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  1. Kai'sa Daughter of the void From what I've seen so far, she might be played as an ADC, we will find out! Her abilities: Passive - Second Skin: Caustic Wounds: Kai’Sa’s basic attacks mark enemies with Plasma, dealing increasing bonus magic damage. After a few successive attacks, the Plasma ruptures for a burst of damage based on the target’s missing health. Nearby allies’ immobilizing effects add stacks of Plasma. Living Weapon: Kai’Sa’s symbiote-suit adapts to her chosen attack style, evolving her abilities based on permanent stats gained from shop items and experience level. Q - Icathian Rain: Kai’Sa releases a swarm of missiles evenly distributed among nearby enemies, with additional hits on the same target dealing slightly reduced damage. Living Weapon: With enough bonus Attack Damage, Icathian Rain fires significantly more missiles. W - Void Seeker: Kai’Sa fires off a beam of Void energy, revealing the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage, and applying stacks of Plasma. Living Weapon: With enough bonus Ability Power, Void Seeker deals more damage and partially refunds the cool down on champion hit. E - Supercharger: Kai’Sa charges up, briefly increasing her movement speed but losing the ability to attack. After charging up, Kai’Sa whips out the big guns to increase her attack speed for a few seconds. Basic attacks reduce Supercharger’s cool down. Living Weapon: With enough bonus Attack Speed, Supercharger briefly grants true invisibility while charging up. R - Killer Instinct: Kai’Sa dashes at extremely high speed with long range to a location near an enemy champion marked with Plasma and briefly gains a damage-absorbing shield. Her skins: Credit: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-reveal-kaisa View full article
  2. Kai'sa Daughter of the void From what I've seen so far, she might be played as an ADC, we will find out! Her abilities: Passive - Second Skin: Caustic Wounds: Kai’Sa’s basic attacks mark enemies with Plasma, dealing increasing bonus magic damage. After a few successive attacks, the Plasma ruptures for a burst of damage based on the target’s missing health. Nearby allies’ immobilizing effects add stacks of Plasma. Living Weapon: Kai’Sa’s symbiote-suit adapts to her chosen attack style, evolving her abilities based on permanent stats gained from shop items and experience level. Q - Icathian Rain: Kai’Sa releases a swarm of missiles evenly distributed among nearby enemies, with additional hits on the same target dealing slightly reduced damage. Living Weapon: With enough bonus Attack Damage, Icathian Rain fires significantly more missiles. W - Void Seeker: Kai’Sa fires off a beam of Void energy, revealing the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage, and applying stacks of Plasma. Living Weapon: With enough bonus Ability Power, Void Seeker deals more damage and partially refunds the cool down on champion hit. E - Supercharger: Kai’Sa charges up, briefly increasing her movement speed but losing the ability to attack. After charging up, Kai’Sa whips out the big guns to increase her attack speed for a few seconds. Basic attacks reduce Supercharger’s cool down. Living Weapon: With enough bonus Attack Speed, Supercharger briefly grants true invisibility while charging up. R - Killer Instinct: Kai’Sa dashes at extremely high speed with long range to a location near an enemy champion marked with Plasma and briefly gains a damage-absorbing shield. Her skins: Credit: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-reveal-kaisa
  3. ARAM

    Hello my fellow ADKGamers, I am an ARAM fanatic. I enjoy ARAM because it's fast, has lots of action and it's outside of the meta. I'm looking for more ARAM players to queue with. Queuing solo or with a group fewer than five is kind of a pain because 1 random can ruin the team's chances of winning. I prefer to play with a full group and with everyone in voice chat. My ARAM MMR fluctuates from about 1600-1800 so I prefer to play with people of the same skill level (high gold+). You can check your ARAM MMR on this website: https://na.whatismymmr.com/ (the data is currently re-seeding so it might not have an accurate value for another week or so) Send me a message here or in League of Legends (my summoner name is also SamsWrath). I'd love to have a few more fun/good players to queue with in my ARAMs.
  4. Treeline Tuesdays

    Howdy folks, we have a new event every week that we would like to introduce to the section. As the title states, we will begin to play some treeline on tuesday nights! As time progresses and we get more people involved, we will begin to offer competition and prizes for this game mode. One such idea is that we will all make ranked 3's team and the team that gets the highest elo by the end of the season will get the winner event award forum badge and each player will get a 975 skin or their choice! So if you are interested please join us in the twisted treeline room in teamspeak every tuesday night at 8:00 P.M central time and lets get some games going!
