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  1. BF4 Optimization

    Before I start: I wrote this article to bring light to a few things, if I do not go indepth enough in an area or I make a mistake please let me know.   I don't post often, but I have been helping out numerous people with weapon loadouts, and optimizing there PC for a stable experience in Battlefield 4. Now as for optimizing your PC, I've noticed that few people make these small changes that make a huge different in gameplay. Now for a few fixes:   1.) MarkC Windows Mouse Acceleration Fix   What is mouse acceleration? Basically, if you move your mouse 1 inch slowly it moves a set amount on your screen. If you move it 1 inch faster it moves a farther distance than if you moved your mouse slowly.   What does this mean in Battlefield or gaming in general? You can't have reliable muscle memory. So mouse acceleration + gaming = BAD!   What does this fix do? It makes a registry edit to Windows that removes the mouse acceleration   How to Apply the Mouse Acceleration Fix YouTube Video Tutorial for making a config file (if you want a visual representation) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjCChK5-e8U Change Windows Sensitivity to 6/11 (middle) and uncheck "enhance pointer precision" Download the file: http://donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com/2010/03/markc-windows-7-mouse-acceleration-fix.html (it does come with a "Read Me" Find Display Resolution Percent (Control Panel> Appearance and Personalization> Display) 100% / 125% or 150% Apply the fix for your version of windows (7/8/8.1) with your Display Resolution Percent Reboot   2.) Unparking Your CPU Cores   What is a "parked" cpu core? In simple terms, a parked cpu core is basically a "sleeping" cpu core.   What does this mean in Battlefield or gaming in general? Unparking your cpu cores allows your cpu to run more efficiently. It may increase your temperatures by a few degrees (very minimal), but can increase fps in cpu intensive games like Battlefield.   What does this fix do? It makes a registry edit to Windows that unparks cpu cores. Now for some reason you want to re-park cores it's possible, but there should be a reason to do so.   How to Unpark Your Cpu Cores YouTube Video Tutorial for making a config file (if you want a visual representation) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkfIFP0g2xY Download the file: http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility "Download application excusable files..." towards the bottom of the page. Extract All Run the program Check Status Unpark All   3.) Battlefield Settings   I have a respectable PC build, but I play on the absolute lowest settings at 1080p. From my experience, at the lower settings some sorts of cover at distance do not render in allowing me to "see through walls" and spot my targets with ease. With the higher settings, I am having my view obstructed by lighting effects and fancy textures. Some people think ultra settings with anti-aliasing max will be better. No. You don't need to play with everything max, but you might like to have a few things turned up.   A few things you should consider... What is the refresh rate of your monitor (60hz/ 120hz/ 144hz ect..) Do you maintain a stable fps? Can you maintain a stable fps that matches your refresh rate? Stable frames and smooth gameplay are worth turning down some settings.   What if I want to keep a few graphics settings turned up? If you want to keep some settings medium-ultra that is fine but a few I'd recommend to turn off: Anti Aliasing Differed Anti Aliasing Post Ambient Occlusion Motion Blur (motion blur at 0%) Also turn off V-sync (can cause mouse input lag)   4.) Network Smoothing Factor One more setting to keep in mind is your network smoothing factor. Due to BF4 "bad netcode" we need all the help we can get. Just turn the slider all the way down. One key thing this helps with is bullet registration and slightly with "being shot around a corners".   5.) Config File Like I said, I just want to bring light to this magnificent file. For the creation of this file I would like to give credit to Dynasty. In reality, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be half the infantry player I am today :D   Config FIle: (copy this)   PerfOverlay.DrawFps 0 GameTime.MaxVariableFps 144 Render.DrawScreenInfo 0 WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 1 WorldRender.MotionblurEnable 0 WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 1 WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 1 RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 0 RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable 1 RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable 1 RenderDevice.VSyncEnable 0 RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0 RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 0   With this, a few things you might need to change is the GameTime.MaxVariableFPS, simply change the 144 to the refresh rate that you play at (60hz/ 120hz ect). If you want to be able to see your fps in game change "PerfOverlay.Drawfps 0" to "PerfOverlay.Drawfps 1"   How to Make a Config File YouTube Video Tutorial for making a config file (if you want a visual representation) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU1q2wEcDiA   Find where you downloaded the battlefield game files (ex. C> ProgramFilesx86> Origin Games> Battlefield 4) Find a open space (right click> new> text document) Open it Paste the text above Save it (File> save as> NAME: user.cfg FILETYPE: all files) You can check if this works, load out BF4 and use the fps command and see if your fps is capped.     Finally, after doing this you should have a more stable, and fun experience on the battlefield! Now if you would like me to make an article about my preferred weapon loadouts and why I use what I use just tell me and if enough people want I can do so.
