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  1. Hoola!

    Thanks for the welcome @[member='Joey']! :)  I do not play CSGO much, simply because I'm not very good at it. :P But sometimes I'll stop by and play a little. :)   Mr-Mo0le
  2. Hoola!

    Thanks for the welcome! See you In-Game! :)
  3. Maybe a good idea

    Haha! x) Nice one! +1
  4. So many XP Boosts...

    Lucky! Me want! :3 
  5. YouTube Videos

    Nice to know! :) Thanks!
  6. What are you listening to right now?

  7. True or not?

    I recently received an update on my iphone from Spotify Music. And after Facebook announced that they wanted to have access to sms, mms and calls etc you had on the phone, I started to read what the update is and what it does or will have access to. Then I noticed this; "Fictitious: This app is obsessed with penguins." Is it true that the app is obsessed with penguins, or is it just a lie? What is your opinion? If you disregard the word "Fictitious" of course. : P  
  8. Sir.calle

    Fun to see people from Scandinavia! :3  Welcome! :)
  9. PC -vs- PS3

  10. Haha! x) Nice one Geeza! :P
  11. Member Picture Thread

      I'm to the right. :)  - TV Production at The Gathering 2013, Norway. 
  12. What's your favorite map?

    Operation Metro and Operation Locker.
  13. PayPal Donations For Battlefield - INFORMATION

    Then I found the answer I was looking for! Thanks! 
  14. Outdoor Sound System

    You also have these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Music-Angel-Friendz-Universal-Rechargeable/dp/B009NB5RSM Excellent sound. In addition, and if you have several of them, you can daisy chain them, so you get better sound. Can be used for mobiles and computers. :) 
  15. Age and temperature are just numbers. But if either gets too low, you should probably put your clothes back on.


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