  5. Just wondering if anyone plays Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It's basically League of Legends, but on your phone or tablet. If you do, add me as a friend Johnny5. Looking to rank with others. I'm a former LoL player, but haven't played in over 3 years. PC broke and kids get in the way for PC gaming time. I can do mobile games on my time. Edit: If you can link up with this code: https://mlbb.app.link/Pj8LAOHy J5
  6. Out of Context

    "What is soap?" "She didn't even ask, she just ninja'd my boob." "Oh Shit! Tree!"
  7. LoL Tourney 2v2 7/2/16

    Howdy fellow summoners, the LoL section of ADK will be hosting another 2v2 tourney at the beginning of next month. So without further ado, the rules will be below along with tourney information. 2v2 Assassins Only Howling Abyss Randomized teams and bracket Single elimination Begins at 8:00 P.M Central on 7/2/16 16 Players/8 Team max No elo limit Everybody welcome Winners get a 975 Skin of their choice Tournament Rules Must be level 30 Must be registered on ADK site Must be using main account* If we find out you are smurfing you will be banned from all future ADK LoL events Link the LoLking of the account you will be playing on 2v2 on howling abyss Play to two kills (executes do not count) or till first tower is taken Assassins only, if you lock in another champ you will automatically forfeit Blind pick, no bans No banned items Registration closes on 6/30/16 at 8 pm central Teams will be announced by 10 am central that following friday Meet at 7:30 P.M central in j4 throne room on 7/2/16 to sign in and get teams organized. If you sign up and fail to show up without reason or reasonable forewarning you will be blacklisted and possibly banned from all future LoL events. So if you sign up and tell us friday you cant play, you're screwed.But, if you tell us wednesday then ill be okay with it since we can get someone else. Currently singed-up: Livenudity Scorpio Rabbit Verd Settleflame Tagond Bemo Gibussel
  8. ADK LoL 2v2 Melee Tourney

    Howdy folks, we've been toying with the idea of a melee only tournament for awhile and have finally decided to do one. So without further ado. ADK League of Legends 2v2 Melee Tournament May 28th 8:00 P.M. central Sign-up deadline May 26th 8:00 P.M. central Comment below to sign up Open to all ADK members and applicants ***Max roster of 24 players, ADK whitelist members have reserved spots if they wish to play. Rules of tourney: 2v2 tournament draft both teams will get 3 bans Played on Howling Abyss Win conditions are 2 kills or 1 tower destroyed Only melee champions will be allowed to be picked Banned champs that have melee forms (Jayce, Nidalee, Elise, Kayle) Must be on original account Cannot be on ADK blacklist Good standing with riot Access to voice comms via teamspeak Must be Level 30 Users signed-up Greenshaw Tipster Settleflame Rabbit Phreaktaco Pocket Mersky Ceroloth Verdictor Singeyy (member but posted on wrong account)
  9. Was wondering what all music genres our fellow summoners listen to during their league games? Also what would be your top 3 songs?   Mine is as follows.   I enjoy chillstep/alternative during play. Unless im in a country mood, but you dont want that playlist.   1. Crywolf- Ribcage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7IgFiO_0Lc&index=56&list=PL5aEqTA9EPDOWq4ewmmGUPl9Rqpr3400O 2. James Young- Come back for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7bjueGwWNQ&index=57&list=PL5aEqTA9EPDOWq4ewmmGUPl9Rqpr3400O&shuffle=173 3. Chrono Cross OST (Best game ever)-The girl who stole the stars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJFZzvvPklc&list=PL5aEqTA9EPDOWq4ewmmGUPl9Rqpr3400O&index=51
  10. TSM vs IMT

    Who does everyone think will win? TSM or IMT. Tsm has always been in the top two teams at the end of each split
  11. Ranked 5's

    Looking to start up a ranked 5's team. Looking for all positions. if your interested leave a brief reply with your main role and champs.