  2. Here's the patch notes for the Client Patch that is being rolled out to all PC Users.         If the game update doesn't start automatically for you, you can trigger it by going into the Origin Client, right clicking Battlefield 4 and selecting "Check for updates". Patch notes below.  Dec 20 PC Game Update Notes  -Fix for terrain flickering when using SLI/CrossFire setup  -Fix for three of the top crash issues on the PC platform  -Fix for case when soldier can die with 1 HP instead of 0  -Fix for the issue where the revive UI could be permanently shown after accepting a revive
  3. Battlefield 4 Netcode

    I've been getting extremely pissed off with Battlefield 4's net-code. It makes me lose almost half of the gunfights i get into. I'm really debating on trying to get a petition signed by a TONE of people to make DICE fix the net-coding for the game. If anyone agrees or has any comments leave them because i would like to hear other peoples opinion on this as well. Also, how can I fix it to make it better for me in game with what we have right now?  
  4. That's right everyone, =ADK= is bringing you a server in Asia!      http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/8961d28b-0ab0-4f09-abb7-d15f6ded4552/ADK-AS-1-24-7-Lockers-Blood-Bath-ADKGamers-com/     Yes, I know before you say something it IS on Lockers right now, but as we know we had a lot of folks joining us from Asia in our Metro Server, so it's only right to start off that way with Asia.    We've said before and will continue to say we want to provide as many people as possible with a great experience in servers, and this is just another step in that direction.     Due to a donation from someone wanting to try a server in Asia after talking with myself for a while, we went forth with it and are now providing you this server.       It'd be great if we could all get in there, and get it populated to see how it will perform in the rankings!        Thanks for your support! 
  5. BF4 Double XP Week

    If you haven't already seen this on battlelog then here you go(this was posted 3 days ago on battlelog):   "Today we launched Battlefield 4 on Xbox One. With that console, we will have brought Battlefield 4 to no less than five platforms. It is amazing to see such a complex universe come to life across so many advanced hardware systems. Millions of people around the world are playing the game and seeing the tip of the iceberg of what the next generation has to offer. At DICE, we are committed to you, the fans, and view the game as a live service. I am extremely proud of the people at DICE and everyone across EA that contributed to the development of Battlefield 4. However, I am less proud to see that the game has experienced some turbulence during the launch period. While some platforms have had only minor problems, others have had more than their fair share of issues. Resolving the launch issues is our #1 priority. In fact, we are so serious that we have the entire team working to stabilize the game and we will not move on to other projects until we are sure that Battlefield 4 meets – and exceeds – your expectations. It is the right thing to do. To show our appreciation for your patience as we work through these issues, we are announcing that from November 28 through December 5, we will reward all players with Double XP for every multiplayer match they complete. We understand that the launch issues may have impacted your progression, and we want to do everything we can to help you get back the XP that you may have lost. Also, to cap off the week, on December 5 we will give all players that log in to Battlefield 4 multiplayer a M1911 pistol scope. This special sidearm scope, previously reserved for our DICE developers, has a 3X zoom and is available for all classes in Battlefield 4. You are the heart and soul of Battlefield. We thank you for your support in these early days of the launch, and will continue to show our appreciation as time goes on. To stay informed about the latest game updates, please visit us at Battlefield 4 Control Room or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you, Karl Magnus Troedsson" Source: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/news/view/bf4-player-appreciation/
