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  1. I took this information from an AMA challenger player who does ranked 3s. Really good information if anybody wanted to try doing ranked 3s. They are actually super fun.     Team Comps: At the moment, abusing the double support-style mages and a strong brawler jungle. The ideal comp for us is Lulu top, Xin Zhao jungle, and Karma bot. Other successful comps similar to this one is subbing Morgana for the Karma or Lulu and J4 for the Xin Zhao (in case Lulu or Karma gets banned). Lulu is god in ranked 3s and his team will always try to run her either top or bot lane. Another comp that works well is a strong top laner (Renekton/Riven/Darius), J4 jungle, and Rumble bot. We typically prefer early game team comps since Rumble needs a bit to get going but keep him as a backup comp. The strongest champs in 3s right now are:   Top: Renekton, Darius, J4, Gnar, Pantheon, Lulu, Nidalee, Jayce, Maokai, Olaf, Wukong (don’t blind pick a Wukong, make sure he has a good matchup first)   Jungle: Xin Zhao, J4, Lee Sin, Nocturne, Vi, Amumu (need strong laners to pick), Kha’Zix, Shyvana   Bot: Syndra, Annie, Morgana, Karma, Lulu, Vel’Koz, Orianna, Lissandra, Ziggs, Zyra, Ahri, Rumble (only if you are really good w/ him) These are not listed in a particular order. There are many other champs that are strong in 3v3 but those are the most successful on his team. It’s champs they all have the best synergy with. Communication and teamwork will triumph over “which team has the most broken champs”. Make sure your team is on the same page when making plays.   Objectives: You should focus a lot more on altars rather than Vilemaw. Unless your team has a big lead, never fight when the enemy team has double altars. Just play passive and wait for it to unlock. Focus your fights around taking the enemy’s altar so that you can be the ones engaging rather than reacting. Don’t try and sneak Vilemaw when all three of the enemy team are up.   Jungling The biggest factor in deciding which META to run is which one your team is the most comfortable playing. All METAs can be played successfully in high elo 3s so it’s really just preference. We chose to use the jungle META due to the fact that 1 mistake early when running 2 people top can often completely lose the game for you. Running a jungler allows for a little more breathing room in the event of a mistake due to all players getting solo exp. and CS. We also don't like having 1 player bringing nothing more than tankiness and cc to team fights; we prefer everyone to do damage. Underrated champs:   Lulu - She isn't prioritized nearly enough for how damn strong she is. One of the few champs that can turn a lost team fight around after losing a person with her crazy cc and kite. Azir - Requires you to be extremely good with him, but if you start with Forbidden Idol and rush Nomicon, his damage spikes pretty early. Also great burst and safety between his E and ult. Brand - Ridiculous damage, especially when fighting in the jungle. Cho - You see him more in lower elos than high, but the damage you can put out with him for how tanky he gets is just nutty. Volibear - Pretty much same as Cho. Trundle - Don't see this guy much at all lately but if you get to 20+ minutes with him and you aren't really far behind, he becomes so so difficult to kill. Vel’Koz - He falls into the 'under prioritized' category. There are only a small number of teams that I've seen who prioritize running Vel'Koz. Great waveclear and pushing power - crazy poke, especially when ahead - face melting lazor that shreks your whole team.   Victor - We've run him a few times with good success but never see any other teams running him. The short-ish range can be an issue vs some teams but his line damage + Gravity Field is amazing for jungle fights.
  2. ADK Blue

    ADK Blue is another team created by myself with the people that came to the site wanting to play ranked but couldn't get in with the other team.    I did it to 1. keep them interested and wanting to be a part of ADK and 2. to scrimmage with the other team and create some friendly rivalry. We are still filling roster spots so PM me if you are interested. Include role and availability please. We'll do ranked 5s as we can but if we have to start playing ranked 3s due to the availability issues, I think that would be fun.    We played our first two games and won 1, lost 1. The mid laner ended up quitting after that match but that happens often. People come and go on a team when it's starting out. I think the main goal of this team is to have fun and work on the basics. Winning lanes, pushing, objective control, ganking, and vision. Walk before you run.    I've got 3 more open roster spots that I plan to fill with ADK applicants/members. Once I've got it all organized, I will update this. Being a team is basically about communication, teamwork, and picking yourself up when things look bad.    Have a good day.
