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=ADK= Member Ranks and Requirements

This page shows the ranks and roles for specific roles within the =ADK= Gaming Community

=ADK= Community Member

Community members make up the majority of this community and are the reason why we have this great gaming community. As a member of ADK, the following is expected from community members.

Elite Member

Elite members are Community Members who stick out for a few reasons. First and foremost, they support the community financially every month with at least $25 donations. On top of that they are also active members within the community who are often found always posting on the forums and helping other members out.

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designers are responsible creating graphics for the =ADK= Community. This includes but isn't limited to website graphics, flyers, banners, signatures, social media graphics. This section is very important as everyone always has an impression of the website and community based on what they see. As a graphic designer you must meet the requirements that are set before you become a graphic designer.

Being a Graphic Designer entitles you to any product that is created with your design on it.

Web Designer/Developer

Web Designers and Developers are very similar to the Graphic Designers in terms of requiments and what is expected of them. They also have an important role of not only the look of the website but the feel of the website. Designers and Developers must understand coding for IP.Board as well as other coding languages that might be needed on the =ADK= Site. They will also work with the the admins of each game within =ADK= to help determine the best possible integration they can make with the =ADK= Website.

Being a Web Designer/Developer also entitles you to free merchandise.


Recruiters are the life line of the community, without recruiters we would just be another group that just attracts one or two people here or there. As a recruiter it is your job to not only post on the application for the applicant but to also talk with them and communicate as they move through the application process. If there's any questions that might need to be answered Recruiters are there to answer them.

Being a recruiter is not an easy job and requires extreme patience and great communication skills to be able to put in the time and effort needed in this position.

Activity Requirements

All membership from applicants to community leadership must be active within the community. The requirements that are listed below are to make sure that the goal of the =ADK= Gaming Community constantly moving forward, and that we create a positive game enviroment for everyone within the community.

=ADK= Member Activity

  • Active participation on the Forums and Discord
  • Active participation in one or more games within ADK
Any member found inactive for a period of 3 months will be moved to an inactive membership status. After 1 month of inactive membership status, said member will have their membership status removed and can reapply at a future time.

Admin/Adviser Activity

All Admins/Advisers must meet all individual section requirements as well as the requirements below.
  • Daily participation on the Forums and Discord
  • Daily participation for the game in which you hold a leadership position
  • Attendance at community events
Any admin/adviser found inactive for a period of 10 days without prior notice to higher leadership will be removed from staff position. If a staff member is removed they may come back as staff for that same game but the inactivity period will be decreased from 10 days without notification to 3 days without notification. If a second removal from the staff position occurs, said member will not be able to apply for a staff position for 3 months.


Important Information

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