  6. Tcip

    Hello members and guests of the best community in the world! The Introduce Of The Almighty Tcip [attachment=1884:Mikael_Elmblad_nya_glasogon.JPG]     As you may know, i call my self Tcip. I came across the word many years ago. When i was doing research for network security. I thought the word was special, cool looking and short. There is also a small relation to the protocol tcp/ip. Since then, i started calling my self that. I live in a city called Malmö, it's the 3th biggest city in Sweden (Scandinavian). Born in 1985 (in the writing moment i am 28 years old). My mom is half-ich Norwegian, so i'm kind off 12,5%. I speak Swedish, English and i can count to 12 in German, plus a few phrases.   I see my self as a direct and honest person. Except disrespectful people, that destroy the joy for others. I'm a loner. And I enjoy it.   I started playing computer games, in the late 1996. With games like Quake and Unreal. And the Battlefield series. Today i play other games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends.   Beside gaming interest. I like to create websites and experiment with code. Like Javascript, Silverlight, ASP, .NET and more.   My Footprint On The Internet Facebook - Mikael Elmblad Website - www.tcip.se Battlefield Photos - To my skydrive   I would like to thank Google Translate for their fine work and a big thank to Red Bull  :P
  7. Hi ADK community!   I'm trying to figure out what level i have on my Field Upgrades.. Without any success.   How can you tell it's level?   I apologize if this is wrong section, to post question like this.
  8. Battlefield 4 Useful Console Commands:   To enter command, press ~ and then enter any command such below. PerfOverlay.drawFPS 1 (Show FPS Counter) PerfOverlay.drawGraph 1 (Show Performance Graph) GameTime.maxVariableFPS # (Set framerate limit) RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 1 (Enable Triple-Buffering) RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1 (Force rendering only one frame ahead) Screenshot.Render (Take Screen Shot which will be saved in My Documents\Battlefield 4\Screenshots\ directory)   Battlefield 4 Stuck or Crashed on Loading Screen:   It is very known issue regarding to Battlefield 4 Beta and Battlefield 4 full game, the developers are trying to fix this issue but not so far. So we have some solutions to fix it, see below. First of all, update your graphic card drivers to the latest Turn off ‘cloud storage’ in Origin Update your operating systems to the latest service pack Go to NVidia Control Panel or AMD Catalyst Control Now disable all extra options and set the preferences for AA and anisotropic to ‘use applications settings’ Disable NVidia SLI or AMD CrossFire if you are using It is also recommended to disable any Antivirus or Firewall programs before run the game. If possible add the BF4.exe in exception list of firewall.  Update PunkBuster as we discuss below. Battlefield 4 PunkBuster Problems:   If you have any problem with PunkBuster, then follow the steps below: First of all, make sure you have a folder called ‘PB’ in Battlefield 4 directory, if not then re-install the game. Download PunkBuster, PB Client and PBSetup.exe and then save them to Battlefield 4\PB folder. Now run PBSetup.exe, add your game and hit ‘check for updates’.     Battlefield 4 becomes unresponsive, crashes or black screen after changing controls:   After setting the key-bindings in Battlefield 4, now game becomes un-responding, giving black screen or crashes, then reset it to default settings and also try these steps. Go to My Documents\Battlefield 4\settings\ Find PROFSAVE_profile file Open this file into text editor  Now press Ctrl + F to find controversial key bindings Search below 5 lines including empty line GstKeyBinding\.[^\n]+\.([456789]|(\d){2,10}).axis \d+ GstKeyBinding\.[^\n]+\.([456789]|(\d){2,10}).button \d+ GstKeyBinding\.