  3.                      Treacherously murdered, Kalista rose as a specter, twisted by the horrific power of the Shadow Isles. In death, she offers Runeterrans a proposition: surrender your soul to the Spear of Vengeance and she will exact revenge on your betrayers.   Items The Black Spear Active: Kalista offers a pact to an allied champion, should they agree, the item is consumed and the pair are Soul-Bound for the remainder of the game. When accepted, the binding enables Soul-Marked, a passive on Sentinel, and allows Kalista to use Fate’s Call when she unlocks it.   Abilities   Passive: Martial Poise Rather than cancelling the basic attack animation, a move order hops Kalista in the direction of the click after she completes her attack. Kalista leaps farther when moving away from her target.   Q: Pierce Kalista hurls a spear, damaging the first enemy struck and adding a stack of Rend. Pierce also procs Martial Poise.   W: Sentinel Passive: Soul-Marked—When Kalista and her bound ally attack a minion, monster or enemy champion at the same time, they deal bonus magic damage. Active: Kalista commands a sentinel to keep watch over an area. The sentinel patrols back and forth in a line a few times. Vulnerable to attacks from behind, sentinels see in a cone in front of them and scream if they spot an enemy.   (They are testing out decreased mana cost from 25 to 20 at all ranks on the PBE server 11/19/2014)   E: Rend Kalista’s basic attacks and the spear from Pierce lodge in their target for a short time. Rend causes her to rip the spears from her enemies, slowing them and dealing increased damage for each spear rent from the target. Rend’s cooldown resets if it secures a kill on an enemy unit. The spears stack infinitely, only disappearing if Kalista fails to keep up her assault.   R: Fate’s Call Kalista repositions her bound ally next to her, making them untargetable and disabling their spells. During Fate’s Call, Kalista’s Soul-Bound gains a new ability, which allows the Soul-Bound to dash in a target direction, knocking up enemies they strike.   Gameplay   Kalista is a marksman who cooperates with her Soul-Bound to deal substantial sustained damage, access her full repertoire of abilities and wither her enemies under her relentless assault. Kalista’s potential is unlocked by solid communication and cooperation with allies rather than raw mechanical skill. While still capable in her own right, Kalista misses out on Soul-Marked's bonus damage and effective use of her ult without direct cooperation from her ally.   She's extremely mobile and her amazing kiting will improve your overall kiting skill as an ADC. She requires a lot of communication and teamwork but that's what makes her fun. She is complex but worth learning. Unfortunately, she is too good to be true so a nerf will probably follow in the near future patches.    During the laning phase, Kalista follows the familiar marksman pattern of farm and harass with one important difference: Martial Poise makes kiting an important part of her kit. With it, Kalista can reposition after every basic attack, hopping in and out of danger to attack opponents and gain superior positioning. Soul-Marked allows Kalista and her ally to speedily crush down each minion, forcing their enemies to farm under turret and nearly guaranteeing a level two ding ahead of their opponents. With the lane pushed, Kalista can send a Sentinel up the river to keep watch for incoming threats. This ability takes some vision pressure off her support, allowing both to spend less time at base and more time dictating the pace of the lane. Trading, Kalista lands Pierce to proc Rend, poking with terrifying speed. While Kalista decides when to answer Fate’s Call, her Soul-Bound, often a support, ultimately decides where it’ll make its impact. If either Kalista or her Soul-Bound land significant crowd control on an enemy champion, Fate’s Call makes the perfect tool to damage and lock down enemies, setting Kalista up to sling the fatal spear.   