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  1. Feliciations

    Hey there. Just yet another long time gamer and all around nerd checking out the community. Been playing video games since Sammy the Snake was new and exiting XD. Found the Ark server cluster through a third party website and have enjoyed it and the people so I figured it wouldnt be bad to get a little more involved in the community around it.
  2. Malexry Bio

    Im a Computer Information Systems Graduate from Westfield State University. I dropped out of Holyoke Community College to finish my degree sooner ironically. I build my gaming PC in 2015 and continue to up date it. It has a i4690k running at 4.2 or 4.4 i changes between the two and its liquid cooled so I'm not too concerned about temps as i am voltage. I have a gtx 1070 and a 240gb samsung ssd with a 2th wd hdd. For multiplayer games I play Battlefield 4 and 1 and Rocket league multiple times a week. I also play multiple times a month CS:GO as well as titan fall.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Tundra(Tom) and I just found ADK because I was searching for a community to play League of Legends with. It's just different when you are a part of something bigger and that's what I miss being in a community. So when I found this site, I was pretty ecstatic. I own a plethora of games, mainly just play super competitive games. Age: 26 I'm really excited to meet all of you who play and have similar interests as I do. Games: League of Legends(Mainly) | Overwatch Roles: Support/ADC | Support Ranks: LoL Gold 4 | Overwatch Diamond 3k If you guys have any questions, let me know. I'd love to answer some and get to know you all!
  4. Hallo

    Greetings! I was looking for a community to dive into so I could enjoy games with regular people, and hopefully, make friends. I usually play Overwatch, CS:GO, Guild Wars, or Old School Runescape. I do have some COD games, and do plan on expanding my library when I have the money. My name comes from the German word for meow -> miau, with an extra bit on the end. It's pronounced exactly the same as the English version except with a "za" on the end (meow-za). Usually, I have it as Miauße (German double "s", pronounced the same way), but some platforms do not allow special characters. If you can't tell by now, I know some German. I've been teaching myself for a few months, and plan on being fluent within a year. I love technology, building computers, tinkering with boards, etc... I also have hobbies in photography, music, magic, and coding. I'm a jack of most trades and a master of none. I'm thinking about starting a youtube channel around tech/vlogging, especially since I will be building an office completely from scratch. I have most of the parts and furniture listed and 3d modeled with my grand total easily over $4,000. This is getting a little long, so I suppose I'll go ahead and finish this up. I'm a 23-year-old computer science dropout who's disabled and wants people to chill with and have fun. I have tons of time, but no one to spend it with. Halp meh. ;~; - Miauße
  5. Hi im jos

    Im josh. Former clan was dutch so they called me Jos (pronounced yos because J sounds like Y or something and H doesnt exist). I also like to go by Bagel because it was my nickname in early high school for a reason unknown. I like CSGO, used to play a lot. PUBG is new to me but im excited to start out. I liked Arma 2 Milsim back in the days, not quite sure how much i like Arma 3 but i havent given it much of a chance. Im serious when needed but i love to dick around occasionally
  6. Introduction

    Hello I am Tarkus, resident ADK squatter for atleast 1 year. First joined when Arveaus pulled me here from his channel, and stayed for the inhouses. Known by some for playing Mercy very well, and having more than manic temper (I keep muted when angry). I hate snipers.
  7. Hi, my name is..

