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  1. First of all,  I would  like to thank ADK for their invitation and for letting me introduce myself !   For people that already know me from Teamspeak on the BF3 channel, you'll see that i'm a kind of person that like to have fun and laugh but also keep focus on the game (witch i think it's difficult because i know we're having so much fun anyway). I mean, i consider myself as a serious gamer when it's time to support my team, but what i enjoy too is when i'm having a good time with friends on a server and on a channel so we can share the same victory and disaster and laugh about it haha.    Life is hard and cruel (that's what they say  xD ) so for entertainment... i turn into pc gaming mode ! I prefer to keep a positive attitude and if i can transfer the good vibe in the game then i am at the rescue ! Ok ok...it feels good to rescue the universe, but i can't hold it anymore it's too much for me...the only thing i'm good is to destroy my enemy"s spawn beacon and eliminate their entire squad ! With the help of my team of course.     Part of my life ; I have a good pc game library, many classics. I'm a regular pc user but i also have consoles at home and i try to be up-to-date with the video game industry. It is in constant evolution and i think it's important to know what is going on in the industry.  I've start to play free online fps and learned all the beginner tactics that doesn't help and only get you kill, so decided to play with better players to improve my skills. Improving my skills didn't mean i became a better ''shooter'' but also a better communicator.    The problem is, my orders wasn't clear enough because of my cheap microphone (damm i miss that microphone ) I've start to buy better pc gear and with time i realized i was more a gamer than a surgeon. So i put back the surgeon board game into my closet and really became addicted to pc gaming. PC GAMING ROCK !! Spread the word !     Open mind ; I speak french but i'm almost bilingual as you can see. But that doesn't stop me from being in a conversation for pc parts, gear, new games, new technologies, geography, history, broccoli, everything ! Social is part of my life so if you want to share something great or not great fee free to share it,  i'm ears open !  Enjoying a good talk is always good.       ADK Server found me ; It all stated after i came back from work (air vent inspection)  that i realized that all this time i was playing on ADK server !! (after 94 hours in ADK's server)   I'm the type of person that need to look over stats, look for a better way to improve. And i thought it was the right time for me to move for the next level. I received good support from ADK while gaming that i saw these people were serious so i joined.      Fruit and Vegetable ; I want to declare that, yes, i eat my fruits and veggies like never before ! I think it is good for mental and physical health. And also...coffee. I don't know if it's possible to plug a coffee machine near my pc desk but i would like too. ( I'll see what i can do and get back with more update ;)     1 000 000 $; If i had a million dollars, i would create a Gaming Training Camp for gamers. I'm serious. That would be awesome the more i think about it.     Time is running fast ; Life is good, and the best is to enjoy each moment and try do as best as we can. I think that way. Beside work, photography and aggressive skating (skate-park), what i like the most is to share gaming experience with a community that share the same passion for video games. And by joining a real club, i feel that i can contribute better and more officially for gamers out there in the lost world.  Many play test for video game companies also had good influence on my learning and game analysis.   My experience tells me that there is a lot of players out there with full potential, but maybe need a little more support and more guidance. And what a good feeling to receive support from an official.  I really think it makes the difference in the mind of a person and he (she) will be more confident.    I feel that i have the maturity and the potential of helping my community in real life but also in my gaming community. Gaming is not all about pc and hardware and points. It's also about the people. And i am glad to join the ADK Community !        Thank you !!  I wish you all good gaming session!    Best regards, ________________________________________________________ SirOssII7  (OssII7 in Teamspeak & Battlelog) but you can call me Seb ! 
  2. It's getting Christmas time here and We should have a contest to help put everyone in the spirit!  Get out your baking pans, frosting, and gumdrops! If you haven't noticed yet our store has got a bit of a Christmas upgrade. Don't forget to stay warm this winter. http://adkgamers.spreadshirt.com/     A Different Kind of Gingerbread House!   Requirements:  The Gingerbread House must have ADK on it. You must have a piece of paper with your forum name and the date written on it. Must be entered by December 29th, 2014. All must be edible gingerbread house. You must of worked on it, you can also have the help of friends or family! Post the pictures in this thread to be judged. No photoshop. Must be Gingerbread, you can use frosting and other candies to decorate.    Prizes: 1st Place: Steam game, forum award, Holiday Stocking, and Shirt of your choice. 2nd Place: Shirt of your choice and Holiday Stocking. 3rd Place: Holiday Stocking and box of candy canes.
  3. HEY THERE! I'm new here so I figured i'd tell you all a little about myself... Oh dear, where to start....     I play a somewhat limited selection of games but it is increasing as I go along, these games include; DayZ (Mod) Dayz Standalone  Insurgency War Thunder League Of Legends The Forest  Rust Garry's Mod PayDay 2 Far Cry 3 ​ ​I have a few hobbies, not many though, i'm your basic description of a no life haha, I; Play Guitar  Play Piano Collect Coins​ ​I also; Photoshop Starting to Get Into Video Editing Game (Clearly) and a few others... ​ Let's see what else...  My name is Cameron, and I live in the Ohio region, I have been playing computer games for at least a solid 3 years or so, I don't have the best setup seeing as I am fairly new to it all, but I know a bit about computers from just listening to people babble on about it for a while... My current setup is; Nividia GeForce GTX 760 video card 750 watt power supply 8 GB ram AMD FX 4130 Quad-Core yadayadayada who cares right... Haha Well there you have it!  That's all about me!  I hope I get accepted into the ADK community because there is a great number of people I've met on here so far, and they have all been quite nice, a few of them are Mr.Pig, DoWin, Chad, and Prehinto, and I can not wait to meet the rest of the community!  Now... I must go... Time to start working on the 20 forum posts haha! Bye!
  4. Update

