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  1. Hello from Drinson

    Hey All,   Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself before I submit an application. I am a big fan of BF3, and really excited for BF4 beta and release! I am looking for a group of people to hang out and game with. I am 22 and work in the I.T. field. Looking forward to meeting you guys on TS3, and in game!   ~Drinson
  2. Battlefield 3 Managers

    So what's up with this battlefield 3 manager thing? Sorry if I'm being pokey...
  3. All,   I came across an article a little while back while I was tuning my system for BF3 and I thought I would share what I learned with you.  Before I read the article, I didn't really know what I was looking at with respect to the performance meter, but now that I know I've found that it can be a handy tool and useful for providing insight into how your system is performing with the Frostbite 2 engine.  Although I haven't seen it yet, I suspect Frostbite 3's performance meter will be similar.   Variable used to show the performance meter:   (entered using either the console (~ key) or by inserting the lines into your user.cfg file)             Render.PerfOverlayEnable 1           Render.PerfOverlayVisible 1       Green line = GPU (video card) performance Yellow line = CPU performance   Bottom red horizontal line = 0ms (time zero) - Vertical (from zero) = increasing response time Red horizontal lines = 20ms Red vertical lines = 3-second intervals   What this example chart shows is that this guy's GPU lags his CPU in average processing time by about 8ms.  In other words, his GPU is his system's bottleneck.  Also, no lag spikes are present during this roughly 3.5 second time window.  From what I can see (based on the average GPU processing rate (in milliseconds), this guy is churning a smooth 55.5 FPS (a nice picture on a 60Hz monitor).   Later, I will post a screenshot of my performance meter for comparison (can't b/c I'm @ work right now  ;) )   war   FPS = 1/processing time in seconds   (in this case 1/0.01803)   18.03 ms = 0.01803sec
  4. How do I play an adk bf3 server?

    Just like the title says.

    So even do im not still a official member of ADK i think we shuld start a good competative Team of like 12. And train maybe chalange other clans maybe even get to something bigger. U never know. If we could get 12 Pro pepole from our clan to Show other pepole what ADK means we are not just some peopole that think that they can play bf3 Show them what are me made of. Maybe get even more known. Its just mine opinion Thank you for reading  :D  If we could get as much as possible good responses we could even make it! So lets try!
  6. So we all do it.... The next round loads up of BF3 and your watching that timer count down all the while your either jumping up and down or holding the sprint key down just waiting for the server to set you free!   Myself... I have no idea why but it seems every time I start that famous first run of the round I hear the theme song to Batman... YES I SAID IT, Batman!   DA,NA,DA,DA,NANA,DANNA,NA, BATMAN!   What about you?  
  7. All,   For the gearheads/enthusiasts among us, there is some very interesting discussion and experimenting by Chip Curry at Chip Reviews on CPU scaling with the Frostbite 2 engine in multiplayer.  Since I just made the jump to hexacore, I thought I would weigh in as well with what I've seen for myself (I will elaborate this post as I learn more).  Keep in mind that this post is more oriented toward those considering a serious hardware upgrade and want to game at 120Hz and avoid a CPU bottleneck.   We get post on here all the time about folks seeking to upgrade their rigs and most of them do their gaming in multiplayer.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of benchmarks we use use to make those critical hardware decisions are based on single player time demonstration game modes that don't correlate very well to how a certain piece of hardware will perform during multiplayer game on a populated server.  Nowhere have I seen the disparity between single player (campaign) mode and multiplayer more sharply than in Battlefield 3.  I have seen tons of posts on the EA, Battlefield 3, and Nvidia forums of frustrated people who've sprung for the latest hotness or doubled their GPU power with SLI only get no benefit from it whatsoever on BF3's large multiplayer maps.  It really sucks to see your FPS remain relatively unchanged while your card's GPU utilization hovers around 50%.   Speaking only for Battlefield 3, what I can see with Intel processors is that Frostbite 2 loves physical cores.  The more you can throw at them, the better.  One thing I missed at the very beginning of the article , is that Chip mentions that he's running Win8.  At the time, I didn't think that was a big deal until I noticed that under Win7, I saw no benefit to running the 3930K over the 3820 at the same clock speed - none.  What I did see under Win7 is a lower average processor load across all CPU cores with no increase in FPS.  Why this is so is a mystery to me, although I do have some guesses.  After much fiddling and trying to coax Win7 into providing some kind of performance boost from adding the physical cores, I gave up and did a clean install of Win8 to see if I could duplicate Chip's results.   Under Win8, I'm finally seeing the benefits of adding the 3930K's two additional cores.  My frame rates are up significantly (more data to follow) and my average GPU (GTX-780) utilization has increased from 75% to 95%.  I held off upgrading to Win8 for as long as I could, but in order to get the benefit of running a hexacore CPU with Frostbite 2, I had no other choice.   So, looking to upgrade your rig for BF4 (and Frostbite 3) multiplayer?  I would consider...   - Running a hexacore or better CPU.  If you want to game at 120Hz on BF3's large multiplayer maps, a hexacore CPU is a must.  I don't have any data on how well the AMD 8-core CPUs perform in BF3 multiplayer, but I would be very interested to know!  If the performance warrants it, an 8-core AMD processor may be the most economical. - Running Windows 8.  YYMV, but personally I could get no benefit whatsoever from adding physical CPU cores while running Windows 7.  The difference in CPU scaling between the two Windows versions is that huge.   Just some preliminary observations from me as the clock tics down on BF4 and lots of folks are considering hardware upgrades.   war
  8. Hi ADK community!   I'm trying to find a page with server rules for this server: =ADK= 24/7 Metro | No EXPLOSIVES | 1000 Tickets |. Perhaps there isent any info on the forum for it, just in game maybe?
  9. ADK Scrim League

