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  1. TheRocker57 Here

    Hello all who have ventured into my topic. I'm Walker (Weird name, I know) I've been playing PC games for about 6 years now. I'm only 14 years old at the time of writing this but I'm not some kid from the eighth grade. I'm a proud Patriot at PHHS (Patrick Henry High School) at the Sophmore level. I've been called smart and good at school which I can see in my 4.0 of Freshman year (Not trying to brag here just wait) I have to owe my grades to my eidetic memory which gives me quite the edge in gaming. For those that don't know, and eidetic memory is just a fancy way of say photograpic. I first heard gaming on the PC six years ago and never went back love the feeling of being able to have so much control with the mouse and keyword over a joystick. I love computers are my passion and their sum of the most interesting things in the world to me the way you can take metal and plastic to make something that runs so smoothly is amazing to me. I'm quite tech savvy but nowhere near the level of someone that went through and took a degree on it but I have my fair share of computer knowledge. The PC I have is a bit over kill and still not enough to run Planetside 2 maxed out. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. Yet I can run any other game max sitting 60 FPS. I've been a part of the ADK gaming community for about a month now and I'm loving it. It's been one of my favorite experiences in gaming I've ever had, the platoon is wonderful and makes the experience in Planetside so much better. I only play PC and I don't plan to be getting console any time soon but no I don't hate them I just don't use them. Good luck to all you gamers have a great day.

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