  12. SO YOU WANT TO MID-Beating Zhonyas

    Welcome back players to my second installment of SO YOU WANT TO MID. Today's edition is going to focus on ways to counter and outplay the bane of all assassins, THE ZHONYAS HOURGLASS. We will cover strats for zed and I hope you enjoy and shoot a like if you do!!!   - ZED- My favorite mid laner by far due to his beautiful counter plays and his ability to be relevant in all elos. He has a couple powerful plays to handle zhonyas hourglass. The main one i want to talk about is a combo involving his ult. To do this the enemy mid laner needs to be in the middle of lane and you should be relatively healthy.   Step 1- Ult the enemy. Once on top of them use you autos and shurikens to bait the zhonyas.   Step 2- After the enemy zhonyas throw your shadow past the zhonyas towards there escape route. Then return to you starting point by clicking you ult again leaving your ults shadow over top the enemy.   Step 3-When there zhonyas is up use your "e" to slow them and go straight to your shadow you threw on the other side of them with your "w".   step 4-GET THE KILL, LAUGH, AND WIN THE GAME BECAUSE YOUR ZED!!!! but seriously there be low health and with your passive and another round of shurikens picking up this kill is easy even if they flash coming out of there zhonyas.   I hope you like this tip and like and reply if you'd like to see more of these tips as well as some for jungle and top since those are my other primary positions. THANK YOU and have a Twisted day!!!!!
  13. Ever wanted to chat with multiple ADK LoL Folks, but weren't able to get on team speak for some reason?   Well we have created a Chat Room on the LoL Client and would like everyone to join!   We've got a few pictures to help you out as well     Step 1:   Log in to the Client and Click the Chat room button     Step 2: Click Create or Join a Chat Room and enter "ADKGamers"      Step 3:  Click the "Sprocket" in the Chat Room and select "Autojoin on Startup"         This will put you in the chat room every time and allow you to stay connected with all the ADKGamers Folks!   We look forward to seeing you in the chat room! This is also a great tool for all ADK players since it now allows us to invite each other from the chat room!       EDIT: updated images to match newer League client~~ Rabbit
  14. Hey Guys Thxz here

    Hey guys I havent made a post in a while thought i might share a video from  2014 on my smurf account Enjoy ~ Thxz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edYKxfoKXpk
  15. Ranked Team Openings

    Howdy folks, so our ranked team roster is thinning out and solidifying as we continue to work on our teamwork and performance. That being said we now have openings in our roster that we are looking to fill.   So the positions we are looking to filll are listed below   Top lane starter/sub Jungle starter/sub Mid lane starter/sub ADC sub Coach  Requirements for being on ranked team:   Positive attitude and willingness to learn and get better Be an ADK Member or Applicant Be in good standing with riot Have access to voice comms Have some form of game recording client Be on your original account ( We need you to have a big champ pool for trades in draft) Application process and steps:   Link LoLking below and state what role/roles you wish to tryout for. I will get in touch with you about your tryout Mandatory 10-15 games with at least 3 of current ranked team members. (Start working on team chemistry and they can also give me feedback on your play and performance) Evaluation of all games played with ranked team members that were recorded  Further contact to either extend or deny tryout Side notes that you need to know but will not greatly impact tryout: Need to have a big champ pool for trading  Knowledge all lane matchups Counter picks to current meta picks Solo carry potential or team fight carry potential  Higher elo is generally better as higher elo generally translates to greater game knowledge or better mechanics  
  16. So with the introduction of tournaments in the LoL section, there will now be a master whitelist/blacklist that will let you know who all is eligible for these tournaments.   Whitelist ADKGreenshaw Deviant Rabbit Ceroloth Pocket APaperMan Microcity Veydeth Phreaktaco BemoBlitz LeeSinful Awesomeness JusticarAB Dark95magic KawaiiPrince Tagond Serial Killer Settleflame Lodole ​Blacklist     How to be put on the whitelist: Must be a member or applicant of ADK Follow below steps to make a $5.00 donation to the ADK teamspeak/website Go here http://www.adkgamers.com/donate/ Enter the amount of 5.00 in the green box Click donate now and follow the prompts You will then have your donation posted in here http://www.adkgamers.com/forum/46-donations/ Find your donation and comment that it was for the ADK LoL tournaments Link your donation in the comments below and you will be added to the whitelist Reason for why donation is required: Plain and simple ADK requires funds to operate and LoL is a free game with no private servers. The only way for the LoL community to contribute to ADK's revenue is for us to donate. This shows that you care for ADK and the LoL community and it goes along way to making sure we can continue to provide a fun environment for our members. *********  If for some reason you cannot donate then get in touch with me, I will be more than happy to donate for you and we can work something out as a trade.