    Hello, My name is Aaron. I'm 20 years old and I work 2 part time jobs. A year ago I graduated highschool and moved to the city to pursue my dreams of entering a music career. I am a Metal Head. My favorite band's are: Suicide Silence, Pantera, Slipknot, WhiteChapel, Breaking Benjamin, Superjoint, Lamb of god, and Korn. My favorite movie's are: Corpse Bride, Nightmare before Christmas, and Lucario & the mystery of Mew. I am a very aggressive person due to allot of personal things that have happened to me and I normally get it out by listening to music or writing about it. I appreciate life and I am the kind of guy that wouldn't kill a fly if I saw one. I play on Xbox One and PC. Looking forward to meeting you all, - Lord Tarn 7
  8. Hello, my name is Squidward. First off Squidward is the "Best" Cartoon Character of all time, period. Other than liking a fantasy character that swoop me off my feet during my hard childhood, least it brought me hope & Joy. So this profile photo I use, is my label of me and my great personality that is myself and soul. Funny thing is, no joke, Squidward represents me 100%. How so you might ask? well you curious lurker on the inter-web, let me tell you. First, I love playing the clarinet, and have a passion for music. Music was also my gate way through my life, due to some personal problems, that I will tell you about later, if your the curious person keep reading. Back on topic, second way I can relate to this cartoon character, I have his personality, i can be mean loving kind of guy. Most of the time . Well if you want to know how I'm more like Squidward, find out yourself. Well, if you are one of the curious lurkers wondering about my personal problem, keep reading. Other than liking music and relate to a cartoon character. I really love video games, brought me joy to me life. It blew my mind when I can make new friends and play to gather etc. Well it was fun at times, but most of my gaming experience with people, was awful. ( most of the time i play single player) Well you might ask why you curious lurker, well I shall tell you now. Drum roll please, bum bum bum bummm! well I was born handicapped aka "disability" This disability is called "Muteness" which is a disability when it causes the patient not able to speak. Well you might know now, why my gaming life was horrible 99% of the time. gaming clans, communities, groups etc. Did not accept me, made fun of me (wont name the groups), and demanded a mic. Hope you enjoy your reward lurkers Other than that, If you got anyway questions about me, shoot me a question in the comments. You guys have a blessed day. Happy Gaming!
  9. Heya

    Hey, I'm Jake. I live in Wisconsin and am currently a System Administrator. I mainly play Minecraft and mobile games. [ADK]Crazyman recommended I join up on the forums and try to get involved.
  10. What's slammin'?

    Yo, my name is John and I often go by the tag Hogloot. I live in Southern California and am currently a culinary art student. I'm a huge WoW nerd and love going to Smash Tournaments (Super Smash Brothers: WiiU). Games I play: WoW Overwatch Heroes of the Storm Sm4sh League of Legends Black Desert online Hearthstone
  11. OhStopitJake - Introduction

    Well hello, If you couldn't figure it out by my cleverly created Username, my name is Jake. I serve in the U.S. Military, (And is why I may disappear for a week or two at a time: I will try to give warning to the best of my ability), and am currently stationed in Texas. I love playing all kinds of games, but mostly singleplayer and Co-Op. I am always open to try out new games, so if I hear one is good I will certainly pick it up. I play across Xbox One, PS4, and my stupidly expensive PC. I do want to try to get into YouTubing down the road I feel it's something I could succeed at. I joined this community because I don't have many friends to play games with, and I am hoping that I have found the right place to amend that. When I get out of the military I would like to try and become a Doctor, and maybe down the road try to design some games. Anyway I want this to be short and sweet. I am absolutely looking for new people to play with so send me those Steam, Xbox, PSN, etc names. I'm "OhStopitJake" Across most platforms, so add me and lets play something. Thanks for your time. The one and Only: OhStopitJake
  12. Greetings!

    Greetings Hello everyone, my name is Fredrik, i'm 21 years old and live in Norway. I'll be with you all from today on, so i'll be looking forward to meet you all. As i said, my name is "Fredrik" and my username is "Fjottrik", both of which is Norwegian names, and for some people might be hard to pronounce, and if that is the case, then just call me "Fred", im pretty used to that name anyway My hobbies are Gaming and watching Anime, nothing to exiting, but its my thing My taste in music is Electro and Metal/Screamo. If there is anything els you want to know, then just shout out to me, and i will respond as fast as i can.
  13. Introduction

    Hello my real name is Amr Fahmy I am a college student in engineering magering in computer science i am new to pc gaming as recently i am liking more than console gamingdue to how creative i can get with my own custom build and i am looking for a friendly community to play with i am currently 18 years old born on the 2nd of march 1999 and i play a lot of FPS games like planetside 2, CSGO, Insurgency and Overwatch i also like third person games like warframe and racing games like Need for Speed and Burnout paradise
  14. Alright troops.

