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  1. Jet Ramming, Is it griefing?

    Jet ramming is the act of a player using a jet as a weapon to ram into another vehicle such as a tank, or more commonly, another jet or chopper. The player attempts to line up their jet in such a way that when it hits its target, both the target and the jet are blown up and everyone is given a KIA.   There are plenty of forum posts all over the web talking about jet rammers, and how much of a pain they are. But would a player who is constantly jet ramming other players be griefing? Personally, the odd jet ram once a game is nothing, I have done it by accident before. But then we get those players who make it a mission to jet ram several times over and over in a single match. Even targeting a single player to ram. These players are in my eye, griefing not only the players they kill, but their team as the waste a jet that could have gone to someone who could have put it to use. These players do make people want to leave the server as well as cause others to rage in chat. I know personally I was ready to kick a player today for constant jet ramming, even called them out on it and still had them jet ram. I had to end up leaving the server because of the fact that I was unable to play in a chopper or in an armored vehicle because I would get rammed.    What are your thoughts on jet rammers? Is it griefing? Let me know.
  2. Here is the link to my battlelog post, but I will copy and past it all here too       You all saw the jet engine with a mini gun on it, but WTF is it????   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEe4nK3t4zA     Let me be the first to lay this info in your lap, Lockheed Martin’s Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV-L)   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_Kill_Vehicle   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBMU6l6GsdM   So what is this thing? What is the point?   Well this is a vehicle in its self that was terminated due to budget cuts by the US Gov. The Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV) was a planned U.S. missile defense program whose goal is to design, develop, and deploy multiple small kinetic energy-based warheads that can intercept and destroy multiple ballistic missiles, including possible decoy targets.   Basically this flying death machine was to be put in the line of fire of missiles and take several out at the same time while MOVING ON ITS OWN. Ya, this flipping thing not only flys, but it has the power to track targets on its own, and adjust the flight path using smaller jets on it. This thing even HOVERS, it can hover off the ground and move side to side, up and down, forward and back......ON ITS OWN!!!!! If this doesnt scare the shit out of you, then get ready, Dice has strapped a mini-gun on the thing. I have already went to walmart and stocked up on fresh undies. Lets not forget that this thing in real life is only a damn foot long...12 inches of undie killing death machine   Dice, honestly, what is your plan? Are we to use this to stop the rumored nuclear missile? Could this be an anti air weapon? A new counter measure system? Anti infantry? Anti Tank? What is this flying death machine and where can i get more video of it in game?
  3. BF4 ADK servers going down?

    What's gonna happen if all the ADK servers in BF4 go down? Wed obviously keep the platoon but would we have any regular servers to play on? It seems like something that no one ever mentions, but we need a plan to keep the platoon together if/when the servers come down. 
  4. Through My Eyes

    Just a video I thought you BF4 fans might enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58bO9dwpoKY 
  5. There is another Battlefield 4 Server patch being put out currently, late notice but it's happening with the Battlelog downtime.   Not certain how long the servers/battlelog will be down but will update you with any information.        Also we aren't certain what is in this update, as always we will post the updates when we find them.    Don't forget to join us in the servers when they come back online!     UPDATE:   R33 Server Update Notes  -General stability improvements  -Fix for the “Death Shield” bug that could cause dead players to act as an invisible shield, blocking projectiles
  6. We do now have a Pistols and Knives only server:     http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/c2006161-aa2f-48f5-89e5-2457f684ab80/ADK-EU-3-Pistols-and-Knives-ONLY-ADKGamers-com/     Hop on it and have some fun, don't forget to join us in the Pistols and Knives Only channel on Team Speak as well
  7. As the title said new soldier here named herp21, I am about a month from being 18, so only got college to worry about now woo, My mian goals to hopefully acoomplish with adk is to play starcitizen mainly once the alpha starts i do have a ship already the aurora Ln i believe and have another friend who will hopefully help with payment to buy the constellation, THe main way i originally found you guys is with my friend Cutter4ever who recently joined, we found you as we played battefield 4 as each day went past we saw that we would be playing on ADK's servers all the time and bananaboat 24/7 paracel storm, i dont have Premium but i do buy the dlc for both my ps4 and PC version of Bf4; i enjoy playing mostly fps games but i cant wait for starcitizen which is the main reason i want to become an adk member as i will be able to play that daily for at least 6 hours a day and 24 hours a day during the weekend. Thanks for reading Hope you like me.
  8. SW 40