[^\n]+\.([456789]|(\d){2,10}).negate \d+ GstKeyBinding\.[^\n]+\.([456789]|(\d){2,10}).type \d+ Here, make sure the replace text box should empty, “search in” is set to “current buffer”, and in the “settings” there is “Regular expression” box checked. It will take few minutes then ready, now you can play Battlefield 4.   Battlefield 4 contains heavy textures and graphic and requires a good PC to play this game smooth. You can also improve your Battlefield 4 performance by using these tips: Must have updated graphic card drivers Install the DirectX latest version During running game, minimize the game, open task manager, right click onBF4.exe and set the priority to low Use low or medium graphic settings Low resolution is also can be effective to improve performance Turn-off Hyper-threading technology on Intel’s Processors (It’s tricky) Quit running background browsers Disable running background applications Run the game in windowed mode   Battlefield 4 Multiplayer/Online Connectivity or Lag Issues:   As Battlefield 4 multiplayer fans are one of the creatures, and may have many connectivity and online issues. You can try these tips to reduce lag and improve the connectivity. As I already told too, latest graphic card drivers and latest Windows service pack are highly recommended, so hold them. Use lower or medium graphic settings in multiplayer Disable Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering Use wired internet connection instead of Wireless If you are using overclock hardware then reset it to factory settings Disable background applications before start the game.   Battlefield 4 Crashes or Freezes during Gameplay:   During multiplayer or online gameplay of Battlefield 4, the random crashes and freezes are very common problems. Apply below solutions to fix the issue. For Windows 7 or Vista Users: Open command prompt by run as administrator Type bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2500 and press enter Now restart your machine   Submitted by Psycophrenic and Stewvader Ports to ensure are properly forwarded to help with Disconnects   Here are the ports UDP:  3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300                                 TCP:  80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127   Port forwarding can help with connecting to servers that are online but Battlelog gives you the error: Game disconnected: could not join server.     http://youtu.be/7VgtQm2hzzY     Submitted by Gingergod5 Joystick/gamepad Throttle Fix For issues with the throttle down locking controls "Open PROFSAVE_profile with wordpad/notepad, it’s located in My Documents > Battlefield 4 > settings. Search (ctrl + F) "GstKeyBinding.heli.ConceptBrake" these 2 need to change to 255 or something high "GstKeyBinding.heli.ConceptBrake.0.button 255" and "GstKeyBinding.heli.ConceptBrake.1.button 255" Save it and when you lauch BF4 Sync using LOCAL data."   making sure that cloud is enabled   Submitted by Smokey-FN Fix Blurred Screen (Should be fixed by Dice now)   After the patch I believe it was R10. Many members of the BF4 community have been dealing with their screens blurring for no reason. Below I am going to list a couple of ways to help fix this issue. If this doesn't work for you I am sorry. I will post more updates as I find them. So if nothing works for you follow this thread.   1.Go into your settings. Turn your Motion Blur Amount to 100%. And turn your Weapon DOF to ON.   If this does not work for you. (Some it does some it won't) Please try the next step.   This is more of a Temp bypass for disabling Motion Blur to stop the effect.   1. Open Notepad   2. Paste the following: WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurFixedShutterTime 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurMax 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurMaxSampleCount 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurQuality 0   3. File > Save As > Choose > Save as type: All files Choose > File name: user.cfg Navigate to the "Origin Games\Battlefield 4" folder and click save.