Teamfights   Without massive range or an escape, Kalista relies on backline positioning and attentive protection from her allies. Before any teamfight breaks out, Kalista should use Sentinel to try to spot out enemies on the edges of the fray. With the battle underway, Kalista metes out strong, consistent punishment with auto attacks, staying safe with precise management of Martial Poise. Tricky to position in teamfights but if you remember to kite enemies, she can easily get kills.   Fate’s Call   The ult’s versatility makes it good for peel, a wombo starter or a rescue for your Soul-Bound—used to its full potential, it can be all three. Against dive comps, a timely Fate’s Call stops a chase dead in its tracks and serves as a counter-engage for your team to follow up. If Kalista’s Soul-Bound is caught out, a quick ultimate spirits them to safety, burning whatever crowd control the enemies expended and offering the option of dis-or-re-engage. Brave Kalista players (and braver Soul-Bound) can kick off wombo-combos or follow up on a hard initiation, creating the space Kalista needs to clean up.   Synergy – She works well with:   Leona - the Radiant Dawn Tanky supports like the Radiant Dawn are perfect for Fate’s Call. After being tossed into the fray by Kalista, Leona can hang onto Zenith Blade to zoom around teamfights applying crowd control where needed. Bonus points for proc-ing Sunlight and Soul-Marked at the same time.   Janna - the Storm's Fury On face, it may not seem like a great idea to toss the fragile Janna into the enemy team, but Fate’s Call and Monsoon combine to split enemy teams.   Malphite - Shard of the Monolith Imagine Fate’s Call and Unstoppable Force smacking sequentially into the enemy team—the area of effect knockup double tap will win you most fights.   Struggles against:   Zyra - Rise of the Thorns Kalista’s slow basic attack leaves her vulnerable to the lockdown of Grasping Roots. The Spear of Vengeance must carefully manage Martial Poise to survive this lane opponent.   Ezreal - the Prodigal Explorer Ezreal’s kit dulls the edge of Kalista’s spears: He outpokes her with Mystic Shot and can escape the danger posed by Rend and Fate’s Call with a quick Arcane Shift.   Master Yi - the Wuju Bladesman Highlander causes problems for Kalista since her primary escape tool applies a slow. If Kalista and her ally can’t nail Master Yi with Fate’s Call, she’s likely to be chopped up, Wuju Style.   I took a lot of this information from the League of Legends website. I took out what was irrelevant and changed some wording around. If you want to take a look at what she looks like or more information about her, visit http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/champion-reveal/kalista-spear-vengeance-revealed
  4. Server downtime for NA, EUW, EUNE, LAN, LAS, BR, and TR will begin on November 5th at 0130 PST. All ranked queues will be disabled and all games being played at that time will end in a draw and no stats will be recorded.    Downloads for patch 4.19 will be lengthy as it will have the last files before the big open beta begins. A list of what they are including in or during this patch follows.   -Reaper Soraka skin -Singed model/texture update -New Singed ability icons, 18 new splash arts (Blitzcrank, Ezreal, Gragas, Graves, Janna, J4, Kayle, Rengar, Rumble, Shaco, Shen, Singed, Talon, Tristana, Udyr, Veigar, Wukong, Zilean -New summoner's rift login screen -The 2014 ranked rewards  - Victorious Morgana, ranked team wards, summoner icons, etc. (Note: These will NOT actually be handed out until the end of the season which is NOVEMBER 11th!) -New shop assets (item images) -The rest of the files for the new summoner's rift   The experimental preseason changes (new jungle camps, new map, changes to dragon, etc.) are NOT in this patch. 
