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  1. yo im bladezmen15

    Nice to see you've applied man!  See you in game  :)
  2. EmmTeh's Introduction

    Blah, apparently I was 11-14 minutes 'late' getting my app in so I ahve to spend another week as an applicant. I just saw the post on the front page indicating the recruitment voting/acceptance was moved to Monday opposed to Wednesdays.  I don't see anything about this in the recruitment forums so admins should probably update.   I'm not going to push the issue... love my ADK team and other than having and [applicant] tag there's really no difference.  Just saying this should be updated.  Thanks !@[member='Nagotzu'] for the info/ discussion.   Here's the log for historical info. <15:29:42> You poked "Nagotzu" with message: Any idea why I didn't get my membership this week? <16:29:00> You poked "Spyderbyte88" with message: you onlinet? <16:29:13> *** You are now talking in channel: "Fallen Angels I - Battle Comms" <16:31:02> "EmmTeh": <15:32:49> "Nagotzu": When I had to to my list in your application was still "new". I can't accept any "new" applications. Your first possible dday to be accepted will be this week. Promotions happen on Mondays and my list is due on Saturday. <15:33:57> "EmmTeh": App was put in 6 days ago. what does 'New' mean? :( <15:35:24> "Nagotzu": 6 days ago, that would be within the 2 days that are required to be accepted. Your app was on the 19th and my list was due on the 21st. <15:37:54> "Nagotzu": this isn't really mentioned, but it is in place so we can see if you are going to be active within the community. <15:38:40> "Nagotzu": Just because I know you been around, the higher ups as in the community not the outfit don't know you have been around. <15:44:51> "EmmTeh": Ok, I'll just continue to wait but Spyder, dowin, Diettinger, EveKilmor, NoTwitch, know me and can vouch for my involvement, attendance, attitude, and commitment.
  3. EmmTeh's Introduction

     ... ... ...
  4. EmmTeh's Introduction

    You know what... you quacking quack... lots is the matter with me but why bring me into this.... the whole issue is about you and Mr @[member='GeekDucks'] TKing me... a lowly applicant.  What kind of outfit have I attempted to join, and why are you making this my fault?!   Colonel and Lt. Colonel TKing me with a frackin GENERAL to witness!
  5. EmmTeh's Introduction

    @[member='GeekDucks']  ... mentioning you too.  lol     ... love TS.  :)
  6. EmmTeh's Introduction

    Oh snap... was just told that voting is now done on Mondays... gotta get to my 20 soon.  wasn't trying to be a post whore but I now have just an evening to hit my requirement.  blah!   @[member='HighElvenKing'] see... I mentioned you.
  7. EmmTeh's Introduction

    @[member='BgBang18'] Thanks for your service! And the welcome too I suppose.  I look forward to playing some other games with ADK too... just waiting for something else to catch my attention.
  8. Of Mice and... mousepads?

    Has anyone seen the soon to be released Roccat Tyon?  Plenty of advertising hype here but I recently purchased one of their keyboards and the quality is top notch. http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Mice/ROCCAT-Tyon/   I've been doing a lot of flying lately and can think of a few uses for some of the new buttons they're pioneering here.  :)
  9. EmmTeh's Introduction

    Joey, thanks!  I feel quite welcome here on the forums as well as in game.  It's neat to see just how much there is on the forums and it's not just game centric.  Nice community ADK has here.
  10. EmmTeh's Introduction

    @[member='KnightsX'] Thanks for the welcome.  I've been having fun with ADK for quite some time now just not on the forums. 
  11. EmmTeh's Introduction

    So I just found the member photo thread and added a picture of myself.  It's here:  http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/743-member-picture-thread/page-16#entry258448
  12. Member Picture Thread

    I'm just an applicant but working toward my 20 posts... since this is an interview process I thought I would post here and add this to my introduction thread.    So... this is me! 
  13. EmmTeh's Introduction

    Thanks Silver -- happy to be here and looking forward to being 'Official'  :)   Do you play any PS2?
  14. EmmTeh's Introduction

    Howdy all -- EmmTeh here finally starting the application process after being nagged about it by [Field Marshal] Spyderbyte88, [Colonel] HighElvenKing, [Captian] dowin, and many others.   I've been running with the Planetside 2 ADK outfit for several months now, was in [CMGa] before ADK but after running with you all I decided to switch outfits.  I'm usually in one of the Planetside 2 TS rooms so come say hi!   So a bit about me then, eh?  Well I am really laid back and just like to have fun.  33 year old Army vet so that spills over into my squad leading approach.  I really love the way we can accomplish things in this game with a team effort and I love how ADK structures things to make that happen.   Interisting thing about me?  Hmm... I worked inside the Pentagon Crash site sorting/collecting evidence, human remains, personal effects, and classified materials.  The safes were still burning (well smoldering) from the inside up to a week later.  Lots of pink, purple, orange, and yellow mold grew incredibly quickly all over everything... CDC came in in their space suits to try and identify everything but they found a lot they couldnt.

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