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    game development
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    2 24-inch asus LED monitors
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    Razer keyboard, logitech mouse and webcam, turtlebeach headset.
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  1. i got watch dogs plus all the bioshocks plus all the dead island games for 80$ STEAM SUMMER SALE

  2. Finals week This week then i am out of school for the summer. Feeling stressed but excited!

    1. Homeboy


      Hey man, good luck :) It's not the end of the world :D

    2. XGamingPro


      i got watch dogs plus all the bioshocks plus all the dead island games for 80$ STEAM SUMMER SALE, and i finished my finals with flying colors

  3. How to stop mass shootings

    I laugh when politicians blame violent video games for shootouts...
  4. Working on a new RPG, open world, adventure, and objective game. Estimated to be finished by the end of summer.

  5. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    Hey can someone invite me to the platoon? thanks IGN XgamingPro
  6. @[member='Nagotzu'] At the moment I develop my own games as a one man studio, but in the future i will most likley join with a popular developer. Thank you for reading and accepting me into your community. I look forward to participating in various gaming events with you guys.
  7. i would like people to know that over the past two months i have accept xgamingproductionas my new IGN. although my profiles on many of my games say towelieee8 it is because you cannot change your IGN in that game.

  8. My Creations

    Just a collection of pictures iv'e created over the years.
  9. My name is Xavier , and i am a 16 year old high school student who games in my free time and weekends.   I like Video Games obviously, and when i found ADK i was pretty excited to join a large community with people who play a lot of similar games as me. I Stream many games on Twitch.tv (Xgamingproduction) and record video for my youtube channel. (Xgamingpro)   I am also into game development. I program, design, and test my own created games. none have been released to the public, but i am working on some medium sized game hoping to release to the PC platform for little to no cost at all. I like technology, my entire setup was designed by myself, and i am constantly looking at better parts for future reference.   In school i take AP history and AP math and have a standard GPA of 3.8 I take programming, design, and computer science classes in my school which help me get further into my game design interest. I am planning to Major in Game design, programming, or computer engineering, whichever way i choose to go at the end of high school.   I Play some sports for school including football, hockey, and baseball, but i like to nerd around with technology to get the upper edge on the future, because technology cant do anything but get better.   While other can stress over video games or even rage, i tend to find video games a stress reliever, a hobby to pass time and have fun with friends. And joining this community will open new opportunities to meet new people and have fun.   Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and have a great gaming xp.
  10. Glad to be in the ADK community Game On!


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