  5. After our member meeting last night, I wanted to update everyone on where we're at with this section and what we are wanting to do with it.   @[member='Zudamour'] is heading up a ranked team to represent ADK. They plan on playing their matches on Monday nights and on the weekends. If you are interested in joining, please contact him.   I'm going to try and head up normals. If you want to stop by for a pickup game or if you just have time for one and you don't want to go at it completely alone, please let me know. I'm on a lot and I creep the forums. Message me on here or you can come talk to me in TS. If any of you have any suggestions at all for trying to get more people involved please feel free to tell me. I'm going to try to use creative means by not only trying to get more ADK members to play with us but to try and get more people to join ADK. My goal is to try and hold an event, schedule streaming times, and reaching out through various channels. If we stream, may be we could do some fun matches...like crazy champs in roles they don't usually play (blitzcrank jungle, TF adc) or we could do some custom games.   One idea I wanted to share with all of you was possibly having a "tutorial" night. If you are below level 30 and you wanted a friendly environment to learn or wanted someone to answer a few of your questions, you could do so. I could try and pull a couple people in to help out with this but I played a couple of games with @ADK Kieran last night and I had a blast. We all just played and I would just kind of say what I was thinking if it was important. If any of you still wanted to give LoL a shot, we could play some games in a non-stressful environment and address questions as they come up.   Let me know if that sounds like it would help bring some of you back or get you started playing LoL. It can be a very toxic community but ADK is not full of toxicity. Everyone makes mistakes and if you want someone to just play with and hang out in a normal game, let me know.
  6. Anybody know why I've been seeing so many fiddlesticks? A lot of them are going support or jungle. Were there changes to his kit or was he updated?   Just wondering, haven't really seen much on him.
  7. Any NA and EUW Summoners

    Hey all,   I don't know how many of you get on reddit but if you have the chance check out the subreddit /r/summonerschool. It's a great way to find tips, strats, and champ information as well as ask people who know. There are lots of experienced players on there offering all sorts of help.    They also run a program every Friday. It's called summoner's workshop and it's for Bronze-Silver players wanting to get better. You scrim people around the same skill level as you but they give you a coach. Most of mine have been plat but I know there are a few golds/diamonds who also do it. They have a stream here and they broadcast every Friday.   I know I didn't include many details but I've participated in them a few times. More information is included on the subreddit, just search for summoners workshop. It has all the information you need. The coaches are usually pretty good, I'd just take a few points away from what they say and work on them. Some of them can get a bit nit picky so just do your best and have fun. 
  8. Kansas City anyone?

    Anybody from kc? Reply and let's have a lan party!
  9. Hello all,   In case you hadn't noticed, the game I play most is, yes, League of Legends. I play it often and sometimes with the husband. I'll post more about champs and roles in the League forum for now I'll just say a few things about me personally.   I'm 25 and I love gaming. I mostly have played console games (Halo was my favorite by far) until about a year ago. When I was pregnant with the kiddo and bored, I had my husband show me how to play League and WoW. Neither of them really caught on until I actually spent some time trying to learn mechanics and giving myself a baseline. Now, I don't know why or how I never played PC games more. I am very passionate about it and I hope to one day hold LAN events around Kansas and bring people together to play. Games are so much more fun when you have people to share them with.    Go Royals!
  10. Ever though about playing graves in the midst of all those great long ranged champions like Caitly or Lucian? Well here are some reasons why. Graves is slow, yeah I will admit that, but every one of his shots can not be denied to be the most strong poking shots of all adc's. With the right support who can allow the opponent adc to be stunned for a little while until you close the gap between you and the opponent adc, that long range will not put them into a great advantage. Yes it can be hard for you to maintain your health while that Caitlyn is poking you whever you try to get a minion. However you have to endure that to wait for a little longer until you get all the skills and the right moment created by that thresh or leona support. Also, just blind that asshole who's been poking you so much and close your gaps on to him. The moment he becomes unblind, he will be surprised at how close you are and the damage you are putting on to him.    The best tip to playing graves, do not think that you lost just because you are a bit behind the opponent at early lvl, at lvl 6 you can be the most strong adc there has never been.   Counter champion - Yasuo                               - Jarvan                               - Jinx Best Fit Opponent Champion - Honestly I believe Graves can beat any adc that he is againt with the amount of potential he has.                                                   Large damage, easily overcomed attack speed with items, Critical strike, the blinding that allows you to                                                   close the gap, the Q and R that deals large amount of damage, and E that allows you to either close in                                                     on the gap or escape from all kinds of ganks or skills that tries to screw you up.   What are YOUR thoughts on Graves?   *PS. I wrote all this while my eyes were fading away to sleep so some grammar mistakes could have occured. Also, please message me if you want an additional specific champion to be analyzed :D  
  11. The best thing about twisted fate, the quick and easy teleportation to the lanes that require ganks and assisstance. If bot is being pushed too hard, its ok, you can just hit your ult, activate your W, transport in to the bush where they cant see you, click W to a yellow card and then just hit that son of a b***** so that he can become that trapped squirrel in the midst of herds of the hungry wolves. If top is being pushed, no difference, except the wolf pack is two instead of 3 :D well things can change if the opponent on that lane is super fed.   While being at mid, tf can show the best performance through its long range pokes that just can not be dodged and the yellow card that will trap all champions trying to get near you to use that skill. However inability to press that W right on that yellow card fast enough or the inability for you to take enough CS can just lead to torment at mid lane. Like most champions in League, it is the fast thinking and the hand-eye coordinance of the players that allows them to reveal their full potential.   Counter Champions - Syndra                                  - Leblanc                                  - Morgana   Best fit opponent champions - Diana                                                - Zed                                               - Riven ( Some have seen Faker play mid riven and trys to mimic his plays but never seen one too great )   What are YOUR thoughts on twisted fate?
