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  1. I have a partnered Twitch stream. From my past gaming. I can help out. Not anyone can just stream takes a unique gamer to have a successful streamer.   All things I can help with, If you guys are interested I can help out.   Find me on teamspeak.
  2. Silencer, what's the point?

    depends on playing style, if you like to sneak up on people from the back, breaking through the enemy lines it becomes useful.   Gives you a big window for max kills before detection.
  3. Poor Pinkytube1 :(

  4. Poor Pinkytube1 :(

    @[member='FailApprentice'] AT the end of the video what song song is that? Love that beat.
  5. Poor Pinkytube1 :(

    extremely funny, you got good taste man, very creative haha
  6. Hello people!

    @[member='Hackemz'] Thanks for the Kind words brother. Im getting my jive back!! Just gotta work on some reflex issues that I've seemed to sort out, but my main problem know is learning maps, spawn points, and direction of choice.   I've been following around Virtue and Boogly, learning how they utilize the maps and which direction to go in different situations.   It's been fun!! If you play bf4 lets play some time.
  7. Hello people!

    @[member='No_Trouble_Needed'] @[member='Mannylex']  Thanks guys, see you on team speak!
  8. Your favorite Weapon in BF4: pick only one

    Aek 971 is pure beast, You win almost every fight up close, takes a bit of practice/skill to range it, but its not so bad when you get use to it.   Short / Mid range, its a monster.
  9. An Old ADk'er Returning.

    @M3NAC1NG   Welcome back, I find myself always coming back to games! Just love it way to much.
  10. Possible new server idea.

    WE need a pro mod!!
  11. Battlefield Friends - Recon C4

    ROFL. how the hell did you come across this?
  12. an old guy recently back into gaming.

     Sup local guy!!   Can't believe we live miles away from each other.. small world man
  13. So cal!

    I live in Westlake, we can all BBQ at my house!! got a guest house too for those who have to live far.. Pool/Jac .. the works.!   let me know guys
  14. hello im ZeDoctor!

    Sup Texas! lol   paintball > airsoft!!

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