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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

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  1. Get Your Article Featured On The =ADK= Homepage! We've made some changes to the homepage if you haven't seen them and with that, it also makes it a little easier for all of you to write articles that will be featured on our home page! Below will be some information about the best method of laying out the article and some things that are needed. First Things First: 1. Visit the =ADK= Homepage and scroll down towards the bottom of the articles and you'll see 'Add New Article' - Click on it 2. You'll then have an option to select a category, so please select the most appropriate category for your article 3. You'll then see something similar to this screen which is where you'll create the title and then start writing the article for the home page. Article Creation Below will be a basic layout of what you should try to recreate. Now obviously it won't be the same depending on the reason for the article, but trying to keep articles towards this layout will be best for those reading your articles. As you can see, the text is just filler text but it would be seen as a decent sized article plus multiple images (or it could be videos as well). Article Image Previously with all of our articles, you needed to have Photoshop (and know how to use it) to create an article image. We've removed that so you no longer need to go through any crazy steps to get an article on the front page or you don't have to wait until there's someone who can create the article image for you. Much easier right?! So the only requirement is that you upload an image for the article, and there's a place for you to upload it at the bottom of the Add New Article page. Once you have your article created and image uploaded, you'll just click 'save' and then the article will be approved for posting which shouldn't take long at all. You can always reach out to one of the higher leadership to let them know that it's been posted as well in case they missed the notification and they will look to approve it. If you do have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, and if you'd like to see more categories for the articles please just respond to this topic. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT WHEN POSTING THE ARTICLE IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY POST TO THE FORUM SECTION THAT IT CORRELATES WITH, SO YOU WON'T NEED TO CREATE A SEPARATE POST FOR THAT.
  2. EA also provided a spot of insight into post-beta changes coming to the game. The Battlefield 1 system requirements are out, and you probably won't be shocked to learn that they're a little on the steep side. BF1 may be using “the most optimized” version of the Frostbite engine yet, as DICE director of technology Per-Olof Romell said, but this is still an intensive game we're talking about if a Core i5 6600K is in its minimum specs. EA also talked a bit about some of the changes coming to BF1 as a result of the lessons learned in the open beta. First up, the hardware. Hold on to your helmets. The minimum spec: OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350 Processor (Intel): Core i5 6600K Memory: 8GB RAM Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB Graphics card (Nvidia): Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection Hard-drive space: 50GB The recommended spec: OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or later Processor (AMD): AMD FX 8350 Wraith Processor (Intel): Intel Core i7 4790 or equivalent Memory: 16GB RAM Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB Graphics card (Nvidia): Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB DirectX: 11.1 Compatible video card or equivalent Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection Available Disk Space: 50GB In a separate blog post, EA said that as a result of feedback from the open beta, the Conquest mode is being changed so that capturing objectives and scoring kills will both contribute to the final score of a match, and the Rush game mode is being added. “We're also looking into balancing other elements, including the weapons and vehicles. The Light Tank, which is a bit too effective in the Open Beta, will definitely receive some work, and we agree that Horses can take a few too many rounds at the moment,” lead world designer Daniel Berlin explained. “We've also learned through the Beta that you guys need more tools to deal with vehicles earlier, which we'll definitely look into (including a Gadget for the Support class which should help neutralize powerful vehicles)." Source : http://www.pcgamer.com/battlefield-1-system-requirements/
  3. Hello guys , Great news , All the BF4 DLC's are now for free for limited time , Go and get your Free DLC's and join us in the game . Get the Free DLC's from here : https://www.origin.com/irl/en-us/store/free-games/on-the-house
  4. Hey ADK! Im Setting up a Hearts of Iron 4 Mega match. Since you guys are my friends i want to give you all the chance at playing in this match with everyone! If you are willing Please respond to this Steam froum post to "register". http://steamcommunity.com/app/394360/discussions/0/359547436755704052/ and this link to buy the game! http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/ Hope to see you all there!
  5. Hello Friends!

    Hello everybody, my name is Nicholas, Nick DOOMSDAY, play many different games, and KOTK and Just Survive, I hope to pass the ADK and have a good game: D
  6. Hello friends

    my name and jose luiz I'm from Brazil much like the game and I'm used to playing alone has space for me to play on the server ADK I'll be very grateful.
  7. Hi People!!!!!