  12. Ahri, based on my opinion, is the best mid lane champion you can have if you have the fast fingers and the ability to see whats happening while you are dashing in or out with your fast ultimate. Activate your W, dash in with your R, apply that E and Deathfire Grasp, dash out with your R while throwing down your Q, activate that W and then rush in with R again. BEST COMBO IN THE WORLD. Also, Ahri is the best champion to roam around the map and support all lanes at anytime beginning from lvl 6. However everything I said can be very difficult for champions that have skills that lock on to you, like the syndra ult that will still hit you even if syndra is dead. Otherwise Ahri is one of the top mid lane champions in game ( in my opinion ).   Counter Champions - Syndra                                  - Katarina                                  - Fizz                                  - Morgana   Best Fit Opponent Champions - Orianna                                                  - Xerath                                                  - Lissandra                                                  - Seriously about all champions if you can get your charm at the right time to ignore the opponents block                                                      or shield that prevents them from being charmed.   What are YOUR thoughts on Ahri?
  13. Fiora is a champion that can either carry by allowing her damage to take its peak from owning her lane, or a champion that can ruin the game for everybody from feeding too much and being the most un-useful late game champion in the game. Therefore, being almost the most squishy champion in game, Fiora's role in the game can be said to be varied by the summoner playing the game.   Counter champions - Malphite                                 - Shen                                 - Maokai                                 - Jax   Best Champion to be against - Gangplank                                                - Yasuo                                                - Pantheon   What do YOU think about my observation?    
  14. Hello Competitive players!

    Hey guys!  I'm looking for people that will play with me to become friends and get to a higher rank! I'm currently Gold 5 but with the skill equivalent to my diamond friends! I really want to go in to at least the platinum rank within a few months and hopefully there are some of you out there who wouldnt mind playing ranked with me to reach a higher rank.   My summoner name is : AberhartKS   I would also like friends that I can teamspeak with to have fun! Add me up!
  15. Patch 4.15 Notes!

    Lots of cool stuff in the patch notes this time so check it out. In particular the 3 new skins, AMAZINGLY AWESOME LOOKING! In the changes, i am particularly excited to see how the changes to an old classic, Urgot, carries out into main stream adc games. As well as seeing how the buffs to Gnar does to his viability to play anything other than aram (and he fails at that too). What are you guys looking forward to? You can see the description of the patch below as well as a link to the source from the official riot games news feed. in case you cannot be bothered scrolling down, I have linked the source of the patch notes here.   source (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-415-notes#patch-patcher-and-landing-page-refresh)
  16. Diamond to Master to Challenger! A new system is said to be in development by riot to prevent the vast amount of players that are currently sat in Diamond 1.  They are creating a new tier, said to be the master tier! Although this said, the challenger rotation will be more harsh and more demanding and will only be the "best".            Personally I think this change is a good idea, but I wonder how it will effect the competitive attitude of the challenger tier, as things may get a lot more heated going into game.  What do you guys think on this up coming change? Do you think it will reshape the attitude of players in the higher tiers? Or maybe it will do nothing and just become the next "Diamond" tier.