    just wow if you guys haven't got it then you need to its so good! I'm a long time battlefield player since bf 1942 actually and i've ALWAYS thought battlefield revolvers were kinda shit. Until this one its like having a mini slug shotgun as a sidearm inaccurate as fuck but rate of fire is hella fast and 2 shot kill to the chest.
  9. Howdy folks of ADK.   My name is Don and I go by FunnyAsianBoy on BF4 and most other gaming services like Xbox Live and PSN (I go by 'Dee' on Steam though).   I am 22 years old and I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Psychology. I am currently going to medical school (1st year) and hope to be a pathologist someday. I am also working on an MBA as well.   I was an Eagle Scout as a kid and a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity (I swear I'm not one of those stereotypical douchbag bros though).   My hobbies including video games, fishing, hunting, golf, photography, and running. I also browse Reddit alot. I am a longtime gamer, dating back to the SNES days. I was primarily on PC (with Unreal, WoW, and CS 1.6), but then to the Xbox 360 and was big into Call of Duty for a while. I eventually moved back to PC gaming when I finally built a new gaming rig. I usually play single player games but I play online if the game popular and fun.   I think that pretty much covers everything.          Attached is a picture of my fraternity. I bet you can't spot me (I'm the only Asian). 
  10. Just got a download for Naval Strike         We will be changing at least one or possibly two of our servers, so be on the lookout!  
  11. Are my specs good enough?

    Hello there, i was wondering, do you think, to those who have nothing to do, if you could take a quick look at my specs, is my computer good enough to run ESO and/or BF4, it isnt the best computer ever, but its okay. just out of your opinion, or should i not bother. they both look SO COOL, haha.
  12. Hello I'm Middle Siggy..    Age 40, Live in the US, Ohio..   My first PC was an 8086 with a CGA graphics card (History lesson here kids), and I never looked back.   I play just about anything, Flight Sims, FPS, RPG, Zork.. :)   In the day time I work in IT Security, as a Senior Manager for an International Company, and uber geeks, are those I enjoy mentoring.   Games I am Enjoying more Recently:  BF4 AAO Minecraft (Play with my Kids, and I have to admit, I like it) Probably Titan - (Price needs to drop first) and Many others..   I just enjoy killing bits, and taking it easy.
  13. LuckySkillFaker's Teamtage Bf4.  This is the best tage Ive seen hands down.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rIbc8fvmpo&feature=share&list=UUS6fU1w749zdEwIhJCxAc3g&index=3
  14. Hey guys,   I would like to ask you all to give it an extra push in terms of populating.  I'm seeing allot of people in game but most of the time only in a few selected servers which leave others dying out slowly. Check the rankings.. some are really in the danger zone because they are not getting populated.   Yesterday we changed EU4 in to Siege Of Shanghai in an attempt to get it back up but we need your help if we want to get it out of the danger zone.   So please people, when willing to populate try to be smart in which server first to populate.   One or two games a day in the population TS channel can do miracles!   Thank you very much,   Cave            
  15. Those crazy jumping soldiers :)  
  16. BF4 In Game Volume vs TS Chat Volume

    Not sure if I should post this here or in the Teamspeak forum....   I'm using my old Turtle Beach X12 from my Xbox as a headset for Teamspeak. Unfortunately, it seems that the 'chat' volume dial doesn't affect Teamspeak chat volume. The 'game' volume works for both BF4 and Teamspeak chat.   I remember on Xbox, when somebody would start chatting, the game volume would fade a bit, but it doesn't seem to work on PC with this headset.   Is there something I can do to increase the chat volume for teamspeak while keeping the BF4 volume at a reasonable level?
  17. Check out this post on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=712291338811465
  18. This is for the 28th ONLY and there will be 3 winners       Rules:  Must Populate ANY TWO Battlefield Servers (Can be BF3 and BF4) You must screenshot you in the server with less than 16 people You must screenshot when the server is populated You must STAY in the server for at least 1 more round after it is populated and then take another screenshot Repeat The 3 prior rules for the second server that you populate Post a topic in the BF3 or BF4 section saying "I populated today" and posting the information requested above       Prizes: 1st Place - Locked Team Speak Channel for 2 months plus reserved slot  2nd Place - Locked Team Speak Channel for 1 Month plus reserved slot 3rd Place - Team Speak Channel for 1 month plus reserved slot       All prizes can be won by Admins, ADK Members and Non ADK Members
  19. FAMAS loadout tips?