            I know someone else had shown interest in the possibility of starting an ADK member Battlefield Scrim League, so I am formally requesting a headcount of all those who may be interested, and if needed the proper leadership could spearhead this idea.  Rules can be determined later if we can actually follow through on this, but here are some possible ideas I have: One/two night(s) a week, best night available on overall vote. Depending on amount of players, team captains are chosen and teams are picked by captains. Losing team chooses game type. Winning team stays together, losing team rotates players in if there are extras. If winning team wins more than 3 out of 5, teams are re-chosen for balance with new captains. Specified time limit could be chosen as well 1hr, 2hr, etc. If we wanted to we could figure out a point system for overall leaders and give awards and prizes via donations as well.     I like this idea because I believe not only will it help strengthen our teamwork, but also get the community interacting with each other more.  The competition could draw more gamers as well if its advertised in the server announcements at the beginning of matches.  I would request that this post be stickied, or thrown up on the news page to get the word out a little bit if possible.
  10. BF3 FPS/GPU Problem

    When playing BF3 at ultra/ 1080p/ 90fov, I get an average of 90 fps with both gpus running at 90%+ usage. (low of 60/high of 120) When I play with custom, everything low except mesh quality on high and 16x antosotrophic filter / 720p/ 60 fov I get an average of 110 fps with both gpus running at 15-30% usage. (low of 70/high of 120). I changed my fps cap from 200 to 120 because on either all low or all ultra settings I would barely get above 120 anyway. Since I have a 120 hz monitor (Can be 144hz, prefer 120) I want to stay as close to that as I can. Would there be a way to get better preformance increase at all low settings. I still have the fps drops and my gpu is not working that hard. Is there anyway I can limit these fps drops so they aren't as frequent? Also, is there a way for my gpus to have a higher usage at lower settings to increase fps?   Here is all of my specifications: CPU: i7 3770k overclocked to 4 Ghz CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper TX 3 GPU: Crossfire Saphire HD 7870 oc edition MOBO: Gigabite Z77X-UD3h RAM: 16gb of g.skill trident ripjaws 1666mhz PSU: cosair 650 watt MONITOR: Asus VG248 Windows 7 64 bit I was running adm 13.4 drivers then I upgraded to 13.8 beta and see little to no improvement.  When I overclocked my cpu from 3.5 to 4 ghz I saw a slight improvement in fps.   LINKS TO SCREENSHOTS Cpu/Gpu graph using render.perfoverlayvisible 1 #1: http://s14.postimg.org/qinkjjrw1/GPU_AND_CPU.png #2: http://postimg.org/image/9jztuqx3r/   My in game settings http://s21.postimg.org/b3vii84mf/Settings.png   My cpu temps while playing BF3 http://s14.postimg.org/i376tj3sh/Core_Temps.png
  11. Blue Tint In BF4?

