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  1. AFK for a while

    Gotta get myself and my gf in shape. Can't do the PC thing for a while. ADK for life but getting in shape and getting laid is more of a priority at the moment. 
  2. VPN users Allowed?

    I second that
  3. Shield changing the way Metro is being played??

    It's the best thing for pushing up in metro if you are on the team that spawns in the subway. I used it in the lockers crouched and had my whole team push up behind me
  4. Thanks everyone!

    Sorry I wasn't there to help today but it's always great to see all the rooms active.
  5. So... i changed my BL IGN

    @[member='Jun'] what time and servers do u play on. I need someone to back me up with those defibs
  6. Best SRAW and BF4 Montage I've Seen So Far

    Bf4 makes explosions so pretty
  7. Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch #10

    I really like the idea of the new shield dorito. I can't wait to get on cte and try it out. Hope to see you guys in there
  8. Help Me Design a Emblem

    I'm going to see if I can add some adk bacon
  9. Dragons teeth server

    I am not a fan of naval strike and dragons teeth being together because I'm pretty sure dragons teeth is going to be mostly infantry warfare but naval strike is very vehicle centric. I think the infantry players don't want those maps in rotation unless the naval strike maps are going to be just domination and I am sure that is not what we want to do.
  10. Just got Battlefield 4 for the PC

    @[member='Fish09'] What times are you usually on. Also what class do you prefer to play as
  11. Dragons teeth server

    I hate to open a can of worms especially because I am not a bf4 advisor or admin but I thought we should start talking about it before the dlc comes out so that way we are all ready for the new maps the moment they drop. I want everyone to come play on our servers because we have the best community and I want to play against the best. There is also a new game mode and I was curious if we will be putting that chain conquest thing in the rotation too. Thanks for the prompt replies and the input. I am not in favor of merging metro and lockers. People count on those servers to rank up weapons and get consistent play. In my opinion there already are plenty of servers that are servicing the demand for non premium no dlc players and I think (am not sure) that the majority of adk bf4 players are premium members and would like to see more dlc maps on their loved adk servers.
  12. Help Me Design a Emblem

    That looks awesome thanks so much
  13. Seige/Zavod/Golmud US#3

    Do people like conquest small. Can that be an option for when we have less than 48 players in the server. Just a suggestion
  14. Dragons teeth server

    I haven't played much since the patch came out. Has it really gotten that bad. Also can you link me to the adk mobile app. I've been looking for it in the iOS store and can't find it anywhere.
  15. Dragons teeth server

    I'm new to adk and haven't been here for the launch of a new dlc. I was wondering if we do a server that runs the new maps and game modes or not? Maybe switch the siege/zavod/flood server to the new maps for a month or so

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