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  1. The End

    Things never stays as what it is , things change with life , go up or getting down, In the last 4 years i have been here in ADK my only hope is not to see this day that i will be making this topic ,But here it comes , 4 years of success , 4 years of happiness , 4 years of entertainments in one of the best if not the best sections in ADK , THE BATTLEFIELD . It was truly A DIFFERENT KIND . In the last 4 years we have met , played , hangout with amazing people , considered them all as a family and a part of our lives , Some has left , some will never left , And some will always be in our hearts for life . In this section we had amazing times that any other section wont be able to provide to there lovers . And now it's the time to say Goodbye to it . We have been fighting for the last 2 years to stay up , fighting all DICE and EA bad decisions in what related to the RSP ( Renting Service Program ) , They broke what they have build in BF3 and BF4 down , They toke out what any other gaming community needs to keep their BF sections up , and sadly them have made it . We tried and tried and tried , But nothing was working , we were wasting out times and our energy that if we used it in other thing it could done a lot of things , but we no , we put all our hard work as a staff for the section to make it raise up like what it was before , but we were fighting Something bigger as i mentioned , EA/DICE . As a Staff in the BF section , i have seen and had the pleasure to be on of this amazing Team , people that put everything they have for this section, hours and hours of working for ADK, not getting paid , not getting anything , the only thing that they were getting from all what they were doing is the RESPECT that was enough for them , hearing "Thank you for your hard work" was enough for them to know that they did something in their free times . It was enough for me to keep doing what i was doing , in great manner , great effort to keep the BF section always in the top , And we made it , We reached to the top . But like any other thing that reached the top , you have to fight to keep it there , and we lost that fight , and Now the time has come to take a rest and thinks of the future that maybe it hold something that can help us bring This section back to life . To all the STAFF : I want to thank each on of you for your guys hard work , for each min you guys put here , without you guys we wont be a life since this place started 9 years ago , without you we wont see ADK in the top from thousands of gaming communities around the world , we have reached that cause of your guys work and loyalty to ADK . Populating the servers with you guys for hours and hours makes me know you well , makes me feel like we are not thousands of miles away , no , it was like we are a room a way from each other , being with you truly make us one family , a family that will never dies . So i want to say thank you so much , thank you so much for your hard work , for being with us till the end , thank you for anything you have done , whither you still here or not , you were a part of US , you were a part of this great section . Thank you for being A DIFFERENT KIND . Our VA word to us : To all the people who played and helped us in the section : You guys and girls part of this great family , without you guys we wont have a section , playing in the servers with you for 4 years made us a strong family , built a strong relationship between us , You also should take the credit for your great work helping us keeping this section life , You guys truly A DIFFERENT KIND . These are moments i wont forget for my life in ADK as a BF staff and a BF player , moments that never going to die with this section . In the end , i want to say that we might come back in the future , so Please don't forget us . Laith SJ
  2. any members play bf3 still? like ANY?

    seriously? do anyone here still play it? itd be nice if people still play bf3
  3. Since people have been asking in the servers and on the forums lately on if they could become an admin, or how to become one I will explain this briefly here. We do not just give out admin to anyone. They need to earn our trust first and foremost. We used to have "admin assistants" but that has been terminated since the beginning of the 2014 year. The only way to progress in the process to becoming an admin is to do the following: 1. Apply to become a member of ADK HERE.  2. After becoming accepted you will have access to a Member Only section of the forums. Within that section you will find an application for BF3 Admin.  This is the ONLY way to become an admin for Battlefield 3 (or any of our games for that matter). So, if you feel like you would like to help out, feel free to apply.    Check out Member Ranks and Roles HERE
  4. So, I still frequently visit this page, whether I comment on threads or not. I see a lot of threads created talking about either, A) Let's revive BF3, or B) Who still plays on our servers? The last time I personally was involved in BF3 in ADK was when I was an admin, which has been awhile.  However, for those of you who really feel like you would like to continue to see the BF3 community in particular continue to grow and our servers continue to populate,  #1: Apply to become a member of ADK. (APPLY HERE) I see a lot of registered users posting in this section. Which is fine, but if you already come on the website, the APPLY button is just one click away. And why not join this awesome community? #2: Recruit!  I see a little of this being done in this section already, but look for like-minded people who love to play this game and squad up with them on our servers and hop on teamspeak. #3: Apply to become an admin! (APPLY HERE) Just like the fact that servers do not stay populated without dedicated members, servers do not stay player friendly without admins who are there to not only enforce the rules, but to more importantly make people feel welcome and want to stay loyal to the server because of the awesome job you do as an admin.    I look forward to seeing some new applications soon. Whether they be member or admin applications. 
  5. BF3 is dying