    Figured I would update you all on the current events in the ADK LoL community.   I've got a Twitch overlay that's definitely not amazing but it's better than some. It's just for the LoL client so it's got all the cut-outs you need. I got some assistance from google and I threw an ADK logo on it (don't worry, it's legit no copyright bullshit). I'm still working on putting other info on there like the TS server and whatnot but it will work for now.    I've refreshed all of the recruitment posts on reddit, the league of legends boards, and teamfind. I'm recruiting for normals and casual play since half the post on there are PLAT+ and ALL DIAMOND TEAM LF DIAMOND. I will continue to update those and send out messages to players as I get responses and I usually just find some chill people and invite them to ADK.    Videos, I haven't started the series that I want to quite yet because I've been editing some other videos, trying to get something that's quality to put on ADK. I'm new to all the photoshop/editing stuff so it's taking me a lot longer to do things people can usually do in a day or less.    There really has been a disappearance of support for this section but changes are coming. If any of you ever need anything at all or want to talk about anything, please don't hesitate to PM me or catch me in TS. I try to make myself available to all as much as I can. I'm friendly, I won't bite.   Thank you all and on a personal note my husband and I just put an offer on our first house. I hope to god it gets accepted but if not, it's a back and fourth process that takes time. Anyways, thank you to all of you who have been helpful in-game and out. You all are awesome.
  5. Hello people of ADK

    Hello, my name is Riley or you can call me settleflame or settle for short.  I play league of legends, minecraft, WoW (somtimes).  I enjoy meeting new people and just straight up making friends.  You will usually be able to find me in the league of legends rooms and feel free to come in and say hi unless im in game haha.
  6. A Different Kind Team 2