    As we all know BF3 had great color schemes in Alpha phase. But a month before the game actually came out they decided to screw us all over with the famous blue tint, that is more prominent in Operation Metro. I honestly don't care for the blue tint and would like to see less of it in BF4. Even though we really haven't seen a whole lot of BF4 gameplay yet, whose to say that they won't add blue tint again, maybe even a different color? What do you guys think?
  12. BF3 stuttering and CPU spikes

    All,   Within the last month or so, I've noticed quite an increase in lag/stuttering in BF3 multiplayer and decided to investigate to see what I could do on my end and pass my experiences along to others.  My problem is thus:   In game, with perfmeter running, I notice significant stuttering.  The stuttering is worse when I'm moving in some direction then look in another direction.  The number of players in the server really doesn't make much difference, and it happens in all BF3 servers I play on, but our server does seem a little worse than others for some reason.  Here is a YouTube video that describes what I'm experiencing.  I'm not alone in observing this phenomenon, and there are tons of threads on almost every kind of forum you can imagine that discuss folks trying to get to the bottom of this issue.  I would like to know if you guys have experienced it and what you did to solve it.  Here's what I've done so far...   System specs in my sig.  I have most eye candy turned off, FOV is 70.  Avg. CPU is about 70% - 80%.  Never seen my CPU go to 100% in BF3.  HDD access looks normal with no signs of excessive disk access.   - Clean install Win7 x64 - Latest BIOS     - Stock clocks     - HT disabled     - C1E disabled     - Virtualization disabled - Latest chipset drivers - Core Parking diabled - Latest Nvidia drivers installed - Tried two different video cards, no change in the issue - Latest NIC drivers, IPV6 diabled (unavailable in my Comcast segment anyway) - Some network stack tweaks (no effect that I could notice) - Vsync on - FPS limited to 59.95 in user.cfg (with appropriate FPS set in game, with ingame vsync on)   None of these changes made any real difference... the underlying issue is still there.   As far as I can tell, my PC is running well and doesn't appear to be stressed by running BF3 Multiplayer.  I've played the game since the beginning without any problems, until recently.  I really don't think it's my hardware or my network.  I'm going to try different games so that I have something to compare with.   More as this develops.   war    
  13. Here is my suggested Off Limits zone for the Grand Bazaar server.          Yes the RU will still have a harder time with this but there is not much else that can be done to help them if they are being base raped.     It's just like on Metro, both sides aren't exactly even in terms of being able to get out of a base rape.         Please keep any and all discussion/change requests as reasonable as possible.   Any thing getting out of hand will be removed without question and will NOT be considered for any sort of change.    
  14. Hey guys I'm looking to play with ADK members in BF3. There is my in-game name : Marc616. Feel free to add me as a friend if you want to and I hope to see you soon on the Battlefield :ph34r:
  15. Server Lag

    Has anybody noticed any server lag? I have a 12ms ping on the servers, but everything seems a bit behind, when I play on other clans servers there's no lag.
  16. To find the availability for the BF3 End Game and rather than searching the forums of battlelog, there's an easier way.     Step 1:  Go to Origin, click on "MyGames"   Once you're in "My Games", right click on "Battlefield 3" and click "Show Game Details"   [attachment=1064:ADK_launch-step1.jpg]     Step 2:  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see "Expansions"    Hover over "Battlefield 3 End Game"  and you'll see when it's "Available" in that little window.    [attachment=1065:ADK_launch-step2.jpg]     Now you can come join us at that time on the =ADK= BF3 Capture The Flag Server!     We'll have a link for you shortly when battlelog decides to work again!   Until then just search for =ADK= in your Battlelog Server Browser!
  17. My friend ziperle got his account hacked by a russian who has been using his origin, MOHW and BF3  and they changed his security question http://battlelog.medalofhonor.com/bf3/soldier/HeDoCTaTOk/stats/242539196/ what is the best course of action?
  18. Cooking nades BF3

    So after dieing twice for kills with nades which i did not throw i decided to switch teams and investigate and looky what i found the culprit in action  -mutharfugar     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOYjiknSoxg
  19. Ban Hammer Time!!

    It's always fun bringing out the ban hammer and throwing it down on a few individuals who can't follow the rules :)   
  20. @report function

    Maybe already asked and answered several times ... What happens with the @report function, for example when no admin is on? Does somebody goes through them or is nobody looking at this? Is there a database with repeated offenders? the reason I ask is simple, does it matter when i report people, especially when there are lot's of people using frag rounds, LVG's, etc.. (no explosive server). Cave
  21. BF3 Aftermath Expansion

