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  1. Hello from the other side

    Hello everybody, My name is Kyle and i'm video game finatic. I use to play a lot of arma 3 and have experience making mods and missions for the 15thMEU(SOC) realism Unit on there where i have spent most of my gaming time for the past 2 years. Recently i decided to switch from arma and enjoy a new game but had some difficulty finding one. Until, that is, i found the game ARK and the awesome community that ADK has made on that game. Now i've been enjoying my time on there and absolutely love its community. The reason i chose to look at ADK as a community i wanted to join was not only because of the ARK community. I originally played with the Elite Dangerous group and a little with the Planetside 2, and War Thunder Groups. In all my experiences with ADK everyone has always been friendly, accepting, and fun to hang out with. With that in mind i decided to finally join the ADK Dark side because you have cookies. :3    K. Anderson  
  2. Relix's Intro

    What's up everybody my ign is SirRelix or Relix aka Relish aka Sir. My rl name is Chance and I currently reside in Kansas. Been playing games since I was a wee lad. Started on Atarari/Genesis and have spent significant time with most major consoles/handhelds as well as being a casual/light-hardcore pc gamer. I'm enjoy all types of different games. Final Fantasy, COD, Battlefield, WoW, Gw2, csgo, rocket league, DayZ, Smash Bros, Dark Souls  and too many others to remember them all. I'm easy going and just like to have a good time whatever it is I'm doing or playing. Open to casual and competive gaming.
  3. RustyBulletzz Introduction

    Hello everyone.   My name is RustyBulletzz (Joshua). I started playing battlefield 4 recently as a friend suggested it to me and even bought me the game as my birthday gift last year. I started playing playing on the EGO servers when i got in the game. I did not like that community very much because of their hostility towards brown skinned people. I am looking forward to find a nice clan of talented and young gamers who play the objective and are highly skilled. I admire a few ADK gamers i see on servers (FULL-TILT), really skilled people. I'm an architect at one of the firms in Toronto, Ontario. I play bf4 when i got some spare time on my hands. I hope i get accepted into this community.   Thank you. Rusty
  4. I am glad to be here

    My name is "Homeshadow" aka Brian. I have been a gamer since day one. I enjoy my Usas shotgun, so please no complaining or I will shoot you. I enjoy anything to do with Network infrastructure, helping other get their PC's running so they can play is never out of the question. I am a business owner for six years in the communications industry. I am a single father, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and teaching her the biz. Any questions, please feel free to ask. ;-) 
  5. Hello =ADK=! My name is Lucy Alese Blankenship(Lalese for short [La-Lease]). Okay, I am 22 years old and am lovin life. I am joining because I think I'm dying of social anxiety and awkwardness. Until a recent... awaking of sorts...(We'll just leave the details for you to pry from that dark space of my mind) I was quite shy, lonely, and scared of the world and didnt really share/express my true feelings, emotions, thoughts, personality, and..... self to the public out of fear of rejection and negativity. So this is going to be fun right, I'M FINALLY MAKING FRIENDS!!! :D :D :D --- I'm super duper ultra excited to meet you all so prepare yourselves for lots of free hugs, tickles, and cookies.... and possibly pillow fights.... all at the the same time.... possibly.... :D Most people call me "Lal" for short in the gaming world and I am full of pure rainbow energy and happiness(Definitely not on drugs... Really :)! Free Hugggggss :D!!!!!!! --- I love animals, art, cooking, music, and gaming. Gaming, at least in my opinion, is the easiest place to get socially involved out of all my interest and I feel like joining a community is the best place to get started. I love Strategy, Open World RPGs, and Open World Survival Games that allow some sort of creative expression(Like Terraria and Minecraft). My strengths in gaming are, of course, strategy and building creative but functional designs and buildings. My favorite RPG classes are mage(aoe) followed by healer and, in a single player setting, I play a Battle Mage of some sorts(Magic then sword if the enemy happens to get too close or I run out of Magic Points). I am a experimenter of sorts so I am open to the oppurtunity to try new things. --- Unfortunately, I can't afford a PC right now(It is one of my top priorities) so I play on a "Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70" tablet right now. The current games I have installed on my tablet are "Minecraft PE Full Version", " Terraria Full Version", "EvoCreo Full Version", and " Cytus". I'm constantly looking at Google Play Store for new things, but coming from a PC gamer background, its hard find anything that peaks my interest. --- So, do you guys have a discord or teamspeak server where I can talk to people! I downloaded the mobile version of teamspeak just in case. If I don't talk to people, the I'm afraid my social anxiety will come back to bite me. Just be warned, I may be a little awkward at first, after I warm up to you guys, I should be fine. Looking forward to meeting you guys, Thank You!!! ~Lucy
  6. Hello!

