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  1. 600.00 For Oculus Rift

    I think that it is actually packaged to make it more expensive in this situation. Totalbiscuit talked about it (video linked below) and said that "They bundled the pieces together to make it a bundle deal for people who want a complete set."   There are a few unnecessary items in the package that I think are making the cost $600 instead of the original $350-400 range. The Xbox controller retails for $60 and the two games are $30 and $60 so that puts the set with everything in it $450 which I see as very reasonable for a BRAND new technology that should change the way we game. With the set un-bundled in the future I believe we will see it drop back into the $400 range once it has been out.    Other than that I am not totally surprised. I want the HTC vive due to the specs and the look so I'll be waiting around for a bit :D     Totalbiscuit Video on Oculus Rift announcement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAwXhbYM-UE
  2. Georgia

    I'm in Peachtree City. I know a few of the people I am friends with are in Fayetville and Newnan. Let me know when we can do  this!
  3. $30.00 Game packages on Wed during Stream!!

    We need lots of people to know this. Pushing this package whenever I am in TS
  4. 2.0 IS LIVE

    HYPE   that is all
  5. Star Citizen Recruiters Wanted!

    Joooiiinn meeeee So that when I get over with finals I can enjoy your company ;_;   DOOOEEET!
  6. ADK Advocacy Meeting Minutes [04-20-2015]

    If I was able to put more time into gaming at the moment then I would be more than happy to be an advocate, but as my life is kinda a jackass I don't. I am starting college this next fall which will be an adventure to say the least, and this summer I will be working a full time job that has little to no internet access. I will become more involved as I have the time, but I have no idea when that will be.   Thanks for the kind words, I'm honestly surprised I was able to make the meeting haha.
  7. ADK Advocacy Meeting Minutes [04-20-2015]

    If i ever do this again I will be sure to do this. It was kinda a last minute decoy voluntell thing. Ill look into googledocs for sure. Just for you Kraven
  8. Attached are the notes for this meeting
  9. Be An Advocate

    Suprisingly, tonight is open. I will be there to hear about this.
  10. I Currently Own                         Origin 325a Fighter   I plan on protecting convoys from pirates and specializing on security. I hope to assist on diplomatic runs and assisting in any way possible within the Organization.
  11. Not hating, Keep posting.  I follow pretty well but its always good to have a text reading of this information for those not following everything CIG
  12. Laser BURNS

    When I saw that all I could think was: YES A GAME IS FINALLY THINKING ABOUT WHATS POSSIBLE. Just makes me happy to see games think and implement new ideas like this. Star Citizen especially.
  13. Gentlemen, I believe we have found "that group"

    Frankley I'm just plain scared of XPLOR. Over 10k members with a decent looking leadership structure. The only reason that I bring up TEST is because of a picture in my head where someone is trying to handle a situation and in comes TEST blaring Flight of the Valkyries. It just seems like a ticking time bomb of silliness and hilarity bound to happen.
  14. It's knida funny, ADK is referred to as "that" outfit in Planetside 2 due to our metric shit-tons of members. But the tables have turned!   https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TEST   I'm sure some of you have seen this group already but for those who do not know. This is TEST Squadron. The group is what I see as becoming the "Godammit its _____"   FUN STUFF GUYS. FUN STUFF
  15. Summary of Star Citizen panel at PAX South

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Alot of this was absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the info man!

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