    [color=#00ff00]Hello ADK members today i'm gonna give information on the BF3 new expansion coming soon.[/color] [color=#00ff00]This expansion is the Aftermath expansion, It releases a lot more to the game.[/color] [color=#ffff00][u]MAPS:[/u][/color] [color=#ffd700]• Epicenter[/color] [color=#ffd700]• Markaz Monolith[/color] [color=#ffd700]• Talah Market[/color] [color=#ffd700]• Azadi Palace[/color] [color=#ffff00][u]WEAPON(S):[/u][/color] [color=#ffd700]• Crossbow[/color] [color=#ff8c00] -Reg Bolt : Regular[/color] [color=#ff8c00] -Scan Bolt : Proximity Bolt[/color] [color=#ff8c00] -BA Bolt : Like Reg but Higher Range and power[/color] [color=#ff8c00] -HE Bolt : High Explosive[/color] [color=#ffff00][u]VEHICLES:[/u][/color] [color=#ffd700]• Phoenix[/color] [color=#FF8C00] - A modified armored jeep w/ Grenade launcher and [/color] [color=#FF8C00] heavy machine gun.[/color] [attachment=822:460px-Phoenix.png] [color=#ffd700]• Barsuk[/color] [color=#ff8c00] - It's like the Vodnik except instead of one gun it has[/color] [color=#ff8c00] a heavy machine gun w/ a grenade launcher its also[/color] [color=#ff8c00] HEAVILY armored.[/color] [attachment=821:460px-Barsuk.png] [color=#ffd700]• Rhino[/color] [color=#ff8c00] - A Modified van with a hollowed passenger seat with [/color] [color=#ff8c00] a remote turret.[/color] [attachment=823:460px-Rhino.png] [color=#ffff00][u]GAMEMODE(S):[/u][/color] [color=#ffd700]• In this expansion the is one new gamemode[/color] [color=#ff8c00] -Scavenger[/color] [color=#ff8c00] - Scavenger is just like conquest except you[/color] [color=#ff8c00] only start out with a pistol and you have to[/color] [color=#ff8c00] get your other weapons.[/color] [color=#00ff00] Thanks for looking and please comment and tell me what you think! [/color]
  22. [color=#00ff00]I am getting a [/color][color=#ff0000]HD PVR[/color][color=#00ff00] the [/color][color=#ff0000]Gaming Edition 2[/color][color=#00ff00] and i can record not only PC but all consoles[/color] [color=#00ff00]and my TV. So i was wondering if we had an official channel yet or if we need someone [/color][color=#00FF00]to [/color] [color=#00FF00]record and advertise the Website.[/color] [color=#00FF00]My youtube channel is[/color][color=#ff0000] [/color][url="http://www.youtube.com/user/MaceXGames/featured"][color=#ff0000]http://www.youtube.com/user/MaceXGames/featured [/color][/url] [color=#00ff00]so that [/color] [color=#00FF00]is my channel so check it out i can always make an official [/color][color=#ff0000]ADK[/color][color=#00FF00] channel i am good[/color] [color=#00FF00]at both video and picture editing.[/color] [color="#00ff00"]So please get back to me [/color]
  23. Someone sent me this interesting post. Some guy buys a bf3 hack because he gets mad at other hackers and tells about how it works and things he has found out while using it. [url="http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2684015"]http://forums.steamp...d.php?t=2684015[/url]
  24. Tonight there was a discussion with some of the BF3 advisors in TS, a new server type was brought up. Making a VoteWeapon server. I have not seen this done before and currently i do not see any server or procon plugin that is currently using this concept. This is what VoteWeapon would consist of: At some point before the next round, a question would be asked by procon plugin. What weapon (besides knife) will be the only weapon allowed next round. We can possibly not allow the vote for really popular weapons like m16A3, or m4A1 just to make it more interesting. If you don't have the decided weapon unlocked, you have to use the knife. Any usage of other weapons results in an autokill by admin. The weapon that gets the most votes is the only one (besides knife) allowed in the next round. This would completely change the dynamic of matches for every single round. Suddenly one round all you can use is magnum, then only 870, then only grenades. The group of maps we were thinking about using for this are close quarters. I am a senior software engineering student and would be willing to attempt a writing a procon plugin for this. The only thing that worries me is the fact that i cannot find any existing plugin for this, i doubt we were the first to come up with this idea, which makes me think people ran into trouble implementing it. This was an instant hit with everyone in our channel, but let me know your thoughts on implementing this.
  25. Karkand Server Maps

    So this debate is up in the Air. A few people have said that they want to see Sharqi in the Karkand server rotation because it will help with population. With that being said, who would like to see it added to the rotation? Or is Strike at Karkand enough for you?

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