    @[member='DWhite240'], @[member='Zudamour'], @[member='Xsektor'], @[member='Poisoned Curse'], @[member='QwiKPawZ'], @[member='Luis']    Sorry if I screwed any of your names up but I created this topic to figure out what night/nights (besides Mondays) everyone would like to play ranked or even just some normal practices. That and I'd like to put together a master list of roles and champs everyone is comfortable or good at playing. 
  7. The Tier List   God tier: Jarvan IV, Maokai, Yasuo, Syndra, Orianna, Ziggs, Alistar, Braum↑, Wukong↑   Tier 1: Karma, Kayle↑, Lee Sin, Morgana, Lulu, Riven, Anivia, Lissandra, Nunu, Olaf, Renekton,Trundle, Lucian,Corki, Ahri, Rengar, Leona, Darius, Pantheon   Tier 2: Xin Zhao, Annie, Udyr, Zyra, Vayne, Tristana, Nidalee, Xerath, Ryze, Jax, Shyvana, Zilean↑, Fizz↑, Gragas↑, Azir, Viktor↑, Zed↑   Tier 3: Cassiopeia↓, Thresh, Skarner, Aatrox, Evelynn, Caitlyn, Quinn, Ezreal↑, Veigar, Elise, Kha’Zix, Jayce, Irelia, Nocturne, Vi, Talon, Fiora↑, Soraka↑   Tier 4: Gnar, Vel’Koz, Sion, Brand, Vladimir, Tryndamere, Diana, LeBlanc, Malphite, Amumu, Sejuani,  Yorick, Malzahar, Nasus
  8. I took this information from an AMA challenger player who does ranked 3s. Really good information if anybody wanted to try doing ranked 3s. They are actually super fun.     Team Comps: At the moment, abusing the double support-style mages and a strong brawler jungle. The ideal comp for us is Lulu top, Xin Zhao jungle, and Karma bot. Other successful comps similar to this one is subbing Morgana for the Karma or Lulu and J4 for the Xin Zhao (in case Lulu or Karma gets banned). Lulu is god in ranked 3s and his team will always try to run her either top or bot lane. Another comp that works well is a strong top laner (Renekton/Riven/Darius), J4 jungle, and Rumble bot. We typically prefer early game team comps since Rumble needs a bit to get going but keep him as a backup comp. The strongest champs in 3s right now are:   Top: Renekton, Darius, J4, Gnar, Pantheon, Lulu, Nidalee, Jayce, Maokai, Olaf, Wukong (don’t blind pick a Wukong, make sure he has a good matchup first)   Jungle: Xin Zhao, J4, Lee Sin, Nocturne, Vi, Amumu (need strong laners to pick), Kha’Zix, Shyvana   Bot: Syndra, Annie, Morgana, Karma, Lulu, Vel’Koz, Orianna, Lissandra, Ziggs, Zyra, Ahri, Rumble (only if you are really good w/ him) These are not listed in a particular order. There are many other champs that are strong in 3v3 but those are the most successful on his team. It’s champs they all have the best synergy with. Communication and teamwork will triumph over “which team has the most broken champs”. Make sure your team is on the same page when making plays.   Objectives: You should focus a lot more on altars rather than Vilemaw. Unless your team has a big lead, never fight when the enemy team has double altars. Just play passive and wait for it to unlock. Focus your fights around taking the enemy’s altar so that you can be the ones engaging rather than reacting. Don’t try and sneak Vilemaw when all three of the enemy team are up.   Jungling The biggest factor in deciding which META to run is which one your team is the most comfortable playing. All METAs can be played successfully in high elo 3s so it’s really just preference. We chose to use the jungle META due to the fact that 1 mistake early when running 2 people top can often completely lose the game for you. Running a jungler allows for a little more breathing room in the event of a mistake due to all players getting solo exp. and CS. We also don't like having 1 player bringing nothing more than tankiness and cc to team fights; we prefer everyone to do damage. Underrated champs:   Lulu - She isn't prioritized nearly enough for how damn strong she is. One of the few champs that can turn a lost team fight around after losing a person with her crazy cc and kite. Azir - Requires you to be extremely good with him, but if you start with Forbidden Idol and rush Nomicon, his damage spikes pretty early. Also great burst and safety between his E and ult. Brand - Ridiculous damage, especially when fighting in the jungle. Cho - You see him more in lower elos than high, but the damage you can put out with him for how tanky he gets is just nutty. Volibear - Pretty much same as Cho. Trundle - Don't see this guy much at all lately but if you get to 20+ minutes with him and you aren't really far behind, he becomes so so difficult to kill. Vel’Koz - He falls into the 'under prioritized' category. There are only a small number of teams that I've seen who prioritize running Vel'Koz. Great waveclear and pushing power - crazy poke, especially when ahead - face melting lazor that shreks your whole team.   Victor - We've run him a few times with good success but never see any other teams running him. The short-ish range can be an issue vs some teams but his line damage + Gravity Field is amazing for jungle fights.
  9. Who plays Rust? LGTGG

