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  1. RE: The rush server

    The new balancer is good, the ticket count is still too high IMO though. Multiple people were complaing about it on Metro earlier, and then the following Seine round the other team stole our LAV and we had to grind through 300 tickets while getting slaughtered, which emptied the server. 200-250 would be better than 300.  
  2. Battlefield 4 - 17 Minute Trailer

    I can't be the only one thats concerned with how much stuff they just copied over straight from BF3 am I? All of the character models looked like they were MP models from BF3. If they're not even bothering to change those, what's to stop them from straight ctrl-c ctrl-v ing all the vehicles and weapons?
  3. Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

    Such is life in Canada :p   You can usually get it at a discount before it even launches IME. I preorded BF3 for $35 a week before it launched.
  4. Anyone use IE10?

    Chrome straight up refuses to work with the Battlelog plug in on my computer for some reason. I download and install it but it just says I need to install it when I refresh Battlelog :S
  5. Restrict Macros?

    How is this caused by macros? The only way to run faster than sprint pace is with the squad sprint perk.
  6. RE: The rush server

    Yeah, I didn't intend to single you out, you're just the only THE player who's name I could remember :P And I agree about your other point, unbalanced teams kill the server population. I've seen matches on Seine where the attackers get pushed back to spawn and by the time the round ends the server has gone from 64 players to low 40s.   Yep, it's 225 now though which is a lot more reasonable.
  7. Restrict Macros?

    There's a pretty obvious difference between hacking and just using macros to automate some tedious tasks. Throwing a medpack half a second faster isn't the same as head shotting someone in a tank from across the map with a pistol. Setting ammo/health and quick knife to my mouse is just for convenince so I don't have to take my left hand off WASD. Likewise with sprint, I can toggle that on/off on maps like Bazaar so I can get to the MCOMs while focusing on Teamspeak or whatever. Rapid fire is more borderline, but BF3 has a fire rate limit on all of the guns and you still have to deal with the recoil from each shot, so personally I wouldn't consider that cheating either (like I said though, I don't do it anyways). If the macro compensates for recoil then I would call that unfair. That's where I would draw the line between cheating and not cheating.    I thought they added they added a delay on the AWP even if you quick switch with it in one of the CSGO patches late last year?
  8. RE: The rush server

    Great to hear, thanks :)   I'll check it out tomorrow to see how it goes.
  9. Restrict Macros?

    Did they update the firmware or something?   edit: texted friend that owns it, he said they did change it to comply with MLG a few months ago
  10. Restrict Macros?

    I agree the semi-auto thing is pretty lame and I don't do it myself but I don't really care if other people do it. You still have to deal with the recoil and its no different than binding the fire key to the mouse wheel which a lot of people do, including CS pros. And if modded controllers were banned, no one told Razer, they still sell them, and I know people still use those. http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-controllers/console-controller-range
  11. Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

    Suppression the way it was at launch is fine IMO. Adding the random bullet deviation is just stupid though. If they keep it that way then yeah I'd also reconsider it.
  12. Restrict Macros?

    @[member='Hoole'] The software I'm using (Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center) can do complex binds too. I use one to sprint (shift+W simeltaniously) so I don't have to hold the keys down for ages. I could also add a macro if I wanted that would shoot a semi auto rifle faster than I could click. I have to use MS M&K to do the simple binds too though since BF3 won't recognize my side keys for some reason. So either way if that software gets added to the ban list it will render my mouse and keyboard keys useless.   And again, it just leads to people with better hardware getting punished. It's like those people that use modified 360 controllers in COD. I wouldn't call that cheating.
  13. RE: The rush server

    @[member='Dynasty']  I should probably emphasize that I have no problem with them playing on the server, I just don't like it when they're stacked on one team together. If they were split 3 and 3 or whatever it would fix the problem. And it's not just the THE guys, I don't know if it's a problem with the autobalancer or what but everytime I've joined recently all of the low level guys are on one team and cololnels are stacked on the other. The other night I joined during a Seine round for example and the highest level on the attackers was 44 and there were about a dozen colonels on the defenders. You can probably imagine how that turned out. @[member='Hoole'] They're not unstoppable but they are way better than the average player from what I've seen, since they're almost always the match MVPs. They also have an advantage if they're using TeamSpeak (which wouldnt suprise me).
  14. Restrict Macros?

    @[member='Hoole'] f you mean macros that auto adjust for recoil or whatever, then yeah that's border line hacking. Most macros just do stuff that make playing more convenient for the player. My 2 side buttons for example are bound to 3 and F so I can toss ammo/health without switching, or quick knife. I would hardly call either of those cheating. Banning macros really just leads to people being banned for having better hardware. If we do that are we going to start banning people for having FIOS instead of normal cable? That gives me an advantage as well.   IDK what happened to the post formatting on this website but I just accidently left a quote somewhere.
  15. RE: The rush server

    I've been away from BF3 for a few months and came back to playing it recently. Before I left I played probably 50% of the time on the ADK Metro/Seine/Damavand rush server.  I don't know what happened in the months that I was gone but the server's tickets have been increased to a crazy amount and the team stacking is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know what the default count for rush is but I think it's around 150 which is too low. 200 is the sweet spot imo. 400 is absolutely bonkers though. Even the worst attacking team can usually advance since they win just by simple attrition. On the rare occasion that they're so bad that they can't advance it just turns into a recon/spawn camp fest for 400 tickets which gets extremely boring extremely fast. The other issue is the team stacking. Before I took a break the server seemed to be pretty fairly balanced most of the time. Now that I'm back, on the 4-5 occassions that I've joined the server one team is almost exclusively all of the [THE] clan like WormholeWizard, and a ton of colonels, and the opposing team is mostly enlisted ranks. Playing on teams that are stacked like that is boring since it just leads to spawn camping. Playing against them is frustrating and leads to a bunch of people rage quitting which just exacerbates the situation.   Hopefully both of these issues can be fixed.

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