  17. Application~ IGN: ParaniaOrigins (NA), Paranoia0rigins(EU WEST) Current League/ELO: Silver 5 (NA), Silver 3(EU WEST) Main role/Second Role: Support 1st Main, AD Carry 2nd Main Champion pool: Sona, Leona, Nami, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Blitzcrank, Karthus, Nasus, Azir, Karma, Kindred, Jinx, Teemo, Miss Fortune, Tristana, Soraka, Ahri, Lucian, Katarina, Caitlyn, Thresh, Yauso, Udyr, Sivir, Zilean, Master Yi, Ashe, Nautilus, Annie, Zed, Alistar, Amumu, Cho'Gath, Darius, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Fiora, Garen, Gnar, Janna, Kayle, Malphite, Numu, Rammus, Ryze, Shyvaina, Skamer, Syndra, Talon, Trydamere, Veigar, Vi, Vladimir, Warwock, Wukong! ^- all the champs i currently own on (NA) Have mic and teamspeak: Yes & Yes Time zone AND availability (Be specific - Day & time available): CST (Central Standard Time) - (Open all week) Willing to shot call? Not good ehough to makes calls but willing to learn how to. Contact information: mosby.dga@gmail.com, on team-speak often Best word to describe you: LIkes working with the team, willing to listen to commands during game, can get alot of criticism, good listener, willing to learn more skills, helpful, teamplayer. Biggest Weakness in game: Lets see if i had to say to be being yalled at during game which makes me make bad choices, always getting blamed for no reason which throws me off. Biggest Weakness out of game: No one to play league rank with, i've asked and made posts on here and team-speak and hardly get anything back, or be told no they dont want to play.
  18. So i love top laning, and i love darius. but he was stronk before the update... WHY BUFF HIM?  they added a delay on his q but now it heals? and his ult is a slaughter fest. don't understand the reasoning for it :/
  19. Live and die, by the blade

    Hello fellow summoners, today we will be going over a guide for my favorite AD assassin...Talon [attachment=6314:talon.jpg]   Summary of champ: -Talon is an ad assassin that thrives off diving the enemy apc or adc all while using his mass aoe to tip team-fights in his favor. His kit is all in kill or be killed. Pros: Can 100%-0% an enemy adc at 2 items and will continue to do so till endgame. Can split push extremely well due to w and him being ad. Your item build will heavily increase your split potential and will allow you to flank in teamfights if one erupts while splitpushing You have so much kill pressure when fed that you can zone the team away from objectives. Your r gives you a surprise factor that will get you an advantage every time due to reaction times of opponents. You snowball......hard. [attachment=6315:1220333.jpg]   Cons.......... Super mana dependent, but thats only if you waste w casts in lane. Squishy......very squishy. Most of the time in teamfights you do massive damage via aoe and you kill the enemy adc, then you die. It sucks, so just buy a zhonyas. Do it.  Can be easily countered by pink wards or true vision. Be smart when diving in teamfights or going after solo kills. Abilities: Passive: Mercy- You do 10% increased damage to any enemy that is slowed, stunned, rooted, or suppressed. Basically if they are cc'd you do more damage to them. Decent passive, not to strong not too weak. Q: Noxian Diplomacy- This abilty is an auto-attack reset that scales massivly with your ad and leaves a dot on them that also will reveal during the duration of the dot. You can abuse this ability in melee lanes by attacking your opponent with an auto then instantly autoing them again by using q.  W: Rake- This is your bread and butter ability in lane that keeps you viable. This is your ability that you need to use to poke and to waveclear. The ability goes out then back to you, damaging during each phase of its movement. It has 600 range so its longer than any currents mids auto range. This means you can cast w right when they are in their auto frame to guarantee get both procs of the spell. You can use this spell to bully your opponents off missing creeps, or punish them when they commit for one. E: Cutthroat- This ability is a damage amplifier and gap closer that works on any enemy. You jump behind them and auto them. This ability allows you to reach the enemy adc and kill him. You can combo this spell by using e to the enemy adc, auto attack them, then instantly q them for massive burst damage. Your e will allow you to juke spells in lane or punish your opponents positioning in teamfights. Use this wisely as it can also be your only means of escape. R: Shadow Assualt- This ability is only as good as the summoner using it. Its a very binary aoe and invis spell, but the plays you can make with it are endless. I generally save this spell as a finisher or an escape in teamfights and a chasing spell if I need to get to the backline without interruption. Basically, how you use this spell will measure how good of a talon player you are. NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER  use this spell as a gap closer if you can already reach the backline, you waste half of your damage and your biggest execute/escape ability. If you can hold this in a 1v1, you have a get out of a gank free card when the enemy rotates you.  Ability level sequence- W-E-W-Q-W-R-W-Q-W-Q-R-Q-Q-E-E-R-E-E I differ from most talons mid because I massivly prefer two point in w lvl 3 than a point in q. I do this in all ranged matchups as there is rarely an opportunity to use q at level three. Most ranged opponents will just harass you if you use q to farm level 3 and since w has low damage level one, they will for sure get an advantage. If you have 2 points in w at level three, you can shove wave and harass better than most ap mages level 3. Any small advantage you can get early on in a talon lane, goes a loooooooooooooong way to making your level 6 all in a kill.   