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  1. Hi Im Plowboy

    @[member='Plowboy74']   Welcome to ADK! :D it's good to meet you! My name is Bryan! :) 
  2. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    @[member='Marcinkoman'] There's a lot more maps shotguns are good at. Shotguns shouldn't be that good. The one shot one kill mechanic is fuckig God awful to fight against. Regardless of map. You can admit that it's not fun to fight against. Honestly it's incredibly dumb as fuck that there's such a mechanic. Back then, when shotguns were at their prime, there was no reason to use anything else other than shotguns, thankfully they're a bit less overpowered but shotguns have more range than CQC.
  3. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    @[member='FoxyMamaFTW'] And that's what everyone says but we both know battlefield 4's hit registration is fucking garbage But I know how to aim. I agree that the one shot is bullshit but shotguns are extremely overpowered compared to the bow. The bow isn't that much of an issue
  4. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    @[member='FoxyMamaFTW'] And when do people usually not run the defensive perk? Taking one more bullet can mean the different between winning a fire fight and not. And it's the first thing you get for perks. And the bow doesn't always do one hundred percentage of damage. I've hit people in the upmost part of the chest and didn't get a kill. This was fairly close to...maybe a good 5-10 meters
  5. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    @[member='FoxyMamaFTW'] You see the bow isn't that overpowered due to a few things. First the arrow velocity isn't that high, it's reload speed is quite high, it requires a pullback mechanic and the arrows don't do an exact 100 percent of damage. And on top of that there's the defensive perk. Shotguns aren't effected by any sort of perk defensively. Shotguns fire twice or even three times faster. The have incredible range, and one shot.
  6. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    I actually agree with this person.    Shotguns are fucking crazy as hell. They one shot from 20-30 meters. That's insane brah. They have incredible high fire rate for their damage output.  Tell me dog, is it fun to fight against something that one shots you? I wouldn't really think it would be very fun. It isn't. Especially since you have to stare at your killer for around 30 to 60 seconds.    It's fucking retarded how people just think about themselves and not the person that's receiving.     lets say i'm a highly skilled player that's played for over 2,000 hours and i'm a headshotting master. A person that's played for less than 10 hours could come over to me and moop the floor with me by using a shotgun. It's a skilless gun and it's unfair that the person that's getting killed has to suffer for such a shitty game mechanic. Might as well make headshots a one shot kill with any gun. Just like in Rainbow Six Siege.   "oh but cake war isn't fair"  Well, you see this is a video game...it's been a video game for years now. This isn't real life, and it's no where close to real life. It's arcadey as hell and no one in today's world can deny that Betafield 4 is not arcadey.  Everything should be balanced. And nothing should be able to one shot. Like i've been preaching for a year now, guns that can one shot is just poor game design. And betafield 4 just seems to lack gun balance. 
  7. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    @[member='mikex2112']   Shotguns one shot. They're extremely overpowered in close quarters. Change your strategy on a very tight...inclosed map. Damn you're fucking retarded. You can't fight shotguns. Unless you're actually in the subway nearest to the trains.
  8. Banning bipods!

    @[member='Warlocc']   I don't know how you somehow can't suddenly trust our feedback on this. Then again, you guys didn't listen to those who knew Operation Lockers was a loss cause. So why does it even matter if I post in this.   So quite honestly, do whatever you want to the server, I really don't care, but we're telling you we would love it if bipods could be ban. It's been exploited so many times, and out of everyone that's posted in this topic, I've seen a huge majority of bipod glitches.  Bipods shouldn't be as broken as they are, and even still there's being abused, even after that one patch. You said it yourself.    Yes, bipods are skillless attachments but that doesn't hide the fact that bipods are exploits. 
  9. Heyo! Cozzi here!

    @[member='Cozzi']   My homie! Welcome to the forums! :D I'm glad to of made a new friend yesterday night! I'm also happy to see that you're on your way to joining the ADK family. Thanks for submitting a introduction post! I'm hoping we can game some more!     
  10. Hey whats up!

    @[member='Racer123'] Welcome to the ADK forums!! What part of Texas are you from? I live just shy of 45 minutes from Dallas.
  11. Hey guys, I am Valcire

    @[member='Valcire']   It's good to meet you! My name is Bryan! :D And welcome to the ADK forums!    If you didn't know already our TeamSpeak IP is:    ts.adkgamers.com     :D It would be awesome if you could come and join us!   
  12. bf4....

    @[member='Pete300']   there's not much reason to keep on to it. I mean it's a very old game now, despite it's pretty good graphics but still....it's old and the game seems to be dying a bit. 
  13. Banning bipods!

    someone really doesn't need a support person on Metro...you die so fucking fast that it's even pointless to have ammo bags. We should ban bipods. They're a huge annoyance and people have abused them from the start.
  14. Name is Chacko aka Angel

    Welcome to the ADK Forums!
  15. NatetheMighty has connected.

    @[member='Nate_'] *user was permanently ban from the server* Nah, just playing of course. Just a good running inside joke. Welcome to ADK! What's your CSGO rank?

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