  9. There was a battlelog update, not certain if the "filter options" that they fixed, fix the issues with what servers were showing up as. . . but there hasn't been a server update so I have a feeling it might not have worked.   We will have to see.      Zero-downtime Update, October 30th 2013  FEATURES & IMPROVEMENTS:  - Added game manuals for various languages and platforms  - We now show your custom emblem on the Soldier page in the mobile app  - You can now choose to use the system language in the Battlelog tablet app  - Made the "Set Active Kit" button in Loadout bigger and more touch-friendly  - Implemented a new look and behavior for all popups, so they look better  - Implemented custom style for checkboxes and radio buttons  - Names for awards and unlocks are now displayed directly in Battle Reports  - Made the emblem bigger on Home and Profile pages  - "Misc" is now showed as the last, not first, category for Dog Tags  - We now show the criteria for unlocking the SP Assignments  - Various improvements for the PC in-game Battlelog  - Added a profanity filter when saving clan tags  - Polish when showing Battlepacks items, so they are more aligned, and also made the boost image bigger  - You can now click on feed event for completed SP levels to see the stats and progression for that user  FIXES:  - Fixed an issue that caused a memory leak  - Play Now for Squad Deathmatch and Domination now works as intended  - Fixed an issue where the Missions tab in the PC in-game Battlelog didn't load correctly  - Fixed an issue where the New User Experience would show several times for console soldiers  - Fixed an issue for Battle Reports, where the selected soldier wasn't marked in the scoreboard  - Show tag before name on the Dog Tags, so it is displayed as we do it in-game  - We now should the right cursor, when hovering your soldier portrait in Settings  - Fixed some flickering on iOS6 and iOS5 for the tablet app  - Report button is now shown for users, comments, forum posts etc. in the tablet app  - Removed some Server Browser filter options that weren't actually supported, and fixed other filters that didn't work as intended  - Fixed an issue where you couldn't click the notification icons in the header with BattleScreen open on tablet  - Fixed an issue where the share popup for Battle Reports was cut-off on Android tablets  - Fixed an issue where the Battle Reports overview page wouldn't show correctly if you didn't have any favorite Battle Reports  - Fixed an issue where navigating away from and back to BattleScreen would break the map  - Fixed an issue where deeplinking for dog tags and weapons from Battlepacks didn't always work  - Fixed an issue where completed SP levels would sometimes show multiple times in the feed  - Fixed it so the Punkbuster Needed popup links to the correct Punkbuster page  - Fixed an issue in Loadout, where the info button couldn't be clicked in IE9  - Fixed an issue where not all stats populated in the in-game Battlelog Soldier tab  - Fixed an issue where the New Player flow would show several times for console soldiers  - Removed the Cancel button for finished Missions  - Various fixes for opening Battlepacks on Battlelog  - Various fixes for the Unified Game Manager  - Various fixes for the popup dialogues  - Various fixes for the PC in-game Battlelog  - Many other small fixes and issues addressed
  10. Lots and Lots of Crashes...

    Is anyone else crashing A LOT?  As some of you in TS may have heard, my game is so unstable BF4 is almost unplayable.  I crash at random times, some games it may be 15 minutes in, other games it may be before I can even spawn for the first time.     If you have any tips for me or the community, please share!  :)  My specs are in my sig, so don't ask about them lol
  11. Battlefield 4 Launch Party

    Come and join the fun tonight in the ADK Teamspeak for the official Battlefield 4 release party! Read the article for more details on what you can do to participate!     Many tech gurus will be around to assist any tech issues you may have so you are able to play the game IF any issues arise. Look for Tech Help at the end of the volunteers name in TS if you have a question!    With our gracious leader getting 11 BF 4 servers we have more than enough room for everyone!    Lets get together and have some fun and break in BF4 the right way, together as a community and friends!   Links for new players coming to visit our beloved community:   Teamspeak server address: TS.ADKGamers.com:3796 Also see our forum here for more TS information   Our Servers (All of them) can be found here   Battlefield 4 servers information can be found here   Recruitment information can be found here   Questions? Please ask we will be more than happy to insure you have the proper information and answer quickly.         (Any of the tech guys please put Tech Help at the end of your TS name so others can know who to ask if issues arise)   Battlelog on BF4 area forum to bump!   http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2955065670116866777/ [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/index.html/_/adknews/battlefield-4-launch-party-r585]Click here to view the article[/url]