    BF3 is dying how do we make bf3 more alive sense bf4 and BFH more and more people leave bf3 i think around 300+ still play bf3 tell me how can we get more people to also play bf3 as well as bf4 and BFH
  6. WAZZUP! :)

    @[member='Laith SJ'] @[member='FeatherSton3'] @[member='WarthogGaming'] @[member='UnwashedOtaku'] @[member='HaRdLy007'] @[member='Jay.k'] @[member='SuiicideMushroom'] @[member='LegallyBlindCake'] @[member='SiIver'] @[member='Daniels813'] @[member='asiangamer900'] @[member='dcharest96'] @[member='Purgatorio'] @[member='Space'] @[member='Phreaktaco'] @[member='Thormac1029'] @Spyderbyte8 @[member='Cagregorio'] @[member='Pokelightian'] @[member='Nova'] @[member='Godz514'] @[member='pinkdood'] @[member='RuinyourDay'] @[member='HaRdLy007'] @[member='Jay.k'] @[member='DowntownRiots'] @[member='Joey'] @[member='Viper'] @[member='0phios'] @[member='Dynasty'] @[member='EET'] @[member='FailApprentice'] @[member='Nova'] @WhiteVastNinja @Bromance @Surdawi @ColColonCleaner @daisy0706 @EspoThaGod @Soopavillain313 @majorpayne @Katepandyv @lvcircuit @Irisheyez @Blacksquid66 @Firewalkerrr @Bromance @Dylbags99 @Lutharion @Phire @AirOfLightWitch @caveman70 @b0nza1 @AirOfLightWitch @IAmNotThomas @Phire @Chucker @[member='Spyderbyte88'] @MisterGrimm @Punkwashed @SilentKiller166 @Jokerz @Homeboy55 @Zlizz @Fuz @AOBLXIX @KnightsX @Rigormortiis @RblDiver @JacknifeJones @MrsVirtue1776 @Virtue @Genio @BookD20 @HansJob @Kazz @Skid @ElTib @ChaosReignss @GeekDucks @Dowin @Jmanowell @Turbo @DragYourHalo @Batumba @TacCom@Reese @Valsora / BitterBite @420Blazing @EFr_000 @Belowzero @xXRavageDragonXx @KillikHiveMind @Clockblock @Tygersthunder @ KiloGem @RolandDM @Bulfwyne87 @RolandDM @Cy83rPr1m3 @Spud @Zed @Friskies @JarHeaD4EXG @straner danger @hockey484 @Firewalkerr @Darknae @NaruteitorPC   [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz8fuvBvrH8[/media]
  7. Is there a BF3 Admin?

    also wondering if theres anyone that still plays it on here i stop at the server most of the time or play some other server with conquest 
  8. Where did everyone go in BF3

    What happend to BF3 members i kinda feel like the only one in BF3 at this moment join back in BF3 sure its not BF4 with amazing graphics buts it still fun to play COME ON OUT AND HAVE FUN ON THE ADK SERVER
  9. Hi, I'm Dirtfox

    Hello,   My name is Dirtfox.   I am currently 15 years of age, and play video games as a passing time.   I discovered this awesome community while playing BF3. I further went on to play more on =ADK=.   My personal life:  I like to train MMA and hopefully can join the UFC some day!   With the amount of people within =ADK=, I believe this community can take it to Counter-Strike:Global Offensive with ease. I am not sure if the owner would like to do so, but I would be glad to help this rapid growing community set up and manage the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive end of the community.   I do hope we can expand because game modes such as Jailbreak and Minigames are really popular within the game and =ADK= can expand to CS:GO and become a very large community within that single game.   I alreay know some people that would love a new server.   I hope this can be accomplished.   I hope I will enjoy my stay on here very much, as well as I will join TeamSpeak some time.   Regards. Dirtfox  
  10. I was just wondering what your favorite sniper rifle is in BF3 and why. Maybe you have a different rifle for different situations?   I prefer the MK11 MOD 0 the most, but I think that once I unlock the M98B I will probably become more fond of it!   I honestly want the SV98 to be my best rifle right now but I just don't see if happening for some reason. The bolt action, even with Straight Pull Bolt attachment, is much slower than a semi-automatic. I guess I have to work on getting more head shots.
  11. I want to join ADK