Items, Glorious Items   Starting items- You have two choices here ​You can start off with crystalline flask and be a bitch. You literally are admitting you cant win lane with this buy. Or you can be a man and start longsword-2 red pots- 1 blue pot. Core items ​You very first buy should always always always be tiamat. This allows you to shove wave or trade better. When you shove wave you get the chance to roam. Talons love roaming. Next item should be brutalizer. You need this for the cdr and raw damage increase.  You then need to either pick up boots if you havent already and then finish off youmos ghostblade. You need this for the massive early powerspike and the much needed mobility that comes with its active. Now you need to finish off your boots going either boots of lucidity or boots of swiftness. DO NOT GO BOOTS OF MOBILITY, the reason why you dont want these is very simple. You are not akali or zed when it comes to living after you dive. You generally have to run out of fights or burn summoners to get out. You need to stay as fast as you can at all points and either of these choices have more movement speed than mobis when you are hit, and you will be hit. Last whisper as your 4th item. This is so so so core on you or really any ad assassin. You need this to stay a viable threat throughout the game. Situational items/other options for last two items Tri-force: This item will give you more mobility, and split push threat. Grab if you are doing more split-pushing and your team is relying on you to grab towers. Black Cleaver: Build this if at least 3 people are building heavy armor on the enemy team and your adc isnt a mixed damage threat. The cdr is fantastic as well. Infinity edge: This combined with youmous is like 40% crit and your Q can crit. If the rng gods love you then this is the highest increase in dps you can grab of all the 5th-6th slot items. Zhonyas hourglass: You read that right....zhonyas. You really really really have to practice this before it ever becomes a viable pick up for you. However, once you realize just how much this increases your survivability it will be practically core on you from then on. You can use this in so many different ways that will confuse your opponent and buy team for your team. Its such a solid pickup since talon really has no viable defense options outside of ga. Guardian angel: Super binary, you die, you come back. The resistances are nice and this is always a fantastic choice mid game if you are massively fed and you need your team to get kills. Matchups   Easy matchups: ​Ahri: You can waveclear just as much as she can and you have a higher burst. She can never use her e in lane because if she does you kill her everytime. Be patient and harass her in lane and you can win this so easily. If she dives you simply ult, position yourself to fight in minions or with backup and then blow your load allll over her face. [attachment=6316:jrpVJ3zQBSibs057mPcqXOYuKwe2M4UyfTInvLa1.png] Lux: This is really an easy matchup once you learn how to dodge her skillshots. Lux is predictable, she will try to e poke you everytime you go in to last hit. Be ready and just e to her when she does that. Half her dps is down and she will most likely panic Q when she reacts. You can then simply aa-q-aa-w and you push her out of lane. Also you can just e to her when you see her ulting as it puts you behind her. Very skill dependent but once you learn it the lane is a breeze. Kassadin: Once he lost his silence, he is literally the easiest mid laner to fight with an ad assassin. He cant waveclear at all once you get tiamat because you dont have to cast spells. He needs you too, and if he burns any spell at all once you both are six, then jump on his ass and kill him. People are afraid of kass in solo que and i have no clue why, you can pick talon into him and acquire freelo. [attachment=6317:0dd146c10d517f0bd7abd73c14ca2941.png] Hell matchups: ​Mordekaiser: This guy you will learn to fucking hate. He will shove you all day long and his shield just makes impossible to trade with. He will bully you till you get gank presence but lord have mercy if he gets once. Basically, if you want to win this matchup then you need to roam roam roam. Diana: Everything about this champ counters you. Oh you want to harass? Sure let me q you for more damage and less mana. Oh you dove me? Let me w-q- then auto you to death. Oh you're running now? Let me e you back into my minions and continue to pound you. Oh you used your ulty to go invis? Let me just through a q since it reveals you and then double r you. She outdamages you so hard its not even funny, and if she goes zhonyas you've lost. Plain and simple. Viktor: He's just op right now vs any melee champ. His laser burn and q poke can shove you out of lane at literally level 2. Its stupid how stong he is. You can never dive him as he will just instant ulty which gives him enough time to cast w on himself and then blow you up with his q-e combo. He cant really outdamage you but he outpokes you so hard that he either forces you to fight him or run.  Review:   All in all, Talon is a very fun champ that you should definitely add to your champ list. He is a fantastic counter pick that you can always have in your pocket for inhouse nights or solo que. But be warned, if you show just how op he is then you rarely will get a chance to play him. [attachment=6318:1141889.jpg]  If you ever want to watch some fantastic challenger talon play I would watch this guy: http://www.twitch.tv/killercruiser He is a talon only main and he also does jungle talon.