    Alright everyone, as Rust is now making a turn-around for the better, I decided to make a thread to see who is still interested in playing this game and/or who already has been playing it for the past little while. I know this used to be a former game that was sponsored in ADK, but currently it is not. Just wondering who would like it to get some more attention from the community and the like. So, what's your take? (btw, on gameservers.com, a 50 player-slot server would be $12.45 per month.)  
  10. Active Duty and Veterans

    For those who have either served or who currently serve this great country, the United States of America, I want to personally thank you on behalf of =ADK= and this nation. Even though I have always wanted to join the military, I don't think I actually could handle it. Even though I personally don't know what it's like, I know from stories of my grandfather and my uncle. So thank you for serving selflessly.  I would like to recognize anyone in the ADK community who has/is serving. So please comment if you don't mind.  Thank you
  11. "Share" This Status!

    It's pretty simple, visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADKGamers and "Share" our most recent status or the one that says "We're reaching 2,000 Likes"      Anyone who "Shares" that status will have an opportunity to win some free =ADK= Swag!      Be on the look out for the winner!  Don't miss out!
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyur8rqbEHc#t=767     The latest "10 for the Chairman" poised a good question from someone. This person asked about the possibilities of exploration when using newly unstable, or stable, jump points. For example, the latest Constellation commercial show-cased what we believe to be the first look into exploration as an explorer in the Persistent Universe.   Chris Roberts mentioned that he wants to implement the usage of naming jump points and planets that we may find; Planets that have the ability to "Terraform"   With that being said, how many galaxies, planets, start, etc. are there going to be in the PU? How many explorers can we have in a game that has 500,000 players? Even if only half of the players only discovered ONE planet the number would be exponential in the sense that can we really travel to 200,000+ planets, or is it something that we as someone else won't be able to travel to?   These are question that I am left with after the Constellation commercial and the latest 10 for the big C. It is like that TV show "Lost"; Every episodes left you with more question and still no bloody answers.
  13. Hi There!

    Hello fellow gamers, my name is Anthony (gamertag for most games is TheGhostTrain) I'm 22 and play games such as Battlefield 4, League Of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Path Of Exile, Marvel Heroes, and sometimes World of Warcraft oh and I also own Minecraft. I'm here to make friends and have a fun experience playing games with the community. I have some background in networking and PC troubleshooting so I can possibly help anyone that is having problems with there PC. I also have a very high intellect on Horror Movies lol which isn't important but I like to put it out there. Well that's me and nice to meet everyone.
  14. Hello World

    Hello ADK community  My name is Philip (insert generic chinese last name here).  I am 17 years old and and live in San Francisco, California. I    Why I am here   I came here independently from the Planetside 2 Outfit after  1. getting my body blown to bits for the hundredth time by a random rocket shot through a corridor 2. having half my kills be team kills and  3. joining the ADK Outfit on Planetside 2 for the first time and feeling like I can actually do something for once.   I hope to learn how to play Planetside 2, have fun and make actual friends through a video game   Other Games       I also play TF2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Path of Exile.  Being barely proficient in any of them (partly because I divide my time of them all and partly because the small amount of time I spent in each game).   To those who read this whole thing I thank you for being a huge part of the community, and  to those who skim and just left a comment saying welcome I thank you for being courteous.   :D  :D  :D  
  15. Yo =ADK= Wildstar,                We are finally on the level 50 content!  This is exciting!  I'm Scheduling this on Saturday the 09th of August at 2100 PST.  All members that are level 50 and are online are encouraged to join.  If you join, you will have to be on Team speak.     http://youtu.be/_JG3G1fK3jU
  16. Yo Wildstar,              We will be running the Adventure Malgrave Trail on Saturday the 2nd of August at 2100 PST.  All members that are level 45 or above, and are online are encouraged to join.  You also must have completed the SIMCORE quest to gain access to the instance.  If you join, you will have to be on Teamspeak. Even if you did this event, please come and help.  After this Adventure, it is on to Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden!  Then Veteran runs BABY!!!!   http://youtu.be/kONxhfIUtRk
  17. Yo Wildstar,        I know this is a late post, and I apologize about it, but let's get together for a FIGHT!  31st July @ 2100 PST, and Defensive Protocal Unit in Farside is our target! If he is not up will have the Alternate of Doomthron the Ancient which I know some of us have not done.  Again, all online members during that time are welcome to join and you must be on Teampeak.   http://youtu.be/RIWRc6thUfM
  18. Check out the new Video I have finished.  I did not create it by myself.  I had help from @[member='reidloS doG'].  Anyways, tell me what you think.  I will be trying to take more videos!   [youtube]http://youtu.be/0LITxq_ij3w?list=UU0MX8gFVx5ZZt342oFuDyrw[/youtube]
  19. No Man's Sky

