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  1. Progress and release

    Hard to say for sure. I'm thinking beta around the end of 2017. 4.0 (or maybe it'll be beta 1.0) will probably be around then and I think that will include the first jump point to a new system. We'll also get several more professions throughout 2017, and their ship production will ramp up significantly, especially after SQ42 is released. At this point I think the limiting factor on release date is how fast they can pump out new star systems. Perhaps they'll release the game without the full compliment and add more progressively after release. In that case I think end of 2018 for release isn't unreasonable. But if they want to wait for release for all of the 107 star systems that were promised for launch in the stretch goals I think it may take longer.
  2. StarCitizen 3.0 Gameplay Preview - Gamescon 2016

    This is really really cool. Really exciting to see that we'll be getting so much more in 3.0. I wonder if this particular mission was very scripted for the demo, or if it is an example of a sort of procedural mission. Also the facial animation is top notch! Also also you have a typo in your title.
  3. PC Games Magazine teasers

    And the m
  4. PC Games Magazine teasers

    It's Gamescom, by the way Really cool stuff here though!
  5. joystick

    The Thrustmaster T16000M is a really great joystick and you can usually get it for $50. Sometime later this year I think they will be releasing a throttle to go along with the joystick so that should be a great and affordable option. You might also consider a dual joystick setup, which a lot of people say works better for 6DOF flight than a Joystick and Throttle. The T16000M is ambidextrous so it is a good option for that setup as well.
  6. Track IR Issues

    I don't think anyone knows when they'll re-implement it. Apparently the previous implementation was sort of a hack and it will be a while before they can get a 'proper' solution working.

    Maybe this was said in the video, but they've revealed that (for now at least) Star Citizen will be $45 and Squadron 42 will be $45, but if you buy one of them, you can get the other for $15 (both for $60). So waiting beyond Feb 14th will cost you $15 if you want the cheapest possible way to get both.
  8. From Pupil to Planet

    Yeah, that was amazing. I wonder when we'll be able to seamlessly transition from crusader to levski. Also when will we be able to fly to arc corp rather than taking the elevator :)
  9. 2.0 IS LIVE

    Once it's downloaded I'll be playing it a ton!
  10. Bought an Avenger titan.   So now I have a Sabre (LTI) and an Avenger Titan (LTI)
  11. What the French, Toast?

    The CitCon presentation was great! I can't wait to go on missions with ADK people around Crusader!
  12. I've traded out my 315p and Khartu-Al for an Aegis Sabre.   So now I have:   Aegis Sabre (LTI)
  13. GTX 970 for $380 is not a good deal. Here are better options: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487076 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125685
  14. Expedition Task Force

    I'd love to do exploring! I have a 315p which they claim is for exploring but I can't help but think that other ships will be better at it than that ship.

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