    Hey all, I would like to take the time to introduce myself; my name is Thomas, I'm 22 and I reside in Scotland. I've recently gotten back into PC gaming again after a couple of years out of the community. I mainly play H1Z1 Just Survive, but I am also looking into acquiring Arma III, Squad and similar titles along those lines, as those genres reel me in. I found out about the ADK community via Google, I searched for white-listed servers for H1Z1 as I'm tired of the monotonous cycle that the standard PVP servers are infamous for. All that aside, I'm an easy going person who enjoys putting in the time and effort required in order to maintain a rapport with fellow players; whether in-game or not. Outside of gaming I am a composer and musician in a band that I lead, as a result I am obsessed with all things relating to music. For my job, I work in a well known game retailer here in the UK, ideally a stepping stone to a successful music career - so between music and gaming I only have time for basic human functions (I wouldn't have it any other way). There is a lot more I would like to share with the community about myself and my interests but I thought I would keep it relatively light for the time being. I hope I can become a valuable asset to this community and I look forward to making some good friends here. Good times to roll on!
  15. Introducing Zatch

    Hello! My name is Zach, also know at Zatch (inside joke)! I have been playing h1z1 for some time now, with nearly 900 hours although that seems low compared to some people. I found ADK through friends and the group that i play with. We were/are looking for a hacker free server because of the fact that hackers ran us off 2 servers this wipe. We are dedicated to the game and want to have as much fun as possible. I am nearly 16 years old which may bother some people, but i am very mature for my age. I am not the stereotypical raging kid behind a computer screen. I am hoping to join ADK and be on it for the long term. There are about 5-6 of us that are looking to play (some are already accepted). With that being said, first impressions are the most important and i hope i made a good one. I hope to see some of you guys out survivin'. State- PA Mic- Yes Teamspeak- Yes Discord- Yes (a little unfamiliar but i can learn)
  16. Itzledge Intro

    Hello my name is chase I live in the us i speak English and i play both H1z1's i am 14 years old and really looking for a private community i found this on Recommended by tons of people and would love to play it Am i mature- I am mature some people say i have a high voice which i do so im sorry its just nothing i can fix its not extreamly high but its not low so im sorry but i am mature i dont EAR RAPE and scream i am mature about things Country-US State (Private) Mic (yes) Hours on game (50)
  17. Hey my names Ivan, I'm technically from Russia but lived in Canada most my life. Currently 19, on my gap year(going to uni for comp sci in September), fluent in Russian, English n French I used to be part of gaming communities back when I was 15-16 like renegade, Iconik gaming n Dc all of which kinda fell apart at the time with the release of xbox one n I sadly haven't found anything like it, game nights, event and such were a blast to do and meeting jheeeze #doing reports about my squad on a weekly basis so much fun. Games/Consoles I have - I play mainly pc, for pc my recent games include cs go (used to be dmg), Overwatch around 1400 rank atm used to be 1691 :'(, some offline games like witcher 3 n doom n nba a bit haha, n bf1 when I'm in the mood Overwatch main - D-va (I got like 69 kills plus 28k damage with her ones) but also road hog, soldier(or any dps) Xbox one - I only play fifa 17 on there tbh the console isnt really fun anymore(I have some old cods n games from 360 era like minecraft n halo 4) but basically don't play anything but fifa Follow me on insta if U wanna see my transformation lol - https://www.instagram.com/ivangolovine/?hl=en e
  18. Hiya I'm back

    Hi! I'd just like to reintroduce myself, I have been gone for a while and I wanted to come back and be apart of the community again. I was once a BF3 admin for the conquest server for a little while and made quite a bit of friends. I recently built a pc so I'm ready to come back. I enjoy about any genre of games but I hope to join the Overwatch crew and get to know some of those people! Thanks for reading!
  19. Hello To All