    Hi,I'm Felipe Rainer from brazil and I'm 20 years old, I play H1Z1 Just Survival. And I want to do this part ADK Community!!!!!!!!!
  8. These are some of the OLD videos that we did in the past while were were playing BF4 . In some videos there is people that they are not here but we are still remember them . Enjoy and please leave a comment on which one you liked and i hope that we can all do like these videos cause they are fun . 1 - Flying in #1 with @Sikosis999 and @Crash and @Darknae 2 - Here we did fly with Amtrack . @Darknae and @Crash and me 3 - This one is one of my favorite , here me and @Darknae had a duel , who won ? watch and congrats the winner hehehehehehheheh 4 - This is a video i made long time ago contains some videos from the above and others , Some people as i said no longer here but we still love them 5 - Here @Darknae Trolling me lol 6 - @Darknae Trolling me again -_- hehehehhe 7 - He wont leave me alone , he just road killed me damn hehehhehe 8 - Here see Darknae super amazing shot and the laugh of @Sikosis999 and the sadness of @CAPS_Gaming which i don't think he is here anymore . 9 - Darkane and another funny video lol 10 - My favorite one , the karma it self came to me hehehehhe 11 - @b0nza1 No way out from @Darknae 12 - Darknae and @Zaizz hehehehhehe , darknae leave us alone damn ehehehehehehhehe 13 - Here no comment hehehhe This is all what i have , hope you guys liked them .
  9. Battlefield 4 ADK Event

    We were talking in the last meeting about doing an event for ONLY ADK member , like a match between us , but before we do that we need to know how many people are interest in this event or in this match . So please Tell us if you are interest in being there . Its important for us to know if we should go for it or not .
  10. Quick Intro ViRuSMoFo

    Hey All, ViRuSMoFo here the newest member of the CSGO competitive team A Different Kind Red. I'm currently the IGL for our CSGO team, but enjoy playing other games. If anyone is interested in playing Path of Exile shoot me a message. Kind Regards, ViRuSMoFo
  11. Boomzerker

    im new to this clan
  12. ADK Atlanta LAN - Summer 2016

    The first ever LAN party hosted by the A Different Kind of Gaming Community (ADK) will be located near the Atlanta Metropolitan Area in the state of Georgia. The ADK community is looking to start hosting LAN parties across the United States and hopefully eventually worldwide. The Atlanta chapter has the honor of starting this journey. While we won't limit people from showing up we expect to only support approximately 20 attendees and their systems. So if you intend to attend please be on the lookout for more info on how to reserve a spot just in case we exceed our expected number. This is a Bring Your Own Computer/Console event and has a cost of $10 $5 per ticket (All proceeds will go to the venue as a thank you gift to help cover the costs of power use during our event). You can visit the FAQ page regarding specific information about this event -HERE-. If you live in or near the Atlanta Metro Area we invite you to join us as we work to bring fellow gamers together to have a great time doing what we like to do. LAN Parties!
  13. Up Coming Event - Laith

      Event Rounds :   First Round : All Weapons  Second Round : knifes and Repair ,defibs ,Pistols Only . Third Round : RPG Only  Snipers Only  shotguns Only Awards : 2 Teamspeak Channels for 1 year  5 Vip Slots for all ADK servers ( BF4 ) , We can add more .   Event Date and Time :  3/19/2016  Saturday night 8 PM EST   Notes :    There will be two Teamspeak channels for the event ( TDM Mayhem 1 , TDM Mayhem 2 ) , we are going to be in the first one, the second channel will be locked.   We know that more than 35 people in a channel will be making a lot of noises, and some people don't love to play with a lot of noises around, so in case some people want to play in quiet they can ask me or any bf admin about the second channel password, we will provide them the password.   We want them to be in these channels for the event awards, and please, while we are all in the channel, lets not be too disruptive or intolerable, we want to have everyone having a good time. I hope we do not need to use the password event channel but we will if needed.   You must be in the game and in the teamspeak event channel to win .   We need someone to stream the event , not necessary that we have one , but if someone wants to stream , please contact me .    Lets all have fun and please invite your friends =)    @ColColonCleaner I will send you a message with these settings .
  14. Hi one and all!  Thanks for the warm welcome, I did do a previous post as I am running a 24-hour game stream for Macmillan Cancer Support but I thought I'd give you a proper introduction and reach out to the community. I've been gaming since 4 years old with the first games being Warcraft 2, Lemmings and Worms! I'm now 26 and haven't ever stopped so thought there were probably similar people out there who are similar. I found ADK through 'the google' and thought "Hey great, a chance to meet like-minded people" :) My gamertag on Xbox one and Steam is SpaceJunkFunk I'm regularly on many of the following games if anyone wants to play : Destiny (Xbox One) GTA V (Xbox One) Fable Legend Beta (Xbox One) Dying Light (Xbox One) Battlefield 4 (Xbox One) Minecraft (Xbox One) Diablo 3 (Xbox One) LOL (PC) WOW (PC) SimCity (PC) Planetary Annihilation (PC) Total War's (PC) Civilization 5 (PC) Warhammar 40k Dawn of War + 2 (PC)     There are many more too so if you want to connect just let me know :) Cheers, Felix
  15. ADK Scrim