  12. I recently upgraded to Win 8.1 and decided to give hyperthreading another try.  On my system, it seems to work very well although I don't have any reliable way to benchmark my results.     What I can say is that under Win7, with my frames locked at 117FPS, I would routinely get dips into the 90s, especially in firefights or whenever I look at the objective cluster outside the uncap.  The stuttering was also horrendous, which was the main reason why many folks disabled it.  Under Win 8.1 with HT enabled, my frames are a solid 117FPS, even on a large map like Caspian with 64 players.  Zero stutter.  Give it a try and advise your results!  You just might be surprised.   war
  13. UPDATE   The latest patch to BF4, I assume on the server-side, appears to have improved the performance of the game dramatically.  I played some Conquest-Large last night and the game appeared to run just as smooth as BF3.  I was interested to see an absence of the ringing lag spike that nags at the smoothness of BF3... clearly, they have improved at least that part of the code.   On the other hand, I was surprised to see that several rounds from my main tank gun had no effect at all.  I would shoot the round, get the bang and smoke, and have absolutely zero effect on my target.  It was like the rounds disappeared between my gun and the target.  Other weps seemed to function okay though.  I'm getting roughly the same FPS in the Beta now as I do in BF3 and I have it on good authority that performance in Win7 is also much improved.   I made a little clip to show how the game runs on my system and I will be able to post it later today.  My specs are in my siggy, but notable settings:   BIOS: - High Precision Timer: ON - Turbo Boost: ON (gains ~ 15FPS) - Hyperthreading: ON (it seems to work well for me) - No SpeedStep or C1E   Win8: - Power Profile to maximum (no power saving) - Resolution Timer: Default (~ 1ms)   Nvidia: Max prerendered frames: 1 Vsync: Off Triple Buffering: Off   As promised, here's the video...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9bFRQwlNFc&feature=youtu.be
  14. Many posts here at ADK and across the net about Battlefield 4 Beta and issues related to performance. I have put together all the known fixes that I know of into one post for those with issues to try. With the majority of PC’s that are similar and have completely different issues, if any these fixes may not work for you in particular please feel free to continue to post here and a few of the ADK members have been posting quickly to answer or at least direct you to a possible solution. First and foremost Battlefield 3 is not only very graphic intense on your systems GPU, but CPU as well. BF 4 is proving to also continue on that path with the beta to truly test your system to the limits. Both Nvidia and AMD have released beta drivers for BF 4 Beta to hopefully help with some issues. This is one of the first things to check. Links for drivers: Nvidia AMD Be sure to uninstall any drivers first, restart your machine. Install the Beta drivers and restart again. Before starting the game you need to insure Punk Buster is up to date. Download the updater (Obviously the Windows version). Be sure to unzip the file before trying to run the PB.exe. Add Game tab select BF 4. Click the Check for Updates tab. Allow it a few minutes to update. *NOTE: this also has been proven to significantly speed up loading times to enter a game* Now try getting into a game. I suggest a Domination first as it is a smaller map with no vehicles and 32 slots. Before deploying you need to set your video options (esc key, Video) too low for starters. Deploy and see how it plays. In order to check your FPS (Frames per minute) you can type "perfoverlay.drawfps 1" in the console (by hitting the ~ key) or you would need a need a third party app like Fraps. If your monitor is 60HZ anything above 50FPS should be acceptable, if your running 120HZ anything above 90 is acceptable (not great but acceptable). *Remember: After setting your Video settings you should quit the game and re-connect to a server to ensure your video settings are fully loaded* If your still having issues you can find out what is causing the bottleneck by running the Task Manager and click Performance tab to see your CPU usage along with an app like MSI’s Afterburner or Evga’s Precision X to monitor your GPU usage. If you have a single monitor, run the game for a few minutes and alt-tab out to check. 