  20. RIP DFG

    Hello fellow summoners,   Today we bid farewell to Deathfire grasp AKA: DFG, that bursty thing, fuck that item, that shits op, what just hit me, etc...   Its hard to say goodbye to an item that single-handedly was the reason Ahri, Syndra, Fizz, Eve, Veigar, and Leblanc recieved nerfs (Eve is still unplayable mid to this day), but we must. Evil Rito decided that the item was just too unhealthy for the game and that people should learn to use their actual champions abilities rather than simply hitting 1 and R.   DFG has been a significant part of the LoL community for ages. Even Rito made a song about the item in its Pentakill ablum.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be1waE9myCU   So then you have to ask why would DFG be removed if evil Rito spent resources? The answer is two fold. One is Faker, the other is below.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m-2LdW_S2M   Simply put, the item has let people pull off so many bullshit shenanigans that Rito decided it was time to finally put the item to rest. And just like typical evil Rito, they announced that decision via twitter, to the shock of the world.   Its a sad day on the rift, but always remember the times you had with our precious item.    So without further ado I leave these two videos to make you hate Rito even more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc4uP9XdDRQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixWG_zR5uRA   Thank you DFG, for the memories. RIP DFG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73ck5pFfGxk
  21. Hello fellow summoners,   Introducing Bard, The Wandering Caretaker [attachment=4941:Bard_Splash_WP.jpg]   Lore: Rito doesn't care about lore, did you honestly expect something?   Ability Rundown: Passive is known as Travelers Call and has two functions to it. As you run around there are emblems on the map that will grant Bard exp, movement speed, and mana. These will stack up and allow Bard to ward better and roam better. The second part allows Bard to harass better with his autos as they are enhanced by anomalies known as chimes that he picks up as he moves around. Q is known as cosmic binding and is a stun mechanic. To get the stun you must hit two targets (in a line) with his q or hit a target and then hit the wall with his q. This can be used to get some early harass in lane or to run away as you ward. W is known Caretaker’s Shrine and is a heal mechanic. Basically you place the health pack down so allies can pick it up to get a heal and a small movement buff. These can only be picked up by allies and can be destroyed by enemies by them walking over it. Use this spell to give your ADC some hp so you can roam to ward or gank. E is known as Magical Journey and is a traveling mechanic. This move allows Bard AND EVERYONE ELSE to tunnel through a wall. So in other words if you are running away, just flash, they will chase you through your e and kill you if you don't. R is known as Tempered Fate and is the holy grail of Bard's kit. This ability is a zhonyas to ANYONE in the area he casts it on. So use this when your team is getting Karthus ulted or wombo combo'd. It is NOT A STUN, so when using this remember they cant be damaged if you hit the enemy with it. It does however give your team time to get there and kill them. I foresee a lot of really nifty plays coming from this ability.   Kit Score- 7/10 All in all this champ has a decent kit but not one that will allow him to dominate the game. He has the potential to make game changing plays but so does every other support.    Lane Phase- 4/10 His stun mechanic is really his only saving grace here, it allows him to get off some early harass but thats it. Yes he has a heal but its delayed and it can be blocked. His ulty can possibly swing the lane but that requires extreme precision.    Team-fight Phase: 6/10 His ult and stun can make plays but thats all he has.   Map pressure/warding: 10/10 His passive, q, w, and e make him one of the greatest warding roamers/gankers in the game.    Role: Rito is stating his defined role as a support. Probable Role: Support, his only damage mechanic is his passive and q, which is not enough to warrant him anywhere but support.   Link to Riot's original post http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/champion-reveal/bard-wandering-caretaker   Hope to see you all on the Rift!