    Is anybody bloody excited for No Man's Sky? Game has an amazing art style with randomly and community built worlds, ships, weapons, flora, etc Seems like if they pull it off it will be groundbreaking and I hope to see ADK play a role in this new adventure awaiting us http://youtu.be/vs1cCg47rJc
  20. Greetings from Death-By-Texas

    Howdy! Names Death-By-Texas, or Tex for short. I am currently enjoying the Texas humid summer, something only Texans will understand. When its not 100 degrees outside you can catch me biking, kayaking, fishing, or running. But since that hardly ever happens I like to stay inside, hide from the sun, and play DayZ along with other post apocalyptic games. You can catch me on DayZ OverPoch Napf playing with my buds. I hope to see you guys around and thanks for spending the time to read my life summary :P   IGN: Death-By-Texas TS: Death-By-Texas
  21. So you always see a lot of post wondering about computer parts and whatnot. So I want to take the initiative to kind of start a dedicated topic to help those who need help. I will start with general knowledge that I have accumulated over the 3 years of research and 14 years of computer building. Now I am happy have to people like @[member='warspitejr'] and @[member='Bromance'] to correct me on anything or to add their own knowledge in since they seem to be quite the tech gurus.   Now when you first jump into computer building you have some major decisions you want to determine first (greatest priority to the lowest priority):   You need to first decide what you want your computer to do. Then you need to determine how loud you want your computer and how hot/cool you want it to be. After the first two decisions you need to know set your budget, and then look at what you want and determine if it is within the budget (it is always great to have a lot of room to spare in the budget in case of mistakes or damage.) Once you have all that decided you can now decided the peripherals and style of computer you want. These few steps will lead to a faster determination of getting a computer build in mind. There is a lot more of computer decisions to make so I will now start off with monitors and cases since these two categories seem to be the most questioned and viewed.   Monitors   Just to solve the monitor category, here are the top manufacturers for monitors:   ASUS Acer AOC BenQ Now for monitors there are really two major types of monitor panels that you should decide on. They are: IPS (Almost dead-on color accuracy and usually glossy screen), and TN (Higher refresh rate and lower latency at the cost of color accuracy, and the screen is usually matte).   For IPS monitors you can't go wrong choosing either Acer or ASUS, and for gaming monitors: ASUS, AOC, and BenQ (BenQ is usually the best gaming monitor manufacturer out there.) ASUS seems to have a reputation of being user friendly and almost great for professional users, whereas Acer is known to have pretty darn good color accuracy though you have to recalibrate it first. BenQ is just all around known for their pretty awesome gaming monitors, and AOC is just a manufacturer that looks like it has potential in the gaming industry (iffy on it though).   Cases   Now for cases, there are only really a few great manufacturers:   Corsair NZXT Cooler Master Phanteks Fractal Design Lian Li Silverstone Corsair cases are very spacious in the back for people like me who have big hands and long fingers, their best cases are in three series: Graphite, Carbide, and Obsidian. I will be using the Carbide Spec-03 Orange/Black Steel, just because I like the design.   NZXT has some pretty nice cases in their Phantom, and H series. That is all I really have to say about them, I have never used a case by them yet they have pretty good reviews.   Cooler Master has some nice cases, but the reason I added them was due to their constant innovations and potential concepts. My little brother had a Cooler Master case, and I do have to say that they have pretty good cooling even in the entry-level cases.   Phanteks was listed because they are the case manufacturers for those who want a case like the modders out there, but don't want or have the time to build one. Now I just recently helped my dad build a computer with the Phanteks Enthoo Pro, and I have to say that it was quite nice. The cable management wasn't difficult at all, the room in the back was just as roomy as Corsair cases, the psu shroud and hdd/odd panel was nice and clean, and the front ports were quite nice. Now I do have three major nitpicks of mine, and they are: the motherboard standoffs were not as much to be wanted (I believe two standoff holes were missing for ATX motherboards), the motherboard panel was quite flimsy most likely due to the grommets and huge backplate cutout, and there two power buttons (the main one and the actually top cover, so you can either accidentally turn it on or off by just leaning on the case.)   Fractal Design seems to be liked overall, I guess their silent cases are quite nice. Other than that they seem to be great fingerprint magnets due to the nice brushed aluminum, so best not to choose them if your kids are going to touch it.   Lian Li seems to be doing something similar to Cooler Master and that is why I put them on this list. They are coming out with computer desks; and they have a really nice, super small, portable, mini-ITX case. Logan (Tek Syndicate) did a review on it last year in December.   Silverstone has only one case that has always caught my eye and that was the Raven mini-ITX case. It is similar to the Alienware X51, but you can actually build your own computer and fit watercoolers in it (Computex this year they were showing it off.)
  22. IWarMachineI's Intro