90% or higher CPU usage is way too much for your CPU and will cause issues such as lag and low FPS. Your GPU can run 90% but consistently above 90% and low FPS and/or lag with a lower CPU (60%) and your GPU is causing a bottle neck. You can try to OC either or both. On a side note: The CPU's that have hyper threading in BF3 that are stuck at 50% might really be at 100% due to the hyper threading not being utilized. I stated below also, but if your CPU will not go past or stays at 50% try what I suggest below. *NOTE: Overclocking a CPU or GPU will not give you MHz to MHz performance. Example if you have a 3.0MHz quad core CPU OC’ed to 4.0MHz it will not run as fast as a stock 4.0MHz quad core CPU from the same family* Battlefield 3 and 4 are highly CPU intensive and the more “real” cores you have the better it will run. If all else seems to fail there are a couple more things to try to increase the performance to at least playable. 1) Roll back your GPU drivers to the lasted release versions. This seems to work better for older GPU’s 2) For those who have hyper-threading and turbo on their CPU’s disable what you can of both in your BIOS. This have been proven to work in BF 3. BF 4 has been noted to use those features, but I suggest trying it anyways. Hyper-threading is a way that a CPU tells the OS it has more cores than it really does. The OS will continually give the CPU data to compute even if the CPU is actually running at 100% as the OS doesn't know that. If software isn't optimized for the Hyper threading instructions it doesn't know why the data isn't getting through the CPU causing huge issues (Very Barney style, but hopefully you get the point)   *Note: Disable turbo mode, hyper threading and cores, or a combination or individually, has been proven to increase your game performance. This is a step that needs to be tried and experimented with. *  3) Running Windows 7? BF 4 has been proven to run better with greater performance in Windows 8 which makes no sense as the Alpha had no W8 support, but it has been tested and proven to run better in Windows 8. This has been confirmed by Dice that the Alpha came out for W7 only because of issues. W8 is the most "efficient" way to get into the Beta. I’ll add more as things keep coming up!
  15. BF4 Beta stream **LIVE NOW**

    im  not the best BF4 player but still come and hang out in my stream stream link:  http://www.twitch.tv/theundeadgamer253
  16. BF4 Emblem Showcase

    I am starting this thread for all of you who are proud to show off your custom emblems made in Battlelog.  Let's see those skills!  As you are allowed to make multiple emblems, post a link to any if not all of them.   The best way to post them is to go to your soldier> overview> click on emblem [this bring up a bigger version]>right click>copy image url> then paste it in the image properties as a reply.   Let's get some creative competition going when you have time! :P      
  17. Hello from Drinson

    Hey All,   Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself before I submit an application. I am a big fan of BF3, and really excited for BF4 beta and release! I am looking for a group of people to hang out and game with. I am 22 and work in the I.T. field. Looking forward to meeting you guys on TS3, and in game!   ~Drinson
  18. All,   I came across an article a little while back while I was tuning my system for BF3 and I thought I would share what I learned with you.  Before I read the article, I didn't really know what I was looking at with respect to the performance meter, but now that I know I've found that it can be a handy tool and useful for providing insight into how your system is performing with the Frostbite 2 engine.  Although I haven't seen it yet, I suspect Frostbite 3's performance meter will be similar.   Variable used to show the performance meter:   (entered using either the console (~ key) or by inserting the lines into your user.cfg file)             Render.PerfOverlayEnable 1           Render.PerfOverlayVisible 1       Green line = GPU (video card) performance Yellow line = CPU performance   Bottom red horizontal line = 0ms (time zero) - Vertical (from zero) = increasing response time Red horizontal lines = 20ms Red vertical lines = 3-second intervals   What this example chart shows is that this guy's GPU lags his CPU in average processing time by about 8ms.  In other words, his GPU is his system's bottleneck.  Also, no lag spikes are present during this roughly 3.5 second time window.  From what I can see (based on the average GPU processing rate (in milliseconds), this guy is churning a smooth 55.5 FPS (a nice picture on a 60Hz monitor).   Later, I will post a screenshot of my performance meter for comparison (can't b/c I'm @ work right now  ;) )   war   FPS = 1/processing time in seconds   (in this case 1/0.01803)   18.03 ms = 0.01803sec