  22. Hello fellow summoners,   We currently are doing In-House games every Sunday night. Everyone please be in Jarvan's Throne Room by 7 P.M. CENTRAL time. We will begin the in-house games once teams have been made based on who all shows up. Games will start at no later than 7:15 P.M.    The games will consist of regular 5v5, hide-n-seek on dominion, find the teemo,3v3's, and other game types! This is a good time to just come in and hang out with fellow league players without worrying too much about playing to your best form. Also, this is a good time to recruit some of your friends to ADK as well! We will be more than happy to get them on your team if that's what you prefer.   If you have any ideas about game types that could be played, feel free to leave them in a comment below!   Hope to see you on the rift!   P.S. These will be EVERY Sunday night unless prior notice. P.P.S With URF active we have been doing every game mode with URF mode enabled    Game modes so far: Kill the Teemo, Hide-n-seek, Protect the Queen, 5v5, 3v3, ARAM, Nemisis Draft
  23. Step 1: If someone is harassing you or talking negatively in chat or all chat, press and hold "TAB". Step 2: Press the "mute" button next to their name. Step 3: Let go of "TAB". Step 4: Play the game. Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 if step step 1 reoccurs.   And you're done. You will notice an increase in your win/loss ratio with a little bit of practice.   Have fun Summoners!
  24. A Guide For ~Passive Aggressors~ and Lane shovers! Mid Playing!   Hello Everyone so for the few people that do want to play mid, there are a few Roles of Mid champs you can select. You have your AP Carries(Hyper carries) – like Katarina – Diana –akalia - Fizz   -        These are champs that as soon as they start to get their kills they snow ball and mid lane needs all the help they can get. Lane Domination-  this is your Pushers and Harassers   - Ryze –Ziggs- Anivia-Swain   -        people who are easily able to farm while keeping a harass on you and bullying you out of lane Passive aggressors!  This is also Ryze and Annie and Syndra   this is your Champs threat attack you rarely , mostly just enough to push you off their farm and then they farm, when you make the mistake of coming to close they unleash everything and most of the time kill you or push you out of lane hard.   Then you get your AD mids – Normally not a good option unless jungle is AP Talon  Zed- Yasuo     Passive Agressors!  Ahir – Ahir’s tend to play passively until 6  some of them just farm until your out of position then charm you. Everyone and then they throw a charm to see if they can get a few good hits and send you back   Anivia – Anivia’s play passive Aggressive almost all game they run when your engaging and engage when your Farming, if they land a Q then will almost always follow with an E for maximum burst.  ( Beware they get really bursty  unexpectedly and it catches most people off guard)   Annie- Annie is the kind of champ where if she gets fed say goodbye to everyone standing near each other. She has the capability to Stun and Squish all your Squishy Team mates. So keep your distance and Poke her down, keep her needing to go back to get her Mana and HP back.   Brand – Brand has the option on how he plays he can play very passively and become more Aggressive and I have seen him as a lane Bully lots.   Karma – Karma has A lot of Damage from A Little AP so be careful  her Q will Drop you half if she ults with it and stand far back from your minions it is easy to hit minions and slash damage onto you. Also When she Leashes you do your Best not to get Snared with it after 2 seconds. They refer to her as the magic Machinegun because of the Amount of Q’s She Can throw, 4 seconds later she can fire another 1 and if it hits it lowers her ults cool down and makes the harass all the harder.   Lux  - Much like Karma Lux is a High Burst Champ with a great snare. She is high utility and damage  this is a dangerous combo. Do your best to not chase her and just burst her down. And don’t ignite her unless she has used her shield or she will walk away unhurt. Morgana – Morgana will Farm and Farm. And zone you until she can poke you down and go all in for the kill.  She is a high DPS and can easily Snare you and place the soil and then Ignite you and your done.  Try to bait out her ult on 1v1 Battles so that she doesn’t have it for Team fighs.   Oriana - another Zoning mage probably one of the best, she is more ability utility then Damage and can unexpectedly turn a team fight around with her ult and shields. Do your best to bully her out of lane.   Ryze – he is a Free farmer and will harass you with his Q when your in range, due to his Mana scaling attacks he tend to use a lot of abilitys to clear waves, push him to his turret and prevent him farming.   Syndra – syndra’s I know go all out after lvl 6 and then again after they start to max their skills. So be carful of her ult if your lower then half  she will attempt to stun and finish you with ult. Do your best to keep your distance and try to get a jungler in to help you so she has to divider her damage over 2 people.   