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask you guys for any suggestions or tips on using the FAMAS. i just got the gun and i absolutely love the way it looks so if there are any great loadouts with it that anyone has used ever used, i would greatly appreciate it if you all could share your loadouts with me (unless they're secret).
  20. Hello all! I was just wondering about one of the recruitment requirements that says recruits need 10 hours on game servers. My question is that if i play more than one game ADK is on, like Minecraft, BF4, and PS2 how do i know of/ how can you keep track of the hours i spend on PS2 since i believe there is no ADK server on that game? if anyone could answer this to help clear things up, that would be great! Thank You!
  21. For other languages please see this post: http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/82623-bf4-rules-multiple-languages/ General Server Rules: No hacking/cheating/glitching/exploiting No Griefing Friendlies** Use common sense - spamming chat is one of those common sense things. Spamming chat constantly with nonsense will get you warned and then kicked. If you come back with a hot head further action will be taken Respect =ADK=, it's members, admins, and players on the server*** If you're not an admin, please refrain from admining the servers in chat, this can get you punished and many are giving out bad information. Metro 2014 NO EXPLOSIVES Server: NO EXPLOSIVES including using explosives to make holes or damage the map. If a weapon is not allowed any use can get you "Punished"* You are not allowed to throw away your grenades, unbind that G-key instead If found using Mortars you will be punished as it's not currently detected Same rules as general server rules apply Bi-pods on LMG's are now banned Depopulating and raping the server is on a case by case basis. This requires a video from the players first person view and third person view showing a crazy score and almost never moving from one spot. All ban requests for BF 4 Bi-pod glitches will be locked without video proof. * Weapons not allowed on the server: Shotguns: Frag rounds on all Shotguns USAS-12 (pickup weapon) Grenades: M67 Frag V40 Mini RGO Impact M34 Incendiary M84 Flashbang M32 MGL (pickup grenade launcher) Assault Gadgets: M320 with explosive & smoke, flashbang rounds Engineer Gadgets: M15 AT MINE M2 SLAM MINE FIM-92 STINGER RPG-7V2 SA-18 IGLA MK153 SMAW FGM-148 JAVELIN FGM-172 SRAW No EOD bots Support Gadgets: M18 CLAYMORE XM25 AIRBURST AMMO & XM25 SMOKE M224 MORTAR C4 UCAV Recon Gadgets: M18 CLAYMORE C4 SUAV Arrows: Explosive tip Poison tip Attachment: Bi-pod on LMG's A separate topic has been created to give feedback or suggestions about these rules: BF4 rules - Feedback & Suggestions Generally Admins and the Auto Admin will give Punish Points for each infraction. ADK keeps records of these points given, Forgiven and by whom. After 15 points you will be permanently banned from all BF4 ADK servers. You can dispute this ban by filling out the required Ban Dispute form. Disclosure: ADK bans by your game GUID on all servers, including Temporary Bans. ADK reserves the right to ban whomever for whatever reason from any or all ADK services. ADK strives to provide a fun and laid back tightly knit community for everyone, but some people don't always want to have "fun" in a constructive manner. Following the basic rules and common sense and you will be able to enjoy everything ADK has to offer for years to come. ADK Admins please refer to the Admin Wiki for your rules and instructions. This is for Members and Players reference only. **Griefing friendlies can be taken multiple ways. But we will be applying it to blowing up friendly assets, vehicles included. Something that will not be considered will be closing things like doors, gates, etc...behind you unless one individual is in your squad following you doing it constantly to effect you. *** If someone decides to use words that are offensive we will not punish right away for such. Admins know and have the limits of what they are supposed to do. If they see something getting out of hand they will take care of it. But for someone using curse words or racist terms, they will not be kicked/banned unless they are asked to calm down and don't do such. Everyone has different values on what is offensive and what isn't. So rather than being the =ADK= police we let things like that slide until they get out of hand. If you aren't certain if what someone says is too much, simply make a request to an admin to get their opinion or post a ban request with a mature explanation. Not one of you being pissed off, cursing, etc, etc. . Updated: 5/13/2016 (These rules can change at any time, please make sure to visit this topic frequently to see if anything has changed)
  22. Hey everyone!

    Hello all, i just wanted to make a quick post to tell the =ADK= community about myself. I am a hardened gamer who enjoys games out of just about every genre there is out there. My favorite types of games are shooters like BF4, PS2, and Far Cry 3. I also enjoy playing Skyrim (with a hefty load of mods!) and Minecraft as well. anyway there doesn't seem to be anything else i know of to tell you guys so... yeah thanks for reading this! 
  23. BF3 vs BF4

    Battlefield 4 gives me a sense of accomplishment because I still have things to be ranked up and unlocked. But Battlefield in general runs better and looks better. Somedays I am convinced BF3 is the better game but I keep hoping between both titles. What pushes me away from BF4 is the constant FPS drop and crashes. But having a goal keeps me coming back for more.  Anyone else feel this frustration? Playing both games is fine, but which one is better.
  24. BF4 lags & stutters

    So i've seen video after video on how to 'fix' bf4 lag. Is it just in the net code for every map? some maps i'll run constant 100 fps on high settings, but others I can even handle 50 on lowest.  I've unparked to cores to my cpu (eightcore) and i'm still running good temps (nothing over 48C)    Any other suggestions? 
  25. Hi everyone! My name is Gábor "FlaaKyy" Nagy I'm 15 years old, I was born in Hungary, I'm playing a lot of games for example BF4, BF3, Tera, SC2 but mainly League of Legends. I'm playing PC games since I was kid I grown up on these and spent a lot of my free time with gaming. For most people I'm still a kid, but thats their own opinion :). I am not playing on a nuclear power plant. Yeah I can play most of the upcoming games with tolerably high FPS, but like cant stream and stuff.^^ I play most games for fun, expect League of Legends I take that game very seriously ofc its still a huge fun for me anyday. I'm currently Plat IV in Solo Q, slowly ranking up. I was invited to the site by AngelOfDeath7! By the way the site itself looks pretty cool :D it has one of the best interfaces I have seen in the past years soo far. Well thanks for the oppurtinity to introduce myself. :) Feel free to ask anything about me I'll happily answer all of the questions :D. Have a good day everybody^^.

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