    My name is Alex Park. I am 16 years old and I love to play Battlefield 3. I would like to join ADK because it seems like a great community and has great people, such as @[member='Laith SJ'] . I mostly play recon on BF3 but whenever you need me to change I will.
  12. Where do I apply to be an admin for Battlefield 3?
  13. All,   I came across an article a little while back while I was tuning my system for BF3 and I thought I would share what I learned with you.  Before I read the article, I didn't really know what I was looking at with respect to the performance meter, but now that I know I've found that it can be a handy tool and useful for providing insight into how your system is performing with the Frostbite 2 engine.  Although I haven't seen it yet, I suspect Frostbite 3's performance meter will be similar.   Variable used to show the performance meter:   (entered using either the console (~ key) or by inserting the lines into your user.cfg file)             Render.PerfOverlayEnable 1           Render.PerfOverlayVisible 1       Green line = GPU (video card) performance Yellow line = CPU performance   Bottom red horizontal line = 0ms (time zero) - Vertical (from zero) = increasing response time Red horizontal lines = 20ms Red vertical lines = 3-second intervals   What this example chart shows is that this guy's GPU lags his CPU in average processing time by about 8ms.  In other words, his GPU is his system's bottleneck.  Also, no lag spikes are present during this roughly 3.5 second time window.  From what I can see (based on the average GPU processing rate (in milliseconds), this guy is churning a smooth 55.5 FPS (a nice picture on a 60Hz monitor).   Later, I will post a screenshot of my performance meter for comparison (can't b/c I'm @ work right now  ;) )   war   FPS = 1/processing time in seconds   (in this case 1/0.01803)   18.03 ms = 0.01803sec
  14. i like potatos adk

    Sup adk so ive been playing on ur bf3 servers for over a year now 2 if im correct. i saw on yOur servers you guys were always looking to recruit new admins, so here i am. i play battlefield 3 and i am 16 years old. i want to join the clan and maybe even become a admin. some of my hobbies is boxing and gaming. ive gotten really good at bf3 and decided i wanted to become admin for bf3 servers. i like potatos and food.
  15. BF3 Rush server offline

    Bf3 Rush server seems to be offline again. @[member=AOBLXIX] @[member=Caveman70]
  16. Looking for people to play with

    Im looking for people to play with on the adk servers. My origin is TanTheMan238. My Battlelog is TanTheMan238. Im on most of the time.
  17. BF3 vs BF4

    Battlefield 4 gives me a sense of accomplishment because I still have things to be ranked up and unlocked. But Battlefield in general runs better and looks better. Somedays I am convinced BF3 is the better game but I keep hoping between both titles. What pushes me away from BF4 is the constant FPS drop and crashes. But having a goal keeps me coming back for more.  Anyone else feel this frustration? Playing both games is fine, but which one is better.
  18. No Packet Flow?! HELP

    I keep getting kicked from servers from either: No Ping, or no packet flow.  No ping hasn't really been an issue since I made sure my BF3 Favorited servers allow it.  But no packet flow is a different story. It seems it's a pitch and catch game for me. Every once and awhile I can play BF3 without it kicking me, but not these past two days it seems.  I have been trying multiple other servers besides ADK, in fact, mostly all of my Favorited servers (about 8).  I've tried looking on Google for answers and it's so frustrating. Some say it will never be fixed, some say update punkbuster (Which I have been updating everyday for the past week), some say reset your router (can't do that, I'm on college wifi), and other say allow pnkbstra.exe and bf3 through firewall. I got rid of the anti-virus VIRUS Norton yesterday since it controlled my firewall and windows defender to see if that would help, now I installed AVG but still no results. Anyone have any other suggestions?  (side note. This problem has only occurred for me over the past month. I was inactive from BF3 for about a month, came back, and now I'm getting this error.) Thanks 
  19. [VIDEO] ban appeal

    [b]Name:[/b] ban appeal [b]Category:[/b] Battlefield 3 [b]Date Added:[/b] 20 July 2014 - 03:52 AM [b]Submitter:[/b] [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/user/10790-pestslayer/]pestslayer[/url] [b]Short Description:[/b] Short video for ban appeal [b][url=http://www.adkgamers.com/videos/view-65-ban-appeal/]View Video[/url][/b]
  20. Its been long time since Bf3 metro server had been removed , will im not playing bf3 cuz of that :( its the only server that i enjoy in it , now im not having any fun in any server . is there is any chance to get it back ? cuz we the server ended its just like we lose all bf3 game . the truth is metro server alone like a World of fun for lot of us , hope ADK get it back . i hope that .   THX for reading the post . C yaa .
  21. Here's some BF3 quotes you probably never heard before. Funny video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDauDMppn6c
  22. BF3 stuttering and CPU spikes

