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  1. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    This is shitty.So they should go about banning each n every FPS game for encouraging violence.
  2. Operation Lockers Lonely Remix

    This one definitely deserves to be nominated for BF4 Top Plays
  3. Today,while I was playin in EU#5,i noticed that a couple of guys were kicked, stated reason in the chat box being for the use of explosives in a server which has no restrictions on weapons and throwables.I also saw a bunch of them being kicked out for high ping.But,as I know,there's no ping limit in EU #5.Can someone explain me about what went wrong?
  4. Need Friends

    feel free to add me if u desire,ready to squad up nytime when online :) username : Babans
  5. so gozzen what do u think?is it d same reason behind aek clan's success in eu#5?
  6. M249 or MG4?

    dat kill streak in metro was amazing
  7. Hello BF4 ADK community

    welcome,hoping to see u in game
  8. Battlefield Friends - M2 Slam

    noob killed himself while tryin to PLAY DIRTY at the end XD
  9. Hardline Open Beta - PLAY NOW!

    thnx for the information :)
  10. So is it REALLY fixed?

    And setting high frquency network update to high has done nothing great for me even though I have a good net connection
  11. ADK#3 Has Changed!!

    ADK already had a 24/7 china rising server.So maintaining another 24/7 china rising server would have been pointless.I reckon they've done a good job by changing it.Had my time playing in this server.
  12. What's your favorite map?

    Locker and Silk Road
  13. Godlike. Period.

    Insanity at its peak
  14. BF4 emblem problem need help

    clear the cache in your browser and try again
  15. So is it REALLY fixed?

    Same here.I am able to play 3 to 4 games in succession beyond which the game crashes

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