  17. Most of you probably know, but for the ones that don't, you can get 3 skins + champs for free.     NA Garen: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/447126845276696576 EUW Garen: http://woobox.com/y53k9k OCE Garen: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/promotion/come-and-join-us-social-media Tristana: www.leagueoflegends.com/facebook Alistar: http://youtube.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/youtube/  
  18. So Emotional

    Name - Matt Age - 20 years young Country - UK Games - League of Legends (EUW) / Steam games Hobbys - Games, Music, Martial arts, Beatbox, Psychology, Theology, Poetry, Cooking and couple more things. About me - Calm, generous, knowledgeable, modest, talkative, indulgent, logistical, creative, empathic, sympathetic, emotional, ambitious, reliable, resourceful, moderate, courteous, gentle, honest. The rest you have to discover yourself. :>   I hate false and spineless people who pretend to be firends just to backstab you... But I sincerly cherish the ones that are absolutely honest and show me who they really and not hide behind a mask of lies. Yet again I will leave the rest of information about for you to discover.   Sincere regards Emotion.
  19. EUW side of ADK

    From my knowledge of ADK an awful lot of the League of Legends players are mainly based in NA. How many of you if any, are from EUW and have a hard time finding members to play with and what do you think of the idea of developing a large base for an EUW side to ADK?   I think by developing a EUW sector for ADK would allow the League of Legends area to thrive both on TeamSpeak and the forums. Although it would need a lot of work to make happen, I'm positive I myself would be willing to put the effort in to create an active area for members to join and for members to involve themselves in the other collection of games that ADK already has divisions for.    I hope this is something to be considered and since I already know a lot of members are from the NA side, it'll be a difficult task but do-able.   
  20. So today a level 12 plays hop'd on TS looking for some one to play LoL with (named HardName) and i decided id help him out and show him the ropes today sadly he was only around for one match haha but id like to think i helped him learn a little bit more about LoL   As he has expience in MOBAS anyway lol sense he said he is a Dota 2 player   i figured id help him learn the standerd build or what to mainly focus on and so on and so forth i really enjoyed it :D   it made me feel good to teach some one instead of rage at them X D jk jk i do rage some times tho XD but when i rage its not at people its at myself lol   well just figured id share this :D
  21. My name in LoL is Promitheus. Hit me up, help me get out of elo hell!! lol
  22. Check out the video of some of new Summoner's Rift map coming out for League of Legends in the near future.  It will first be pushed to PBE and then will be pushed to being live on everyone's clients after that.  There is no ETA yet of when it'll be fully released as it's still not on PBE.    They did mention that it does eat up more RAM but also said that you won't have to upgrade your computers as they are committed performance parity with the current Summoner's Rift.  I'm excited to be able to play this on PBE in the near future and then seeing this live following that!       Leave your thoughts and comments below!     http://youtu.be/_e_N4WpqH5o
  23. If you guys haven't seen it yet or want to learn a little bit of Braum's lore, you should head of down to this promotional page : Here(http://promo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/braum/ ) Its full of cool flash animations and voice acting that foretells his past, including how he came to find the indestructible door! It would have been awesome to get a little bit more of the story, but in any case it is an exciting experience to watch. so I highly recommend anybody who hasn't seen it to go and have a look!
  24. Are they a like

    are the the same games   Dota 2   League of Legends
  25. You’ll have to dress warmly for the rest of the week, the cooldowns from Ultra Rapid Fire are sticking around a bit longer. Originally intended as an April Fool’s joke, your enthusiasm has us sold that U.R.F. should be available as long as any other featured game mode. Due to ultra rapid obnoxiousness, we’ll be removing a few more champions from the U.R.F. queue (you can still be OP in custom games): Hecarim Soraka Nidalee Alistar Kayle Skarner Enjoy U.R.F. through Sunday, April 13.     SOURCE

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