    So I typed out a big long intro and then accidentally back paged and lost it all.... So this is what you get. I'm 26 and have been playing games since I was 6. My first console was an NES and I loved it. I play all types of genres and am a master of none but pretty decent at most. I am not a platoon leading person by choice. I crack under pressure but when I'm not leading I can be a tactical genius. So I like to put in my two cents but I'll follow my lead no matter what their decision is. I'm a loyal soldier and will fight to the end with you. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Oh yeah and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My name here is OMaly069, in game I am IWarMachineI and irl you can call me Johnny. PM me or message me in game or just on this thread, I'll try and respond to you asap.   
  23. I Want To Thank You

    I just want to make this a short summary of a thank you letter to all ADK members for being so open and welcoming to me and other non-ADK members who constantly hangout with you guys. Maybe one day I'll join you guys but for now I like just hopping in Teamspeak and playing some Battlefield 4 with you guys. Granted, ADK is a large community and I don't know the half of you but you Battlefield players are the ones I know. I love you guys as a community. Don't stop being so awesome.         Love, VinnieIlDuce a.k.a. Megabros72
  24. Below is the now Official Recruitment video.  So please spread the word, share the video, post it on other websites that you might post on for games that =ADK= participates in.   Whatever it is, let's see how many views we can get!    http://youtu.be/SNKi2N2tPVI
  25. My name is Xavier , and i am a 16 year old high school student who games in my free time and weekends.   I like Video Games obviously, and when i found ADK i was pretty excited to join a large community with people who play a lot of similar games as me. I Stream many games on Twitch.tv (Xgamingproduction) and record video for my youtube channel. (Xgamingpro)   I am also into game development. I program, design, and test my own created games. none have been released to the public, but i am working on some medium sized game hoping to release to the PC platform for little to no cost at all. I like technology, my entire setup was designed by myself, and i am constantly looking at better parts for future reference.   In school i take AP history and AP math and have a standard GPA of 3.8 I take programming, design, and computer science classes in my school which help me get further into my game design interest. I am planning to Major in Game design, programming, or computer engineering, whichever way i choose to go at the end of high school.   I Play some sports for school including football, hockey, and baseball, but i like to nerd around with technology to get the upper edge on the future, because technology cant do anything but get better.   While other can stress over video games or even rage, i tend to find video games a stress reliever, a hobby to pass time and have fun with friends. And joining this community will open new opportunities to meet new people and have fun.   Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and have a great gaming xp.

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