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  1. Raad Shenanigans

    Real funny Ack... You post a picture of me dancing with some dudes and one of you hanging out with the ladies. You look rather satisfied.....   I swear...the ladies always go for the guy with an accent.
  2. Raad Shenanigans

    Look at those handsome Granok! Thanks for the pic Ack!   StandOrFall
  3. Chicken's Raad Anthem

    @[member='Chickenstew'],   Hmm this strikes me as more you Chicken....   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHvMafYG7rs   StandOrFall
  4. I think I found Ashe! Her and her sweets addictions

    That's a lot of blow.....   StandOrFall
  5. Merry Christmas My Wildstar Friends!

    Merry Christmas Roc. How's that ship of yours coming along?   StandOrFall
  6. Coconut Monkey and Rest In Piece Maker Giveaway

    I'd love to see the financials. The corporate boys have a way of mucking up a good thing.   StandOrFall
  7. Yet Another Mount Giveaway

    Very nice Ack, thanks!   Too bad for me I don't have any social media (I'm not that old, but I am pretty crusty).   StandOrFall
  8. ADK Aren Teams Roster

    @[member='Wild'],   You're fired.   StandOrFall
  9. tunes to kill stuff too.

    @[member='Deadlis'],   I dig it!   StandOrFall
  10. tunes to kill stuff too.

    @[member='Deadlis'],   Your elevator montage was uplifting as was your 10hr emotional flute rock block. As a musical tribute and reply I present you with the next epic 5 hours of your life. I encourage you to listen to it all. It's packed with surprises!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GggY4TEYbk   Regards,   StandOrFall
  11. Official Guild Complaint Box

    @[member='Deadlis'],   I know you're joking, but I tank any kind of complaint concerning our guild seriously. We have standards to maintain and as such any issue / complaint can be submitted confidentially at:   ADK Wildstar Confidential Report   You may also reach me directly at my personal email @  StandOrFall’s personal email address   Best regards,   StandOrFall
  12. Housing Battlecruiser

    #1 I am impressed #2 I am not this creative #3 I wouldn't / couldn't spend this amount of time and concentration to collect, craft, and build such an impressive display   StandOrFall
  13. New PTR Stuff - Drop 6 Hype!

    If I recall correctly, pre-designated dps groups move to their outer pillar positions. Interrupt, them come in. Classes with some form of self healing would be best.   This should not delay us at all. It's not a hard mechanic, just needs to be managed. The rest of the fight remains unchanged.   StandOrFall
  14. New PTR Stuff - Drop 6 Hype!

    @[member='gazedo'],   Very interesting. Either I skipped over the "updates" or those are new in the past day or so. Good to see on the token rune slots.   StandOrFall
  15. New PTR Stuff - Drop 6 Hype!

    After a bit more playing around on the PTR the doom and gloom mentioned in the above WS forum posts seems to have been addressed to a degree.  Once you start playing around with the runes it's much easier to understand.   You can have multiple sets of the same rune bonus, however each bonus is specific to a piece of gear. Example: If you want a 6 piece Onslaught rune bonus you will need to slot 6 rune points worth of runes on a single piece of gear. Three points on say hands, and three on boots will give you two 3 point Onslaught bonus, not a single 6 pt bonus. Purple runes = 2 rune pts, blue = 1 point.   Initially this looks good and leads me to think there will be a lot of customization. What remains to be seen is how balanced the stats are. I would hate to have a ton of available options, but only one viable one. Hopefully we'll be able to mix and match.   A bit of bad news for those of you with a lot of orange token gear. When D6 hits you'll have the option of opening an additional rune slot (it will be locked). This is good, however as it stands unlocking it will cost 9 + plat. If you have 6 pieces of token gear you're looking at close to 57 plat to unlock all your slots (get to grinding gold). Again this only applies to orange token gear.   StandOrFall

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