    Hello All, I am Raging_Lunatic AKA Raging. I am a Twitch streamer and enjoy playing all types survival games and micro management games and looking for a home with a bunch of friends that are already here and playing with you all. I am wanting to get into the H1Z1 Whitelist server to play with friends. Am very tired of the cheating and Exploiting going on in the H1Z1 world. It's a great game but broke on open servers on Just Servive side PVE or PVP. About me Gamer Twitch Streamer Bit of a cut up Likes long walks on the beach LOL never know what to say on these things Have a good one and hope to see you in the game.
  20. Bzerhk's introduction

    Hello, I'm Bzerhk. I'm 31, and play mostly FPS games when I get time to from time off at work/family. Hours played are odd due to occupation's 12 hour shifts. Currently playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Star Citizen, and World of Warcraft, and have been gaming on PC since Total Annihilation back in 97. Friends in the community are Turk (Stinkpalm), Muthatrucka, and Lifestealer.
  21. Frooly's Introduction

    Hello ADK my name is Matthew and I have been interested on playing on your private H1Z1 Just Survive sever. I have other friends that play on the server and I would like to join them because they say it is an amazing server.
  22. Hey, Alex here

    Hello, my name is Alexander, or how most of you will get to know me - Suggestion. I am 18 years old from Bulgaria. I have played CS GO seriously for 6 months and I don't play MM. I play ESEA on daily bases where my rank is C. I have lived alone for 3 years and I am studying in the American College of Sofia.
  23. Introduction Time

    Hello all, So I am currently space trucking around in Elite Dangerous and find that it's pretty quiet out here in space! I thought I would do some investigating to find a good community to play with. Fortunately I struck gold when I came across ADK. I found you through https://www.radiosidewinder.com/about/elite-dangerous-clans/. I play a lot of games that are your list including: - Elite Dangerous - I have been playing for a while now, still rocking a Viper MKIV tried an ASP Explorer but we just did not get along.... I am currently aligned to Zachory Hudson (Federation). This was more of a choice of convenience but it's working out so far! I currently stick around Nanomam doing missions and bolstering my relations with the feds. Would love to take part in some wing missions, put our stamp on the galaxy! - CS:GO - Currently Silver Elite Master (at point of writing) would like to find a group who comp fairly regularly so I can at least get out of silver. I sometimes play on mod maps like Hide and Seek which is a nice change of pace from the comp scene. - League of Legends - I play this fairly casually, wouldn't say I'm an expert but I do enjoy a round with Kindred. - Star Citizen - I currently own a ship (bought it way back, almost two years ago now!). Would like to get in with a good crew who needs pilots / gunners etc. Fly around as a badass team. I have to say I am looking forward to this being released. So this will be a high priority for me once that happens. - Battlefield 4 - I love the series, been with it ever since 2142 came out. Currently looking for a good squad to deepen the experience. I'm not too bad with a transport and attack chopper. Plus I am a great medic... at least I think I am XD. Some bits about me: My name's Chris but currently in most games you can find me as: Steam - ProjectPhantom / Sp00ky Phantom / Chocolate105 ED - CMDR NORDSTOFFSKI BF - CAPT FIREBLADE (yes I have had this since my teens...) LOL - Stalien I'm 25 from the UK taking a break from life in Canada, but will be returning at some point to study computer sciences. I built my own machine and I have just kept upgrading and adding since. I can be a litte quiet at first in big groups so please don't judge me to harshly for that! I'm up for serious gaming sessions and muck arounds; so if you need help in a mission or you just want to have some plain old fun then hmu. I enjoy futuristic over old world just in case that was not obvious by my game choices. Hopefully I haven't bored you and I look forward to being part of the community!
  24. Hey there!

    Hey there! My name's Logan and I just signed up for adk. Just wanted to say hello. I live in the US and play league of legends, dayz, arma and quite a few others. Looking forward to playing with ya'll!
  25. Introduction time

    Hello, my name is Anthony and i wish to be a ADK member. im 14 - 15 and i want to be a ADK member because i love the bf4 metro server you guys have. on that server i enjoy keeping the trash cheaters or grenade throwers out of the server. i want to give back to the adk community and help more by being a ADK bf4 member. my intrests and or hobbys are: programming in python, playing bf4 and soon bf1, electronics, and lastly being a good citizen/general human being. -Burdfast

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