    Hello my battlefield 4 friends .    2 days ago someone from a Clan called United Brother Hood came to our Teamspeak asking us if we are interesting to do a Scrim with them , i could not say yea sure and in the end i cant find any players to play , so im putting it here so i can see how many player will be there or how many player wants to be in the Scrim .    He told me that they will be free only on Friday's not important which one but it should be at 8.30 EST a Friday day , he wants to do 16 Vs 16 , now im asking you guys please who wants to be in that Scrim make a comment with your name and your battalog profile , again , nothing official yet cuz this should be approved by the leaderships in Battlefield , but im asking to see if i will have numbers for it  or if there is going to be enough people for it .   again they are good with any Friday , but it should be @ 8.30 EST .     Waiting your opinions and replies .   Thank you all  
  16. With one of our biggest giveaways yet, you don't want to miss out! We've got all of our giveaways linked in the article. Check them out and don't miss out. =ADK= December Giveaways!      We know how much everyone loves getting free stuff, so what better month to give away free stuff than the month of December? We've started posting a few of our giveaways, and there will be even more posted in the coming days. All giveaways will END on December 24th and that's when the winners will be chosen. These giveaways will be taking place on all of our Social Media Accounts as well as here on the website.    Listed below is what we are giving away. Please be aware that this list will probably grow, so keep checking back for even more things being added. There will be a link next to the giveaway if it is already underway.      -  $70 worth of Riot Points - Link to Giveaway - $50 worth of Riot Points - Link to Giveaway #2 - $120 worth of Steam Cash - Link to Giveaway #1 -  Two $15 Taco Bell Gift Card -  - Assassin's Creed Syndicate Game - Elite Dangerous Game - Storm United Game - Counter Strike Game - Two Storm United Mouse Pads - ADK Mouse Pad + Lanyard + Stickers + Dog Tags - Three ADK T-Shirts + Lanyards + Dog tags - Three ADK Stickers + Lanyards + Dog Tags - Five Locked Team Speak Channels for 1 Year - One Star Citizen Starter Package (Includes Star Citizen, Squadron 42 w/Aurora MR Starer Ship) Link to Giveaway - Two Copies of ARK: Survival Evolved - One $20 Visa Gift Card (US Only)       Stay Tuned for More Information on the Giveaways and REMEMBER you can't win if you don't participate!      **Added Friday 12/11 at 2PM Pacific: One $15 Taco Bell Gift Card, $50 worth of Riot Points, $40 worth of Steam Cash** **Added Tuesday 12/15 at 10AM Pacific: One Star Citizen Starter Package, Two Copies of ARK: Survival Evolved, One $20 Visa Gift Card** [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/_/adknews/communityupdates/adk-december-giveaway-riot-points-steam-r675]Click here to view the article[/url]
  17. @[member='Darknae'] thank you for the video buddy , i loved when everyone said " what " :D :P    basically i killed my self with my own claymore lol , i still have no idea how lol       https://youtu.be/TqyKj18yHt8     Draknea : What...??? Mose : What ...??? Me : What the hell happened ??? lol 
  18. any members play bf3 still? like ANY?

    seriously? do anyone here still play it? itd be nice if people still play bf3
  19. Hello ADK