    Hello and thank you for letting me join the forum.  My name is Erik and I'm 36 years old from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I've been playing games for most of my life ever since receiving a NES when I was 6 years old.  I play virtually every time of game out there but lately my focus has been BF4.  This game became my favorite a few months ago and has been ever since.  I know I'm a little late to the party for BF4 but better late than never.  I look forward to contributing to the forum and getting to know everyone as well as becoming a member.   Thank you! Erik G. 
  7. TheFallen Intro

    Hey ADK, The Fallen here.   With that out of the way, lets start the wall of text.   I'm a 21 year old dude, uhm... My name is Michael, recently moved from Portugal to America to be with my wife and son, it wasn't fun to move, lots of "random" searching, poking, in between airplane rides, which it was 3 airplanes, it amounted to 17 hours of flight. But alas, now I find myself home with a beautiful family and so proud that I made it all this way, after all the money spent, lawyers, etc, to move forward with this emigration, I'm exhausted and ready to sit down and just relax.   Anyway, that's some backstory on myself.   Now to talk about my interests and game preferences, I really enjoy myself when I play survival games, I don't know, there's just something about survival games that captivates me, be it the need to scavenge because you're hungry or thirsty, or be it the thrill of just seeing someone before they see you and have their lives on your hands, mostly I love this genre because IT IS SO GOOD FOR ROLEPLAY, be you into it or not, its just a very good genre for it. I've had good interactions with people in my main game H1Z1, which some of them ended in my demise but others just ended in people laughing it off and walking away leaving me to my life.   I will share this one occurence in H1Z1 with you guys, basically I was collecting some sticks to make myself a bow, as 2 armed dudes come up to me and tell me to put my hands up, leaving me with no choice I did, they told me to lay down prone, which I complied, and this dude proceeded to go prone, crouch, and stand on top of my character, which I assumed he was trying to simulated rape, I don't know, after about a minute or two they walked off and I was just, " what the fuck just happened? ". Fun times..   I have a huge amount of survival games be it multiplayer or not, I will list here a few in case someone has something in common with me.   DayZ Infestation H1Z1 State Of Decay Dead State The Forest Stranded Deep Subnautica etc..   I'm a very big fan or this genre of videogames.   On another note, I will gladly get on teamspeak and talk with you guys for hours, if you don't mind some screaming here and there, because my son tends to be a loud little shit, he's 10 months about to be 11 on the 5th of February, his name is Eikre.   Anyway, I'm sure I'll enjoy meeting all of you, now I'm gonna go and write myself an application.   Best Regards, Fallen.
  8. I am Golden506

    Hello! I am Golden506. I just joined so i don't know much about the community. I was referred by chuglydude. My favorite games are Garry's mod, From the depths, Skyrim, Besiege, AC4 Black flag, Team fortress two, and Firefall.         :lol:
  9. Greetings

    Hello,   I am Terzacs, a 23 year old student from Germany. I was searching(Google) for a gaming community, since I'm always playing alone and this is just no fun. So I hope I can find some people here, who enjoy gaming and not being to serious about it. I'm primarily looking to have fun with gaming.   I recently started playing CS:GO and I really enjoy it. I'm looking forward to play with you guys. I'm not that good, I'm just Silver Elite Master and don't really aim to become the best. I just want to enjoy playing. I hope there are some others with roughly that rank, so I don't have to play with all the CS:GO pros xD   I do play other games, too, and would be happy to find some people I can play those games with, too.   Hmmm. I can't really think of anything else right now. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.   See you ingame, y'all. :)
  10. What's Up ADK

    Whats up ADK, I go by roguedawg279. I'm a pretty experience gamer, I was in the gb circuit on console(suppress the laughs please), and I used to be in a community clan called KSI for about 3 years, that had a very strict code of conduct, and around 5000 members at the time of my membership,  but I got out of that as soon as I started pc gaming.  I play a lot of battlefield, counter strike, and some h1z1. I like snipers and assault rifles, and I'm mainly looking to win, rank up, and hang out. I tend to play later in the day on most weekdays, but anytime on sundays. If any of you feel like sending me an invite, i'm going by roguedawg on steam, and telekinetic2 on orgin, but if I ever become a full fledged member i can ad the =ADk= into the name.  Peace -roguedawg279
  11. I am a 17 year old male, call me TokeDirty. I have just around 500+ hours on Counter-Strike, and am a GMN looking to be a part of a whole new gaming community. I used to be a huge Call of Duty and League of Legends player until i discovered Counter Strike from YouTube. It's amazing to see what team work and communication can accomplish so I've decided to find myself in a community like this so I can't wait for it to be something real.
  12. Hello my name is Mason. I like to play Arma 3, Ark Survival Evolved and CS-GO. I am 15 years old and I try to be as friendly to everyone as possible. I look forward to my future with ADK Gaming. I live in Central America and I'm a cool dude.   ~ Mason :)  
  13. Duplicity2554

