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  1. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    Is it true about certain players being listed for squad dispersion? If yes, is that list public, and can we see who's on the list?
  2. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    "People are going to complain no matter what" excuse looks like avoiding responsibility and common sense. Throughout multiple discussions it was suggested to cancel squad scramble, which would at least make the game more enjoyable. With the previous system at least some people were happy, now it's a chaos and ADK is risking to start losing it's regulars.
  3. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    Awesome, can't wait to play Op Lockers again with people I can rely on. Thank you.
  4. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    The posts not related to the topic have been deleted, good. Just wanted to comment on what you said about lockers and metro in BF4, @AOBLXIX. It is, unfortunately, a misconception that these maps are for spamming. That is what many people do on these maps, yes. We don't dominate the game by spamming. Me, Merc-Blackwater, birdman, Full-Tilt-It, ZeroDegreeze, boogly, WingZeroKai, Emmortal and many other good players are very aggressive on the battlefield. And lockers is my favorite infantry map exactly because it is challenging and requires coordinated squad work to cap those points. Squad scramble breaks up the squads into individuals and promotes spamming. It stalls the game often and the match turns into a noob standoff. The squad scramble destroys the teamwork.
  5. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    So far I see "everyone" voicing more opinions against the squad scramble. People will complain, yes, but I am not the only one who thinks that the previous version of scramble was better. How often does a power squad form up just on a single team? And even now, when the squad scramble is in place the base rape happens. Having a naturally stronger team for even three-five rounds in a row in 24 hours does not do "more harm" than the squad scrambling. Squad scrambling handicaps the team work. It should not be even considered as an option for auto balance. Without it the game is more alive and natural. Without the squad scramble people play with friends, get to work on their tactics, get to play as a single unit. This doesn't happen often in BF4. Having a squad work in unison is RARE, everybody knows it. So why sacrifice that for something that seemingly works, but doesn't do any good? We don't need more or less admins to move any squads, because often there's good squads on both teams. When we do have an admin on a server, however, it helps. Special thanks to admins. Squad scramble should be cancelled.
  6. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    Yes, balancing will still be a problem. Sometimes there's only one strong squad, but very often there's more than one. I would even say (bird, Merc and boogly can back me up on this) there's more than one good squad on #6 most of the time, especially when the server is full. Having two good squads on different teams balances the game in itself and even makes it more competitive and enjoyable.
  7. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    What would they even back up their cause with? If you already had complaints, too bad they were not about squad scramble. I believe we provided some solid arguments against it. Complaining for being team scrambled with the squad intact doesn't seam reasonable. What were their arguments?
  8. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    I will say it again, top players don't care about what team they're on. They just want their squads to be left alone, so that scenario is very unlikely. Win or lose, the game is fun when you play with friends.
  9. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    Solid point, but this is not about who complains about what - people will complain no matter what. This is about common sense and optimal server performance. It only makes sense to use balancing techniques up to the point where they don't interfere with the other components of enjoyable gameplay. SQUAD SCRAMBLE IS NOT ONE OF THESE TECHNIQUES. I repeat, the balance should be achieved by putting squads with the highest scores on the opposing teams. If this is done, I don't think anybody would mind if team scramble happened after every single round. As soon as the squads remain intact, anything can be done. Stronger haxing players don't mind if they're pitched against whomever, they just want to play with their friends. Not with some level 30 support player that throws flash on #6 no explosive server and never drops ammo.
  10. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

  11. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    Or us 4 and you boogly in a squad that doesn't get scrambled v59 and you can even play without hax
  12. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    Yep, nobody likes squad scramble. Yes, it helps the balance, but as I, @[member='birdman'] and others already mentioned, the server is full most of the time, so it's easy to balance the matches by confronting the stronger squads on the opposite teams.
  13. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    The team scramble is intermixed with squad scramble, so after it takes affect two players from the same squad can end up on the different teams. Happened to me many times. You join in on a friend, but the fun only lasts one match and then the scramble throws you on the opposite teams.
  14. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    #5 is a TDM server where squad work is not as important as it is in #6 Op Lockers conquest where it's 64 players and one can do little without a squad. Keeping the squads together will ensure the tactical element is still present in the game play. To balance the teams though, the stronger squads should be on the opposite sides.
  15. Squad scramble for ADK BF4 servers

    Splitting the squads helps the balance, but throwing strong squads on the opposing teams would help the balance too. Without compromising the fun. Yes people will complain, but we have to be objective and find another solution to balance the games without splitting squads!

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