  19. All,   For the gearheads/enthusiasts among us, there is some very interesting discussion and experimenting by Chip Curry at Chip Reviews on CPU scaling with the Frostbite 2 engine in multiplayer.  Since I just made the jump to hexacore, I thought I would weigh in as well with what I've seen for myself (I will elaborate this post as I learn more).  Keep in mind that this post is more oriented toward those considering a serious hardware upgrade and want to game at 120Hz and avoid a CPU bottleneck.   We get post on here all the time about folks seeking to upgrade their rigs and most of them do their gaming in multiplayer.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of benchmarks we use use to make those critical hardware decisions are based on single player time demonstration game modes that don't correlate very well to how a certain piece of hardware will perform during multiplayer game on a populated server.  Nowhere have I seen the disparity between single player (campaign) mode and multiplayer more sharply than in Battlefield 3.  I have seen tons of posts on the EA, Battlefield 3, and Nvidia forums of frustrated people who've sprung for the latest hotness or doubled their GPU power with SLI only get no benefit from it whatsoever on BF3's large multiplayer maps.  It really sucks to see your FPS remain relatively unchanged while your card's GPU utilization hovers around 50%.   Speaking only for Battlefield 3, what I can see with Intel processors is that Frostbite 2 loves physical cores.  The more you can throw at them, the better.  One thing I missed at the very beginning of the article , is that Chip mentions that he's running Win8.  At the time, I didn't think that was a big deal until I noticed that under Win7, I saw no benefit to running the 3930K over the 3820 at the same clock speed - none.  What I did see under Win7 is a lower average processor load across all CPU cores with no increase in FPS.  Why this is so is a mystery to me, although I do have some guesses.  After much fiddling and trying to coax Win7 into providing some kind of performance boost from adding the physical cores, I gave up and did a clean install of Win8 to see if I could duplicate Chip's results.   Under Win8, I'm finally seeing the benefits of adding the 3930K's two additional cores.  My frame rates are up significantly (more data to follow) and my average GPU (GTX-780) utilization has increased from 75% to 95%.  I held off upgrading to Win8 for as long as I could, but in order to get the benefit of running a hexacore CPU with Frostbite 2, I had no other choice.   So, looking to upgrade your rig for BF4 (and Frostbite 3) multiplayer?  I would consider...   - Running a hexacore or better CPU.  If you want to game at 120Hz on BF3's large multiplayer maps, a hexacore CPU is a must.  I don't have any data on how well the AMD 8-core CPUs perform in BF3 multiplayer, but I would be very interested to know!  If the performance warrants it, an 8-core AMD processor may be the most economical. - Running Windows 8.  YYMV, but personally I could get no benefit whatsoever from adding physical CPU cores while running Windows 7.  The difference in CPU scaling between the two Windows versions is that huge.   Just some preliminary observations from me as the clock tics down on BF4 and lots of folks are considering hardware upgrades.   war
  20. So what do you think?  Range finder auto adjusts sights to make sniping easier, and tier reloading, no more reloading half way through a clip to top off ammo.  Clip has to be empty. Also if you change weapons during animation of a reload, then the animation will resume/restart when you change back to the weapon that was reloading.   On top of this, what do you think of the Battle packs?
  21. Look what I got!

    Went to EBGames and got this   [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/uploads/imgs/adk_1376957135__bf4_swag.jpg][/URL]
  22. Blue Tint In BF4?

    As we all know BF3 had great color schemes in Alpha phase. But a month before the game actually came out they decided to screw us all over with the famous blue tint, that is more prominent in Operation Metro. I honestly don't care for the blue tint and would like to see less of it in BF4. Even though we really haven't seen a whole lot of BF4 gameplay yet, whose to say that they won't add blue tint again, maybe even a different color? What do you guys think?
  23. The title sais it all, just wondering if anyone knows, tried to google it, couldnt find anything yet....
  24. http://mltiplyr.com/game/battlefield/battlefield-4-multiplayer/   you can watch here.     or for some more coverage you can watch the corresponding stage for BF4  here:   http://www.gamespot.com/e3/stage-1-day-1/

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