    My name is Christian Ruiz, I love to play h1z1 and spend hours crafting, farming, and pvping. I am an expert builder and PVPer. I like to be a team player as well as a leader if the situation requires it. One for all and all for one. I am 25 years old, I work a whole lot and play on my spare time. I own several companies that keep me very busy and am about to be a father in late april or may. Thank you for the opportunity of joining.
  14. Introducing myself

    My name is jack, i go by the screen name blackout and jackleggett. I have about 200 hours on h1z1, i play as much as i can without interfering with my school work. When I play a video game i go all the way, im 100 percent invested. The reason that I have decided to get back into playing h1z1 is the reduced payload of school this following semester. I look forward to being able to play with such an active community!     -Jack 
  15. introducing Myself

     Hi my name is John. I'm 18 and a friend Bahlitz told me about this place. I mostly play CS:GO, but i want to get into minecraft again and i was hoping to find a server here.   My IGN in Minecraft is Ghost_Hero  and my IGN in CS:GO is Ghost }{ero   i do have other games besides CS:GO and MInecraft, but i prefer to play with friend then by myself.
  16. Hey Everyone! :)

         Hey everyone! :) I go by Lady or Rae. Either one works. I play a range of games and on a range of consoles. From Xbox One to PC, but lately I have been on PC and have been stuck on H1Z1 (basically a no life on that game lol), which is also how I found out about ADK. Anyways, I'm always up for making new friends and trying out different games. I mostly play survival games and occasionally some MMOs, but it mostly depends on my mood. I look forward to playing with all of you sometime and feel free to ask for any Steam or other gamer tags! :)    -Lady 
  17. Greetings from Barbs

    Hey! My name is Daniel Barbarian and I'm a 18 year old avid gamer. I'm an ex football player (American variety) and now have lots of time on my hands. I'd love to join this faction in my gaming ventures. My neighbor Zenoses recommended me to join this clan, so here I am. IGN: Barbs Game I play: Battlefield WoW HoTS H1Z1 Space Engineers      
  18. Dream Introduction

    Hello good people of Narnia, My name is Jay. I come here to bring peace between our worlds. i am 30 divided by 2. I mostly like to play counter strike. My hobbies are playing basketball and hanging with my friends
  19. Hello, peoples!

    (Just a quick fyi before you start reading. I made this introduction on another form and planned on writing a better one here, but it's 12:34 AM and I'm lazy, so...here you go. Enjoy my immaturely written intro!)   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hi everyone! My named is MAXimized, but you can call me Max. I am a flight enthusiast, gamer, simulator enthusiast, student pilot, and a professional Homo Sapien.   Flight Stuff: I am a HUGE fan of the world of aviation and air traffic control. I currently own two flight simulators: X-Plane 10 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). I spend a lot of time practicing on these 2 sims, and they are where I learned 50% of everything I know now about flying. The first time I flew a plane in the real world, I was an expert due to my hundreds upon hundreds of flight sim hours and practicing. I'm currently a student pilot IRL and fly Cessna 172s. My flight instructors say that I'm ready for my solo flight, but are simply concerned about me flying solo at such a young age. Personally, I have no problem with that and I actually agree with it a little. I also work at a service called the Infinite Flight ATC Center (IFATCC). I'm an admin & air traffic controller on there. We mostly do a lot of pilot and ATC training for some flight sim newbies, and we provide free ATC to flight simmers.   Simulator Stuff: Just an FYI before I start, this section falls under the gaming category below. As mentioned above, 2 simulators I go on are X-Plane 10 and FSX. Some others I go on are Rigs of Rods, Euro Truck Simulator (1 and 2), Infinite Flight, and RealFlight RF. I don't really have a reason as to why I love simulators so much. I just do. It's a part of me that I can't get rid of. I guess it's because I've been playing FSX since I was 6-7 years old, and that is a simulator, so it just caught on back then.   Gaming Stuff: Alright, we're finally here. Now let's talk about gaming. I am an INSANELY MEGA CENTUPLE CENTRILLION GOOGOLPLEX gamer. Here's a list of some of the games I play: TF2, Gary's Mod, Tactical Intervention, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Grand Theft Auto 5, Unturned, War Thunder, and there are MANY more!   Alright, I guess that's all that's really important. If you have any questions (since my life is so interesting to you for some reason) then feel free to ask!
  20. Hi, I'm Leonard!!

