confirmed by a developer over twitter. Recently the DICE development team has been going back to Battlefield 3, most likely to consider new maps for the DLC, and the fluid gameplay. I would not be surprised if many people vote for classic maps from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as this game seemed to have a lot of positive feedback from the community. There is still more information to be released as EA and DICE seem to be trying to have this information secretive for now, as expected.  As a tribute to this article, you can now buy Battlefield 4 for $5 HERE. Also, expect another beta for Hardline before it releases!  @[member=Virtue]
  16. The Type of Game A.I.

    When it comes to video games, A.I. have become an important and vital role, and for some games, the A.I. make the game into what it is. This also meaning that solid, intelligent, and realistic A.I. have to be tweaked and worked on, for a long time, if game developers wish to create the best A.I. out there. So, with that in mind, I thought I would share the types of game AI that exist. Types of Game A.I. : Scripting - Without question the most used game A.I. used to day. Think of it as an "If... then..." statement. If the player ducks behind a wall, wait four seconds and throw a grenade. Random Scripting - A type of scripting that adds more variety to gameplay. Think "If... then... or..." If the player ducks behind a wall, wait four seconds and throw a grenade, or rush the wall guns blazing, or find higher ground and cover to shoot over the wall." Behavioral or Character Based Scripting - Random scripting with character types. If a soldier NPC is deemed defensive its likelihood of doing a particular action could be tweaked as 25% of grenade attacks, 5% of rushing, 70% of taking cover. If the NPC is aggressive, 40 % grenade attaches, 45% of rushing, 20% of taking cover. Character based scripting is often adjusted throughout game balancing. Situational Awareness - An advanced trait of A.I. scripting that improves a player's sense of immersion. By making scripted actions appear more dynamic and realistic, it adds a dimension of believability. Examples may be subtle effects like brushing a hand along a wall while walking past it, or more complex problem-solving behaviors like an NPC escaping from a trap set by the player using objects in the game environment. Pathfinding - Getting an NPC from point A to B. 3D terrain and cover are huge A.I. dilemmas in modern A.I. programming. You also have to keep in account where the player is, is he firing, should the NPC fire when he moves, or go as fast as possible. Then at the end, did that look real. Scripting tells the NPC where "B" is Pathfinding gets him there. Emergent - Where the game actually learns from your actions. Black & White and Nintendogs are good examples (although Nintendogs is pretty scripted). Rubber Banding - Is a nickname A.I. that's used to boost the competitive feel of the game. In a racing game when the A.I. is slipping behind, the NPC driver receives speed boosts and better handling unavailable to the player to remain competitive. It increases tension. Burnout and Mario Kart both use rubber banding in races to keep them competitive. This is not exclusive to driving games. It's used in many sports games or skill based games.   http://www.giantbomb.com/artificial-intelligence/3015-218/
  17. My College Football Saturday.....

    Yeah, here it is, this past Saturday. Just some pics I thought I would share.   and sandstorm...http://instagram.com/p/sn3347t5ie/
  18. Hiya!

    Hiya, I'm PhirePhrey, (I generally go by Phire or Trina.)  I'm a girl gamer, pyromaniac, black belt, and Asian. My interests include cooking, making videos, playing video games, being sarcastic, playing with fire, reading, journalism, amine, and going out with friends.    I'm a highschool student studying cullinary, and I have two older brothers, (I'm not very "ladylike" to this day because of them :P) I'm generally a really nice person, but I'm known for my sarcasm and dry humor at times. I like hanging out with just about anyone, and I've heard literally every Asian/Woman joke out there. While I've gotten used to them and don't usually mind them, I do appreciate the times I don't hear them. :P  I laugh at lot, I can imitate Pikachu (when my throat allows) and I play a lot of games like Minecraft, Zelda, Portal, TF2, Mario, Tekkit, OMGpop, and the random ones on people's computers.    I found ADK when I was surfing for a new community to join. I really like it so far. I've met a variety of different people who's company I greatly enjoy. While some of them (you know who you are..) are a bit strange at times, they ARE a lot of fun.    Hope to see you around!   -Phire

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