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  1. Battlefield 3 Rush Error + Why Metro?

    Ok, I´ll try something if I see people really want it back :D
  2. Battlefield 3 Rush Error + Why Metro?

    I dont "want". I´ve never played Operation Métro server of ADK before. But as I know everybody left BF3 when that server went down. I just think that ADK is about friendly nice gaming, so which server is the best for it? I´m guessing it´s Métro cause of my friends that told me that :D
  3. Battlefield 3 Rush Error + Why Metro?

    No problems dude :D
  4. Hey buddies, i´m trying to open  the BF3 24/7 Rush ADK server the whole morning, and it´s not working. It says: Error 404. http://battlelog.battlefield.com:80/bf3/servers/show/pc/67328ffe-f3fd-49ad-89cf-16674a1fbab4/ADK-24-7-Rush-Metro-Seine-Damavand-Bazaar/   As Im talking about BF3 servers, I also have a doubt. If everybody loved and played Operation Métro sever, so why dont you guys just change the maps of one of the 2 servers remaining for Métro? I mean, isn´t Métro better than Noshar Cannals TDM or the Rush server?   Anyways, thanks   XoXo   M3TRO  
  5. [Video] "The power of stones"

    Ah igualzinho o meu então, não tem jeito, mas da pra jogar de boa aqui tbm (Mine is just like yours, there is no way to get a low ping from Brazil, but its okay to play)   Abç
  6. [Video] "The power of stones"

    Nice video man! Curti pra caramba! Tu fica com quanto de ping nos servers em geral?
  7. Hi, I´m M3TRO, and I hate operation Métro.

    Look the minimap! Thanks!
  8. For F****'s Sake!

    If you play BF3, it will be a pleasure to play with ya!
  9. I am a Robot and I like to fight.

    Welcome Dude! I´m also an Eletronic Music Producer!   XoXo
  10. KPM too high :|

    Record a video of you playing and humilianting those bit... (I mean, players). I had one of a old game I used to play, very handy.   XoXo
  11. Just don´t use the sorcery to cheat on BF4, lol Welcome Buddy!
  12. For F****'s Sake!

    If I were an Admin, you would def. join ADK. Welcome!
  13. Hi Guys!   I´ve got the Orange Triangle of Death for 2 days, plus a ping of 1000+. (If you dont know what I´m talking about, theres a pic:   I saw thousands of people trying to solve it, and trying to find out why it exists. I do not know if I´m right, but for me it was a simple thing:   My internet connection was very, very unstable, cause the company that provides it was making some changes that was causing problems to everyone. As I see, BF3 Network thing cant hold this kind of connections, so it just refuses itself to connect.   After waiting, searching, and waiting, I just removed the Internet Modem of the power for kind half hour, then reset everything, and booom, the ping was back to normal and the triangle was gone.   Hope this works for you, cause this triangle was really pissing me off.   XoXo   M3TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW  
  14. Hi, I´m M3TRO, and I hate operation Métro.

    Thanks a lot guys, you are awesome! :D

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