    Hi, my name is Leonard Campbell. I am 18 years old, and are in my final schoolyear.   I've never been that much of a gamer but i got hooked on the pre-alpha game h1z1. On my spare time i like to play guitar, and go to parties. i also enjoy a good round of tennis ;)   Cya!;)
  21. Introduction : Sharky

    Im a very good gamer that loves to play games! HI, I'm Sharky, and my first name is Jimmy, My first game was on the PS2 and I really started to love gaming. I soon after that bought a Xbox and then I played that so much. I had a bad laptop at the time and was not able to play PC games. I now have a way better computer and am able to play any game I want. I just joined ADK and I really started to like it. I was showed ADK by mostly Vinny. I have now ment many new friends. I am really into football and basketball.  I have TS and I am usually in the h1z1 Section.  
  22. Introduction

    Hello everyone,   I am new to the ADK community and would like to introduce myself to you all.  I'm a gamer and a programmer, and I recently bought Elite : Dangerous.  I also play music and speak multiple languages.   I have already played with some other Elite : Dangerous players, and I'm hope I will get up the courage to turn on my microphone soon.  :D   Cheers, CMDR FJPackard.
  23. Hello ADK community!   My name is Shawn and I play as either Defiar or Defiar_Legend in most games these days with Defiar_Legend being my name in Battlefield 4.  I'm here because I learned about ADK playing on your awesome Battlefield 4 servers, especially Operation Locker No Explosives.   Let me get the boring normal stuff about me out of the way about who I am.  I am 36 as of this post, very happily married to a younger beautiful but incredibly intelligent and successful wife and I have 3 dogs.  I currently work in Business Development for chemicals primarily in the biopharmacueticals industry.  Education-wise, I have a BS in Genetics, an MS in Organic Chemistry, and an MBA in Marketing.   Now for the more fun stuff.  Why do I call myself the Unbroken One?  Well, just over 2 years ago I underwent my third and final major surgery to alleviate my sleep apnea that was the result of my jaw structure.  It basically involved cutting my upper and lower jaw from my skull and moving them.  Long story short, the surgeon messed up.....bad.  He severed the nerve to my tongue, the nerves to my face, my nose was collapsing, my jaw and a titanium plate broke, an infection almost killed me....twice....and that is only part of it.  I spent the last 2 years undergoing 10 surgeries to fix the damage he did.  How did I make it through?  I am unstoppable because I came to terms with the idea that if I couldn't fix myself, I would end my life to not be a burden on my loved ones.  Needless to say, I am okay now.     I made a short video about it and how weightlifting helped me through it all (1 song long).  You can watch it here if you like.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BcInxxx7o4   As you can imagine, my life and career can be stressful so I like to game to relieve that stress in addition to weightlifting.  Some colleagues got me into BF4 and I REALLY love it.  So here I am....checking out ADK and letting ADK check me out.  It is a pleasure to meet you.   Best Regards,   Defiar_Legend    
  24. See I don't always shoot people in the face when I first meet them. but in h1z1 you kind of have to. Whats up I'm FBIGraal here to hopefully make an impression. I really do like talking to people with a keyboard not so much a mic so if you see me online in steam or ps2 please send me a message I really enjoy the conversation no matter how weird or insane they get. Speaking of planetside 2 the games I play are LOL, PS2, and h1z1. The only one of these i am half decent at is league. ps2 I at least know what I am doing. and H1z1 I am a chicken with my head cut off, still fun to play. I am a pretty competitive gamer so if you want to challenge me at something I am more then happy to accept it, not so much the loss but the challenge. I spend majority of my free time on my laptop doing whatever sounds interesting at the moment. Me and my friend Cup0fnoodles play alot and he was a part of adk and I thought that hey if we both join then we can do some pretty cool stuff together. Thats really all I have to talk about lol. Hopefully you guys red this and thought it was not a waste of your life. Hopefully we'll play together soon if you play the games I play. thanks for read
  25. Fury0117's Introduction

    Hiya everyone. My name is Fury0117 (real life name being Matthew) and this is my introduction! :D​ This introduction is to let you all get to know me better! My favorite game to play is CS:GO. My rank is LEM currently and I have 457 wins at the moment. I also have 1200+ hours in CS:GO. A few other games that I love to play are Racing games such as Need for Speed: Rivals or The Crew. My favorite hobby in real life is motorcycle riding and snowmobiling... ANYTHING THAT GOES FAST :D Well this is my life... don't argue against my life! Instead come join me! :D

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