Vel’Koz – Velkoz can be both aggressive or Passive  aggressive tend to use too much mana so they stick with shots that will hit you and minions so Again don’t Stand in your minions. AOE’s   Viktor – this is a Passive aggressor, post 6 he is easy to run through your Defenses with his weird Directory lasers and his rushing Q attack if you can dodge his laser you wont die in that Scrimmage, he does alof of damage when he combo’s but he has long cool downs and after using his ability’s has to back down or will die. This beign Said ater he uses his Stun Rush him   Lane Shovers Anivia ( Post 6)  After lvl 6 Anivia Will do almost Everything to keep you Against your tower and make it impossible to Roam without losing all your turrets.   Brand- And Aggressive Brand tends to be mana hungry until late game and then he can take your Tank down the quickest. Be smart and keep him stun locked if possible.   Cassiopeia  - Cassi pokes with her Q  zones with her W and DPS’s With her E so Be carful she tends to bring in a lot of unexpected damage and tends to do the best when chasing you, us this to your power.   Herimerdinger – He doesn’t like to give up and room for you to farm and harass you with turret shots everywhere. Jungle ganks are most efficient at take your lane back- the other way you can win is to Be a lane Bully off the start keep him down and under his turret this makes him place his Turrets Defensively to protect himself instead of harassing you.   Karthus – harasses with his Q  farms with his AOE and shreds MR with his wall.  He can also get a lot of assists by using his ult. Be carful and attempt to kill him when he Starts to use his ult. Your team will thank you.   Lissandra – Lissandra will use her Pokes to keep you near low and go in for the kill with her stun.  She is a champ that does the most damage when your chasing them.   Malzahar – minions minions minions.  He will out push you if you don’t take care of his minions.  If you keep Taking them out he cant farm as good. Also he wastes all his mana on all the spells needed to resummon them. This makes this lane easy to take if he has to go back for mana   Swain – Swain is a bully, he will harass you whenever your near him. Do your best to stand back and farm, poke him and get him to use his ult and to get his Hp Back.  A lot of the time freezing your lane when you can get your jungler to help is the best way to approach this champ.   Veigar -   After Mid game and he has a bit of farm on his Q he can start to sue his Stuns offensively and keep you pinned to the turrets. Where you miss farm and he slowly snowballs you, and in every team fight your going to be his target. Do you best to win this battle in the Early game if you can get him down a few tiems before lvl 6 your doing your Team a great Service. Xerath  as much as you don’t see this champ often those who play him tend to be very good at what they do, they can Stand way back and Poke with a lot of damage. Your best bet is to frezze your lane and poke when his Spells are on Cooldown. This will provide you with a window of damage that will likely make him go back.   Ziggs -  Annoying little bugger, he will Throw bouncing bombs at you a lot. Just keep Moving ( JUST KEEP SWIMMING SWIMMIN SWIMMIN SWIMMIN) and Go all in at him after he uses his Satchel Charge. That way he doesn’t have an escape. Due to his lack of CC he normally cant Get Away if your On top of him.     Zyra -  Zyra is a less annoying Herimerdinger, she has good Burst and DPS so becarful of beign Rooted and Random Q’s  she can drop seeds fast and make it hard to get away with her ult.  Do your best to Beat her down early and then keep a harass up so she cant start to turn it around     I Didn’t Add in the hyper carries because I don’t paly them, Most of the time when you face one if you can bully them out of the Lane you’re doing well. If they start to get kills it could be the end for your team fights.  So try to save your CC for them. 
  25. Hello fellow summoners,   So its been in the discussion for awhile to have a drinking night when playing LoL, so stock up its happening! So far the date is looking like MAY 2nd, thats a Saturday night, at 9 PM central is when it will start.   *If you plan on being there please comment below so I can get a solid head count to plan what all we will do. ** Leave a rule you think should be implemented in the comments.   Game types being played: Inhouse 5v5 or ranked team play. We can do other games if everyone wants, but we mainly want 5v5.   Rules: #1 Dont be a bitch. #2 You must pregame at least 2 shots or 4 beers before the first game. #3 If you die, drink. #4 For every kill you get, you get to designate that many drinks at the end of the game to ANYONE.   Disclaimer: ADK in no way shape or form endorses underage drinking.   @[member='AOBLXIX'] @[member='TCM Sky'] @[member='Joey'] @[member='AdorableOrphan'] @[member='Veydeth']  

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