    All,   Within the last month or so, I've noticed quite an increase in lag/stuttering in BF3 multiplayer and decided to investigate to see what I could do on my end and pass my experiences along to others.  My problem is thus:   In game, with perfmeter running, I notice significant stuttering.  The stuttering is worse when I'm moving in some direction then look in another direction.  The number of players in the server really doesn't make much difference, and it happens in all BF3 servers I play on, but our server does seem a little worse than others for some reason.  Here is a YouTube video that describes what I'm experiencing.  I'm not alone in observing this phenomenon, and there are tons of threads on almost every kind of forum you can imagine that discuss folks trying to get to the bottom of this issue.  I would like to know if you guys have experienced it and what you did to solve it.  Here's what I've done so far...   System specs in my sig.  I have most eye candy turned off, FOV is 70.  Avg. CPU is about 70% - 80%.  Never seen my CPU go to 100% in BF3.  HDD access looks normal with no signs of excessive disk access.   - Clean install Win7 x64 - Latest BIOS     - Stock clocks     - HT disabled     - C1E disabled     - Virtualization disabled - Latest chipset drivers - Core Parking diabled - Latest Nvidia drivers installed - Tried two different video cards, no change in the issue - Latest NIC drivers, IPV6 diabled (unavailable in my Comcast segment anyway) - Some network stack tweaks (no effect that I could notice) - Vsync on - FPS limited to 59.95 in user.cfg (with appropriate FPS set in game, with ingame vsync on)   None of these changes made any real difference... the underlying issue is still there.   As far as I can tell, my PC is running well and doesn't appear to be stressed by running BF3 Multiplayer.  I've played the game since the beginning without any problems, until recently.  I really don't think it's my hardware or my network.  I'm going to try different games so that I have something to compare with.   More as this develops.   war    
  23. This is for the 28th ONLY and there will be 3 winners       Rules:  Must Populate ANY TWO Battlefield Servers (Can be BF3 and BF4) You must screenshot you in the server with less than 16 people You must screenshot when the server is populated You must STAY in the server for at least 1 more round after it is populated and then take another screenshot Repeat The 3 prior rules for the second server that you populate Post a topic in the BF3 or BF4 section saying "I populated today" and posting the information requested above       Prizes: 1st Place - Locked Team Speak Channel for 2 months plus reserved slot  2nd Place - Locked Team Speak Channel for 1 Month plus reserved slot 3rd Place - Team Speak Channel for 1 month plus reserved slot       All prizes can be won by Admins, ADK Members and Non ADK Members
  24. Hi everyone! My name is Gábor "FlaaKyy" Nagy I'm 15 years old, I was born in Hungary, I'm playing a lot of games for example BF4, BF3, Tera, SC2 but mainly League of Legends. I'm playing PC games since I was kid I grown up on these and spent a lot of my free time with gaming. For most people I'm still a kid, but thats their own opinion :). I am not playing on a nuclear power plant. Yeah I can play most of the upcoming games with tolerably high FPS, but like cant stream and stuff.^^ I play most games for fun, expect League of Legends I take that game very seriously ofc its still a huge fun for me anyday. I'm currently Plat IV in Solo Q, slowly ranking up. I was invited to the site by AngelOfDeath7! By the way the site itself looks pretty cool :D it has one of the best interfaces I have seen in the past years soo far. Well thanks for the oppurtinity to introduce myself. :) Feel free to ask anything about me I'll happily answer all of the questions :D. Have a good day everybody^^.
  25. Was waiting for the time to do a Battlefield 3 Population Contest:   Winners from our BF4 Contests yesterday were: Nessa Bandito     Server:   http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/pc/67328ffe-f3fd-49ad-89cf-16674a1fbab4/ADK-24-7-Rush-Metro-Seine-Damavand-Bazaar/     Be the first of 15 people in the server, take a screenshot of you being one of the first 15.     Get the server populated, then play in it for 3 rounds Post screenshots of the 3 rounds       Prizes:  1 Month Team Speak Channel 2 Months BF3 Reserved Slots   Up to 3 winners!   So get in there and get populating!

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