    Hi guys, I'm gonna post all the little things about myself here, so.... Name: Jacob "Jaybay" Bayley Age: 17 Most freq. game: BF4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I'm pretty new to gaming, only just being able to upgrade my PC to be able to support such games as BF, and PS2. A few things about myself, the M60 is my favorite gun, I like to be in the back a little more and support my team with suppresive fire, I've been gaming for about 8 yrs. now and my all time favorite game is Halo 3. I also play a variety of other games, so we might have more in common than BF and PS2.   Some of my personal reporiatore is, I play plenty of instruments, huge music lover/nerd, and my favorite band is Greenday and no I don't just listen to Holiday and 21 Guns. I'm a little shy and awkward to communicate with at first, but I love teamwork and having a bit of a laugh, so that's why I want to be apart of this community.    I plan to put more time into PS2, and be able to afford Minecraft, so I can put more variety in my PC. I hope to get more online friends and team play out of this clan.    
  20.   The ADK Media Department Invites You to Participate in the 2015 ADK Pumpkin Carving Contest   All you need to do is submit an unaltered picture of your pumpkin by October 30, 2015 and you could win one of the below prizes!   ·         1st Prize – 1 Steam Game, ADK T-Shirt, ADK Lanyard, & Trick or Treat Bag ·         2nd Prize - ADK T-Shirt, ADK Lanyard, & Trick or Treat Bag ·         3rd Prize - ADK Lanyard & Trick or Treat Bag   Rules are simple: 1.     Pumpkins can be carved or painted. 2.    Pumpkins must have ADK on them. 3.    Pumpkins entered need to your artwork (help from family/friends is always accepted) 4.    Must have your IGN & Date Represented in submitted unaltered Photo           (PHOTSHOPPED PICTURES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AS VALID ENTRIES)   On October 31st, 2015 the polls will open and the  Community will start voting. On November 6th, 2015 the polls will close and  the top three entries will win the listed prizes.     Please see the Media Team if you have any questions. [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/_/adknews/2015-adk-pumpkin-carving-contest-r671]This post has been promoted to an article[/url]
  21. Hello Everybody !  My name is George and this is my introduction thread . I am a 18 y/o guy who lives in Bucharest , Romania and likes to play computer games like most of teenagers in here do .  I am 1,83 cm (=6.04 feet ) tall and got 65 kg (143.3 pounds ) ,black hair ,athletic , brown eyes , white skins , orthodox religion etc. My favourite hobbies are mountain climbing ,cycling ,video editing , football and more :) . I love playing CSGO and i got tired of playing solo queue , so i thought i should join ADK . ( Wish me luck on that :D ) I hope i did not get you bored with my introduction .
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkXOGdn5dLY
  23. I'm very active and interested in becoming H1z1 recruting rank. I'm always on the game talking with everyone helping new comers join ADK So far I recruited about 5 players to ADK! I really think I can help adk grown and help this community! Helping newcomers to adk is my passion seeing new players join our teamspeak and the forums applying themselves. I'm always on teamspeak a good 4-5 hours a day! I'm on H1z1 a lot too! Looking for new people to join ADK!
  24. So, I still frequently visit this page, whether I comment on threads or not. I see a lot of threads created talking about either, A) Let's revive BF3, or B) Who still plays on our servers? The last time I personally was involved in BF3 in ADK was when I was an admin, which has been awhile.  However, for those of you who really feel like you would like to continue to see the BF3 community in particular continue to grow and our servers continue to populate,  #1: Apply to become a member of ADK. (APPLY HERE) I see a lot of registered users posting in this section. Which is fine, but if you already come on the website, the APPLY button is just one click away. And why not join this awesome community? #2: Recruit!  I see a little of this being done in this section already, but look for like-minded people who love to play this game and squad up with them on our servers and hop on teamspeak. #3: Apply to become an admin! (APPLY HERE) Just like the fact that servers do not stay populated without dedicated members, servers do not stay player friendly without admins who are there to not only enforce the rules, but to more importantly make people feel welcome and want to stay loyal to the server because of the awesome job you do as an admin.    I look forward to seeing some new applications soon. Whether they be member or admin applications. 
  25. Hello ADK

    Hello ADK my name is zeeshan khan.i am 23 years old and i am a student.I play battlefield 4 and medal of honor.I joined Team speak and i saw a guys,his name was laith.He told me to join ADK community and thats it i have created account on ADK community.i am very tankfull to him  

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